Love Still Dominates

Love Still Dominates

Posted on January 27, 2023 at 11:47 pm by Darin Zion

Date:  1/23/2023

Time:  10:13 AM

Location:  University of Chicago Medical Center – Chicago, IL

Darin Zion’s had a long, aggravating night after Scott Stevens’ brutal assault.  After REAL LOVE conquered The Demigod of HOW, Zion’s memory is a blur.  After getting dropped by the Game Changer, everything’s a blank.  Between the HOW officials rushing Zion to this local medical facility and the incessant testing–Zion’s fidgeting around with a look of frustration plastered on his face.

Darin can’t keep his hands off his forehead.  Zion continues to rub 14 staples sealing his wounds up.  The room keeps spinning around for poor Darin Zion.  Every time he tries to glance out at the beautiful sunlight, his head throbs with intense pain.  Darin lays back in his bed, trying to find solace in all this.  As his breathing slows down and he begins snoring, the door flies open making a loud crashing sound.

Nurse:  Dr. Vasquez has finished looking over your charts.  He’s on his way to see you shortly.


Darin Zion lets out a loud groan as his arms flop over the side of the bed.  He mutters under his breath.

Darin Zion:  For fuck sakes, I only want 15 minutes of sleep.    These bastards have kept me up all night.  Not exactly how I wanted to celebrate my first victory in the LSD Tile Contender’s Tournament…..uuuuuuugh!

Mustering all his strength in his body, Zion pulls himself up.   His eyelids are heavy while he lets out a huge yawn.  REAL LOVE begins to crack his neck a couple of times, hoping for a bit of adrenaline to rush through his veins. A scowl forms on his face while he stretches out.  As REAL LOVE completes his routine, the door once again opens up.

An elderly, tall hispanic man wearing a white coat and blue scrubs strolls into the room. Fumbling with scattered scans and tests in his hands; this guy goes straight to work.

Doctor:  Good morning, Mr. Matthews  I’m Dr. Vasquez…

Darin Zion:  Call me Darin…I don’t like hearing my shoot last name.

Dr. Vasquez ignores Zion’s correction, focusing on his presentation. The doctor flicks on a light inside a whiteboard, placing each of the papers on the board.  He grabs a chair, flips it around, and sits down, leaning against the back.  This doctor takes one look at Zion’s annoyed face and his eyes dart toward the floor.

Dr. Vasquez:  I’m gonna cut to the chase.  While you don’t have any major neck injuries or broken bones from your little “accident”–there’s one thing that concerns me…

Zion’s eyes begin to burn with proverbial fire.  While the vein in his forehead begins to throb, REAL LOVE’s clenching his fists down towards the bed.  It’s taking every fiber of his body to contain his passion while Dr. Vasquez folds his hands together.

Dr. Vasquez:  Your scans show that you’ve got a Grade 4 concussion, Darin.

Dr. Vasquez points at the chart, showing all sorts of inflammation in Zion’s brain.  REAL LOVE pounds his fists into his thin hospital bed.

Dr. Vasquez:  I’m sending your scans off to HOW officials and recommending they pull you from the LSD Championship match.

Without taking a second to hesitate, Zion lunges from his bed straight at the good doctor.  Darin hoists the man up off the floor using his lab coat collar.  As lines form on Zion’s forehead, he’s shouting as loud he can possibly yell at the top of his lungs.


Darin starts to shake the man while he continues to plead.

Darin Zion:  Do not send those charts to Lee Fuckin’ Best.  The LSD Championship Tournament is all I’ve got left.  I’ve only got one shot to earn this.  ONE FUCKIN’ SHOT!  It’s the only thread I’ve got left hanging, doc.  I’ve given everything to earn a fuckin’ singles title match in the last year.  EVERYTHING!

Taking a large breath in, Darin lets out an aggregated sigh.  His eyes sink while his voice changes in tone.

Darin Zion:  Anytime I’ve earned championship match in High Octane Wrestling–it’s a fuckin’ pity shot.  This is my chance to prove I can still hang in that ring.  I’ve wrestled with far worse injuries in my career.  A concussion is nothing compared to what I lose.  I have to prove to myself…to the world that LSD stands for LOVE STILL DOMINATES.  I’ve got to conquer the field of Xander Azula, Brian Hollywood, and Steve Solex.  I NEED to get my hands on Jace Parker Davidson.  He’s the one major obstacle in my past I’ve got to conquer.

Zion eases the doctor off the wall and releases the lab coat from his hands.  The gravitas on REAL LOVE’s shoulders sinks them further to the floor.  Grabbing his forehead, 

Zion speaks from his heart.

Darin Zion:  Please, Dr. Vasquez!  You’ve gotta let it go.

Dr. Vasquez brushes off his lab coat.  The doctor yanks the charts off the wall, placing them securely into a manilla envelope.  The annoyed doctor stomps towards the door.

Dr. Vasquez:  Your health and safety mean every…

Zion rips the documents from the old doctor’s hands.  Darin shreds them into tiny pieces before pushing the doctor out of the way.  Zion turns around, spitting in the doctor’s face.As he exits, he chimes in one final time.

Darin Zion:  Put this shit in your charts. REAL LOVE AIN’T SELLIN’ YOUR SHIT.  I’m walking out of this office and I’ll make sure no one knows.  I plan on ignoring your dumb orders.

One way or another…I’m stepping in that ring and kicking down the damn door.   Your fuckin’ diagnosis won’t stop REAL LOVE from wrestling Xander Azula this week.


Vickie Hall
1/25/23 3:51pm

-ziiiiiiiiiooooon!!!!!  Just saw what stevens did 2 u
thots n prayers honey!  hope u r okay
Btw, told u to bring the Love Convoy with u to the battlefield
u r not safe in that barbaric wasteland known as how
bae, triss, and talked…we r here 4 u.
gonna come front row for chaos 20 to be at ringside
trust me, hun.  it will be gr8.  gotta help u form the Love Convoy:  HOW Edition
we gonna help u win the luv still domin8s title.



–ya, zi-guy?!  we luv wat REAL LOVE gonna do this Sunday…gotta support ur quest


–STFU!  Seriously, Vickie!  STOP!

–stahp it, zion.  u gotta use protection against these STD invested how guys.

–No, leave me alone.
This is something I’ve gotta do alone
I dont need ur help
Let me win this fight without help.
i need to do on my own!

–boo, plz think about it…





After thumbing through a few screens, Darin Zion successfully silences Vickie Hall…at least via phone call.  On his Facebook notifications–she kept blowing up the group text between Jonathan-Christopher, Tristan, and himself.  But Zion could easily ignore that.  He’d done it for a month straight through Christmas.

As the thought crosses his mind to silence Facebook notifications–Small Town Southern Man by Alan Jackson blares over the iPhone speakers.  Thakker wants to chat via Facetime.  REAL LOVE’s index finger brushes across the screen to see two smiling faces.

Darin Zion:  Jackson!!!  Easton!!!!  It’s great to see you.

The melancholy look fades from Zion’s eyes as his nephew pulls the screen away from his father.  All the worries over road travel and wrestling melt away.  A giant grin from ear to ear is plastered all over Zion’s face.  REAL LOVE’s voice raises a few keys while he talks to his red-headed 8-year old buddy.  Draped over Easton’s shoulder, a rectangular piece of cardboard rests.  Darin scratches his chin while asking a question.

Darin Zion:  Whatcha got there, Easton buddy? 

Easton Thakker:  I-I-I got me a title belt.  Just like you Uncle Darin.

Jackson’s awkward southern chuckle fills the airways of Zion’s hotel room.  Darin lounges back while Jackson chimes into the conversation.

Jackson Thakker:  Yeah…someone out rassled his ole’ Pa for the belt.  Eas’ told me he wants to be like ya when he grows up.

Easton overly nods his head while screaming yeah, running around like a true wrestler.  It warms up the cold, hardened heart of the 18-year veteran on the other end.  

Easton Thakker:  HONK!  HONK!  HONK!  I’m Uncle Darin…..real love conquers all.  BLAH!  BLAH!  BLAH!

Jackson Thakker:  EASTON!  Don’t…

Darin Zion:  It’s fine, Jax, really!  Kid hasn’t gone through promo class.  I’m sure in a few years–Easton will cut a better promo than me.

All three of them laugh before Easton drops his belt on the bright orange carpet on the farm.  The 8-year brat lets out a bloodcurdling scream.

Easton Thakker:   YOU GOT DIS UNCLE DARIN!  You’ll beat that crusty Xan…Xan..Xanta A-Claus!!!  You’ll be the new EL-ES–DEE Champ!  YAAAAAAAAY!

Easton runs out of the frame like a wildman.  Both Thakker and Zion’s faces become serious.  Darin gazes up towards the ceiling, dodging Jackson’s eyes.  Crossing his arms against his chest; REAL LOVE falls back, listening intently to Jackson’s southern drawl.

Jackson Thakker:  Yew takin’ it easy, bro?  Yesterday that migrain got the best of you.

Darin Zion:  Jax–please…

Jackson Thakker:   I know, but I care a lot about ya’.  I’ve only had a few good years with you.  I just don’t wanna have ta tell mah boy his favorite uncle’s dead.

Darin rolls his eyes back into his head.  Springing up from the bed, Zion locks eyes with his thoughtful brother.

Darin Zion:  I avoided taking bumps.  I worked on strength training and cardio–making sure to give my head a rest.  Plus, I only worked out for an hour and half–way less than I usually do.  I’ve spent the day relaxing poolside or playing Pokemon Violet with a few old friends.  I’M FINE!

Jackson lets out a huge sigh before resting his head against the palm of his hand.  Thakker’s shoulders tense up while he speaks out.

Jackson Thakker:  You’ve got a big target on y’er back in this tournament now.  Everyone’s seen what ya can do once you buckle down.  That Xander fella’s especially got no love lost for you.  If Stevens tried ending y’er career–Xander will…

Darin Zion: Jackson!  I don’t need you to remind me of my past with Azula.  I lived through it once.  I regret ever giving that little shit a platform.  I could spend all day griping about all my past anger and hatred of that stupid twat.  It’s not worth trash talkin’ him.

Jackson’s ears perk up while he leans forward in his favorite green rocking chair.  He listens intently while Zion adds to his point.

Darin Zion:  When you stand across the ring against Xander–you’ve got to buckle down and get straight to fuckin’ business.  You give him one God Damn weakness; he’ll exploit it.  It’s what made him such a worthy challenger to Mike Best.

Jackson chimes in with enthusiasm.

Jackson Thakker:  He’s squirrelier than ‘coon in a trash bin.

Darin Zion plants his forehead into his palm. REAL LOVE glares at Jackson for a moment before shrugging his shoulders.

Darin Zion:  Something like that…Xander’s always all over the place.  He’s got all these grand ideas and he throws them all out at once…trying to get them to stick.  Unfortunately after day dreaming or overthinking–the kid walks right into the trap and..


Zion’s fists connect to his skin; the sound reverberates off the walls.

Darin Zion:  The kid gets nailed with a dose of tough love.  If he’d ever learn from my mistakes…maybe the kid would have won the LSD Championship before now.  It’s why he grinds my gears…

Jackson Thakker:  He’s too much like ya f’er his own good.

REAL LOVE nods a couple times before smiling.

Darin Zion:  Yup!  He’ll let the bye week and his ranking go to head too much.  Classic Zion move ripped off right there.  It’s why I’ve laid low this week.  I’m biding my time before I can clock the kid upside his head.  Nothing’s guaranteed in this tournament and while I hate to admit it.  Xander’s a threat.  I’ve only got so much energy in the tank.  And I’ve got to conserve it for when it matters the most.  I gotta get my LSD Championship back around my waist.  It’s naked.

Jackson Thakker agrees with Darin.  Both men pause in silence before Jackson stands up from his chair.  Taking a big stretch and popping his neck for a moment, The Brute Oklahoman tries to wrap things up.

Jackson Thakker:  Weeeeeelp, I reckon I better round up the youngins and get’em fed.  It’s almost bedtime for the tykes.

Darin Zion:  I better get some grub on myself.  I’ve got a couple late night yoga sessions to limber my old, rickety body back up.  I need to whip out a few fast pace moves to knock Xander off his game.  Good night, Jax.  Thank you for checking in on me.

Jackson Thakker:  Love you, brother!

Little Easton bursts out of the left corner of the screen, catching his father off guard.  Jackson almost fumbles his iPhone out of his hands, but Easton catches it.  Zion’s nephew puts the camera up to his nose and eyes before talking.

Easton Thakker:  NIGHT UNCLE DARIN!  ‘Member!  Bring home your LSD Title once you win it.  I like shiny things!

Darin Zion’s smile radiates while he ends the Facetime call.  Darin lounges back in his bed, looking up towards the sky.  Only a few days before the big match and for once in his life–he felt pretty confident heading into Chaos 020 with momentum on his side.  Injury or not–Zion plans to make the best of it, and he’ll fight like hell to make his…and his nephew’s dreams come true.


“Let’s get something straight, Xander…I don’t want to hear any bullshit about how you owe me revenge for embarrassing your ass twice.  No one wants to reminisce on the Masters of the Multiverse bullshit.  Hell, Section 214 barely remembers when you had spooky, ‘supernatural’ powers.  The past is better left in the past–trust me–I’ve learned that lesson the hard way in HOW.

After going on a 3-month long feud with Brian Hollywood over the HOW World Championship–my biggest flaw is I let my emotions drown out the business ahead of me.  Before HOW closed its doors–I held the ICON and LSD Championships proudly going into the final Main Event of Era 2.  I let my emotions conquer every fiber in my body.

I paid the ultimate price for that mistake.  It’s the one thing I’ve spent the last 7 years playing on repeat in the back of my mind.  I lost the core identity of myself and paid the ultimate price.  It’s the last championship match I personally earned in this company on my own merits.

History has a way of biting people in the ass and that’s why I’m looking to use this LSD Title Tournament to kill my past and leave it behind me forever.   It’s my canvas to show I’ve found myself and get down to some fuckin’ business I’ve meant to do.

It’s no surprise you’re the next trial on my radar.  You’re one of the biggest players in my story this era.  From weird spooky shit on Alcatraz to a failed Tag Team tournament run to betrayal after betrayal.  You’re the one constant who’s crawled under my skin and plagued me.  I could spend all day yammering about how much seeing your unwashed, moldy ass beard again pisses me off.    I could spend hours trashing your ass for your pathetic, unrealistic ideas dragging my career to the depths of hell.

I could let my anger once again get the best of me…and spend all day burying your ass like I could have done with Scott Stevens.

But I’m better than that shit now.

I’ve watched your ass from a distance over the past year.  You methodically climbed the ranks of HOW, chalking up wins under most people’s radar.  You soar into relevance taking people on in HOFC matches.  And hell, you got my dream match of a lifetime against Mike Best at ICONIC.  While you lost; you caused people’s heads to turn and give you high praise.  While the HOG favors me–most people in the locker room probably peg you as someone who could upset my momentum.  And rightfully so, Xander.  You got the bye in this tournament.  You’re the one ahead of me in the rankings

But Xander, I’m not coming into that ring to sing your praises.  No, if anything, that puts a gigantic target on your back, sir.   While you’ve never held gold here in HOW–you’ve got something I need to move onto the next round.


See I feed off the energy when people talk–and they’re fucking talking about how I smashed Scott Stevens’ skull straight into the mat.  I taught him some TOUGH LOVE and brought his hopes and dreams crashing to the ground.  I went out to that ring and blasted Scott Stevens with some of the stiffest kicks and punches I’ve ever given to another wrestler.  He’s someone I’ve considered one of my best friends for 8 years.

Imagine what I’m gonna do to someone who is my enemy–standing in my way at the LSD Championship.  I’m gonna leave you in a pool of your own blood and tears.  I promise you, I will make damn sure you don’t leave that ring of your own accord.

Not after what happened to me last week.  See Xander, I’m going to turn you into an example of TOUGH LOVE for the rest of the HOW Locker Room to see.  When I’m done with your ass; you’ll be lucky if I leave the ring crew something to clean up.

That LSD Championship means the world to me.  It’s my one chance to erase all the steaming shit I let soil my name after 4 years.  It gives me the chance to eradicate all my sins.  It’s my way of showing the entire world that LOVE STILL DOMINATES.

And I will, Xander.  I’ll exploit your lack of focus in front of the world.  I’ll crush that overly sentimental heart of yours into a bloody pulp.  Because I’m no longer that loveable, derpy big brother who once protected your ass.  Now I’ve become the hunter and you’re my prey.  You stand in my way of holding gold.  And I’m not about to let your pathetic ass hold me back from achieving the ultimate goal in my career.

I will become the next number 1 contender to the LSD Championship.  And I vow to subdue anyone who stands in the way of me achieving my dreams.”