Lethal Chance; Pandora’s Box Special

Lethal Chance; Pandora’s Box Special

Posted on December 3, 2021 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Pandora’s Box Special


December 3, 2021


Manchester, England


The flight was a long one and Brian Hollywood was looking to rest and call it a day.  There was, of course, a pretty significant amount of jet lag seeing he’s across the globe from home.  Hollywood was growing tired, though, and it extended beyond wrestling in a HOW ring.  It also went beyond running Hollywood Enterprises and dealing with the day to day bullshit he was experiencing against The Chair.  You could say that the walls were closing in around Brian..but some part of him didn’t seem to matter.  Hollywood makes his way off his jet and to a limousine that’s ready to take him nearby to the Manchester Arena.  Brian looked zonked and he knew he was going to need some rest if he wanted to have any good results, should his name get called to compete on the Lethal Lottery card.  Hollywood pays the driver as he turns back around and eyes the DoubleTree hotel that he’s staying in.  Hollywood makes his way inside and checks in with the front desk.


Brian Hollywood: “Yes, I booked a room a couple months ago.  I’m looking to check in and have my bags taken up to the room if you please.”


Hotel Attendant: “Absolutely Mr. Hollywood, we’ve been expecting you!  You’re suite you recommended has been set up to our standards, and most importantly, yours!


Hollywood nods his head as he seems to skip all the pleasantries and gets right down to the point.


Brian Hollywood: “Quite alright, love.  I’m just looking to get checked in and my bags taken up to my room.  I’ve got an important meeting here in a few minutes and I want to make sure all of this checking in goes without incident.”


Hotel Attendant: “Of course, sir.  Here’s your room key and you’ll find all of your stuff waiting for you when you return to your room.”


As she finishes the statement, she hands over the room key to Hollywood who takes it and gently puts it into his pocket.  Hollywood nods at the Attendant…well, more like winked at her but that’s despite the point.  Fuckable or not, Hollywood had a schedule to keep to.  Hollywood at least lets out a rare smile towards the attendant.


Brian Hollywood: “Thanks love.  I’m not sure if you watch but–“


The attendant interrupts Hollywood.


Hotel Attendant: “Oh I watch!  I also know exactly who you are!  I’m a big fan!”


Hollywood lets out a small smirk, almost taken off guard from the compliment.


Hotel Attendant: I’m sure you get this all the time Mr. Hollywood.  Oh, and I also know how to PROPERLY address you!  I know you prefer Mr. Hollywood over anything else so I hope I wasn’t too much trouble for you!”


Hollywood reaches over and grabs the attendants hand and kisses it.  He then looks back up and straight into her eyes.


Brian Hollywood: “Do you have a name missy?”


Hotel Attendant: “Oh right, stupid name tag placements!  My name is Angel.  Angel Carrington.”


Brian Hollywood: “Well…it’s nice to meet you, Angel.  Or should I say, Ms. Carrington.”


Angel starts to blush before correcting Hollywood.


Angel Carrington: “It’s ok Mr. Hollywood.  You can call me angel!”


Hollywood nods his head as he seems to be picking up what Angel is selling.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright, well thank you, Angel.  I appreciate the appropriate acknowledgment to my name, but you’re welcome to just call me Brian.”


Angel Carrington: “Well then, Brian, it’s been nice to get to know you!”


Hollywood makes a slow motion while nodding his head towards Angel as the two seem to have already established a good relationship on a first name basis.


Brian Hollywood: “Well Angel, I appreciate you and the handling of my bags.  Just have the hop get all my shit in order and up to my room.  Unfortunately, I have some business I must attend to in your bar.”


Angel was happy to oblige Hollywood as she has a bellhop take Hollywood’s personal things to his room all the while not taking her eyes off of Hollywood.  Hollywood picks up on this, but is curious to see what Angel has to say.


Brian Hollywood: “Is there something I can help you with Angel?”


Angel Carrington: “Um, what did you say?!”


Angel was obviously starstruck with Hollywood, but this felt different and Hollywood was picking up on it, strongly might it be inserted into this story for clarity and classification purpose.  Hollywood looks back up and straight towards him as he looks to figure this out before his meeting.


Brian Hollywood: “Is there something else I can help you with tonight, Angel?”


Hollywood wasn’t trying to be rude in any stretches of the imagination, but he did have a meeting he couldn’t miss…especially with the difficulty of setting up the secret meeting at the DoubleTree in Manchester.


Angel Carrington: “Oh I’m sorry Brian.  I get this way sometimes when we’ve got big time people or celebrities who drop in here.  I’m sure you can understand what I’m talking about.”


Hollywood lets a small smile escape from his physique as he gets closer with Angel…almost shoulder to shoulder.  His flirting charm always seemed to work, but nowadays, he had to be careful.


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t think you’re extremely amazing beautifulness is going to work in this scenario.”


Angel Carrington: “You know, you might actually be right.  This is what I get for working at a hotel!”


Hollywood smirks as he already knows where this conversation going.  He was cautious, however, as he still had the girl of his dreams laying helpless inside a coma along with her son.  Hollywood’s face turns just like that…to something of keeping his emotions out because it was those same feelings that cost him his match at Rumble at the Rock…and that was something Hollywood didn’t want to lose anymore…the ability to stay one step ahead…without a female getting in between him which seemed to successfully point as to why he came up short at Rumble at the Rock and then again against Jeffrey James Roberts for the HOTv Championship.  Hollywood sighs before looking back up and addressing Angel’s inquiry.


Brian Hollywood: “You know, I always get myself in some poor life choices of mine.  I generally like to call them PLC’s and I shouldn’t be impressed by the notion.  You know…something I used to be good at, but hate to disappoint you, but I don’t plan on changing my stance on what happened here.”


It wasn’t just the Hotel Attendant that was mesmerized by Hollywood’s presence.  She genuinely had some kind of spark with Hollywood that was unknown to everyone who seemed to have observed them.  The two share a moment with looking into each others eyes as the way they looked at each other painted the picture of interest there no matter how much either of the powerful, inspired two tried to deny it.  Hollywood, did after all, had Audrey laying in a hospital bed awaiting for Hollywood’s return…even if she hadn’t made it out of the coma yet.  Hollywood thinks about this briefly, though, before turning towards the exit obviously not wanting to meet up after all.


Brian Hollywood: “I’d really love to stay and get to know you better, Angel, but as long as my name is out there…anyone who comes close to me or even works closely to me, is usually liable of getting hurt.  I hope you can understand where I’m coming from on this.”


The normal person on the earth would have had a problem acknowledging this issue, but it seemed Angel understood it out of the gates.  Then again, she was also thousands of miles away from where Hollywood resided.  Still…Angel nods her head at Hollywood’s statement.  Hollywood didn’t want to make things difficult for Angel in the least bit….especially since he had a different outlook on life.  It was going to be up to him to see how it impacted him and judging by the looks of the situation, it at least looked as if he was bothered by it.


Brian Hollywood: “Look Angel…there are things you should know about me if you want to even bother getting close to me.  I’m not an easy person to be around.  I mean, for fucks sake I cut off all my communication I had in High Octane Wrestling.  Everyone can criticize on my decision making and my tough calls I’ve been making as of late.  I will be back Angel.  You have my word.  I’m just in town following up on a lead involving one of twin sisters.”


Angel Carrington: “Aww, how cute!  I’d love to meet them sometime!”


Brian Hollywood: “Don’t worry, I’ll bring them by sometime…when it’s safe at least.”


Angel Carrington: “Well, I’m perfectly alright with that. I thought I would tell you that your friend is here.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea…I know you keep in contact with Niles Omega.”


Angel Carrington: “Oh…no it’s not him.  It’s actually some man calling himself The Chair.  He said he knew you’d be here and wanted to talk to you.”


Hollywood lets out a sigh as there didn’t seem to be anywhere Hollywood could go without the Chair tracking him.  Perhaps it was because Hollywood saved him twice.  One for inadvertently sticking nose in business that didn’t belong to him.  However, at least Hollywood knew what The Chair was doing there and now that it seemed that Hollywood had no other alternative, he would now be directly talking to the Chair on a daily business…even if it took him him every fiber of his being to build up the confidence to talk to him with at least a creditable lead.


Brian Hollywood: “Thanks Angel.  I’ll get back to you if I need anything…oh and feel free to keep your personal line opened.  You never know if there would be something I needed in the middle of the night!”


With that, Hollywood treks up towards his room that he was staying in as the scene slowly fades to black…



Lethal Chance


Manchester Arena


You know, it’s been a little bit since I’ve had luck on my side, but this week looks to be a little different.  Why do you ask?  Two words.




I always had been fascinated with the legal lottery progress here in HOW.  Every championship is literally on the line this weekend and I’m looking to cash in on an opportunity that was rudely interrupted at Rumble at the Rock.  Fuck…even if I don’t have the ability to send this email forward without me getting violent about it.


There are so many possibilities on this card, and none of us will know the results of the draw until we clash in the center of that ring.  But to say I’m not ready is a massive understatement!  I truly mean that.  It’s a fucking understatement and I don’t think a whole lot of people know how significant that really is.


I had an interesting HOTv Championship match against Jeffrey James Roberts.  However, the fucking man doesn’t know how to keep his word.  He’s wrathful…fuck that’s how he won the god damn thing and retained at Rumble at the Rock.  Now…I’ll be the first one to admit that the match ended even fair and square.  But did it, really?  The man has talked about destroying me to the point that I’d have a hard time pursuing a HOW career after the fact.  Well, I hate to admit it JJR, but I’m still here!  I’m still coming back for more and I won’t stop until my vision takes precedent.


I’ve been around long enough to see opportunity when I see it.


So what happens if I get drawn to face Mike Best for the HOW World Championship?  Wouldn’t that be something.  The truth is, though, I can take as much punishment as I can face and I’m not afraid to face Mike if we clash for the HOW World Championship.


But the truth of the matter is, I’m likely to fall in the battle royal conversation.  If that’s the case, you can bet that I’m going to destroy anyone who gets in my way.  I’m tired of coming up short in HOW and I WILL have my due…one way or another.


None of us can really say with ease where the cards will fall..but I can guarantee that if I get drawn or not…there will be hell to pay and I’ll look to be making a splash…one way or another.


One way or another…it’s the new name of the game.