La Famiglia; All is not what it Seems Part I

La Famiglia; All is not what it Seems Part I

Posted on February 8, 2023 at 11:57 pm by Brian Hollywood

I have tried to define my life with the path I have set forward in my past.  Our past is everything…yet it becomes nothing in an instant as you look at it from the rear view mirror as the years pass you by.  I feel like I have been defined by this very notion.  I have attempted to keep myself from living in the past…but sometimes I just seem like I am body slammed back into it, sometimes.  Why is this?  When one loses, one often times is impaled back to the past…sometimes it’s against your own will.  I like to think that my hatred lately has kept me clear and presently danger free away from what manifested in my past.  But here I am again…body slammed into the past thanks to a fucking clothesline from heck from Steve Solex a couple weeks ago.  What is wrong with me?  Surely I had enough juice to push forward, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.  Maybe I’m truly losing my grip on reality.  Surely that’s got to be the answer right?  Is it a message?  Is it a message that I should just quietly retire and disappear into that good night?  Would anyone truly even realize that I was gone?  Probably fucking not.  No one is going to miss Brian Hollywood and all the great things he’s done in HOW.  And I have done great things in HOW, but nobody ever gives me credit for it anymore.  Just a washed up has been..or just someone who got “lucky” and was a paper champion when all the supposed best people in HOW weren’t around when I was dominating this company in their absent stead.  Fuck em, I say.  They weren’t fucking here carrying this company and keeping it from oblivion.  fucking was!  So why am I giving them the satisfaction?  Maybe I need to wake the fuck up and pick myself back up because I know what I’m still capable of doing in this company!  I have that chance this week on Chaos to do just that!  All it takes is one championship match to turn everything around…and that’s what I’m going to fucking do!  My personal life may be picking up and even interfering in my professional wrestling life but you know what?  I’m going to weather the storm like I’ve always done…no matter what is standing in my way.  I mean…I did overcome that in the past…so what’s stopping me from doing it again?  I’ll tell you this much…if I have anything to say about it…I’m going to uproot everything in HOW’s current structure and force an existential change for March to Glory that gets me on that god damn card.  And there’s only two words that could make that possible.  Lethal Lottery.  That’s my path, and I’m sticking to it…even if everything in my personal life was about to be uprooted…unbeknownst to me..




Whew.  Boy what a match it was against Steve Solex a couple weeks ago, am I right?


Holy fuck.


Did I ever fuck that up!


Here I am…comical Brian fucking Hollywood, who acknowledges that even though I’m using anger as my main focus, can still have….blindspots.  Bravo to you, good sir.  Bravo.  You bested me and I don’t even have anything bad to say to you in how you handled me in our match.


I know, shocking, right?


I’m still trying to figure out why I’m giving you as much credit as I am when I should be shit talking you right now…but I’m not.  Jesus H tap dancing fucking christ what the fuck is happening to me right now?!  This is weird.  I’ll be the first to admit that.


But you know what, you showed up and you took care of business.  So I’ll just leave that there, how about that?


This week, I reinstate my focus on the next big opportunity.


The Lethal Lottery.


Boy is it lethal.  Lethal Lottery has always been known as the greatest unknown in all of HOW’s history.  I mean, this is a shot of potentially winning a HOW World Championship match and a chance to actually win the HOW World Championship when either you may not get a world championship match, or you would have to earn yourself a match at a PPV.  You truly never know what you’re going to get when you get involved in the Lethal Lottery.  I’ll tell you one thing for certain, though…


The Lethal Lottery is rigged.


Yes…I fucking said it!  Why did I say it? I’ll tell you why…


How the GOD of HOW FUCK do you get left off a Lethal Lottery three shows in a row?  For that has what has happened to me the last few times I attempted at competing at a Lethal Lottery show.  I have attempted to compete at the last few…but I never ended up getting drawn for any championship match at the last few lottery shows I’ve been apart of.  How the fuck does that land you, statistically?  Sure, maybe you don’t get drawn for one, perhaps two if your unlucky….but god damn THREE of them?!  Three?!  That’s when things start to become suspicious..


I know what I’m capable of doing in this company…I’ve been a two time HOW World Champion for fucks sake..I know my god damn worth in this company.  But conveniently, I’ve unknowingly been left off the last few lottery shows.  So what?  Fourth times the charm, now?  Something just isn’t adding up at this point.


It’s that simple.  All is not what it seems in this company!


You know, I’ve given up A LOT in this company and I mean a fucking LOT!  I have bled so much blood for this company and I don’t even give a fuck because I will give all my blood in this company if that makes powers the machine.  It’s no secret how far I would go for this company…and if all you fuckers truly missed what I would do for this company, that none of you truly no me at all.  Dog on me all you want, shit on me all you want…but one thing you can never take away from me is what I have done for this company!


I have the chance to get drawn against any three championship matches this week.


I could draw for the HOTv Championship match…and boy what an irony that would be in the case of getting yet another shot at the HOTv Championship match after I was wrongfully kicked in the fucking dick and didn’t get shit for my contributions in that match.  You know, I told you all a few weeks ago how much of a fraud Great Scott was and it finally was shown at the surface!  Joe Bergman defeated Great Scott in what everyone is calling an upset but you know what?  It wasn’t an upset to me.  I simply exposed Great Scott for the fraud he was that he had to kick me in the fucking dick to retain his championship when I had him backed into the corner.  So with Bergman winning…is it really all that surprising?  It wasn’t an “upset” to me…I saw it coming a mile away.  Great Scott was a fraud.  He was a paper champion when it came to the HOTv Championship.  I don’t even give a fuck if you try to defend that notion against me…I tried to tell you all that he was exposed and that he had to resort to cheap tactics in beating me.  No surprise that Bergman beat him for the championship.  That just means that I could possibly have a rematch against Bergman that is one for the ages.  I haven’t soon forgotten he robbed me of the HOW World Championship match when we last fought.


Of course, he was Halitosis back when we fought for the HOW World Championship in the HOW World Championship Finals.  You can bet that I will take my revenge in letting him feel what it’s like losing a HOW Championship belt.  I would love nothing more than to get the chance in finally get my revenge in beating him for a championship and taking the title for myself.  I guess you could say it would come full circle.  Knowing that he beat that paper champ fucking stump for a fucking champ in Great Scott in winning the belt only to lose it to me…the man who should have become the HOTv Champion in the first place.


I digress, though, as much respect as I have for Bergman, he’s holding a title that should rightfully belong to me.  Oh how we would come full circle in seeing me de-thrown him and getting payback on him for taking what would have been my third HOW World Championship victory away from me and who knows what would have been if I had won the HOW World Championship in the Finals match when HOW first came back a few years ago.  It’s hard to believe that HOW has been back for a few years now.  It honestly hasn’t felt that long ago.  Perhaps that’s why the wounds still feel fresh to me.


But we all know how the lottery goes.  Perhaps I wouldn’t face off against Bergman, despite the fact that I would be honored to face Joe again for a championship.


We all know that there’s also the possibility I could easily face off against the LSD Champion himself, Jace Parker Davidson.


Jace is tough, there is no denying that.  But I’ve beaten Jace before.  Sure, it was in a tag team match…but no doubt I hold a victory over him.  He’s a cocky son of bitch.  The man is one of the greatest HOW Champions in all of HOW.  I will give him credit where credit is due..but on any given night in HOW, surprises can still happen.  Jace and I have been on the same side and we’ve been against each other.  Of course, he’ll doubt any time we’ve ever been on the same side.  In fact, he would take credit for helping me maintain my stature in HOW and that was of course when we were in the Best Alliance together.  Jace has trashed me for years, but at one time, we were on the same side.  Despite what he may say, we fought along side each other.


Jace would be the first person to bury me any chance he gets.  But history will always portray that at one point, he did everything he could to see that I would succeed.  That’s something Jace can NEVER take away from me no matter how bad he wants to debate it.  Man, weren’t those the days, Jace.  You and I did what no other Best Alliance incarnation was able to do.  I won’t hold it against you, though.  I know I’m not favored among the populist opinion in HOW in today’s fashion and that’s ok.  But it STILL happened and you can’t deny it so.  You and I both know what I was capable of doing in those days and I will not deny those days existed.


Who knows what would have happened if I had beaten Halitosis to win the HOW World Championship almost three years ago.  HOW would look completely different than it does today.  Crazy to think what just one win away can look like in HOW.  Who knows what would have been if I had beaten Halitosis to win my third HOW World Championship.  But alas, it didn’t happen, did it?  I regret it not happening so..but can’t change history now, can we?


Doesn’t mean I can’t alter my way into HOW’s favor today.  I’m still that guy you don’t want to face…simply because you never know which Hollywood you’re going to get.  Like it or not…you can’t deny that I’m always just one win away from being relevant in HOW again.  I assure you…I’m still relevant and I’m never gonna give up if I have the opportunity to keep the machine going.  It’s a crazy time to be in HOW, and you never know what’s going to happen on any given week…especially in a lethal lottery situation.


I can promise you that if I were to face you for the LSD Championship that it would be one hell of a match.  I mean, if you think about it…it would have been you against me at March to Glory for the LSD Championship…but you never know…we could be fighting for the LSD Championship this week on Chaos.  I could get my second shot at redeeming what should have been if I had beaten Steve Solex in the first place.  But I may just get a shortcut in that endeavor.  Lethal Lottery always provides that chance….and all I need is that one chance to get a shot at any championship and winning it would be that much better…I guess we’ll see…won’t we?


Than there’s the HOW World Championship match itself.


HOW World Champion, Christopher America versus Brian Fucking Hollywood himself.  You’ve proven yourself to be one of HOW’s greatest HOW World Champions of all time.  It doesn’t matter how many championships you have won.  It’s how many times you’ve been able to defend the HOW World Championship.  In just a few short months, you would have held onto the HOW World Championship for an entire year.  That says volumes, America and I’m not going to take that away from you.  You have successfully defended that championship night after night…PPV after PPV and to come back and return to prominence that says volumes.


But you, yourself, has limits to how vulnerable you are.  You have come razor close to losing that championship and it could happen as easy as on a weekly show than a PPV itself in losing that HOW World Championship.  I know what it’s like to be HOW World Champion…and I miss being the HOW World Champion.  I miss representing this company as its greatest World Champion.  THAT I do know, what it feels like…and it would mean a lot to me to become HOW World Champion one more time.


I know that my career is reaching its twilight…but I know that I’m all but capable of winning the HOW World Champion one more time.  I know that I have what it takes to win it a third time.  I mean, after all, I did hold that title twice in HOW.  I already know what it takes to be a world champion and I would like to add one more world title win to my arsenal before I call it a career.


I know what it feels like to fight for HOW’s most coveted championship and have been involved in its history as HOW World Champion so I already know what it’s like to be the World Champion.


Boy what a feeling it would be to be the World Champion one more time.


We’re in a vulnerable time in HOW’s history…and it’s a delicate one.  We’re in a war against PWA…but most people choose to ignore it.  If I got the chance to be HOW World Champion one more time…I would be honored to fight for and potentially win the HOW World Championship one more time and prove that I belong in this generation of HOW’s elite one last time.  To further prove that I had what it took to be HOW’s greatest champion.  Man do I long for that…to prove that I can hang with the greatest of elite champions in this company and maybe, even, to become a future HOW Hall of Famer.


I’ve been nominated twice already…and I’ve been around long enough that I deserve that honor.  I’ve done it all in this company and maybe all I need to be a HOW Hall of Famer is to win that HOW World Championship one more time.  Maybe that’s all that’s stopping me from that elite class.


One could only hope.


But despite whatever match I’m involved with…I just hope that I can add another HOW championship to my belt and to prove that I can still stand the test of time and belong among the HOW elite and can be the champion that I know I can be.


So this Sunday, no matter what match I may have a shot at getting….just know that I’m going to pull out all the stops in being able to be given the opportunity to be all elite in High Octane Wrestling.


I know I can be all elite and I will be.


Or I will go down dying trying.


So no matter who I face…I look forward to the opportunity to give my best in fighting whatever champion that may wait for me…but knowing that it matters to me more than anything to add another championship to my arsenal in my what feels like eternal battle in proving that I belong amongst HOW’s all elite of all time.


One way or another…I will show that I still matter and I still have what it takes to fight for any championship that lays in front of me.  I just can’t wait to prove that I still belong.


No matter what it takes…






Los Angeles, California


The Chair’s Secret Hideaway Warehouse


The scene opens up inside the secret warehouse in which Audrey Renfroe was still lying in comotose as Hollywood sits by her bedside.  Hollywood had hardly left her side and he hadn’t had much contact with The Chair in what was now a few weeks since contact.  The Chair was giving Hollywood his space, which was odd, but he was being respectful in that case which was also odd but that was their bond as they had grown closer and closer.  Hollywood sat in misery as he just stared at Audrey who still had no sign of consciousness.


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t even know what to do right now.  To be completely honest with you, The Chair and I have been close and I don’t even know how to explain that to you.  I know how you’d react though if you were conscious right now.  You would hate me.  Resent me.  Ironically…you would know what hate feels like….which is an emotion that I have been tapping into more than anything else.  I don’t even know if The Chair is responsible in making me feeling the way I have been feeling lately.  But I wouldn’t blame you if you hated me for that.  It would be ironic, if you ask me.  But what do I know?”


Hollywood shakes his head as he couldn’t help but keep himself from snapping this constant feeling he was feeling lately.  It had been a few weeks already since he and The Chair had any kind of contact.  The weird thing was that The Chair was giving Hollywood his space and it wasn’t like him to be that way.  In fact, if the two were at war with each other right now, The Chair wouldn’t have been so distant…which was weird to say.  But that begged the question, didn’t it?  Just how much did The Chair know about his and Hollywood’s relationship with each other?  It was at this moment that got Hollywood really thinking.


Brian Hollywood: “You know…as I sit here and actually think about it…we’ve gotten a lot closer to Roberto Ramirez and we’ve come to learn a lot about him, lately.  The man may have been involved with Mexican gangs over the years and running his own outfit, but he’s definitely got backing somewhere.  In fact, his involvement has him protected…and maybe too protected in which case that makes me think….who is protecting him.  There HAS to be more to the case.  He murdered my sister and to be out there and his reach….who is working with him?”


Hollywood couldn’t get past this thinking of logic.  And it started to become the kind of logic that Roberto HAD to be involved with a bigger outfit than what him and The Chair were pursuing in Hollywood’s sisters killer.  It was the only thing that made since and almost in a big revelation, Hollywood has an epiphany.


Brian Hollywood: “Oh my god….why didn’t I see this earlier?!  There HAS to be something there!  I have to know…once and for all…no matter how painful it was…”


Hollywood pulls out his phone and brings himself to pull up his father’s number.  Hesitant…Hollywood dials his fathers number not knowing if he wanted to talk to him…but he couldn’t dismiss that picture frame he saw in his fathers house and it was bugging him as he almost but all recognized the picture in his dads house.


Brian Hollywood: “Dad?  You and I have some things to discuss.”


Hollywood says as he might have inadvertently stumbled upon the single greatest clue he could have in not only figuring out how much power Roberto had, but to also potentially discover The Chair’s secret identity as the scene slowly fades to black.