Last Ride

Last Ride

Posted on August 2, 2022 at 9:23 pm by Chris Kostoff

​The road has been a long and painful one. The days and nights have blurred together more times than can ever be imagined. Now it all comes down to this. This will be, the defining moment in HOW lore. Yes there have been matches that set the World on fire, and talked about between wrestlers, fed heads, and fans all over. Now though, now it ends.

[The scene opens up with him standing in front of a Armoire, looking at items he has collected over his career. Belts. Trophies. Photos of some of his wars, photos of his family. He sighs and leans his head against the glass.]

Kostoff: I have devoted more than half my life to this. What do I have to show for it?

[He slides his head up on the glass and gazes into the armoire.]

Kostoff: I have things, but what I miss is the family I started and had as I ran up and down the road. I didn’t lose my family due to cheating or drugs, I mean alot have.

Kostoff: I lost mine to my unstoppable desire to destroy you Lee.

[He pushes himself off the glass and turns around. The years of fighting have caught up with him. The scars on his face and arms are super visable. The bags under his eyes from lack of sleep and

the time on the road are showing. His beard, grey from his age and the stress he has put himself through, has drops of water and sweat in it.]

Kostoff: You see Lee, it was always you and me. Each time you brought someone in to take me down, it never happened. I mean, do we want a history lesson on our paths?

[A grin crosses his lips as he begins to make his way down a hallway in his house. His feet tap on the wood floor as he makes his way to his living room. Sitting down on his couch props his legs up on the coffee table.]

Kostoff: Where would you like to begin Lee? ​We can do back to day one, I mean you did ask me to join the first time, and then asked me to come back each time you either walked away, left us not knowing what was going on…I can go on and on over that stuff.

Kostoff: Or we can get into how you brought people in to try to take me out. Time after time you tried, and not once did it work. I went through your group of boys from across the pond. I took your original flag waver Lynx and ran him so bad out of here, he no showed show after show til you finally get it that your first golden boy wasn’t gonna get the job done.

Kostoff: I even chased his little buddy out of here as well, even after you asked me to drop a match to him….to help his little ego. I said sure, not gonna hurt me at all. And he still tailed out because he couldn’t get the job done.

[He leans forward, his massive legs coming off his table. He places the paws he calls hands on his legs and leans into the camera.]

Kostoff: You called me up, begged me to go to war with you and for you against other places, SSE…Davo was a really cool dude…I went in there with Jatt…another guy who you turned your back on, and we ripped that place to shreds for you. Again, only to stand there and wonder…where did you go? Need I go on?

Kostoff: Look man, we both hate each other there is no doubt about that. The pain we have put each other through…and yet we always do what is best for business together. We both know full well that our matches will draw and we will pull in more money just so people will watch me take years of anger out on the boss because folks know that they will never get that chance to do so. We made each other Lee, you can’t deny that. I know you got your new little mouth piece in Stevens who thinks otherwise…but as your new whippin boy, you might want to sit him down and give him a history lesson on this place.

Kostoff: I don’t know what else there is too say at this point that hasn’t been said before. We know each other, I know that deep down as much as you want to fight me…you are scared. You are worried that this time, this time I won’t take it easy and let you walk away. This time, maybe I’ll kick it up to another level. Maybe this is the time that I burry you and walk away.

Kostoff: I know that right now Lee, you are shooting yourself up with your boy Stronk’s magic potion of get some muscle on that weak and frail body. Get yourself jacked some to make it look like you are going to give me a run in that match. But, come on man….everyone here and everyone that has ever been here knows that I am going to hurt you and hurt you bad. I’m going to finish this, once and for all. There will be no more matches between us. There will be no more back and forth….and I will miss it. I will miss our verbal abuse on each other, it has been entertaining over the years, I won’t deny that. But all things have to come to a end.

[Getting up off the couch, he stretches as his Maine Coon comes slowly walking to him. He looks down and smiles at the cat. The cat purs as he leans down and scratches him behind his ear.]

Kostoff: I’m gonna enjoy my time hanging out with my new cat, he is a good kid.

{The cat looks up and closes it’s eyes as he purs louder.]

Kostoff: I guess all that is left to say is, see ya soon.

{He stands back up and walks out of the room as the scene fades to darkness]