Just take the L

Just take the L

Posted on July 20, 2023 at 8:39 pm by Bobbinette Carey

Sometimes people can surprise you. Not all surprises are good. Not everyone is able to handle surprises appropriately.

Some people break down with surprises. No one is more surprised than I am at how poorly other people handle surprises. 

Like the surprise of Conor Fuse. The kid stepped up he grew a pair. The boy put away childish things to transition into the man he needs to be to beat Micheal Best. I’m proud that our bloodletting helped him prepare for this. For me, it cemented respect for this new form of Conor Fuse. That is someone worthy of Nettie respect which is far more important than friendship. He made me bleed and I returned the favor in kind. That is a bond not so easily broken. I’m not completely self absorbed to only see myself. Now I’ve talked about other people…

It’s Bad Bitch O’clock. It’s Thick thirty! – Lizzo

Big girls are having a moment. Lizzo, Ashley Graham, Michelle Buteau, Jill Scott, Amber Riley, me. Plus size melanated queens. We don’t hide our bodies, we aren’t ashamed of the curves and thickness. We are fucking goddesses!

Spare me your bullshit about fat not being good enough. No one wants to cuddle with a stick. If you don’t like fat girls just say you aren’t man enough to handle the curves, take the L and keep it moving.

I am not rated E for everyone. Fat doesn’t mean unhealthy either. Crop tops come in my size, two piece swimsuits come in my size. Fat doesn’t mean ugly. I am a beautiful, dangerous fat black woman. 

People get offended when I use the word fat, it’s what I am. Y’all don’t get offended when I say black. Wait.. some of you do… they are descriptive words about me. I know who I am and I flaunt it. I love my curves, no one said you had to.


Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel

Buenos Aires Argentina

Presidente suite


The room looks messy with the curtains darkened bags everywhere from “Ulta” down to CVS. The only light visible in the room came from a vanity desk covered in makeup. Sitting in front of the mirror is none other than Nettie. She looks tired as she stares at the The “S” carved into her forehead that is stitched up and starting to scab over. There’s powders and concealers and creams. She tries another tube of concealer to go over it. Dabbing around the S. Annoyance is stretched across her face as she puts a powder over it wincing at the feel of the powder getting into the cut. She has white facial cloths converting her black tank top. She grabs at the cloths throwing them.

Nettie: My face! He disfigured my face. 

She hears a knock at the door.

Nettie: Go away!

She barks with anguish. The hotel door opens as she turns off the lights on the vanity.

Nettie: I said go away.

She covers her face with a hand towel as if her hair is wet but doesn’t wrap the towel. She has it covering the sides and front of her face, almost like a veil. 

Terrence: Now why would I go away when I came here to check on you, my dear? I figured you could use some cheering up, so I brought you a little something.

She grumbles under the towel as Terrence enters the room flipping the lights on. He sets down a bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase.

Nettie: My face…. Turn off the lights.

She says lowering her head. With her face covered she rushes into Terrence’s arms turning her face away from him.

Nettie: My Silver Fox. 

She hugs him as showing genuine emotion hiding her face from him.

Nettie: He has made me a monster… 

She said in a whisper.

Terrence: You’re beautiful, Nettie. No one could make you look like a monster in my eyes. 

He said confidently, smiling down at the towel covered Nettie.

Nettie: What if I like being a monster?

Terrence: There is a difference between looking like a monster and being a monster. You have the looks of a Goddess but you also have claws that the devil himself would envy.

She nods her head.

Nettie: 97 Red is coming up. Nothing else matters. I will-

Terrence clears his throat attempting to get Nettie’s attention.

Terrence: You’re trying to fly away far too soon, my dove. 97 Red is the ultimate goal but let’s not look past what is right in front of you.

Nettie wrinkles her eyebrows looking at him through the space in the towel.

Nettie: Chaos… if I cost Shane the title then he will have something to bitch about–

Nettie seems to be one track focused at this point. 

Terrence: Let’s not forget that you’ve been matched up once again in a tag team match against my ungrateful offspring.

Nettie: Again?! 

Terrence grabs his cellphone and shows her the card. Her nostrils flair with annoyance. 

Nettie: They put the wrong Reynolds down… I beat that toddler already. With your son as my partner feels more like a handicap.

Terrence raises an eyebrow. Nettie sighs, walking away from him and turning off the light.

Nettie: He isn’t coming around to this at all. He sees me as a monster. He tried to kill this body yet, I’m the bad guy because of who I choose to be with?

She wraps her arms around Terrence’s waist as she hugs him from behind.

Nettie: I know it would take some getting used to but he’s shut down to the idea. I refuse to let him ruin my happiness.

She pouts sighing.

Terrence: He is a child in a man’s body. He doesn’t understand the true meaning of love. He never has and he never will. His own ego and angst prevent him from seeing the true beauty in you, my love.

He squeezes her hands softly and attempts to turn towards Nettie who holds him in place.

Nettie: No…

She shakes her head.

Terrence: Are you going to hide from me forever? I told you, no one can make you a monster in my eyes. You can’t expect me to go on much longer without feeling your lips pressed against mine. You’re the only female in HOW because you’re too pretty for the rest of them to compete.

Nettie: This is why you’re my silver fox. You’re sly and charming….

Her arms relax as she lets go of her grip around him. Terrence slowly turns around seeing the towel over her face. His hand goes under her chin lifting her face up to his. She relents and kisses him as her hand holding steadfast to the towel.

Nettie: I’ve always been pretty. Now he made me… less pretty. Sure it’s shallow but my face matters damn it. 

Nettie turns to go back in the mirror as Terrence looks down at her covered face.

Terrence: Covering your face might affect your vision in the ring. I believe that is the last thing you want with the emo vermin lurking around in the shadows. It’s all mind games, my love. He wants you thinking about what he did and how you look when you should be focused on punishing him.

Nettie: Mind games… you’re right. You’re right. He will be punished. I don’t take this lightly. He will be dealt with for what he did. But I have my match… got to focus on that first.

She says with a nod. She slowly removes the towel showing her scarred forehead to him.

Nettie: I need a hat. Or a swim cap? I need to hide this. I can’t wrestle with this scarlet S!

Her voice sounding more melodramatic than normal. Terrence looks down at her forehead and shakes his head softly.

Terrence: Nettie, darling, I say this with the most love and affection that I can muster. You need to stop worrying about this tiny scar on your head. Shane Reynolds disrespected you, disrespected US. The only thing you should be worried about is vengeance. 

Nettie pats his hands.

Nettie: You’re saying that out of love. Maybe it isn’t that big. He did disrespect us, he would be my only focus if it wasn’t for Raziel and another Scott.

She walks back to her vanity desk sitting back in her seat.

Nettie: So… your son…

She sounds less than enthusiastic at the notion of her partner.

Terrence: I use that term very loosely but I am listening.

Terrence walks up behind her, resting his hands on her shoulders.

Nettie: Personally, I want a win going onto 97 Red. However I’m willing to take a loss if it means upsetting someone even more. So, you tell me; how are we handling him this week?

Terrence: I have an idea on how we handle him this week. He’s going to get stuck in his own head after getting beaten on Sunday. Now is the time we pour salt into the open wound.

A large smile spreads across Nettie’s face. 

Nettie: And it’s as if instantly my mood has improved. You know that’s one of my favorite pastimes.

She pauses for a second.

Nettie: Maybe he will even listen to me so we can win this time. Not like the absolute dumpster fire with more than half the roster involved.

She pulls her hair over her face trying to hide it. 

Nettie: I’m just thankful they only locked you in a closet. If they would have hurt you….

She kisses his hand on her shoulder and squeezes it gently.

Nettie: You’re safe and I know you can handle yourself… I’m going to go fix this then when I get back we will talk about the salt some more.

She says getting to her feet. She grabs a hair scarf putting it gingerly over her scar before exiting quickly. 




Boys this is the last match before history is finally completed. 97 red means so much and you two new kids on the block are in the way….dated reference which neither of you probably got…


Reynolds, your sister’s excuse about your loss to me shows the world neither of you really understand what you’ve gotten yourselves into. The fact that you still have such disrespect. You walk around blindly and unaware of the history of the iconic people you have gotten the privilege to be in the ring with. You scoff and sneer at that as if it’s not a big deal. You are in the biggest deal of your life by being in this company, act like it! Your arrival has been disappointing, if anything. You are given an opportunity that, when I was your age, I would have killed for, and your squandering it. So much potential and so much disappointment as well. I had high hopes for you but they do say HOW is not for everyone. If you’re not going to respect the place where you’re at and take notice to who you are wrestling. At least humble yourself, even an ounce of humbling yourself then get the fuck out of my ring cuz I’m over this little bitch fit.

And his bff.. McKlayn, another fucking Scott. If that’s one thing HOW doesn’t need it’s another Scott. And he’s a tag along. Big surprise, so Great doesn’t have his own identity outside of the twins. Is that some weird throuple thing? Like we have a Scott quota and it’s been filled. Losers are named Scott, they talk big and do nothing then follow it up with hollow words.

Wrestling the one place where you could get full names and you decided to stay with Scott? Youth is wasted on the young. Could you be any more bland? Would you like some mayonnaise for your bologna sandwich? If basic bitch was a name it would be Scott, especially here in HOW. The chance to reinvent yourself and you decided to stay a Scott. We’ve had Scottywood, Scott Stevens, Great Scott, and now there’s you… points for unoriginality, points for not being creative, and points for being a tag along as well. I must say you are the least impressive Scott in a line of underwhelming Scotts. You’re a tag along to the bland twins. Are they twins? Does it really matter? It won’t last long here the smell of stale repetition has already set in with them. I’m sure you’re really interesting guy outside of wrestling. I really don’t give two shits about you either way. But alas, I actually have to spend time to actually find out who the hell you are. My life is far more important than to deal with some off-brand Great Value want to be wrestler.

Just because you came in with the Reynolds siblings, doesn’t mean that you actually have to be in their shadow. Generally, when a group of people comes in there is one person who stands out above them all in tag teams that aren’t meant to last. Sooner or later, everyone looks out for themselves. No matter how good their friendship is, it always comes down to protecting themselves above anything else. I’m sure you guys are like family, like brothers, we all know how well that worked for Cain and Abel, right? And do you think that makes a difference here and now? Did you watch the product before you even decided to sign your contract? Or did you just see the dollar signs and jumped at the chance to actually make it dent in a place where history has been made. Where we’ve got a Mount Rushmore, we’ve got icons, we’ve got legendary legacies. We’ve got second and third generation wrestlers and you come here wanting to be something?

Or did you just follow where your friends who told you to come? It does seem like you would be the follower of the group. Aimless wandering for a purpose. And going along with it because it was their idea, it’s quite sad. Maybe one day you’ll put on big boy pants and step up and realize why you’re here. Friendships and family are temporary when it comes to wrestling. Loyalty lies within yourself, but you’ll figure that out soon enough, Scott.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how much I dislike the man I’m teamed with, both of us are HOW Hall of Fame wrestlers. The pinnacle of an elite Hall of Fame that matters. That means that both of us have done things that should inspire you to work harder, but I don’t think either of you have it in you. You didn’t realize what you joined and that’s fine. After all, HOW isn’t for everyone.