La Famiglia; All is not what it Seems Part II

La Famiglia; All is not what it Seems Part II

Posted on February 9, 2023 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Family sure is a funny topic, isn’t it?  No really…when do you ever hear me talk about my family?  I don’t have the greatest best history when it comes to family.  If you’ve followed me over the years, you have heard about my family history it’s certainly a dark one.  Even when I had a family, there were secrets that seemed embedded in the little cracks and foundations that supposedly built my family.  You would think that my family story would be over at this stage.  I mean, who’s really left, right?  My father and I?  My relationship with my father is, well, kinda well documented over the years.  But when last I actually saw him, we didn’t leave on good terms.  I had questions and I found, well, more secrets out in the open that made me question him once again.  I mean, why is it all coming out now?  What is undoubtedly my last run here in my wrestling career, my life in turmoil outside of the squared circle, I’ve obviously been in several places.  But that begs the question, though, doesn’t it?  Here I am certainly about to call it a career and I there are still things I don’t know about my family.  I mean, family is important, is it not?  Maybe that’s why I’m so used to being alone…I didn’t have much of a connection to my family…or at least not enough time at least.  So foolish, me thinking about that, isn’t it?  Why am I even publicly talking about it?  Who knows…maybe after so many years, the cracks just becomes too much..even from a man who’s supposedly done nothing but build his hatred up further and further over the years?  So what’s exactly going on here?  Why am I responding the way I am?  Curious, don’t you think?  I can certainly tell you all….I was about to find out just what really changed everything going forward..




Chicago, Illinois


1:00 PM


The scene opens up outside of an urban house just outside the city.  A beautiful skyline can be seen of Chicago from abroad as Brian Hollywood finds himself sitting in an unmarked, completely black SUV.  The SUV was obviously one of The Chair’s as Hollywood’s TSA emerge out of the car.  Hollywood still sits in the car and takes a deep breath, though, before he steps out.  He needed a moment.  No matter how long he knew his father, there was no preparing for the things he was about to confirm.  Things were still rocky between the two parties and rightfully so.  Hollywood finally exhales and nods his head as he taps on the door and one of the TSA men open the door.  Hollywood steps out but he just looks around for a few short moments.  He cracks his neck, his uncomfortable composure was obvious.  Finally, he turns to one of his men and gives his instructions.


Wait here.


With that, the three of Hollywood’s TSA associates wait keeping guard and maintaining the perimeter as Hollywood begins his trek towards the front door.  It didn’t matter to Hollywood if The Chair knew where his father was now residing.  It was very likely he already knew in the first place.  Hollywood knocks on the front door and before long, the front door opened.


Brian Hollywood: “Hello, father.”


James Thomas: “Hello, son.  Been expecting you.”


Brian Hollywood: “Obviously, we have things we need to discuss.  Thank you for taking my phone call earlier.”


Hollywood’s father nods his head.


James Thomas: “Please, come in.”


Hollywood nods as he steps inside the house.  His father looks out and sees Hollywood’s men and notices based off of their tactical and impressions, he already knew who they were as a look of concern crosses his face.  It was like he knew something.  Something of familiarity and that greatly made him nervous.  Finally, he closes the door and now Hollywood had the privacy he wanted with his father, whether he wanted it or not.


James Thomas: “Can I get you anything?  Water?  A beer?”


Brian Hollywood: “A beer would be fine.”


James nods his head as he heads to the kitchen leaving Hollywood in the study.  Hollywood had looked around in this room before and the last time we saw Hollywood in his father’s new home, he was troubled by a certain picture frame he saw that sat on the shelf.  It obviously had some meaning, otherwise it wouldn’t have been in there in the first place.  Hollywood didn’t want to bring himself to think about the last time he was here but he had no choice.  Finally, his father comes back with two brews in tow.  He hands one to Hollywood.


Brian Hollywood: “Thanks.”


James Thomas: “So what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?  You wouldn’t talk about it on the phone so I imagine it must be pretty damn important.”


Hollywood takes a swig of his beer.


Brian Hollywood: “You could say that.”


James Thomas: “So what is it?”


Hollywood sighs as he shakes his head not knowing where to start.  Hollywood’s father was uneasy, nervous, as he knew his son was not a social call.  He had given his son far too much credit and rightfully so for seeing the big picture.  Hollywood could see his uneasiness and lately with Hollywood focusing on using his hate to push forward, was becoming all too well accustomed to preying on the weakness of his opponents…even if he had to use them on his father.  The gifts were gratefully given and Hollywood did what he did best…even if it was at the expense of his own father.


Brian Hollywood: “Don’t play coy with me, dad!  I know there are things you have not told me…and it’s about time time you start being truthful with me.  I’m not a fucking child anymore.  You owe me that much…and it’s time that you start telling me things that I should have learned all those years ago.”


James Thomas: “What are you talking about Brian?  I’ve always been truthful to you on everything you deserved to know!”


Hollywood was silent but just for a brief moment.  He was studying his father who was trying to play it cool, but Hollywood read right through it….something he wouldn’t have been able to when he was a kid.  But the skills he has picked up from not only his wrestling career, but from Gerald and Buck as well, it told Hollywood another story.


Brian Hollywood: “You and I both know that’s a bunch of bullshit, dad!  I’m not a kid anymore and you owe me that much!”


James was still playing coy, but his nervousness was too much as Hollywood saw right through it.  His father didn’t know it, yet, but he was about to find out just how well Hollywood has learned to play the game.  Hollywood tries to give his father one more chance, but James is silent and doesn’t know what his own son is asking of him.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright then…so we’ll play it that way then.”


James Thomas: “What are you talking about Brian?!”


Hollywood then reveals from his right hand as he was hiding it from view.  James looks down and he looks confused before Brian tosses over to his father what looked to be a picture frame.  James picks up the frame and looks at it as his eyes told the whole story.  The thoughts that ran through James mind were definitely quite alarming.  Did Hollywood figure it all out?  What did he know?  It was at this point that he knew either way if Hollywood knew anything or not, he was going to get the answers he had rightfully deserved.


Brian Hollywood: “You can start by telling me just who exactly the fuck that is!”


James looks at the picture and the room is quiet for a few moments as James sighs.  He looks back up at Hollywood who is just looking him directly in the eyes with such intent.  After all, the picture definitely had its resemblances and there was no denying it.  James sighs once again as he clears his throat trying carefully before trying to tell Hollywood the truth he longed deserved.


James Thomas: When did you figure it all out?”


Brian Hollywood: “Figure what out?  I look at that photo and I have obvious questions!  I saw it last time…it was the last thing I saw before I left here the last time I saw you, dad, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t understand it.”


James Thomas: “What don’t you understand about it?”


Brian Hollywood: “I have a pretty good fucking memory, dad, but I also recognize my own photos over the years and THAT is not one of them!  So you tell me….why the fuck do you have a picture of a kid that looks just like me?!”


And there it was.  A picture Hollywood had seen that he thought was him, but it couldn’t have been because of the clothes the one in the picture was wearing.  It was clothes Hollywood never possessed when he was a kid.  He would have known.  Hollywood had the best memories of his childhood, the darkest and the good times as well.  James looks at the photo again and sighs knowing that his son deserved the answers that he was seeking.


James Thomas: “Where do I even begin?”


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t know…how about the fucking beginning?!  You know, I looked at that photo last time and was briefly alarmed by it.  But you know what?  I didn’t ponder on it because you know, I don’t remember every photo I ever took as a child…but the things I’ve been through the last several months have told me something different.  I know that person in that photo…don’t I?!”


There is a momentary pause before James sighs and nods his head.


James Thomas: “Yes….you do…it’s….it’s your brother…”


Hollywood’s eyes light up widely.  He had a feeling he would hear it from his fathers lips, but the words still shocked him to his core.




Hollywood was getting emotional…for the first time in what felt like forever, Hollywood was actually showing general emotion.  It could have been manufactured…but it was raw.  Hollywood learning that he had an actual brother…actually HEARING that he had a brother by his father finally gave him the solace he was looking for.


James Thomas: “You did have a brother, Brian…but a half brother!  I…it was hard times back then…after the death of your sister…your mother and I were adrift…I was away on a business trip.  I…I didn’t know how to break things after your mother got sick…there was another woman…a woman who I fell for in my greatest moment of weakness.”


Brian Hollywood: “Another fucking woman, dad?!  My mother LOVED you!  She fucking LOVED you and gave you the world!  In her battle for life or death, you chose to give your love to another woman?!  That’s so fucked up!  Mom…she NEEDED you!  How the fuck could you put her in that situation?!”


Hollywood was now at odds with his own feelings.  He couldn’t hold it in anymore.  Tears began rolling down his face.  A man who had seemingly hardened his heart and filled his heart with rage and hate, was feeling vulnerable.  Hollywood takes his beer and smashes it into the ground out of shear anger, but regret.


James Thomas: “I was weak too, Brian!!  Don’t you think I know that?!  I regret the way things went!  But things still happened the way they did!  This woman I met…she was Italian…I didn’t know much about her…but after some time passed, I learned that her own family was apart of some dangerous things.  Her father was Italian Mafia…maybe Irish…but I never pursued those answers..all I know is that I found solace with her…even if things were brief!  I’m….I’m sorry son…but I was weak…I should have told you years ago…but you wouldn’t have understood.”


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t even understand them right now, dad!  But that’s still no excuse!  You should have come to me and told me a lot sooner!  I never knew I had a brother…or half brother or however the fuck you wanna call it…but I’ve never had the chance to meet him.  Why?”


James Thomas: “I don’t know…a few years later, she disappeared…along with your brother.  I tried to track her down after the death of your mother…but I never found her.  I never knew what became of her.”


This was definitely a lot for Hollywood to take in.  Hollywood had no answers but at least he knew that his suspensions and what he had been feeling were at least confirmed.  That was a start.  Hollywood shakes his head.  Hearing what he had heard today hurt him…but he had some of the answers he had been searching for.  You can never shake a feeling and Hollywood at least had a bigger piece of the puzzle than he had when he first showed up.


Brian Hollywood: “This conversation…what I just learned today…it’s just the beginning, dad!  I will get to the bottom of this…and you can bet that I’m going to search for my brother…because this changes everything!”


James Thomas: “If that’s truly what you’re after, Brian…than I caution you..the woman I was involved with…who she was married to was a powerful man…and if you do trek down this path…I implore you to really think about this choice…I know you have a right to know your brother…but this could open a bigger box of troubles that I truly don’t think you’re ready for…”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh really?  I’ll be the judge of that, father!  If anything, today proved to me that I really do have a lot to learn when it comes to my family…”


Hollywood shakes his head as he stands up and can’t bear to look at his father any longer before walking out of the room and promptly leaving the house as Hollywood can’t believe he had a brother all this time.  Who he was and how he was going to find him were all new to him as he leaves the house quickly as the scene slowly fades to black..






I have my hands filled this weekend.


I’m not going to lie…what I’ve learned over the last twenty four hours was a lot to take in for me.  I have a brother out there.  Yes…I know, shocking, isn’t it?  But I can’t let that get in my way right now.  Right now I had to keep my mind focused on the lottery…


A lot of people have counted me out over the years.  That’s understandable.  But I’m not the same man coming into this lottery than I was when you last saw me.


There are things that have changed in my life that has given me a newfound focus.  A new found focus makes me dangerous.  Why?  Because that gives me something I can use to push me through to the next day.  If you thought my hatred was enough…you’re all about to get a serious fucking wake up call!


I’m angry…frustrated….mistaken!


My wrestling career is still the only thing that matters to me.  While I still search for the answers that I seek…my wrestling career has been the only thing that has kept me going over the years.


I know the Lethal Lottery is random.  Hell, I know that I may not even get drawn for a match.  But I need someone to take my frustrations out on!  At this point, I don’t even fucking care who it is.  I just need to vent.  I need to let go…I have all this pent up anger inside me that I need to let out…


I have a chance at winning a championship this weekend.  Contrary to what a lot of people are saying…I don’t even care what shot at a championship I get.  It all means everything to me.


A HOW World Championship match.


A HOW LSD Championship match.


A HOW HOTv Championship match.


Anything.  I desperately seek SOMETHING.  I seek VALIDATION!  I need A match to get me back on the right track.


My family has failed me.  It always had.  I know, depressing, isn’t it?  I always viewed my wrestling career as successful.  It was the only successful thing I’ve ever truly done that was great.


Not my profession outside of High Octane Wrestling, not Hollywood Enterprises Inc, not the mansion…not anything.  Just my HOW career.


That was always the thing that kept me in check.  That was my true succession.  My wrestling career was all that meant to me and it’s high time that I continue that pursuit.  Sure I’m still being hunted…sure I’m still being apprehended…but at the end of the day…it’s always been about my High Octane wrestling career.


I’m a two time HOW World Champion for fucks sake!


I’m a two time LSD Champion and I have held the HOTv Championship already.  There isn’t a single HOW singles Championship I haven’t won and god damn it all be all hell damned to think that I’ve won my last HOW Championship!


You wanted a hate filled, Hollywood?  Well you have it!  But now you have a Hollywood who seeks validation…you have a Hollywood who now wants to feel validated for being the successful wrestler that he knows how to be!


The Lethal Lottery is simply a way to quickly pick up an option…a fast track option to become champion.  Sure…it may be a quick method…it may not even be the right way…but it’s a way that can get Brian Fucking Hollywood back to work!


The Lethal Lottery is a chance for Brian Fucking Hollywood to pick up where he left off and get back to actually making a difference and making a difference as a HOW Champion once again.  It might be a fast track…hell I may not even get picked….but rest assured…what I’ve learned over the last twenty four hours has changed my scope of how I see things moving forward and it has given me a new found since of focus.


I will be successful again…and I promise you all win or lose…that Brian Fucking Hollywood now has more purpose moving forward than ever before and that should scare the living fuck out of anyone who dares to stand in my way.


Things are going to be different moving forward…but I will make it my Executive Decree to tear through anything that lies in front of me…one way or another…I WILL get validation moving forward..and I promise you all that you are about to see a side of Brian Hollywood that you have never seen before!….