Kostoff Plays With Fire

Kostoff Plays With Fire

Posted on June 4, 2020 at 9:02 pm by Chris Kostoff

[Really? Is that all you got mother fucker? A shovel to the face? Mother fucker do you know who in the actual fuck you are going after? Ok, I get it. You want to make a name for yourself. You wanted to get a point out there. Not sure what that fucking point was or is, but let me tell ya something. Your buddy, and I give two fucks if he set your dumb ass on fire or not, he….he will pay for what the fuck you did.]

(The scene opens to the sounds of the Beastie Boys story playing in the background. He sits in a chair with a nice fresh scar on his face. He still wears the arm brace after his match with the champion weeks ago, but he holds a small bag of ice and runs it on his arm and on his face. His demeanor on his face is not the usual. Anger. Rage. A want to kill, he is mad. He is angry.)

Kostoff: I do not feel sorry for your dumb ass for getting lit up. I do tho feel bad for Hughie.

(He sets the bad of ice on the glass table in front of him and leans forward.)

Kostoff: I almost feel bad I should have said. See let me explain how this is going to work itself out for you, just so you know what the fuck is going to go down boy.

Kostoff: You see, it makes no difference to me who I get in the ring right now. See, I am going to come to hurt you because, well you were in on it in my mind.

Kostoff: No matter if you sat on the bench and watched or if you handed him the fucking shovel. You were a part of what happened. So, so now I get to take my anger out on you.

(He lets out a low tones groan as he gets up from the couch and walks across his tiled floor to the sliding glass door.)

Kostoff: Hughie I can be nice and turn the other cheek from time to time. Not this time. You can sing that stupid fucking fight song all you want or need to get your head ready. You can act like some kind of young buck hardcore icon.

Kostoff: You are getting into the ring with a hardcore mother fucking legend. I was hardcore before hardcore was fucking cool boy, don’t you ever forget that.

(He slides the door open and makes his way out onto his pool deck. Clouds are building in the sky, typical summer storm rolling in for Florida. Thunder is lightly heard way off in the distance.)

Kostoff: We are gonna fight. We are gonna hurt each other. We are going to make sure the other remember damn well what it was like to get into that ring with the other.

Kostoff: I am done playing games with boys like you. Yea man I know, you were not there. You are cheering his dumb ass on. You were pumping him up to do that.

Kostoff: So you are just as guilty as he was. Downside is, you are gonna pay for his actions. I get it, I do. Problem is, I don’t give a fuck.

(He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a can of Longhorn dip and takes out some and puts it in his mouth.)

Kostoff: Brought out the old redneck in me here, sorry about that.

(He spits out some dip on his deck.)

Kostoff: Bottom line is this, I’m gonna fuck you up. A win means dick to me. I want you to bleed. I want you to endure pain. I want you to understand that this is not some fucking game for me.

Kostoff: See ya in the ring boy.

(He walks over the screened in area and steps out onto his grass and slowly paces the backyard. He spits out some more dip as the scene fades to black.)