Knee Problems

Knee Problems

Posted on July 22, 2022 at 8:29 pm by Steve Harrison


After the Main Event of Chaos 003


I felt good as I got backstage after Clay and Me defended the tag titles.  I had a towel over my shoulder after the hard-fought win. I had one thing on my mind though after what happened earlier in the night. I needed to go see Mercdad Steve Solex and make sure he was ok.  It wasn’t just the beatdown that Christopher America put on him but the news of his Brain Tumor that had me worried about our HOW Hero.

I turned the corner and entered the doctor’s office.  Solex looked worse for wear but looked up at me and nodded.  I walked over and we dapped up, “you, ok?”

Solex grinned and shrugged, “the only way to get rid of me is to kill me and that coward doesn’t have it in him.”

I tried giving him my best smile, “The Board in general are weaklings of the worse degree.  I was surprised about the Brain Tumor though, man.”

‘How are you,” he asked back to me as he ignored the Brian Tumor question.

I raised an eyebrow confused at this question, “Tag Titles stay with the Highwayman.”

Solex shook his head even though it looked to hurt while doing so, “nah man, how are you?  We all have noticed how you have been in your own little world recently.”

I paused as I watched the doctor shine a light into Solex’s eyes to check for a concussion.  “Um…you know it’s going.  This isn’t something we usually talk about.  We should focus on The Board.”  His question had made me uneasy since I haven’t really shared the nonsense I had been going through even though it must have been obvious to all of them.

The Number One Dad pushed the docs light away from him and pointed to an empty chair where a bag was sitting.  “Grab that bag for me, doc.”

The doc walked over and grabbed the bag and handed it to Solex.  He opened the bag and looked into it and then handed me the bag after he was happy with what he saw, “here, this will help.”

I investigated the bag and pulled out a six pack of Coors Light.  I stared at it and then started to laugh and Solex continued, “take six silver bullets to the head and let me know how you feel tomorrow.”

“Wait…do you always carry a six pack with you?”

“Of course…you don’t?”

I took one of the beers and popped the top and then tossed him one.  We cheered and both pounded them back, “thanks…guess I needed that.  More importantly though…the tumor?”

Her tossed the empty beer to the floor and then looked me dead in the eyes, “I am going to beat it like I am going to beat America and that is all you need to worry about.”

“Alright,” I tossed my empty beer to the floor.  “We will talk later then, bud.”  We nodded at each other, and I walked out of the room.

I turned the corner and grabbed the towel and wiped my face.  I was still holding the remaining four beers as I got to my locker room.  I opened the door and was met with…

“That was pathetic.”

I stared at Ellis Jackson, my mouth ajar, “what the hell are you doing here?”

Ellis stood up from the chair he was sitting in and shrugged, “some people may have been investigating my dealings.  I don’t need that heat.”

“Great, so happy you decided that seeing me should be on your return to America bucket list, “I said sarcastically.

“Oh, such venom for someone who is out there hitting like the mouse not the snake.”


“That knee strike is pathetic.  You are weak right now and I have some free time.”

I shook my head, “no… No…NO!”

It didn’t work unfortunately.

I guess he was correct, but I didn’t want to see him today.

Or the days to come.





Bring your Chaos


When the dust settled The Highwaymen stood tall.

The Tag Titles on Me and Clay’s shoulders.

Joe Bergman standing next to us.

No turn.

No twist.

Just Darin Zion having a temper tantrum and running for his life from MVW giving him a Midwest beatdown after Clay and I had left.

Typical cowardly move by Zion.

It went according to plan even if Clay and I had our hands full holding onto the titles.



Lee Best loves to show up last and I am certain he was going to say something interesting, but I can live with never knowing after seeing Kostoff powerbomb him.  We don’t care what you have up your sleeve, boss.  It will be the normal numbers game or trying to get between us, but we are not rookies.  We have seen it before and most of us have seen it by you already.  Three quarters of us know exactly what you are thinking so next time maybe record your foolish statements and play it so we can finally roll our eyes and move on to taking apart whatever you have planned next.

The crazier HOW gets the more normal it seems.  This place was built on the backs of the wrestlers gushing blood everywhere and death was always close so it is only fitting that the creator might not make it out alive when Kostoff is done with him.

I am not a fool.

I know one victory after my embarrassing effort against Tyler isn’t giving me the momentum I need to fight against The Board.  Then again, I promised I would focus, and I came through.  I did not want to let The Boys down but more importantly I did not want to let myself down again.  I have a lot going on right now but at least I can say the ribs are feeling a lot better.

The Highwaymen are moving in the right direction and The Board can continue to try to get us to implode but we know that is their plan.  It is obvious and if Darin Zions ‘love’ wasn’t enough I am interested in what their next move will be.  I would think that a talent like Mike Best would just toss his hands up and decide that a fight is all they can do now because mind games by that tedious group of cockroaches is not going to work.

Just because we might come to blows doesn’t mean we will suddenly decide that we won’t team up anymore.  We are all old enough to know that the numbers game is something you can never defeat so we will have each other’s back through hell and high water.  We are not perfect and have had our share of disappointments, but nothing will stop us from continuing the difficult hike to end The Boards tyranny.

Does that make me a hypocrite?  I feel like people just toss words around without understanding what it entails.

Was I a piece of shit for a long time?

Did I use to defend the status quo?

Of course, to both of those.  Have I ever denied most of my career in HOW as the dirtiest player in the game?

What is the point of living if you cannot change?

What is the point of wrestling if you don’t learn from your mistakes?

So…am I a hypocrite?

Who cares?

Does it fucking matter?

I could point my finger at anybody in the crowd and God forbid they have been hypocritical EVER in their life.

That is the point.

It doesn’t matter who I was or what I have done because I don’t stay stagnant like some Texans, we all know and despise.

I am the second ranked wrestler in HOW for a reason and regardless of some mistakes I have made I am still looking down at most of you ingrates.

Don’t forget that.

Don’t forget that I don’t give a shit if I have to get my hands dirty to continue to succeed.

I am a hypocrite…remember?


What a bunch of cavemen.

The Highwaymen are an evolution inside wrestling that nobody saw coming because three of us used to sip from the God of HOWs chalice and now all three of us would rather break it and use it to bottomline Lee Best.  Nobody would have ever thought Solex and Bergman could co-exist again and low and behold it has been accomplished.  Joe Bergman is a pros-pro and during my time with him I have learned a lot and hanging with the Boys has helped him forget about his ex-wife.

A Brain Tumor won’t stop Steve Solex so none of us have an excuse to not put it all on the line for The Highwaymen to succeed.  Trust me, I am fully aware that I am speaking directly to myself.  My focus cannot wane anymore.  I need to be the LSD Champion Steve Harrison, not the War Games disappointment.  I will continue to say that because I need to show everyone that my commitment to wrestling is just as strong as my commitment to saving Rebecca Hines.

Am I being foolish?


I will stay up all night if I must to make this work.

I will never give up.

The Highwaymen will never tuck tail and run.

Chaos is what we are given and Chaos we will deliver right back into all your faces.




It’s hot.

Steve Harrison is lounging at the Hotel Pool with a disgusted look on his face.  The Pool is full of kids running around and their parents not caring who they annoy.  Steve, being a big bald guy with his ribs wrapped up, has seemingly kept the kids away in fear of him breaking them in half and tossing them in the pool.  To the left of him is a bottle of whiskey with the label mostly ripped off so nobody tries to question his drinking.  He groans as a kid walks by and takes a sip directly from the bottle.

It had been a long day.

He had spent a lot of time stretching to keep his body limber and to continue the ribs healing process.  He leans back in the chair with the umbrella covering most of his body, so his beautiful muscles don’t burn before his match this Sunday.  A dip in the pool was what The Miracle Man had pondered but Tulsa is full of trashy families and their hyperactive kids.  Nothing personal to those who must stay in this Earthquake waiting to happen shithole, but Harrison could not wait to get out of here.

The Highwaymen being on a Midwest tour is good for all of them but Harrison but that is something that seems to happen often.  Things never seem to line up correctly these days, but The Man of Miracles can withstand anything if at the end another victory is gained.

Another long swig is taken from the bottle as he side-eyes some loud kids nearby, a grimace on his face making him look like he hates kids.

“I hate kids,” he mutters to himself.

Yep, that tracked very quickly.

Harrisons cell phone started vibrating where it sits next to the bottle of whiskey.  He looks over and sighs as he picks it up and answers it on speaker as he attempts to piss the people off at the pool like they have done him.


“Is this a good time?”

Harrison sighs, “I answered the phone so what’s the problem, doc?  Are you coming to Tulsa?”

“Are the ribs bothering you?”

Steve pats his ribs and shrugs to himself, “I can manage fine just like I did last week when Clay and I put Zion away.  If this is about Rebecca I want—nah, I need some good news.”

A pause.


Steve frowns, “are you there?”


“Soooo?” Steve says with an annoyed tone as he begins taping his index finger on his temple.

“She has been awake on and off.”

Harrison nods to himself, “is she getting better at all?”

This is a case of running from a problem you promised you would defeat no matter the means.

Steve Harrison has avoided Rebecca since he heard about her coming out and calling him a piece of shit.  It was easier for him to leave it to Doc to help her because he truly was unable to handle the comments coming from her.

Did he understand?

Of course.

That didn’t mean Steve could emotionally handle Rebecca insulting him after all he has done to get her back.  Of course, if she had gotten her memories back, she would be acting exactly that way because Harrison was a piece of shit when she went missing.

Still is?

Maybe…depending on what non functioning human being you ask.

The Doc sighs loud enough for all to hear, “I believe the word…coward was used a lot.”

Harrison drops his head and immediately grabs the bottle of whiskey and hits it like a man who throws his AA chips away for fun.  He puts the bottle down and stares at the phone in his hand.  He isn’t sure how to respond to that but before he can anyway.

“He is a coward.”

 Harrisons turns angrily to see Ellis Jackson walking towards him, “don’t look at me like that,” Ellis comments and continues, “you are supposed to be in the pool doing knee lifts to strengthen your knee strikes.”

Steve pushes the end button on the phone and continues to glare at Ellis, “are you serious right now?”

“I have told you that those knee strikes are starting to look very sloppy.  You couldn’t even knock out Darin Zion with it last week and that is a huge indictment on your leg strength,” Ellis walks up to Harrison and then stares down at the whiskey bottle and flicks it with his right middle finger.

Harrison stares as it tips over and all the whiskey that is left comes pouring out all over his leg.  He looks back up at Ellis who stares back at him with a cocky grin.  Harrison’s face has become beat red, “Where the hell do you get off telling me to do anything?  And for real, dude?  You just wasted some good fucking liquor.”

“As the only trainer you have left, I have decided to take it seriously.”

Steve rolls his eyes, “the only thing I have learned from you since I was eighteen is to try to make money off both sides in a war.”

Ellis nods and points at Steve, “that is a great lesson but enough about me…get in the pool.”

The Man who creates Miracles laughs to himself as he shakes his head, “nah…man, can’t swim after drinking you know?”

Ellis nods with his smirk never fading.  He pats Steve on the back.  Steve stumbles forward a little bit and turns towards Ellis as he clenches his hand into a fist.  Ellis ignores it and then drops low and picks up Harrison and tosses him into the pool.


Steve sinks and then comes back up and looks like he is going to murder someone as he stares at Ellis.  Ellis laughs and then points at Steve.  “KIDS, START SPLASHING HIM!”

The kids in the pool start splashing Steve with water.  Ellis looks down at Steve, his smile completely faded now, “now start working on those knee strikes, I didn’t train an embarrassment.”






To fully grasp the death of religion I give you Scott Stevens.

It isn’t because he is employed…again.  Seriously, how many strikes does someone get before they are finally ostracized forever?

It isn’t because God would never create such an ignorant man-child.

It isn’t because he is illiterate yet is creating scriptures that make everyone cringe.

It is because he has created a Religion or a Cult to embrace his newfound love for Lee Best.  Yes, Lee Best, the same guy who has continually just ignored Scott Stevens creepy worship.  I suppose being given another chance by Lee has really resonated with Scott Stevens to get on his knees (without even the use of knee pads) and be the good altar boy he is.

This is ridiculous.

It is pandering to power to the highest degree.

I am not sure if i’m supposed to laugh at this or come to terms that this poorly constructed new personality of Stevens is real.

It is the usual Scott Stevens though.

I was carried by Jiles.

I lucked out in any of my title victories.

Look you mentally malnourished redneck I am not stupid.  I see your little insults you like to toss around from time to time my way.  I see them clearly as we saw the hood you tried to hide away in your gym bag after you left Chaos last week.

Do you get it?

I am sick of hearing you recycle the same material towards me.


I have never heard of YOU doing that before.


I don’t need to defend my record in HOW especially to a guy whose last accomplishment was over ten years ago unless you count his Hall of Fame induction.

Seriously, wrap your head around Scott Stevens being a hall of famer.

Try it.

It is mind boggling.

This is the same guy who has had multiple World Title matches and lost them…badly.

How many wins have you had in the last year?

I see the standings and it paints a bad picture and this is the guy trying to claim I am like he was?


Do you hear yourself? 

What the fuck is in the body and blood of Lee Best that you ingest in his zombie honor?

I went undefeated for over six months when I joined HOW.

I am a three-time tag team champion.

I am a former LSD Champion.

The worse losses and moments I have had in HOW would be on your fucking highlight reel, you spineless worm.  You just keep wiggling your way back and I have lost the number of times you have declared this a new beginning.  You will get that win and NO I am not talking about a title win.  I mean you will get ONE win.

Lee Best brought you back for War Games because you always show up for your matches.

 I didn’t say you always work hard.

I didn’t say you put it all on the line.

No… you show up and that is helpful, but it isn’t to be celebrated.  You came back and everyone sighed because they knew exactly what they were going to get from you.  Really bad wrestling and promos but you will walk out when your shitty theme music is played.


Hah, no.

I would love to see the HOG odds on you winning a title.

I am guessing it will look like the +500000 the Washington Nationals are right now to win the World Series.

Maybe I could toss a few bucks on that if in a title match your opponent breaks their leg and misses the match.  Can we give Scottywood a fake title and I don’t mean partial owner like in the past.


I wonder what universe you live in that you honestly believe you can talk down to me.  I don’t care if you believe what you say or if you are just trolling because regardless either are annoying and ill-advised.  I am not in the mood to humor your delusions of grandeur.  I have no issue with leaving you in a neck brace on Sunday and it isn’t because I hate you it is because I am sick of hearing your voice.

I am sick of the tired comments.

I am sick of that annoying uneducated Texan twang.

I am sick of your undeserved arrogance.

Frankly Scott Stevens I am sick of having to be in the same wrestling company as you.  You are a blight on HOW with your constant need for attention and lackluster wit.  Do you think anyone will join House of God with you sputtering and stammering out about how great Lee Best is?

‘What did he say?’

‘Um…this guy is talking about that creepy grandpa, right?’

I am sure the house will be full next week because everyone cannot wait for what Scott Stevens will say next.  Please, I hope you have someone editing your gospel because I fear what you might say next about your lord and savior White Walker Lee Best coming to eat our souls to make every female fan sign an NDA before they can enter the arena.

If you get three people to show up it would be the biggest gate you ever accomplished by yourself.

Praise be to Scott Stevens and the enlightenment that I will knee into that thick skull of his.

You wanted my attention and you got it.  I am not accustomed to taking people lightly and that even includes Stevens.  I know you will show up, but it will not be good enough just like every other time you enter the ring. You only have yourself to blame for what I will do to you. I will bludgeon your neck repeatedly and leave very little for Scottywood to feast on. 

We are not the same.

I win matches.

It will be a MIRACLE if I leave you conscious.

It will be a MIRACLE if I don’t walk away with your blood on your hands.

Steve Harrison is here to help you release yourself from your cult because I always need people to carry my luggage.

See you Sunday, failure.

Winner Out!