Posted on October 26, 2023 at 10:59 pm by Xander Azula

Do you know someone suffering from dementia? This could happen if one finds themselves dealing with any of the following symptoms: memory loss, problems communicating or finding words, problems with reasoning, or confusion and disorientation.

And lemme tell ya, I know a guy who seems to be dealing with these in spades.

I remind you of the past simply to help you remember, Steve. Because you seem to have forgotten how to construct an original thought in that brain of yours. Right now, you’re struggling to find anything worth saying to me aside from the same jokes and arguments, over and over, thinking it means squat to me.

You say I’m offended, when in reality I’m just bored of it all. I’m as bored of hearing it from you as I am hearing it from Lee and half of the rest of the locker room…because it doesn’t apply to me. I have no desire to go elsewhere in this business, no matter how many times folks crack these jokes and try to run me out. Grow the hell up and get new material.

You haven’t been able to listen to reason for who knows how long, because of these so-called “marching orders” from Lee Best…and the confusion? Well, you seem to have me mixed up with someone else, but I’m not even giving that any further time or energy.

And then there are the psychological issues, Solex. Some real deep-rooted shit, here.

Personality changes, goodness knows you’ve seen your fair share of those over the past few years. Agitation, inappropriate behavior out the wazoo from a man who loves making comments that harken back to the days of “locker room banter.” Because of course, if you insinuate something wholly untrue of someone, and they so much as show you a coarse look in response, you’ve won the battle right?

So paranoid that you’re giving me the “back in my day” speech like I haven’t been in this business for over a decade myself. Treating me like a child despite the fact you’re only five years older than I am.

And worst of all, the hallucinations. Seeing things that aren’t there, like you coming out of that cage in one piece come Sunday.

But that’s okay Steve, Dr. Azula is here to help. He’s got the prescription you need, five hundred milligrams of an Azula ass-whoopin’ to knock some sense back into whatever’s left of ya. You’ll have plenty of time to recuperate from your disease when I leave you laying in a hospital bed overnight to think about what you’ve done.

Do me a favor, and try not to overdose on the reality that I will beat the ever-loving shit out of you in Miami…or do, it’s no difference to me at this point.

I’ll show you just how real I am, Solex. I’ll beat some sense into you, and I will force you to give me the thing I want…respect. Whether you scream it into my ear before your body drops, or you whisper it to me from the emergency, I will take what is rightfully mine from you.

And then, I can finally move on with my life. I can finally focus on what’s important, climbing back up the rankings and going after the other thing that’s rightfully mine…the HOW World Championship. I will unify the belts, and there will be no dispute on who the man really is…but it all starts with dealing with the chip on my shoulder.

So many potential names to go after, but in the end it was always gonna be down to you, the good lil’ soldier of the Final Alliance. In GOD’s house, in front of your glorious leader and all his supporters…the mighty Steve Solex falls before Xander Azula, and chaos will reign.


There will be no party for you as you take your final moments in this business, because the mood will be tantamount to a funeral.


A new era will rise from the ashes of the MERCDAD, as the Fighter solidifies himself as the man to fear inside that cage.


Your little stunt on my home turf was just the beginning of something you can’t take back now. If you think you’ve been living in my head rent-free I’ve got some bad news for ya…the collection agency is here, bitch.