Line in the Sand Pt II

Line in the Sand Pt II

Posted on March 11, 2021 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood



“What exactly does the word definition mean?  I’ve pondered the very meaning of the word and, ironically, the word has many defining meanings.  But just the word definition by itself stands alone.  That’s because it’s supposed to.  I’m getting ready to walk into a New York City Street Fight for a chance to earn the right to face the ever fading cognitive LSD Champion, Jatt Starr.  Now this isn’t a scaffold match so people can breathe a sigh of relief.  Or can they?  The answer is FUCK NO they can’t!  This is a fucking NEW YORK CITY STREET FIGHT….this is WORSE than a scaffold match because there really isn’t anything off limits in a match of this caliber.  Why do I know that?  It’s because I’ve BEEN in one of the motherfuckers before…and ironically Scottywood was also apart of it.  Coincidence here?  You know me, I don’t believe in fucking coincidences!  So you want to know what my definition of definition is?  I’ll fucking tell you…”


“It means I’m not going to hold anything back in this match.  This isn’t a match that you hold all of your cards in the hopes you’re going to catch a fucking straight off a fucking turn card.  This isn’t a match that you have to decide if you know when to fold em.  All you motherfuckers are going to find out and witness just how destructive this match can be.  Take it from a guy who’s been through one…there’s no sunny side in this match up here.  There is NO preparation for a match like this.  You can’t guess what’s going to happen and you sure as fuck can’t prepare for it.  Plans and preparations don’t work for these types of matches.  This is literally the definition of a high octane match.  It’s go, go go and it’s kill, kill, kill.  In the end, nobody is going to walk away the same after this weekend.  I can promise you that.  I won’t talk to a guy like Teddy Palmer about it though…he just seems angry about everything in general.  It’s not my fault you were away from the ring for so long.  Did your loss to Cecilworth Farthington really scar you that bad man that you ran away from HOW?  I mean, you showed so much promise in the LBI that you could have fooled me when you mysteriously vanished after March to Glory last year.  What took you so long to come back?  You think you can just recapture that lightning in a bottle again so quickly mate?  I don’t think so.  Take it from someone like me who knows all about it.  I was on top of the world and won every single god damn HOW singles Championships in one night when HOW closed shop.  I had to scratch and claw my way to the top but I did it on my motherfucking terms…and it WORKED!  But then HOW closed down for three fucking years…I thought when HOW opened back up and there was a tournament for the HOW World Championship, that I could catch lightning in a bottle, too.  I got to the finals and faced Halitosis for the HOW World Championship.  Guess what happened?  I LOST!  I thought I could capture that lightning in a bottle again and I failed.  It took me awhile to admit it…but I lost a couple steps.  It practically took a rediscovery of myself before I got confident in myself again.  So don’t lecture me about how this is your motherfucker to win.  You can’t lecture mother nature and this is no different, buddy.”


“But what do I know, right?  You just want to pick back up where you left off.  Admirable.  Truly admirable.  But fucking foolish…especially if you think you’re going to walk into a match like this and expect to get back on your feet and claim glory once again.  I’ve taken that road of discovery and I’ve got a little something something for you for your delusions of grandeur.  You aren’t walking out of this match and if you really think you are, you more foolish than I gave you credit for.  Even the winner isn’t walking out of this match all intact.  But I’ll make sure to beat that very truth into you this Saturday night.”


“Which leads me into my next point of definition.  What the fuck is a Taxman?  What are you now, Hughie?  The fucking IRS?  I have friends in the IRS…and you definitely aren’t them.  Hell, they really aren’t my friends..I just pay them.  I find it funny how whenever someone wants money they come to me.  Suddenly I have a lot of friends who need help and need money.  What am I?  The Bank of Fucking America?!  If I had a dollar for every time one of my friends came up to me asking for money, I would have invested in my own stock market and became even richer than I am right now.  When you’re rich and powerful, everyone becomes your friend because all they want is fucking money.  That’s why I don’t really have many friends, Hughie, and I’m perfectly content with that.  I don’t need friends in this business.  What I need are results.  We’re in the second quarter of earnings and I’m not liking what I’m seeing out of myself.  So I reinvest and I find something that makes me profitable again and this match would go a long way in seeing that happen for myself.  But did I ask for this?  No, I didn’t.  Instead, I’m going to show just how much I’m worth in this second quarter and I’m going to bet it all on myself because I’m tired of dragging along everyone else on my coattails…it’s gotten me fucking nowhere…NOWHERE!  That’s why I bet on myself and myself alone because I obviously do better on my own.  Everyone still think Darin and I are a thing but the truth of the matter is I dumped Darin a long time ago.  I started betting on myself and myself alone and look where it has gotten me?  Win after win in the singles department.  You want to know why?  It’s because I don’t play well with others.  This match is a field day for me and I plan on capitalizing on my capita ten fucking fold.  I don’t need to dive into any Hollywood tangent to make that point any clearer than I’ve already made it.”


“You won’t be taking shit from me Hughie.  The only thing you’re going to take from me is an Executive Promise to the fucking throat..and if you’re really lucky, maybe a little taste of irony and I’ll just add an I in between tax and man.  Perfect formula now that I think about it.  You really don’t know what kind of a match you’re stepping into…especially with Scottywood involved.  Now I know I don’t need to lecture you on Scottywood.  I know the history between the two of you.  I also happen to know that you made a good LSD Champion in your time you held that belt.  The only thing that is going to be taxed in this match is going to be you’re pride.  I cash in on that all the time.  It’s what I do best.  There are three of us in this match that has held that LSD Championship before so I happen to be one of them that knows what it’s like to be LSD Champion.  I also happen to be the only one in this match who holds a clean pinfall victory over Jatt Starr….and I’m just really good at burying Best Alliance members…its’ kind of what I do.  Should have had a career change…would have been a great one…but I digress…that’s probably why I became a Best Alliance member myself and carried the damn Alliance on my own.  But I know what it takes to get the job done.  I guess that’s what I’m getting at here…and having no rules in a violent match really makes the things I can do and all its possibilities limitless.”


“If there’s one thing I’m really good at it’s exposing weaknesses and Zeb Martin has the one weakness I see in guys like him.  It’s called having a limit.  You’re a good guy Zeb…and I think that’s your downfall every time.  You can’t be good in these types of matches.  You have to be fucking brutal and you have to do things you can’t ever see yourself doing in order to go the extra mile in HOW…that standard holds double when it comes to an LSD type of match…and fighting for a chance at the LSD title itself.  That’s why I showed you just a little glimpse of what that is like in our match a couple weeks ago.  I didn’t hold back and I was ruthless but the thing about our match, Zeb, was that match had rules.  It had limits and I took my ruthless aggression and showed you what I could do in a match with rules.  Imagine what I will do in a match with NO RULES!  Common sense should dictate the answer to that question, Zeb, and I just don’t think your heart won’t be in this match.  I don’t think you’re capable of doing the things you will need to do in order in earning a shot at the LSD Championship.  That’s why I already know you’re the one to…….I won’t reveal my own secret in winning this match.  What justice would that do me if I just announced my intentions like that?  Then everyone would capitalize on my ingeniousness and I can’t have that…there’s just no profit in that and it certainly wouldn’t get me anywhere.  Besides…I’ve got some unfinished business with Jatt Starr already even though I’ve already beaten him cleanly once.”


“You’re obviously the definition of a good guy who just has too much of a good conscious Zeb and that is you’re weakness.  I know you won’t jeopardize your integrity…I know you better than you think.  A guy with a good heart is always easiest to read because they wear their heart on their sleeve and in HOW, especially in a match as brutal as this street fight, that’s a luxury you can’t afford to let be exposed.  But I know you, Zeb, and I know that you will openly reveal that because you’re not the guy who can make the moves necessary to play in a match where the rules don’t define what we all do.  I don’t hold any ill will against you for that, Zeb.  But I will have no problem exposing that and using it to my gain.  A guy like me capitalizes on anything I can if it gets my foot one more peg higher up on that ladder on my way back to the top of the HOW mountain.  Some of us have to be casualties of war and you, Zeb, will be the casualty in this street fight and it’s of no fault of your own.”


“Which leads me into the next defining of the word definition.  This one is a good one because I like to refer to him in the past tense and that is Darin Zion.  Face it Darin, nobody is calling you Matthews anymore because you change who you are every week and you do it based on past infliction’s and injustices.  You hide behind yourself every time and you expect everyone to throw you a pity party and there is nobody softer in this match than you.  You’re a gigantic baby and you wonder why everyone has a hard time taking you seriously.  You have passion in all of the wrong places.  Face it…maybe it’s just time to hang up your boots and call it a day.  You can’t figure anything out let alone yourself.  I find it funny that you think you’re the one who got us all in this match.  The truth is, Darin, the rest of us actually have a legit reason to be in this match.  The only reason why you’re in this match is to just give Lee another reason to prove that he has always been right about you from the very beginning.  It’s the same reason why you’ve never been able to win the big one.  How you’ve never been able to win the HOW World Championship.”


“You talk about wanting to make the LSD Championship legit again and how it’s not been giving the light it has been.  While I can agree with you in some ways on that assessment it’s only because you’re in a match to get a chance at fighting for the championship.  You’ve never actually talked about the ICON or Tag Team Championships until you’re actually in the match fighting for it like your god damn life depended on it.  But it’s because you are the truest ass kisser over everyone else in HOW.  You pander to Lee about everything until you think you get noticed by Lee.  Truth is Lee probably flips a coin and when he flips that coin it’s about putting you in any said title match and then that’s where the real betting begins.  It’s fun for Lee because he can cash you out anytime knowing exactly what you’ll say or what you’ll promise in the match and the bet is whether or not you’ll blow that opportunity.  We’ll…you never fucking disappoint because that’s exactly what you do….you blow the opportunity straight out of the fucking water.  I’m so sick of hearing your validations when it comes to title matches or title opportunities.  It’s like that’s the only real time your passion ever comes out…but then you’ll approach the match differently every time with Matthews or Zion or whoever the fuck you decide to become that week.  You put everything into it but you put the wrong things into it.  You over analyze and overthink everything and that’s why you always come up short.  The only person who should be angry at the situation you’re in right now is you, Darin!  You have no one to blame but yourself.  So don’t fucking sit there and tell me that this is your destiny or that you were meant to win this match and fight for the LSD Championship.  It’s a tiring fucking tune and at one point, I did the same fucking thing and it sickens me that I ever did.  But at least I know what I’m fighting for.  I’m not angry with anyone…I just know how to adapt…something you’ve failed to do time and time again.”


“Everyone in this match got here by our own accords.  You didn’t do shit to put us here and I won’t debate the topic with you in a long tangent because that’s what you want me to do.  The truth is, Darin, I know you better than you know yourself.  I know you better than anyone else in this match.  I mean, I must know you pretty well….you don’t exactly have a good track record when it comes to matches against me.  That will always be your trap, though, Darin…and you’ll fall into your own trap every fucking time!  So don’t sit there and lecture me on the history of the LSD title and how you want validation out of it.  The only validation you’re going to get is a danger zone kick to the face followed by an Executive Promise for good measure.  I know what I’m worth in this match and I don’t need to be validated by your statements to make something relevant.  You have no claim to that statement and the writing is all over the fucking wall so well a fucking caveman can decipher it.”


“No, gentlemen…the fact of the matter is definition is what you make of it.  It’s just like the scenery and everything around us…we make of it what we make of it and that’s the true power of definition right there.  This Saturday night, I will put that all to rest as I find a way to win however I need to.  If there’s anything I’ve always been good at, it’s making the best of my situation and my surroundings.  This street fight isn’t new to me.  However, I’m the only one in this match who’s actually been in this type of match before and it’s never pretty.  In fact, it’s god damn downright BRUTAL!  However, if there’s anything I’ve actually displayed as of late, it’s brutality.  It’s because I’m not afraid to get violent and I’m not afraid to make those moves that others would question.  I know what kind of a match I’m going to walk into…and I know that sometimes it’s hell getting into heaven.  I feel like that’s been used before…but it makes perfect sense in this scenario.”


“No, gentlemen….this match isn’t going to be for the faint of heart.  I know I’m going to get my ass kicked and I know I’m going to take hits that I shouldn’t take but it’s because I can take them that makes it alright.  I’m going to earn myself a shot at the LSD Championship and I’m going to define myself in the process.  I’ve always been stronger on my own and I’ve done nothing but prove that as of late.  I don’t intend on stopping now and that’s why I’m going to show just how far and how well you can do on your own.  It’s always been what I’ve been good at and not being able to play well with others has always been my greatest strength.  It’s because I can sleep well at night knowing that I don’t have to rely on anyone but myself and that me and myself alone will earn earn a shot at the LSD Championship and that will just be the beginning!  Make no mistake about it, I will earn a shot at the LSD Championship and I will go on alone in achieving greatness once again on my way back up the ladder.  It’s because I can take it and I know my worth.  It’s always been a basic instinct and it’s an instinct I should have trusted when the lights in HOW came back on.  It’s time to cash in on that basic instinct and re-establish myself as the threat I know how to be.”


“So bring your best, gentlemen, because you’re going to all need it.  At March to Glory, it will be the start of my glory back to the top as I claim that I have plenty more in the tank.  I’m here to stay and I will plow over anyone that I have to in order to maintain my status as a brutal force in HOW.  I still have a lot to prove and one way or another, gentlemen, I will unleash what has been pent up inside me for too long.  This Saturday, begins my march back to glory and it will be nothing short of basic instinct.  Welcome to the Danger Zone…welcome to Hollywood’s return to glory and it starts….”


“One Executive Promise at a time….”



Line in the Sand Pt II


Los Angeles, California




The scene opens up in an alleyway in downtown Los Angeles.  The sun has set and Brian Hollywood can be seen surveying the area.  He was definitely uneasy after receiving the coordinates in which he was going to meet up with The Chair.  The call had finally come through and The Chair was very specific in the location he wanted to meet Hollywood at.  However, Hollywood already had a plan in motion and he was ready to end this war and he couldn’t risk talking to Gerald Reeves or Buck Wringley about it.  Hollywood HAD to know who The Chair was…I mean, after all, The Chair knew everything about Hollywood..even some very personal details in his life that nobody else could possibly know and that has always bugged him.  Hollywood looks around as he brushes his hair behind his ear as there is a small ear seen.  Hollywood speaks quietly.


Brian Hollywood: “Lukas, can you hear me?”


Lukas Montana: “Loud and clear, partner.”


Brian Hollywood: “Great.  Are you in position?”


Lukas Montana: “Roger that.  Are you sure this is going to work?  How do we even know he didn’t vet the place before we arrived?  For all we know, he already knows you’re not alone.”


Hollywood knew Lukas brought up a good point.  Somehow The Chair has always been one step ahead of him and he never knew why or how.  But he knew these face to face meeting were rare, even though The Chair always knew the right places to be where his identity couldn’t be compromised.


Brian Hollywood: “I know.  I’ve already thought about that.  That’s why I personally swept the area myself.  He’ll show…he knows he has to with how close we’ve come about knowledge of his operation.  He’ll want answers…and so do I.”


Meanwhile, just across the street, Gerald Reeves and Buck Wringley laid in wait for the anticipated meeting.  Hollywood had no idea they were there as well, thanks to Audrey.  Gerald is seen looking through binoculars as Buck had his own pair viewing the scene as well.


Buck Wringley: “Man…Gerald…why do I feel like this is a shit storm waitin ta happen?”


Gerald Reeves: “Welcome to what I do in the CIA, Buck.  This is for Hollywood’s own doing.  It was a mistake for him not to tell us about this meeting.  Hollywood is compromised within himself and he needs his friends, whether he wants to admit it or not.  Plus I want to take down that son of a bitch, The Chair.  I want to close his file as badly as Hollywood does.”


Hollywood stands as there is a moment of silence.  Just then Hollywood hears footsteps off in the distance as he starts to walk forward a few feet.  Then…he hears that all too familiar voice.


The Chair: “That’s far enough, Mr. Hollywood!”


Hollywood stops in his tracks as he sees a man standing in the shadows.  He takes a deep breathe before nodding his head slightly.


Brian Hollywood: “Well…it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”


The Chair: “That it has Mr. Hollywood.  I wouldn’t get any wise ideas if I were you.  You know that I’ve already taken contingencies in making sure this meeting is just a nice little conversation between the two of us.  I trust you came alone?”


Hollywood smirks at the comment but of course he makes his intentions known. His smirk causes him to roll his eyes as he sees a couple men appear on both side of The Chair and they end up drawing firearms on Hollywood.


Brian Hollywood: “Of course.  I knew you wouldn’t be alone here tonight.  You value your identity to remain secret but I can’t help but to ask why.  I don’t suppose you can provide an answer to my question, can you?”


The Chair lets out a small, methodical laugh.


The Chair: “Heh, after all these years, I figured you would already know the answer to that question Mr. Hollywood.  You know I’m a careful man…but if you actually knew the lengths I’ve had to go to keep my identity a secret and why, maybe you would understand my stance in all of this.  But enough about me…let’s talk about why I brought you to this meeting and why it was so important that we talk in person.”


Brian Hollywood: “There it is.  You were never good at revealing anything which is why I wasn’t expecting you to.  However, I already know why you summoned me for this meeting.  I’m getting closer to finding out who you are and I stumbled onto something that threatens your identity.  It’s not fucking rocket science.  But since we are just cutting to the chase…why don’t you tell me what you were doing with this..”


Hollywood reveals his right hand with documents and proceeds to toss them across from him as the file slides right in front of The Chair.  The Chair picks up the file and opens it.  There is a moment of silence for a moment…and Hollywood got a lot more out of the delayed reaction from The Chair than The Chair thought Hollywood would.  All we see is the shadowy figure stare at the file for a lot longer before a response.


Brian Hollywood: “Interesting reaction…I’m curious, why so speechless?  Just what exactly does she mean to you?!  HUH?!  What the fuck does my fucking sister that you had KILLED mean to you?!”


Hollywood’s voice cracked a little as the pain was still obviously running deep within him.  However, Hollywood didn’t expect the next reaction to come from The Chair that he thought he was going to get and it was far from a cold reply.  In fact, The Chair displayed a caring tone in his voice, even though he was starting to get defensive fast.


The Chair: “Why does my response mean anything to you, Mr. Hollywood?!  I want to know HOW you got a hold of this file…it was in my possession and one thing I’ve always been good at is making sure I don’t lose my possessions.”


Brian Hollywood: “ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION!!  You owe me THAT much!  We might be bitter enemies, but I have a right to know what business you have with my fucking sister you had killed you sick, cold hearted son of a bitch!”




And there it was…an answer.  Hollywood had known The Chair so well and compassion wasn’t in The Chair’s reputation to show.  Hollywood was actually disturbed at the fact that The Chair showed compassion in his voice.  Hollywood didn’t know how or why, but he wasn’t expecting such a passionate response from him.


Brian Hollywood: “Whoops…looks like I struck a nerve.  Doesn’t feel good, does it?!  I didn’t want to use my sister’s history at her expense to gauge a reaction out of you…but that’s exactly what I got.  So why don’t you tell me what you’re doing with that file..and now it’s obvious that you didn’t kill her…but what I can’t figure out is why you’re showing so much vulnerability in my sister.  What’s even more disturbing is the fact that somehow you KNEW my sister and that is sitting uneasy with me.”


The Chair: “All you should be concerned about is the fact that I took an interest in finding the person responsible for her death.”


Brian Hollywood: “And I don’t?  She was MY sister!  And if you’re not going to tell me, I guess I’ll just have to force it out of you!  NOW LUKAS!!”


Just then, bright lights can be seen being turned on illuminating the alleyway.  Meanwhile, across the way, Gerald gives the go ahead as him and Buck move in.


Gerald Reeves: “All teams move in!!”


Hollywood all of a sudden is distracted and taken off guard by Gerald and Buck’s arrival and didn’t get a chance to see The Chair’s face as The Chair orders for the lights to be taken out as his men start opening fire!  Meanwhile, there is another person who moves in and is running towards Hollywood.  The Chair starts to run away as Hollywood shouts at him.


Brian Hollywood: “FUCK YOU THIS ENDS HERE!”




Just then, The Chair fires a gunshot at the person running towards Hollywood as they are taken down to the ground.  Hollywood’s eyes light up as it’s Audrey who gets shot as she falls to the ground and unconscious.  Hollywood runs over and forgets about The Chair as Gerald and Buck run in as well shocked at what just happened as Hollywood cries out in terror.




Hollywood grabs Audrey as blood is all over his hands as he cries out loud as the scene slowly fades to black….