Lights, Camera, Comatose

Lights, Camera, Comatose

Posted on July 5, 2024 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

War Games was bloody, violent and expected in the most unexpected ways.  I went into War Games knowing that I may not even walk out of not only the final War Games in High Octane Wrestling, but it could have been the very last time Hollywood would be seen inside a HOW ring knowing exactly what the stakes would be.  The cost would have been high, especially if failure was creeping up on you like a shadow coming across as friendly in the night.  That’s the thing about shadows, though, they remain in the background, not making a single peep and plotting from the sidelines, ready to usurp you.  At least that’s how I felt.  Who would have ever predicted that my demise would have come from a misstep from one of my very own War Games teammates?  As I continue to replay it out in my head, I had only arrived to one conclusion.  If I didn’t get mistakenly attacked by Trent, how would Brian Hollywood had fared?  Just how far would have I truly gone?  I was only one of seven people left in that match, almost reaching the point where I could have walked out with a HOW championship of some kind.  I had a chance to retain the LSD Championship or even walk out with the ICON, HOTv Championships.  Or could it have been the big one?  Could it have been the HOW World Championship?  A championship I’ve been not only looking to win back, but complete the circle and get back to the tip top  of the mountain…on MY fucking terms!  But alas, it didn’t happen that way, did it?  It could have been the story of the modern era of High Octane Wrestling.  Could have been. So why do I feel like I accomplished just that?  Was it because I was trying to block out the real pain of the match?  Was I living in a false sense of reality and security?  That last part would be answered pretty quickly for me in terms of reality, but the reality I was temporarily living in felt a lot longer than the rules of time in real time…











The sound of monitors beeping becomes louder and louder as we see Mr. Executive himself, and HOW’s Conscious, Brian Hollywood, slowly open his eyes in an Edinburgh hospital.  He was sporting a large bandage that had been wrapped around his head.  It was unknown if it was because from Barbie, Scottywood’s Patten barbed wire hockey stick to the head, or if it was Trent’s finisher that caused Hollywood to borderline seize from the shear blunt force impact of Trent’s finisher on the exposed, cold hard concrete floor.  One thing was for sure, Hollywood surely bled profusely from both incidents.  As Hollywood attempts to get his barrings in order, he is all of a sudden taken aback in shock as it was unknown if Hollywood were seeing things or not.  But sitting practically at his bedside was none other than Hollywood’s long time high school sweetheart and lover, Audrey Renfroe.  Hollywood was in a state of confusion, yet in his extreme moments of confusion, his conscious was clear and there was a sense of relief that came over him at the sight of Audrey’s presence.  However, he couldn’t help but wonder if Audrey was real or if it was a manifest of Hollywood’s conscious trying to cope with dealing with the amount of pain he was in almost as if his conscious was trying to protect him from the real reality he was really in.


“Aud….Audrey, is that you?”


Yes, Brian, it’s me.  You’ve been through a tremendous hell.  It’s amazing you’re even able to speak to me.” Audrey says with concern in her voice.


“I…I don’t understand.”  Hollywood started to say with a hint of confusion detected in his voice.  “How…how did I get here?”


“Please just try to relax, Brian.  You need to build back up your strength.” Audrey starts to say as she tries to reassure Hollywood.  “You barely made it out of War Games alive.  What the hell were you thinking?!  You could have been killed!”


Hollywood wasn’t sure what Audrey was talking about but Hollywood found it hard to move around at times.  He was also wearing a neck brace that was firmly on him.  It had looked like he was not only patched up, but that he felt like and looked like Humpty Dumpy was put back together again.


“You didn’t answer my question…how did I get here?” Hollywood asks still pressing the only question he cared about.  Hollywood’s eyes are barely able to move about the room as he sees Audrey walk over to one of the counters in the hospital room.  She comes back and lays the item on Hollywood’s chest.


“Congrats champ, you finally did it!” Audrey says with a smile on her face.


Hollywood slowly looks down and notices the title that he holds in his possession as a since of accomplishment and relief both come over his face.  He had finally done it.  It only took nearly four years to do but here he was with the title firmly in his grasp as it was the HOW World Championship.  A flood of emotions cross his face as he processed becoming champion once again in his own way.


“I…I can’t believe it.”  Hollywood starts to say as he was having troubles keeping his emotions in check.  “I knew it would be a long shot but I never expected to become HOW World Champion again from where I was at prior to War Games!  I knew it was all worth it.  All the sacrifices I had not only made in High Octane Wrestling, but all the sacrifices I’ve made in my personal life as well.”


Audrey remained silent, though, and Hollywood found that pretty peculiar but in this story, Audrey really was the only one who knew what was going on in all of this.  Again, the amount of trauma Hollywood went through must have created its own protective shield as if the truer truth would shatter him not only in a million pieces, but could present a danger to Hollywood’s psyche.


“I’m happy for you, Brian.  I know this is what you’ve always wanted since going back to HOW.  Since coming back and trying to find validation and vindication once again.  I’m so proud of you…I love you.”


It was in that moment that Hollywood feared something was wrong.  His conscious, or at least self conscious was working in overdrive to try to create an illusion that allowed Hollywood to begin the healing process of his body without causing him the true trauma he was actually going through.  It was like two consciousness within Brian that were fighting for ultimate supremacy.  This is why Hollywood was so good at playing the long game.  He was playing 4D Chess and right now, he was playing against himself.  Finally, Hollywood breaks his silence as he once again brings up his curiosity towards Audrey and his current situation.


“See, this is the part that confuses me.” Hollywood begins to say feeling skeptical. “I may seem to be fine, but the last time you and I spoke, Audrey, you wanted nothing more to do with me.  I had hurt you…and yet no one felt even more hurt after you basically told me to fuck off and to fuck my apologies than me.  That’s why I find it hard to believe that you’re actually here.”


Audrey sighs as there was no point in trying to convince Hollywood otherwise.  At least the good news was that Hollywood was actually fighting off temporary amnesia and the actual trauma he had sustained at War Games.


“That’s right, Brian…keep fighting!  I may no longer be apart of your life, but I will never stop loving you.  I know we didn’t end on the best of terms, but I’ll take solace knowing that you still project your feelings and defensive mechanisms based off the illusion of me.  Just know that, perhaps with real true time, Audrey will forgive you.  You may no longer have what you had with her anymore, but the fact that you’re inner self is projecting her, tells me that not only do you deeply love her, but that you have accepted the fact that she can no longer be apart of your life.”


An isolated tear falls from Hollywood’s face.  Even though it was his inner conscious speaking, it still didn’t make it any easier for Hollywood to cope, fake reality or not, of his fallout from Audrey.  Hollywood looks down at the HOW World Championship one more time as it was well known just how much the title not only meant to Hollywood, but High Octane Wrestling as a whole and what it meant to him.  He was still HOW’s Conscious and the fact that he survived War Games only meant that he still had work to do.  Hollywood clinches the title hard one more time as he slowly closes his eyes and not wanting to release his hold on 97red.  Finally Hollywood slowly opens up his eyes as both realities finally merge and it becomes quickly apparent that Hollywood was in a deep sleep.  A coma as it were and that he had been in a coma ever since the night of War Games.








Hollywood finally comes to in his hospital bed in Edinburgh as two people are seen through Hollywood’s eyes and he was already questioning if he was still in a coma or if reality was off again based on the two people in his room.  Those two men?  Gerald Reeves and The Chair and Hollywood’s brother, Jasper Oliver Creed.  Hollywood remains silent at first as Gerald Reeves speaks.


“Well look who finally decided to awaken from his coma!”  Gerald starts to speak as he realizes Hollywood couldn’t immediately respond to him.  “We all thought we were going to lose you, man.  You’re one tough son of a bitch, you know that?!”


As for Hollywood’s brother, Jasper, he slightly nods his head as he places his hand on Hollywood’s, reassuring him.  “I can’t imagine what you have gone through the last week and a half in that coma, but I’m glad you’re awake now.”


Hollywood simply nods his head at both Gerald and Jasper as he still can’t believe the two of them are in the same room together.  Gerald had promised Hollywood he was going to bring the two of them in.  Him and his brother, The Chair, by any means necessary.  The fact that Gerald let Hollywood go to Edinburgh, though, spoke volumes of which side Gerald would take.  Hollywood knew that it was only a matter of time before they had to face the music.  Luckily, today wasn’t that day.  Finally, Hollywood was able to speak.


“I lost War Games, didn’t I?” Hollywood starts to say as Gerald and Jasper look at each other.  Hollywood, who was good at reading body language, slowly nods his head and sighs.  “I see.  Well…I guess it could have been worse.”


Gerald and Jasper look at each other again with deep concerns on their voices after Hollywood’s last statement.  They both had been informed and up to date by the doctor who was taking care of Hollywood.  They knew what was going on, but neither of them knew exactly what to say as they both knew that once Hollywood would find out his prognosis that it would just be anther obstacle for Hollywood to jump over.  But they also knew that no matter what Hollywood was about to find out that it wasn’t going to stop him and that it would only push him harder to come back full strength as the new mystery, and what Hollywood was now about to face was about to be revealed as the scene slowly fades to black.



War Games lived up to the hype as it always does.  However, there are bits of the match that I seemingly can’t recall.  I just know that I took a nasty beating at the hands of Scottywood and Hugo Scorpio.  I also know that I was taken out of the match by my own fucking teammate, Trent.  Trent Fucking Trent!  Seriously?!  Could you be a bigger fucking idiot, Trent?!  You cost me the most important match of my career and arguably the most important turning point in HOW history.


Seriously, I had everything under fucking control.  I had battled my way through that match bloodied and beaten to within an inch of my life, yet when I was facing elimination I wouldn’t surrender.  I wouldn’t give in…and I wasn’t about to either.  But things certainly didn’t go down the way I wanted, did it?


So where exactly does Brian Fucking Hollywood go from here?  That sure is the million dollar question, isn’t it?  Even in my most trying of times, even when I was nearly critically injured, I laid in a hospital bed clinging onto the hope that I would once again reclaim the HOW World Championship.  I still care about going about it the RIGHT way to winning that championship.  But my performance at War Games should serve as a reminder that not only am I still HOW’s Conscious, but that I still plan on bringing a brand of justice and cleansing to High Octane Wrestling.  I may not have won at War Games, but I came close to walking out STILL LSD Champion or even walking out your new HOTv Champion or ICON Champion.  I was THIS fucking close!  I could taste it.  I could feel it.  It was certainly within my grasp.


Now I go into Chaos with a chance of making everything right.  I’ve been approached by people on my condition and health following my War Games appearance and performance but I assure you, I still plan on continuing my quest on cleansing HOW and reaching my goal of standing on top of the mountain once again.  That has never changed.


This week, I face off against Silent Witness, Drew Mitchell and Noah Hanson in a ladder match for a future title shot.  Whether that’s a shot at the HOW World Championship or the ICON or LSD Championships, you can bet that I will continue to press on in doing what I must in achieving further success in my HOW career…no matter what it takes.


I was willing to risk my life at War Games for the survival and betterment of HOW.  What do you think I’ll be willing to do in that ladder match?  I plan on making a big statement and regaining my momentum.  By any means necessary.


So come time for Chaos, gentlemen, I will ascend that ladder and grab myself an opportunity to not only fight for a championship, but to put myself in an even better position to make High Octane Wrestling great again.  Pure again.  Mark my words gentlemen for I will do whatever it takes.  One way or another.