Last Feeling..Eggs don’t have feelings, right?

Last Feeling..Eggs don’t have feelings, right?

Posted on July 9, 2020 at 11:57 pm by Brian Hollywood

“I should have seen it coming…I really should have.  The pain is deep.  I can’t remember the last time I felt pain like this…perhaps the last time was when my mother died..or when my sister was murdered right in front of me in cold blood..I don’t have a great past.  In fact it’s a pretty traumatic past.  Not for the faint of heart.  Anyone in my position would suffer from mental issues or PTSD…now that’s not to say I never did..quite the contrary..but the fact of the matter was that existed.  I just knew how to push it to the deepest darkest portion of my mind…I knew where to store it and that’s exactly what I did.  That’s why nothing today phases me in my life or the wrestling business…because nothing I’ve been through in this industry has ever paled in comparison to what I went through as a child.  But yet here we are…something had definitely happened and I never would have imagined that it would be anything like the trauma I faced as a child…

Brian Hollywood-Prior to the following events-








The scene opens up as Hollywood’s phone rings loudly.  Hollywood looks down at his phone and he is taken back by who he sees calling him.  He was a little hesitant of course…seeing that he was furthermore being pulled back into the life of his past.  Hollywood didn’t seem to have a problem with talking to Niles or even Gerald when they had their moments with him…but there was something about this phone call this time with the person calling that unnerved him.  He stares at the caller ID a bit more before the camera shows the name on the caller ID.


Buck Wringley.


Buck was one of Hollywood’s closest friends and it wasn’t that he was hesitant to talk to him.  It was the fact that Buck was also the Sheriff of Los Angeles Police Department and Hollywood and Buck had an understanding when it came to their relationship.  They understood one another and they knew when the other needed space, the other wouldn’t pursue until that space was good, or unless it was an absolute dire emergency.  Hollywood obviously feared the latter because Buck hadn’t talked to Hollywood since he left Hollywood Enterprises and his life behind to concentrate further on his wrestling career.  Hollywood feels the sweat dripping from his forehead as he cautiously finally answers his phone.


Brian Hollywood: “Holy shit, Buck!  Good to hear from you brother!  I’m actually surprised to hear from you!…”


Hollywood was simply bullshitting of course.  He knew that there was something wrong…but in the furthest reaches of his mind, he was hoping that he was wrong.


Buck Wringley: “Bri…wish this could be under better circumstances…”


And there it was.  Hollywood, of course, was indeed wrong.  It was bad but Hollywood was about to find out just how bad it really was.  Hollywood gulps as his anxiety starts to rise.


Brian Hollywood: “Buck?  Talk to me my friend.  What’s going on?”


Buck Wringley: “I don’t know how I can tell you this over the phone.  I don’t think there are any words that can really describe this here site that I’m seein…I think…I think ya betta get down here..”


Hollywood’s anxiety was now through the roof.  He didn’t know what to think and he was already starting to think the worst.  What else could he do when he didn’t know what was happening.  He could hear it in his friends voice, clear as fucking day.  Hollywood takes a careful breath before responding.


Brian Hollywood: Come down where, Buck?!  Please, tell me!”


It was even hard for Buck to come to terms with what he was about to tell Hollywood.  He knew that it would destroy him.  Buck knew Hollywood as a child…it would be along those same lines of what destroyed Hollywood as a child..he knew it would destroy him now.


Buck Wringley: “Just….sigh…you need to get down here…Hollywood Enterprises…”


Just like that…Hollywood’s heart instantly sinks in his chest.  He takes a couple steps backwards and before he even thinks about it or tries to figure out what’s going on, Hollywood doesn’t contemplate as he hangs up the phone and rushes back to the one place he’s been fighting so hard to stay away from.  It was truly amazing…Hollywood had been away from the company for months and here he was rushing back like he was only away for mere moments. 





Hollywood finally comes….home…but it isn’t home at all.  Hollywood sees for himself as he finds Hollywood Enterprises on fire.  Hollywood looks up in horror as he tries to spot where the fire is coming from.  Buck finally finds him as he tries to coordinate people to stay away from the area. 


Buck Wringley: “Bri…I’m so sorry…I know this isn’t what you wanted to come back to…I just wanted to…HEY STOP!!”


Hollywood now makes a beeline into the burning building without a seconds thought.  There were obviously precious memories in there and Hollywood wanted to try and salvage what he could.  Buck quickly runs after him and not even the fire department were able to stop Hollywood.  Hollywood stops on the first floor in the lobby and there was obviously no fire in sight, but there was definitely smoke.  Before Hollywood could take another step, Buck grabs him to drags him backwards against Hollywood’s own power.


Brian Hollywood: “GOD DAMN IT BUCK…LET…ME…GO!!”


Buck Wringley: “This is for yer own good, Bri!”


Hollywood’s adrenaline was pumping, but Buck’s strength and his care he had for his friend was just a tad bit stronger as he drags Hollywood back out from the building.  Hollywood fights and fights and fights..but he’s being dragged further from the building until finally Buck gets him out.  Hollywood lashes out in anger, but Buck doesn’t hold back in concern for his friend.  He clearly sees the pain on his face and he recognizes it all too well.


Brian Hollywood: “NOOOOO!!!……FUCKING NOOOOO!!!!…………WHY?!!!”


Hollywood finally collapses after finally losing the strength in his knees as he can only watch in horror…not saying a single other word as the scene slowly fades to black…





“That was the last thing in the world that you could have done to me, Darin.  I will never fucking forgive you for that.  I never got a chance to express that…even in our match against each other at War Games.  I fought with my emotions and you took the cheap way out…a fucking quick roll up.  How fucking classic, Darin.  How fucking classic of you.  You saw that you were in fucking danger, and you took the cheap way out.  You had to add to the dishonor on top of the dishonor that you have showed my family and my family’s legacy.  You had to fucking light it on fire and you had to destroy my grandfathers penchant from the war.  You have no idea how far crossed the line you went.  But you went there…and I never fucking thought you had it in you…but you did.  I don’t know whether to be proud of you or shameful of you for that.”


I guess the easiest answer would be proud..but the hardest answer would be shameful.  I’m in a place of honor nowadays Darin…and not you or fucking Mario is going to tell me differently.  While we’re on the subject, let me fucking clear something up to you and everybody watching…”


“I didn’t sell myself out to Mario.  Fuck that mentality.  I’ve always been about myself, first and foremost.  Whether I did it for the most selfish of reasons, or whether I’m doing it the right way now…honorably…I do things on my own.  I don’t have people fight my battles for me…only when I want them to.  They were used in my own way and I always advanced myself in some way.  But selling out to Mario wasn’t in the cards.  I only went to him because I wanted my hands back on you, Darin.  And so I went to him and now I owed him a favor.  Turns out this favor has us tagging against the Egg Bandits.  I don’t know what the fuck Mario is thinking teaming us together.  Mario, what are you fucking thinking?!  This will NEVER work with us!  All I fucking want to do is KILL Darin for all the harm he has caused me and my family legacy.  There is NO fucking going back on that.  So I decided to bite for you, Mario.”


“I got the chance to get my hands back on Darin because Mario made me the special guest referee in his match with Doozer last week.  And you know what, I had fucking fun with it!  Until Doozer got in the fucking way!  Doozer had no business getting in my fucking way!  I want Darin to suffer!  I want to fucking kill Darin, and so toying with his mind was a bit fun.  I finally gave you the fast count, Doozer, but you had to go take it fucking personally.  You should fucking know better and you should stay out of my fucking affairs!  Call me out all you want…but get in my way of getting to Darin, I have no fucking problem rolling over you so I can get my next shot at Darin!”


“This week, the Egg Bandits…being Doozer and Zeb Martin, are facing the team of myself and Zion.  Yes, I fucking said it because he’s still FUCKING ZION!  The only reason why we’re teaming is because I “owe” Mario a favor and so that favor teams Zion and I together.  FINE!  Just fine!  But that doesn’t mean I need to get along with the son of a bitch!  He wants to do everything the wrong way and he wants to be dishonorable.  Mario Maurako is also dishonorable and I don’t play those fucking games anymore.  But I’ll team with Darin…so I can get back to getting another match with him because I know I can fucking kill him!  He’s never been able to actually, LITERALLY defeat me…next time…he’ll have to fucking kill me!”


“So this week, Doozer and Zeb Martin, I will do what I must.  If I have to power my way through this match and go through the two of you to get another shot at Darin, so fucking be it.  But don’t take it personally.  I remember you, Zeb Martin, and our match was a classic.  You may have defeated me, but I don’t have any qualms about you.  I think you won honorably and that was the right thing to do.  As for you, Doozer, this isn’t personal between us.  It’s just business.  I will get my hands on Darin again….no matter what it fucking takes.  If I have to make a deal with the Devil to do it…so fucking be it!  Because Darin took everything away from me…and he will fucking pay dearly…it’s all about priorities and people are going to find out very shortly just what my priorities are going to be!”


“This is NOT fucking over!”


“Not by a fucking longshot!”…