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Lethal Lottery Blog

Posted on December 3, 2021 at 10:48 pm by

Another deadline Saturday night.

Another underwhelming night of watching assholes prove just how scared they are to quote un-quote….try.

I planned on doing something else for the Lethal Lottery but once again this pathetic excuse of a roster barely gives me a reason to get out of bed anymore.

Don’t get me wrong…we have some legitimately good people here in High Octane Wrestling. Several of the guys and gals I have no issue with…they are NICE people.

However, High Octane Wrestling did not last this long with a roster of nice fucking people.

Where is the ambition…..where is the desire….where is the actual fucking competition at for the World Championship? Everyone wanted a crack at Conor when he held the belt….

But as soon as the inevitable happened and it returned to the waist it should have never left…..folks lose interest?

Fuck off.

Everyone has no issue talking shit about the Best family when they are not competing AGAINST the Best family. Everyone bitches and moans but when EVERYONE has a fucking shot at the title what to do they do…….


There is more heat on a fucking Top 5 list from the boys in the back than there is about the World Title opportunity on Sunday. How fucking pathetic is that?

Oh ya….by the way…..the LSD and HOTv Championships are on the line as well. How fucking disrespectful to all three championships when the roster as a whole view the Lethal Lottery as a fucking week off.

A vacation.

Well if everyone is wanting a vacation there is a simple remedy for that……you already know the answer….see the typical Lee Best statement on that for the last 20 years.

Now before I go full Lee Best mode here, I never liked that side of Lee by the way, I am going to take a deep breath and try to find the silver lining from the folks that apparently are at least going to try this Sunday.

Bobbinette Carey: I love ya babe but you gotta tone down this angry Queen Bitch mode you are in right now. One minute you are loving everyone with the letters C or W or A in their names and then the next your vagina grows teeth and as you say….it turns into Shark Week in the back. Sadly every time you open your mouth you lose heat and every time you shut the fuck up you do good shit. Maybe figure it out huh?

David Noble: Just curious if you are competing this Sunday or is….let me check the spelling here…Lorelai competing? Only asking for a friend who may or may not be WRESTLING at the show this weekend.

Arthur Pleasant: I have been advised to make sure your wrestling bag is near you at all times as its been made clear that as soon as a L goes next to your name you might grab said bag and run full tilt elsewhere. Chaos. Classic.

Jatt Starr: You have had your ups and downs with the Best family for many years and I know Lee loved you like a red headed step child so I will only say this to you sir…….I hope you do well this Sunday and it is a privilege to know that I will be in the same arena as you this Sunday. I appreciate all you have done for this company and I know you always will put your best foot forward. A true Starr.

Scottywood: See what I said about Jatt minus all the good shit. IF you didn’t see Carey turning on you at some point than you are more of a drunk than I have been warned about. That concerns me. Enough of the pity party. Shut the fuck up and do something about it.

Xander Azula: A nice guy. A good guy. That will not get you far here in HOW. There will always be a roster spot for guys like you but just know that you will always be jerking the curtain open for the real talent….and guess what….that is ok. It is a nice thing to do.

*Looks on site* …..nope no one else even gonna try?

I thought I was coming back to a roster and company full of legitimate competitors. This is nothing more than the Michael Lee Best show……until he gets bored again.

You all have turned this company soft.

Fuck soft.

I will see you all on Sunday…one way or another…this is over.

Oh look….750 words….Classic.

-Michael Oliver Best