Keep Huntin’ Godzilla

Keep Huntin’ Godzilla

Posted on January 9, 2021 at 11:29 pm by Clay Byrd

Ya know… leadin’ up ta all of this I was a lil worried. I was worried ‘cause I was walkin’ inta the octagon with a man who has done it all in High Octane, who had fought all the fights there were ta fight. A member of the hall of fame. I was gonna be in fer a battle, in fer a war. Then ya ran yer mouth on Refueled, and all that self doubt bullshit went away. Cause Johnny, I realized right then, the very second Mike Best’s name crawled out of yer mouth that ya were makin’ a horrible mistake. 

Johnny Boy, yer out there huntin’ lookin’ fer that big game. Yer uniquely prepared fer Best, because who’s gonna step in the way of a fuckin’ legend like yerself? Yer huntin’ Godzilla and instead ya found King fuckin’ Kong. It’s a different set of issues, different set of problems. Yer amped up and ready fer the fight against Mike Best, I get it, the man’s the fuckin’ best this place has ta offer and yer in the same bracket. But, ya still have a six-eight two hundred and ninety five pound Texan in yer way Johnny. 

Especially with yer style Johnny, ya need ta be prepared ya need ta be able ta anticipate what yer opponent’s gonna do next. Ya should be out there diggin’ out film on me, lookin’ fer what the fuck I do ta people. Ya should be watchin’ as much tape as ya can, because if ya had been usin’ yer brain on yer week off instead of sittin’ on yer stupid fuckin’ boat. Ya’d of figured somethin’ very important out. 

Ya’d of found out I fuckin’ hurt people like you John. 

Cause when we get in that octagon John, I am gonna fuckin’ hurt ya. I’m gonna hit ya between the eyes before ya can blink, it’s gonna be fast, and it’s gonna be fuckin’ violent. Before ya have a second ta catch yer breath, ta grab yer wits its gonna be over. ‘Cause just like ya said, I ain’t under no obligation in that fuckin’ cage. There ain’t no one that’s gonna tell me that I can’t hold ya down by yer fuckin’ neck and punch ya till yer eyes pop out of yer skull.

Lookin’ past a mountain of a man like myself is the dumbest fuckin’ thing ya could do John. It’s the oldest mistake. This is supposed ta be yer year? How? Don’t worry, I’m gonna put ya back on the road ta greatness. I’m gonna set ya up fer success the rest of the year. I’m gonna teach ya the first lesson I ever learned in this business, from one veteran ta ‘nother. 

Worry ‘bout the monster in front of you. 

I ain’t pullin’ a Warstein out here, I ain’t gonna be out there blowin’ bubbles like a petulant child John. I’m not lookin’ ahead ta Mike Best like everyone else in this tournament. I’m watchin’ film on yer geriatric ass, I’m watchin’ fer things I can exploit. I’ve been waitin’ years fer an opportunity, I’ve been pleadin’ fer an opportunity, I’ve been beggin’ fer an opportunity John. 

Now it’s here. 

I get ta make my statement at Refueled. I get ta murder a Hall of Famer in the middle of the fuckin’ cage, live on fuckin’ television. I get ta make THAT statement, I get ta make a name fer myself. I get ta build my career off yer careers fuckin’ corpse. I’m bigger than ya John, I’m stronger than ya John, physically, mentally, athletically. I’m gonna dominate ya in that cage, every chance ya think yer gonna have a chance ta breathe instead yer gonna have a three hundred pound gorilla doggin’ yer every move. 

‘Cause this is my everything John. 

This tournament is my everythin’. Yer lookin’ fer that battle with Best, yer worried ’bout the Bruvs, I’m the last thing on yer mind John. I’m the last thing yer worried ’bout. But yer my first John, yer the only thing I’m thinkin’ bout. When I’m revvin’ the engine John, I’m thinkin’ ‘bout cavin’ yer fuckin’ skull in. I’m obsessed with the chance, I’m frothin’ at the mouth, I can’t wait fer it. Cause I am ready fer it John. I’m sure a thousand morons have come fer yer neck, but number one thousand and one will be the person ta claim it. It happens ta everyone when they least expect it. 

See You Soon.