Let it go….

Let it go….

Posted on December 15, 2021 at 10:39 pm by Bobbinette Carey

You honestly expect silence out of me? When the fuck, in the history of ever, have I been silent? “Just shut up Carey” what a boring world that would be! Of course men would want silence out of me. They prefer subservient obedient females. Maybe that’s why my marriage’s have all failed…. I don’t let people run me. I don’t allow others to dictate and try to mute me just because they don’t like what I have to say. That is the problem though isn’t it? Because it’s what I have to say.

If someone is disrespectful to me and I speak up about it as a black woman I become a stereotype! Whereas men can defend themselves cuss another person out and that’s completely socially acceptable. But God forbid any of you allow a black woman to speak on being disrespected and then that’s all of a sudden “problematic”. It becomes a pissing contest because I defend myself.

Sometimes I don’t engage, not because you’ve won. Because there will be a time and place when I point out how you’re not as smart as you think you are. Sure you can wrestle, doesn’t make you smart or on the same intellectual level as I am. You play yourself using cheap jokes to pop the boys in the back but all it shows is what a true absolute failure to humanity you are.

I know why I came back and it isn’t for a single person. But Mario? Me. It’s always me isn’t it? Why? Because of this toxic ass relationship we have. The saddest thing is I am the longest female relationship you’ve had. We’ve been doing this for over a decade. I am your north star, I am your constant. Scoff all you want but You always come back. It’s not healthy for either of us but here we are doing this again.

It’s different this time isn’t it? I did something you didn’t think I’d do…. I hurt Mosé, who I treated like my own. I leveled him and don’t regret it. This is what you’ve pushed me to. I was done but your pride got the better of you. You couldn’t fade the fuck away could you? This weird obsession to stand in my way. I attacked a look alike to help me deal with my issues and move on. But you… you… you won’t let me move on. You won’t let go of this sick hold. I outgrew it, I overcame your childish taunting.

My true goal was to destroy your legacy and rebuild it in an image of awareness. Mimi, yes Mariah is the best of me merged with you to make a better legacy than what you left behind.

But how? How did this happen when you and I never… No, no we didn’t cause you’d remember that. But our buried alive match. You were supposed to be dead, and we were still legally married. And I had to take matters into my own hands. Yep that handy, I gave your not fully dead corpse…

Well you made a deposit and I used that to create something good from all your evil. A daughter! Raised in my image! You have no legal claim to her either so there’s nothing you can do about me raising our progeny. I truly win.


We see the queen of epicness herself, in a familiar bedroom we’ve seen before, with dolls, doll houses, Barbie dream houses and a small little pink canopy bed. She’s sitting next to her daughter Mimi with bandages on her head as she has a book and is cuddled up next to her daughter. It is dark out, and the little girl is in a Elena of Avalor nightgown. Bobbinette’s hair is pulled back into a bun as she is in a loose fitting tunic style blouse with a pair of black slacks. Bobbinette pulls the blanket up over both of them as Mimi seems fidgety with her mother.

Bobbinette: What’s wrong baby girl?

Mimi: Mommy, they’re saying that that man’s going to try to take me.

Mimi says nervously as her nose wrinkles in a similar fashion to her mother. Bobbinette, shushes her and gives her a kiss on the top of her head.

Bobbinette: That’s not even anything you should worry about. No one’s going to take you, you’re my princess. But mommy wanted to read you a story about Mommy.

Bobbinette announced proudly as she pulled out an animated book with her face on it.

Mimi: about mommy? The most prettiful queen ever? About how she’s the best queen ever?!

Bobbinette laughed as she looked down at her daughter and she shook her head from side to side.

Bobbinette: No about how your mom perseveres through everything, about how your mom is a lot like Queen Elsa.

Mimi looked at her, her eyes wide with wonder.

Mimi: Elsa?!

Bobbinette slowly nodded her head with the large smile

Bobbinette: Yes. Because at first Elsa didn’t understand her powers a lot like Mommy. And people were afraid of that. They were scared of a woman with power. They were scared and threatened by how amazing she was. A lot like your mommy. Except unfortunately most of the people are more like Prince Hans than Kristoff.

Bobbinette folds the book down with a loud sign. She looks over at her daughter forcing a smile across her face.

Mimi: Is that why Uncle scooter hurt you? Cuz he’s like Kristoff?

Bobbinette squints looking off in the distance.

Bobbinette: no he’s more like marshmallow, who is angry. So he has to act out because he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Mimi slowly melts her head confused but looking as if she’s trying to understand it.

Bobbinette: but what happened to Marshmallow at the end?

Mimi gets giddy and starts clapping her hands as she knows the answer to this.

Bobbinette: he puts on the princess crown and his spikes go away! Is uncle scooter getting a crown for Christmas?!

She says looking hopeful at her mother. Bobbinette looks at her daughter seeing the innocence of youth across her face and slowly nods her head in agreement.

Bobbinette: Yes that is what mama is going to do. You get some sleep.

Bobbinette puts her feet on the side of the bed and goes to get up as Mimi pouts. Bobbinette sighs.

Bobbinette: I’ll put on Moana for you.

She bargains with the child who shakes here mom’s hand. Bobbinette picks up the Roku and goes to the Disney plus app as her daughter looks at her mom.

Mimi: Are you sure the bad guy isn’t gonna get me?

Bobbinette smiles and shakes her head.

Bobbinette: No sweetie. Legally blonde argument of reckless abandonment.

Bobbinette laughs. Mimi looks confused.

Bobbinette: Princess, no bad man. You’re mine and mommy loves you.

Bobbinette puts on the movie then tucks in her daughter and kisses her forehead.

Mimi: Love you mommy!

Bobbinette: Love you princess.

Bobbinette turns off the light and exits the bedroom. She closed the door only to be met by her pitbull Duke. She patted the top of his head and walked into her living room. We can see a large Christmas tree, a 10 ft fake tree with pink lights all over it. The decorations match the color scheme and ribbons around the tree as well. We see various Christmas decorations put up around the house, along with two pink and white fuzzy stockings over a white fireplace with the initials b on one and m on the other in gold lemay. The house looks rather festive instead of it’s normal white pristine look. We see the living room is not empty with just the queen of epicness, instead we notice Her two mom friends are in her living room. Michelle, a tall slender woman with light brown hair wearing a black dress with puffed sleeves that goes to her ankle with ballet flats. Michelle is sitting on a chase with a clear mug that is almost empty. Her other friend Leah is wearing a pair of leggins with a babydoll style Christmas dress curled up into a corner of the couch. Leah looked a little tired as she sipped from her clear mug that appeared to be more than half full. Bobbinette picked up a matching mug that has heat coming from her own drink.

Bobbinette: I’m happy to be home for the holidays. Happy for true friends…

She proclaimed before taking a long drink.

Leah: It’s okay to miss him.

Leah sits up watching Bobbinette’s face.

Michelle: Wait, which him are we talking about?

Michelle asks as she finished her glass. Bobbinette looks at them both and sits down.

Bobbinette: I don’t miss any male. Besides…. I got to focus on my match.

Bobbinette grumbled.

Leah: You can always say you’re sorry…

Bobbinette turns her gaze to her friend as she adjusts her seat in her reclining rocker chair.

Michelle: Sorry for costing him his title and not for why you did it. Like a half sorry…

Bobbinette squints at both of her friends and shakes her head. She gets up and storms to her kitchen. Leah and Michelle look at each other then quickly get up walking after her. Bobbinette goes to a crock pot and ladles a few spoons of warm apple cider into her giant mug then grabs the fire ball and pours a heavy handed amount. The friends circle her kitchen counter watching her as they look at each other.

Bobbinette: Can we not talk about scooter? Mario is my focus.

Leah: So you were married to him?

She looks confused as she goes and refills her own glass now awake and concerned about her friend.

Bobbinette: I had amnesia.

They look more confused.

Bobbinette: Look this has been going on since 08. I don’t have the spoons to explain it all to you guys.

She sets her mug down and rubs the side of her head. Her friends look at her saddened by this. She sighs and picks up the cup taking a long gulp as her friends look at her nervously.

Bobbinette: I’m sorry for snapping.. it’s just a lot. I had therapy over this monster. PTSD from his abuse that seems to be okay to any male watching at home. Yet me returning it is an abomination.

Leah: That’s men for you … double standards and riddled with hypocrisy…

Leah downs her glass quickly realizing she needs to catch up on the drinking.

Michelle: Okay… So you’ve been in that gym since after you got home.

Michelle points to the door to her gym/trophy room which is right next to the kitchen exit.

Leah: We had to pry you out of there… you-

Bobbinette: I’m over it… honestly.. just so damn over it.

Bobbinette explains as she slams her cup down her friends jump obviously not used to this side of their friend.

Bobbinette: This… is because we aren’t the same people. This is my first match back one on one. But this is also the last time. After this, he’s dead to me. I don’t care who wins or loses. He will be dead to me in my eyes. Letting go of the grief, the trauma, all the pain I’ve endured mentally, emotionally and physically from this man.

The two friends come up on each side of her squishing her in a group hug as they notice her eyes water. Bobbinette takes a deep sigh before hugging them back.

Bobbinette: Except the difference is this time I won’t be giving his corpse a handy.

They look confused and horrified at this statement.

Michelle: You… did, wait, what?

Michelle looks confused as she squints at her friend.

Bobbinette: Yeah it happened…. Our buried alive match.

Leah: Isn’t that kind of … no judgement…

Leah said, correcting her statement.

Bobbinette: Feels a little bit judgey…

Michelle: So he wasn’t dead so that’s not a corpse it’s just a person unconscious..

Michelle says as she drinks her cup down quickly avoiding eye contact.

Bobbinette: I mean he did worse…and I thought he was dead.

Leah: Dead people can’t say no.

Leah jokes and realize what she says.

Leah: Yeah that doesn’t sound better …

Leah admits as she goes to the fridge and brings out a cheese board. Age sets it down.

Bobbinette: With Mario the issue is I am not inferior but somewhere in his messed up hear his equal. But the truth is I have always been the alpha in this relationship and Mario the beta. But he is used the being the submissive one. Just like he was the beta to America, just he was the beta to Paras. Honestly it’s amazing how he is in the hall of fame and not Paras.

Leah: Paras?

Bobbinette: He was a good wrestler, the best friend of Mario and the superior talent of the two. Honestly he was the better athlete than Mario and yet he isn’t in the hall of fame.

Michelle: But why is he there?

Bobbinette: he thinks he’s more important than he is and convinced everyone that fighting with me and manipulating me and my life deserved a reward, and some tag team stuff too.

She says rolling her eyes.

Bobbinette: He and I were tag team champs once too …I being the one who carried him like his friends did..

Leah: So his friends.

Bobbinette: Are gone all that’s left. I have friends. People don’t realize I still have friends. Scooter wasn’t my only friend.

Michelle: Wouldn’t hurt to talk to scooter…

Leah: We are going to head out to get some rest.

The two rinse their mugs out as Bobbinette took a long gulp emptying the glass as her friends looked at each other then her. They hug and exit walking to their prospective homes as Bobbinette watches out the window. Leah goes to the house across the street, and Michelle goes to the house to the left three houses down. Bobbinette turns off the lights and heads up to her own room closing the door behind her.