Just fuck off

Just fuck off

Posted on November 10, 2023 at 7:22 pm by Zach Kostoff

The scene opens up showing a counter top with a can of Bucked Up energy drink and a can of Skoal long cut sitting on it. You hear keys jingle and foot steps echoing down the hallway. Zach enters the kitchen area and grabs the can of Bucked Up and takes a drink. Running his hair over his face he closes his eyes.


Kostoff: No rest for the wicked I guess? Yea I beat Hollywood but no chance to take a moment to take in the win. It was nice too be fair in getting that first win off my shoulders.


Zach takes another drink from the can as he grabs the can of Skoal. Packing the can he takes a pinch out and puts it in his cheek. Blowing the access into the floor, he runs his hand over his face again.


Zach: Now onto this week. And the Great Value version of Danhausen or however you pronounce that docuhe bags name.


Zach: Look boy, let me fill you in on a few things. You don’t know dick about my old man. What he did here in HOW is monumental to levels you would never fucking understand.


Finishing off the Bucked Up he tosses the empty can into the trash can. He shakes his head.


Zach: Look here GVD, you might have been wrestling in shadows in tents across the trailer park scene but that man please you call your mouth…I’m gonna fucking shut it for you, and in a big way mother fucker.


Zach: You want to step up to a legacy? Well I’m carving mine out in my own way and time. I didn’t get brought in here and fed easy shit like someone’s daddy did. No, see I trained when no one knew I was. No one knew that I was gonna even make this jump.


Zach: And guess what mother fucker? Damn right I lost each and every fucking match til last week, but I showed up and I fought each time.


He leans into the camera. His normal demeanor is slowly turning into the raging wild fire that was his dad.


Zach: And now here you are. The wanna be clown prince of shit. Talking shit. Taking like you know me and my family? Mother fucker…I am going to honestly enjoy getting my hands on you. I’m gonna slap that goofy fucking make up off your melon fucking head.


He draws back and grabs the trash can and spits in it.


Zach: You can keep on acting like you are the things that nightmares are made of or some stupid shit.


He laughs softly as he leans back from the camera. Tilting his head, the grin widens.


Zach: See, the problem is with a jerk off like you..is you feel like your gimmick is your life. But see, you aren’t some carny from the circuit. Those fuckers live down the road from me, and trust me not a carny you are not.


Zach: This weak shit trying to make yourself seem like you strike fear into people is a joke. Your debut last week was ok, but this bullshit ends this week.


Zach: Grand opening and grand closing all in one night.


He rears back and spit more into the trash can. Making his way over to the counter he grabs a set of keys and his wallet. Looking back into the camera his grin fades away.


Zach: I’m gonna fuck you up. Get used to twirling that little dagger all you want. Because after Chaos, the only shock value you are gonna have is when you wake up the next day having to eat out of a fucking straw.


Zach: I’ll be ready, and I sure as hell hope that you are gonna be taking this as serious as I am. Because if not…I’m going to fucking hurt you in ways you only heard of.


Zach: See ya in the ring mother fucker.


Zach makes his way to the door on the other end of the kitchen and steps into his garage. As he makes his way into the garage, he taps a button on the remote as his Audi comes to life. Getting into his car, the scene fades to black.