Line in the Sand Pt I

Line in the Sand Pt I

Posted on March 10, 2021 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

“There are always those lines that we think about crossing, but never do.  Why do we think about that?  Why do we even entertain the idea of it?  Maybe…just maybe, it’s about sustaining who it is that defines YOU. I don’t want you to sit there and think that there hasn’t ever been a time in your life that you didn’t cross a line in fighting for something…or someone you love.  In the business I’m in, I always wobble from side to side on that very line…thinking about dipping over it for the greater good…MY greater good.  You know, just thinking about jumping off and to the other side….because the moment you do that…you’re all fucking in.  It’s either do or die.  Do or do not…there is no try.  Sue me for stealing a great and famous quote from a galaxy far, far away.  It’s so far away, that me stealing and using it holds no actual consequence…unless some motherfucker tries to time travel again…then maybe we’ll have a problem.  However, the moment you cross that line you better be willing to risk it all because if you aren’t ready for that, you’ll crash and burn before you even get far.  Take it from a guy who just tried that…I wasn’t prepared for the consequences of knowing just how far I would go what would come out of it…because you don’t always anticipate the unintended consequences of your actions…I was about to find that out the hard way…”


Line in the Sand Part I


The scene opens up somewhere in downtown Los Angeles and it is absolutely chaotic.  Gunshots are going off all around as sirens could be heard throughout the entire background.  The scene is still dark as we don’t exactly know what’s going on but utter chaos is breaking as we hearing yelling and dissension.






Sirens start to get louder and louder before all of a sudden everything stops and the only thing that is clearly defined is a single gunshot as it echoes in the background.  Silence takes hold after that last gunshot before we hear a very loud and painful voice cry out in horror.






Los Angeles, California


The Wayfarer Hotel


Brian Hollywood: “Absolutely OUT of the question!”


The scene opens up inside one of the rooms of the Wayfarer hotel in downtown Los Angeles as Hollywood can be seen talking to Audrey who is seen sitting on the edge of the bed with nothing but see-thru lingerie on as she puts on a robe covering herself up.  Hollywood looks on edge as he seems tense.  He wasn’t exactly yelling at Audrey but you could tell with the tone of his voice that he was unquestionably bothered and annoyed.  Audrey fires back at him.


Audrey Renfroe: “Don’t you dare start lecturing me on the history lessons of not being stubborn and listening to reason Brian!  This plan of you and Lukas’s is going to get you both killed….or in trouble with Gerald and Buck should you actually go through with this daring mission of yours!  I can’t just sit idly by and watch you destroy yourself…let alone the possibility of you losing everything.  Your obsession with finding out who The Chair is…it’s going to get you killed or others around you!”


Brian Hollywood: “What do you actually know of it Audrey?!  Lukas and I have a legit chance of finally finding out the face, the man behind the shadowy empire and guise of the Chair and you can’t listen to me this ONE fucking time and remaining on the sidelines?  I almost lost you once before…I can’t in good conscious let you help me out on this one.  I don’t want to lose you Audrey…I don’t think I could bear it…I’ve already lost enough people in this war….I couldn’t bear losing you too!”


Audrey Renfroe: “I understand that Brian…but have you stopped and asked yourself what my thoughts in all of this are?!  I had to forfeit my entire life…everything I knew in order to hide from him….I’ve been hiding for years now…I want this to end just as badly as you do because I’m tired of living in fear!  I want to help…please…let me help you!”


Hollywood shakes his head as his eyes falter to the floor.  He had just had the best opportunity to reconnect with Audrey after three years and he wasn’t about to give that up.  There was something definitely there between Audrey and himself and he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything happened to her.  That’s why he went to extreme lengths the first time in saving her and getting her hid out of the public eye from The Chair.  Hollywood thinks about it a little bit more before looking back up at Audrey.  He walks over to the edge of the bed and brushes her hair behind her ear with his hand.


Brian Hollywood: “I know you want to help Audrey.  But just think about Emma.  Emma is your daughter and she needs you…I love her like she was my own daughter…but you can’t do anything that might keep you from ever seeing her again.  I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you and Emma lost her mother and wouldn’t see her again.  That’s something I couldn’t keep on my conscious.”


Audrey Renfroe: “And I love you for feeling that way.  I love you for everything you’ve done with Emma.  She loves you like you were her father…but let’s just take a moment and think about this for a minute.  We could END this and neither one of us, even Emma, won’t ever have to look over our shoulders ever again.  I can do this ONE thing for you to help you all bring an end to this…without the risk of bloodshed.  Please…let me help you…I am BEGGING you baby…”


Hollywood sighs and shakes his head but he couldn’t help but to admire Audrey and her courage.  He smiles at her before the two embrace and share a long, passionate kiss. Hollywood smiles at her again but knows the only thing that will work as he plays into her offer.


Brian Hollywood: “You were never good at taking no for an answer, were you?”


Audrey Renfroe: “Hehe…actually I learned that from you…I think that’s why I fell so hard in love with you.  Only one of the many reasons of course!”


Brian Hollywood: “Your resilience is just one of the many reasons I fell hard in love with you…and your god damn stubborness!  Alright, you win.  I’ll let you help….”


Audrey smiles brightly as excitement fills within her.  Audrey wraps her arms around Hollywood as she embraces him tightly but not before her hand noticeably goes in his right side jacket pocket.  It’s unclear if she took anything or slipped something inside as Hollywood holds onto her just as tight as we get a close up of his face.  Of course there was a hidden agenda behind those eyes of his.  He was tired and ready to call it a day with The Chair and this war.  That agenda, of course, didn’t involve her help.  It was no surprise of course as Hollywood couldn’t risk Audrey’s safety…but he already had another plan in mind…one he thought Audrey wouldn’t know and the first part of the plan was making her believe that she was actually apart of the plan.  Hollywood’s deception was his greatest strength but this time it was going to cost him….he just wasn’t aware of how much yet.  Hollywood releases his lovely hold on Audrey as he stares into her eyes, practically getting lost in them.


Brian Hollywood: “I never in a million years believed I would ever fall in love…but it happened and you know me…I never believe in coincidences…I just want you to know that no matter any decision I’ve ever had to make or any decision I will make in the future…it will always be for your best interest.  You’ve given me a second chance at a happy life and I couldn’t be anymore happier about it.  This war will be over soon and after it is…maybe I can give you the life you’ve always wanted.”


Hollywood gives Audrey another kiss on the lips before he lets his hand slide down her face in an affection way.  He stands up and heads for the door but as he opens it, he turns around one more time and looks passionately at her with a smile.


Brian Hollywood: “Wait for my call sweetheart….then we’ll end this as we started…….together.”


Audrey nods her head slowly as she looks directly in Hollywood’s eyes with love, but to Hollywood’s unawareness, also deception.  She really has learned from the best and Hollywood didn’t even detect it.


Audrey Renfroe: “I’ll wait anxiously my love!  I’ll talk to you soon!  Be careful!  I…..I love you.”


Hollywood smiles at her as he lets the words travel straight to his heart as it flutters and nods his head slightly.


Brian Hollywood: “Music to my ears.  I….I love you too….I always have….and I always will….”


And with that, Hollywood walks out of the room and closes it behind him.  Hollywood stands on the other side and closes his eyes knowing full well he just lied straight to her face and looking directly in her eyes while doing it.  It pained Hollywood to do it but he felt like he had no other choice.  This was the only way he was keeping her safe and he obviously had no intention to call her to give her the green light on the plan.  He just couldn’t bring himself to do it for fear something would happen to her.  Audrey was the one and only love he had in his life besides wrestling and he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her.  To lose her would be for him to lose himself.  The love that they had for each other was one of the things that powered Hollywood, not only in his wrestling life, but his business life as well.  Hollywood opens his eyes and walks down the hall and around the corner before taking out his cell phone and making a call.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright…we’re a go Lukas.  Now all we do is wait for The Chair to make the phone call and we go and we end this.”


Lukas Montana: “I know it was hard, Hollywood…lying to her.  But she’ll end up thanking you later for this.”


Brian Hollywood: “Maybe she will Lukas…but I really can’t tell you for sure.  Besides…I can’t help but to feel like there’s something else behind those eyes I just looked into.  They were too peaceful.”


Lukas Montana: “Maybe she was just happy to hear what she wanted to hear and that she’s just happy she thinks she’ll be able to help you.”


Brian Hollywood: “Maybe…I don’t know…I just can’t shake the feeling that there was something else….anyways, I’m on my way to meet you at The Hanger.  I’ll see you in a little bit and then…..we wait.”


Lukas Montana: “Sounds good man.  I’ll see you in a little bit.”


Hollywood ends the phone call and stops short of the hotel entrance.  He turns around and is obviously bugged at the fact that there was something Audrey was hiding but he wasn’t a hundred percent sure of what it was.  Hollywood sighs and after a few moments, shrugs it off before exiting the hotel to meet up with Lukas as the scene cuts back to Audrey in the room.  She picks up her cell phone and dials a number.  She waits a few moments for the other line as you could tell she was nervous.  Finally, she hears the other line pick up as she slowly speaks.


Audrey Renfroe: “Alright…it’s done.  You we’re right.  He doesn’t suspect anything.  I just hope you’re right about this……..Gerald.”


Gerald Reeves: “Trust me Audrey, I will be.  You did the right thing.”


Audrey Renfroe: “Then why does it feel so wrong?  I feel like I just betrayed the one man I’ve ever truly loved.”


Gerald Reeves: “You didn’t.  Besides Brian never intended to include you in his plan.  I know him too well and he doesn’t want to see you get hurt.  But you are also his greatest weakness…that’s why I knew when I asked you to plant the homing device in his jacket, that he wouldn’t expect it.  Now we’ll be able to track him and Lukas when the meet with The Chair goes down.  You’ve done a good job Audrey…now Buck and I will take it from here.”


The phone call ends and Audrey still can’t help but to feel the guilt pollute her body.  She didn’t want to just sit on the sidelines and wait for this to end and wait to hear a response.  That’s why she kept a homing tracker for herself so she, too, can know the location for the meet.  Audrey picks up the device and stares at it not knowing just how much consequence of everyone’s decision and herself would come as the scene slowly fades to black….







“Well would you look at that….apparently I had so much to say that I let my rage do all the talking…so much it got me in the number one contender’s match for the LSD Championship.  It’s not a one act show, either.  It’s the Brian Hollywood that has always been the most comfortable.  But it doesn’t stop there…oh fuck no it doesn’t.  The way I beat Zeb Martin wasn’t enough.  I want more…I have craved more and that’s why I gave Zeb Martin the beating of a lifetime.  But I realized in my wake, my actions are everything.  Now I plan on capitalizing on them even more.”


“I knew exactly what I was doing.  Now I have a chance at jumping to the top of the line when it comes to the HOW LSD Championship.  But I know what you’re all going to fucking say.  You’re going to say, oh my god, which fucking Brian Hollywood are we getting this time?  Here Hollywood goes again talking shit with no plan to back it up.  It’s going to end the same way it always does for him.  In defeat.  Because we never know what Brian Hollywood wants…and even if we did, he sure as fuck doesn’t seem like he wants it that fucking bad.  I mean, you wouldn’t be wrong…if you had said that to me in the not so distant past you would have been right.  But the truth of the matter is I really stopped giving two fucks what any of you two faced motherfuckers have to say anymore.  That’s because this isn’t about words…it’s about actions and what my actions have shown as of late shows that I’m a rageful son of a bitch who wants to do nothing but to beat my opponents to a bloody, fucking lifeless pulp.  I should have ended my business with Darin Zion, or Matthews, or whatever the fuck he’s calling himself this week a long time ago.  Truth is, I’ve always wanted to be on my own.  Deep down I knew that was the only way I was going to stay fucking relevant.  Since I wasted my time teaming with the sorry piece of garbage, I have done nothing but regret it.  I can’t be having that.  I can’t be having my thoughts reflect on the number of opportunities I let slip away from me all because I thought Zion and I could do great things again.  The truth of the matter is that I let him ride my coattails for far too fucking long.  Everyone knows that without me, Zion would have either been fired by now, or he would have been jobbing in the opening bouts until the guy either got laughed out of HOW or he would have faded further into obscurity.”


“Well low and behold, I find myself in a number one contender’s match with Zion also apart of the match.  What exactly have you done recently to warrant a shot at HOW gold Darin?  Heard about your supposed fiery promo a couple weeks ago about how you were going to bring relevance back to yourself and the LSD Championship and prove your worth in your match a couple weeks ago.  So what exactly happened?  You shit the bed again because that’s what you do, Darin.  You blew another opportunity and you went out and lost your match like everyone knew you would.  Just how is anyone supposed to take you seriously?  You can’t back up your shit…all you know how to do is run your mouth…which I’m sure you’ll do just that in preparation for this street fight this weekend.  I mean, that’s what you’re good at, right?  I know you’re good at running your mouth…but backing it up?  That’s another story.  That’s why I’m going to let you run your mouth from here all the way to ten buck fucking two and let you get consumed in the moment because you don’t know how to capitalize on it.  All you’ll really do is piss people off so bad that they beat your fucking ass into submission.  Is there anything that I’ve said that hasn’t been true?  At least I know how to back up my words, Darin.  That’s why I have no problem in fighting you again and shutting you up for good this time so I can put where my true focus should be at.”


“That’s where the rest of you come in handy.  Zeb Martin, Teddy Palmer and Hughie Freeman.  Zeb, I’ve got to give you credit…you can take a fucking beating bruh.  I can’t take that away from you.  You can dish it out as well and I have no problem taking this to the next level with you.  I am curious to see what Teddy and Hughie have to offer.  Hughie, I know what you can do in matches like these…especially when it comes to the LSD Championship.  I am also aware at your history with Scottywood.  We all know who the elephant in the room is and that’s Scottywood.  Scottywood and I have had our own battles, but I’d be a fucking fool if I said he wouldn’t be a factor in this match.  Scottywood is more than just a referee in this match.  He’s going to be a fucking equalizer in this match and because anything goes in this match, I know he’s going to get physically involved in this match.  Might as well have him fight for the championship as well.  Am I the only smart one in this match who knows I’ll be fighting five guys instead of fucking four?  That would be something else if my intuition was right.”


“Speaking of intuition, the only guy who really has been out of it for awhile is Teddy Palmer.  I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you, man.  I haven’t forgotten about the LBI last year.  I haven’t forgotten about my only blemish in that tournament came at the hands of your pal, Red.  If I didn’t lose to him, I would have moved on in the LBI and there’s no telling what I would have been able to do.  I mean, fuck, I could have faced you, Teddy.  Now that would have been a match up of the ages.  Well now I have a chance at exacting revenge…and boy is this revenge a long time fucking coming.  I’ve been correcting my mistakes this last year and setting things right again.  Beating you senseless and into a state of hopelessness would be an added fucking bonus for me on my way of earning a shot for the LSD Championship.  I’ve been LSD Champion before and I’ve been dying to get back into the conversation when it comes to singles championships.  But this isn’t going to be the part where I give you all the same ole boring spiel about doing what it takes to win the match.  Oh no.  We’re done with that….the proverbial ship has sailed there.  This is going to be about validation….but validation isn’t the only thing I’m after.”


“It’s going to be about capturing that magic again.  The magic about being able to win again and continue that momentum straight to the top.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on top and I won’t lie to any of you….it’s a feeling that I’ve almost lost the will to remember what the fuck that felt like.  But if my match a couple weeks ago against Zeb was any indication, it’s the fact that I’m heading in the right direction.  I don’t need anyone’s help in that endeavor and it should have been something I focused my priorities on a lot sooner.  That is my one regret of it all.  But I’m going to turn that regret into fiery rage and use that to validate why I still belong with the rest of the elite here in HOW and in the conversation of being the best.  It may have taken me awhile to get back to doing what I do best…but at least I’ve finally fucking figured it out.  Winning the match to earn a shot at the LSD Champion will be just the beginning for me…because I don’t plan on stopping there.  This is about proving the kind of man I can be when I set my mind to it and trust me….you all don’t want me in that mindset because I can be so convincing, that I have myself believing it.  Call it method wrestling.  I become what I set my mind to be and my mind can be a very dangerous place to be.”


“No gentlemen….this street fight is just the beginning.  But I don’t have to tell you from my own mouth or go into a long ass monologue proving that point to show you what my intentions are.  I’ll let my fists and my mind do the talking for me.  This match isn’t about hearing Hollywood go on and on about the same old bullshit.  No….for me this will be a release of everything I’ve kept pent up inside me and I’m going to unleash it worse than what I did to you, Zeb.”


“I know what I’m walking into this Saturday night, gentlemen.  But the problem you all have is that I’m not afraid of doing it…anyway I have to.  But you’ll all see just how fucking brutal I can fucking be.  If you thought my match against Zeb was intense…then I’m sorry to disappoint you all because that was just the tip of the fucking iceberg.”


“This weekend at March to Glory…I have a chance to reclaim my status as a man who will do whatever it takes to win.  But I will use that fuel…that rage inside me to do it…because that is the relentlessness of Hollywood that isn’t afraid to dish it out and pull out a victory by any means necessary.  That puts the rest of you in the danger zone….and that is a place none of you want to be in.  You can bet that as an Executive Promise.”


“This Saturday I return to my roots…I return to trust in the only Basic Instinct I have…..and that’s WINNING!  This is only the beginning gentlemen and yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood will rise….again!”