King, Villain, or Fool?

King, Villain, or Fool?

Posted on March 20, 2024 at 5:23 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

World’s Strongest
Newark, New Jersey
Monday, March 11th,

About an hour or so after Chaos 059 went off the air in the Prudential Center, the camera picked up backstage of the building. The sound of footsteps can be heard making their way down the hallway. The camera pans back to see HOW General Manager Jace Parker Davidson. He looks rather annoyed, as he has the LSD Championship belt over his right shoulder. Davidson heads toward his office and finds a crew member standing there holding a clipboard.

“What the hell is all this?!” Davidson inquired while gesturing with his left hand.

“Oh, uh, while you were gone, it seems as if Noah Hanson brought you a present.” The crew member answered while flipping through the paper on the clipboard.

“He brought me a filing cabinet.” The General Manager asked out loud, trying to connect the dots.

The crew member nodded his head. “Not only that, but Noah got you an edible gift basket, balloons, a card, and a series of gift cards too.” He reached into his pocket and handed the gift cards to Jace.

“What the fuck is” The vein on the side of the General Manager’s temple began to pulse.

“I’m not even sure myself.” The crew member admitted. “All I remember is him rambling about you buying stuff for you and the missus. Noah still thinks you’re married.” He stifled a small chuckle.

Davidson raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to process the nonsense. “So… Explain to me if this is a gift for me. Why in the hell did he bring it here to New Jersey?!”

The crew member was startled a bit and then shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe Noah thinks that you do your day-to-day operations in this company from the Prudential Center?” He quickly shifted to another subject. “You mentioned earlier that you were fining Bobbinette Carey $2,000 for what you did to Ms. Gold. We’ve started to get calls from various groups and foundations upset about what Bobb–”

Jace erupts in front of the crew member. “I don’t give a shit about any of that right now!”

“Yes, sir.” The crew member lowered the clipboard. “Enjoy your filing cabinet.”

The General Manager walked over and took a seat behind his desk. “Just have it loaded onto the production truck with the rest of the equipment.” He pointed his index finger at the cabinet. “I’ll figure out what to do with it later. And I guess send that $2,000 from Carey’s pay over to Hansons.”

The crew member nodded his head before heading off. Davidson took the LSD Championship belt from his shoulder and sat it upright on his desk. With a sigh, he leaned back in his seat and replayed the events from earlier tonight in his head.

“Of course that motherfucker leaves me hanging out there on my own with his already booked shows, but the moment I come up with something better, he rises from the fucking dead and acts like it was his accomplishment,” Davidson said to no one in particular, verbalizing his frustrations.

The LSD Champion leaned forward and opened the laptop on his desk. After a few clicks, he was on the site and saw the news post containing the official March To Glory card. His eyes scanned over it until he found the LSD Championship match.

“That bald, petty motherfucker!”

I know you tried your hardest, I know that you meant it well
But you pushed me to the edge and I slipped and then I fell
I don’t know how long I’ll be holding on


Okay, gentlemen, let’s get all the bullshit out of the way before we even get started.

– For every single one of you planning to scream from the rooftops that Silent Witness is the Greatest LSD Champion of All Time.

You can shut the fuck up. If your best insult toward me is trying to hype bullshit from someone who isn’t even you, then you need to sit down somewhere and think about why you’re so fucking awful at this. None of you are even in the fucking conversation about being the best Champion for any belt here in HOW, especially this one.

– For every single one of you who thinks you’re just going to take the LSD Championship belt away from me or say that I’ve held it hostage.

You can kiss my whole ass. I am the General Manager of HOW, but I am not the owner. Lee Best has decided to book each of you into the match against me for a shot at the LSD Championship belt. From the moment I was under contract, Lee could have booked any one of you against me with the LSD Championship belt on the line, but did he?

Of course, he didn’t. So, if you wanna be a salty bitch over the fact that I didn’t defend MY title enough for your liking, then you go take it up with your precious GOD. Last time I checked, I was here every single week once I was under contract. Where was he? Laying in a fucking hospital bed, sharing fucking Tapioca pudding cups with the person who can’t remember that he is Christopher America.

So, before any of you decide to whip your dick out and make some dumbass bold proclamation, remember that none of you deserve this shot. You are only getting it because Lee wants to punish me.

– And finally, for any of you planning on pointing a finger and laughing because Lee Best is back, I’m going to ‘get it’ or ‘be stripped of power’ now.

Just spare me your idiotic opinions. I’ve been going here doing work inside and out of the ring longer than any of you have been relevant on this roster. Lee has put me behind the eight-ball more times than I can count. He’s pissed on me on live television and stabbed me in the eye with a fucking pen. Yet here I am still standing, still the LSD Champion, still the General Manager, still a two-time HOW Hall of Famer, and still the second-winningest title holder this company has ever seen.

Don’t think that just because I wear a suit more often than a pair of wrestling boots, I am not the same killer I have always been.

Now that we’ve cleared all of that up, I expect all of you to come at me with something of fucking substance and not some regurgitated bullshit that Darin Zion would say and repeat 10,000 times until the words lost all meaning.

This is an LSD Championship match, and you WILL treat it with the seriousness and respect that it deserves.

If not?

Then fuck around and find out.


Denver, Colorado
Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

The sound of a set of keys jingling can be heard until the front door of the Denver Estate of the HOW General Manager is pushed open. Davidson walked through the door before closing it and locking it. He left his luggage sitting by the door. His hair was a bit of a mess, and his suit from Monday night seemed like it hadn’t been ironed in a few days. Jace made his way through the home, but it seemed as if no one else was there. The low hum of his phone ringing in his pocket causes him to raise his hand and press the button on the Bluetooth device in his ear.

“Speak.” His voice was blunt as he continued to walk through the house.

“Hey, it’s Madison,” The voice said in his ear through the device. “I was wondering how you were doing; I haven’t heard from you since this past weekend.”

“I just walked through the door a minute ago,” He responded. “The flight was long and tiring; I spent most of the time doing some research on my opponents for March To Glory.” He reached the kitchen and pulled open the refrigerator. “Where are you right now?”

“On my way to New York City, it is Wednesday, ya know,” Madison said with a bit of condescension in her voice. “I think Samantha might be training or in Georgia wrestling for that Duffy company or whatever. But you decided to defend your title at March To Glory, huh?”

Davidson pulled a bottle of water from the fridge and then closed it back. “More so, it was decided for me,” He said sarcastically before twisting the cap from the bottle and then taking a drink. “Lee decided to rear his ugly head finally. So not only am I defending the LSD Championship belt, but I have four different opponents. And surprise, surprise… Lee came up with a stipulation that is once again a secret.”

“Hey! Don’t complain!” Madison lectured. “At least you have a Championship belt that you can defend at a PPV. I win my first-ever title belt, and then fucking place closes its door less than a week later.”

Jace could hear the anger in her voice. It was something that all of them had taken hard, but none harder than Madison. She was in the hottest feud in the entire company and finally had her moment, only to have the doors shut in her face without so much as a fuck you.

“Minor setback,” Jace offered in support. “Don’t let it get you down or take away from what you accomplished. You’ll bounce back in no time.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re the General Manager and a Champion,” She barked. “I’m not even in a wrestling promotion at the moment.”

Davidson remained quiet as he made his way through the home with his bottle of water. He had neither the patience nor the desire to listen to her complain about this. Madison took the hint and changed the subject.

“So, who did he put you against?”

“Drew Mitchell, Hugo Scorpio, Scott Stevens, and Evan Ward,” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Wait, aren’t you and Ward like buddies now or something?”

“Or something,” Davidson repeated.

“Weird, but that’s Lee Best for you.” Madison sighed. “I’m sure you’ll find out something; you always do.”

Davidson’s expression gave off a ‘heh, easier said than done’ look as he made his way to his bedroom. “All I can do is the best I can and be prepared for whatever fucked up disadvantage that Lee throws at me.” He sat at the edge of the bed and started to remove his shoes. “They all look at me like I’m weak now because I’m the General Manager. Like some old washed-up geezer that is clinging to what little relevance he has left.”

“Then you prove otherwise inside the ring,” Madison responded sternly before her voice perked up. “Hey, why don’t I come and join HOW and be your manager again?! That was fun back in 2021, and it’ll give me something to do wrestling-wise!”

“Absolutely not!” His answer was emphatic. “Why would you want to take a major step backward and become a manager again? You proved that you have the talent and ability to do this inside the ring; you need to keep at it. Besides, with Lee on his little revenge tour, the last thing I need to worry about is what he might do to you or what you might get yourself into.”

“Fucking rude for one,” Madison scoffed. “Two, I can handle myself against a bald elderly man with wrinkly balls. And three, I can help you train and prepare for all the fucking handicap match situations he will surely put you in.”

“Madison, what did I–” He pauses as he hears a beeping in his ear. “Hang on, I’m getting another call.” He presses a button on the device to switch calls. “Speak.”

“Mr. Davidson, we have a problem.” He recognized the voice as one of the staff workers for HOW.

“What is it now?” He couldn’t hide the exasperation in his voice.

“The people at Madison Square Garden have called, and they want to speak to you immediately,” The staffer confessed. “They don’t like the sounds of what a ‘reparation match’ is and they want a full detailed explanation before they agree to hold it.”

“How the fuck am I supposed to know what a reparations match is?!” The GM threw his hands in the air.

“…You are the General Manager.” The staffer said nervously.

“That doesn’t mean that I booked that shit. Lee booked that fucking trainwreck.” Davidson growled.

“We’ve also got calls from the New York State Athletic Commission.” The staffer continued. “They are demanding to know what the situation is for the LSD Championship match. They said if they didn’t know at least one week before the event, they would cancel the entire thing.”

“I DON’T FUCKING KNOW WHAT THE STIPULATION IS!” Davidson shot up to his feet in anger.

“What do you suggest we do?” The staffer asked, completely oblivious to the boiling point the GM was already at.


“…Mr. Best has not been answering our calls.” The staffer audibly gulped.

“Then keep calling him under he answers… FUCK!” Davidson hit the button to end the call and switch back over to his call with Madison. “Hey, Madison… you still want a job?” Jace didn’t ask as much as demanded a verbal confirmation.

“Fuck yeah!” Madison answered immediately.

“Good, meet me in Vegas tomorrow night and we’ll go over the details.” Davidson took off the suit jacket and tossed it down onto the bed behind him. “Shit keeps piling up and I need time to train and focus. So, consider yourself the new assistant to the General Manager.”

“The what?!” Madison exclaimed.

“Tomorrow night, Vegas, talk then.” Davidson raised his head and hit the button to end the call. He pulled the Bluetooth out of his ear and placed it down on the dresser. The next two weeks were going to be Hell but it was a Hell that he was familiar with.


Tolson’s Home
Las Vegas, Nevada
Thursday, March 14th, 2024

It was mid-afternoon in Las Vegas. Jace had made it to Tolson’s home in Vegas where they usually met on Thursdays. He caught her up on everything that was going on with him and they spent some time together. Tolson had reminded him of what day it was and asked what cut of steak he wanted for dinner. He told her Porterhouse and sent her off to go shopping leaving him alone to get some work done.

He grabbed his laptop and opened it up. After going over a few things he opened the Zoom app and started a call that he had scheduled. On the other side of the screen appears HOW Hall of Fame interviewer Blaire Moise.

“Hello, Blaire.” Davidson greeted her with a smile. “Are we still good to go?”

“Hello, Mr. Davidson.” Blaire returned the greeting with a bright smile of her own. “I have to say that getting me to do this kind of interview with you is a bit… unconventional.” She let out a small nervous laugh. “However, work is work, so I am absolutely good to go.”

“Glad to hear it,” Jace responded. “Honestly, I don’t trust anyone else to conduct this thing other than you. Lee likes to twist words and spin narratives in his favor.” He explained. “I know you’ll report what I said and not some report that has the stink of Lee Best all over it.”

Blaire nodded her head. “You have my word.” She said with determination and honor in her voice. “Whenever you’re ready we can begin.”

“Let’s do it.” Davidson sat upright and adjusted himself in his seat.

“First question…” Blaire began. “Care to explain your actions on Chaos this past Monday night?”

A small smirk tugged at his lips. “I take it you mean what happened post-match in two of the four matches on Monday night?”


“Well if anyone has been watching lately…” He paused for a moment. “They would have noticed that I’ve taken an interest in both Charles De Lacy and Evan Ward. And since I dubbed the Go-home show before March To Glory as ‘World’s Strongest’ I thought it was only fitting to join in on commentary for that match.”

Blaire cut in. “You did a lot more than just commentary.”

He moved his head side-to-side. “Did I really, though?” Davidson let the question linger for a beat. “I watched both Teddy Palmer and Charles De Lacy do battle. I also watched their associates do battle at ringside. In the end, the better man won on that night. Anything that I did happened after the match was already over.”

“So, why exactly did you attack Teddy Palmer?” Blaire pressed for more details.

“Do you honestly have to ask that?” He answered her question with one of his own. “We’re talking about Teddy Palmer here. The last time he lost a match, he viciously attacked Hugo Scorpio after it. Once CDL won, I knew the same thing was going to happen. I stepped in and cut Teddy off before that could go down. If anything… I was protecting the integrity of the opening match at March To Glory.”

“Is that why you were on the ring apron during the match?” Blaire narrowed her brow. “And what about the allegations that you put a bounty on Teddy Palmer’s head?”

“I was on the ring apron because I wanted to talk to Hortega. He was losing control of the match and I was advising him on how to get things under control. Just so happens that Mr. Palmer felt the need to punch me.” Jace shook his head. “I answered this bounty thing Monday night. If I had truly put a bounty on someone’s head then wouldn’t everyone on the roster and maybe even people not on the roster have a chance to cash it in?”

Blaire thought for a moment and then nodded.

“All I did was offer financial motivation for De Lacy to get the job done.” He said, proudly. “I didn’t pay him to attack Palmer backstage or to try and injure him. All I did was give him a prize for doing what he intended on doing anyway and that was win the match. Palmer and all the other nimrods can stop the whole bounty thing already. IF I were to put a bounty on Teddy Palmer’s head I would make it a lot more than $10,000 and he’d suffer far worse than a defeat in a match.”

“And the Inferno match?” She made sure I couldn’t slide by without addressing it.

“The situation was my idea and of course, like I said, I’ve taken an interest in Evan Ward.” He responded nonchalantly.

“You stated publicly you wanted Ward to burn Silent Witness to a crisp.” Blaire used his own words against him.

“I did…” Davidson nodded. “That one was personal. I’d be lying if I said anything otherwise. From the moment he’s stepped back into this company, Witness has done nothing but harass me and get into my face as if I owe him something.” Jace’s hand balled into a fist. “He’s acted like MY title is HIS birthright.”

Blaire looked down at some notes in front of her. “He and others have claimed you’ve held the LSD Championship belt hostage.”

“There you go!” Jace exclaimed. “Here is a man that hasn’t had a decent run with the LSD Championship belt since my career started in HOW. He walks in the door, has not even had a single match yet, and expects me to just bow down to him because he wants a title.” Davidson’s jaw stiffened. “He can fuck off but he didn’t, did he?”

Blaire shook her head. “No, he did not.”

“Exactly my point!” Davidson points his index finger toward the screen. “He went and trademarked a lie. He continued to harass me and get involved in my business. So, yeah, I wanted to see Ward burn him alive but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. “ The GM chewed on the inside of his cheek a little bit. “Did I attack him after the match? Yes, I did. However, I didn’t burn her alive. He won the match, so other than a much-needed ass-kicking, He’ll head into March To Glory just fine.”

“You do realize…” Blaire started, sounding like a scolding mother. “All you did was add more fuel to the fire between you and him.”

Jace rolled his eyes. “Doesn’t truly matter, Blaire.” The GM sighed. “Do you think he was going to stop at any point while the LSD Championship is in my possession? He won’t shut up and be satisfied until my belt is around his waist. So, he’ll focus on winning the HOW World Championship belt. He’ll come up short whether it be in the opener or the main event. Then he’ll pivot and focus right back on me like he didn’t just drop the fucking ball on a PPV. He’ll continue to act like some goddamn big shot like he’s been relevant in HOW in this era, undeservedly so.”

A small silence grew between the two of us before Blaire sat back in her seat. “All of that was excellent, but do you mind if we take a break here?”

“A break?” The General Manager parroted back to her in confusion.

Blaire nodded her head and gathered her notes. “I want to get this all down and sorted through before we continue. I want to move forward and ask you about your experience as General Manager and what the #VILLAIN era of HOW truly means.”

Davidson took a moment to think it over and glanced down at the time in the corner of his screen. “Alright, a break it is. Meet back here in 30?”

“Absolutely,” Blaire answered with a smile. “Talk to you in a bit.” The interviewer ended the Zoom call as Davidson closed his laptop.

The #VILLAIN era of HOW. The General Manager remembers the words coming out of his mouth weeks ago but did they truly have meaning? Or was it something catchy that spilled out of his mouth at the moment? He hadn’t honestly had a free moment to think about it before now… but in half an hour, Blaire would grill him about it.

All of this was still so new to him but now with Lee Best out of the hospital, what would happen next? Would he be too wrapped up in his new position to properly focus on being a worthy LSD Champion? Or did he step himself up to be at even more of a disadvantage than he was last year? Was he a…





Like a villain, I couldn’t be