Just Desserts

Just Desserts

Posted on December 10, 2021 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

Just Desserts


December 9, 2021


Liverpool, England


Brian Hollywood was enjoying his stay in Liverpool…at least in terms of the scenery and getting away from all his troubles back in the United States.  It was particularly away from Los Angeles, California.  He was quite a long way from Audrey and that bothered him a little bit.  He was actually supposed to meet The Chair in Manchester, but due to the large crowds at the hotel Hollywood was staying, it was still too high profile for The Chair to have a proper meeting with Hollywood.  There was a meeting spot The Chair had in mind and it was more secluded than anything and The Chair wanted to keep it that way.


Hollywood was waiting outside Mackenzie’s Pyramid, no doubt late at night where The Chair preferred in a way to keep his identity a secret.  Still, though, Hollywood was willing to meet up upon The Chair’s personal preference and it was in the way to keep The Chair happy, of course.  Hollywood, though, felt out of place and he wasn’t used to being on the same page as his arch nemesis…but sometimes that’s the secret in being able to balance a life of wanting answers and knowing when to let them rest.  Hollywood didn’t have to be okay with it…but he still respected the situation and that’s something he’s learned over the years.  Hollywood lets out a sigh as he realized he was out of his depth here but he knew he needed to do what was right…even if it didn’t always agree with his agenda.  That was something Hollywood has learned quite well over the years.  Hollywood awaits in the Pyramid as the scene falls upon darkness.  Hollywood can’t help but to let his thoughts run in his mind.


Brian Hollywood: “Man…what the fuck am I doing here?  Am I making the right decisions here?”


Hollywood begins to ponder upon his thoughts and that could be a dangerous place to be.  It seemed that lately being in his own thoughts were deeper and posed a greater risk than he would openly want to admit..but here he was, actually siding with The Chair as late and that plagued his mind greatly.  However, he was able to shrug it off lately…perhaps to easily and that was viewed as dangerous to the rest of his friends who knew Hollywood hadn’t been in a good place lately.  Hollywood shakes his head as he gets all the negative thoughts out of his head as he preps for his meeting with The Chair.  He knew that to get the results he needed, he needed to play dirty and stoop to levels only The Chair knew how to unlock regardless of how comfortable Hollywood felt about it.  A few moments pass by before a shadowy figure appears not far from Hollywood, but isn’t luminated by the lack of light available.  Hollywood tries to take a couple steps forward but The Chair stops him in his tracks.


The Chair: “That’s far enough, Mr. Hollywood.”


Hollywood sighs as he stops right where he is not wanting The Chair to take anymore drastic measures.


Brian Hollywood: “Fair enough.  Look, I’m not here trying to find out your identity tonight.  I’m here looking for answers.  If I had a plan…we wouldn’t be meeting tonight…especially here out of the states.”


The Chair nods his head in appreciation.


The Chair: “I do appreciate that brother.”


Hollywood cocks his head to his right side, definitely taken aback by The Chair’s interesting choice of words.


Brian Hollywood: “Brother?  Interesting choice of words.  I didn’t know we were on friendly terms here.”


The Chair lets out a slight laugh clearly ignoring Hollywood’s inquiry.


The Chair: “Tis but a….word…I apologize Mr. Hollywood.  My my…look at the situation we appear to be drawn into.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that you would actually sell out your friends…all in an attempt to stop me from walking into a trap.  I gotta say…I never thought you had it in you.”


Brian Hollywood: “What are you talking about?”


The Chair: “Oh come on now Mr. Hollywood…we both know better than that by now, don’t we?  You know…there’s nothing in this world that ever surprises me anymore.  Chalk that up to really knowing every situation before you walk into it…but let’s be honest here…we both know that in a million years you would ever actually help me out.  So I guess the immediate question here is why the fuck did you save me from walking into an ambush?  I’d like to say I have all the answers but we both know there’s more to that, isn’t there?”


There was a pause.  It wasn’t just an ordinary pause, but Hollywood knew exactly what The Chair was talking about.  Was Hollywood just tired of it all?  Or was it really the best strategy in the world in working with his greatest arch nemesis here?


Brian Hollywood: “Honestly?  I’m just tired.  I’m tired of it all, really.  What does the parchment read exactly?  The enemy of my enemy is my friend?  You want the honest truth?  I’m tired of everyone going behind my back on fucking everything.  You and I have been at this game a very long time…all because my friends decide to think about what’s best for me…but you and I both know that that is a fucking weakeness!  My friends have always taken things seriously and why they think they may know my biggest darkest secrets, you and I both fucking know it’s more than that.  You have answers to questions I have in figuring out this entire jigsaw puzzle, and you have the same exact questions and we both know I’m right, aren’t I?”


The Chair sighs as there’s a slight pause that takes precedent over the scene.


The Chair: You know what Mr. Hollywood…that’s the most honest thing you’ve ever said to me.  I know, shocking right?  It’s obvious that the two of us have been at each others throats…but why the fuck did we never capitalize on this communication?!  You and I both know what I’m talking about.”


Hollywood sighs a bit before finishing The Chair’s inquiry filled questions.


Brian Hollywood: “You’re talking about Serenity…aren’t you?”


There is an interesting pause to the scene as The Chair doesn’t immediately reply.  All Hollywood can do is stare off into the shadows where the silence had more to say than any words The Chair has ever thought about.


The Chair: “Heh…you know, this is the tragedy you and I both share…you know that?”


The Chair’s inability to answer Hollywood’s question straight out spoke more to Hollywood than The Chair ever could have thought.  As The Chair was struggling to find the proper way to reply, it was enough of a clue to let Hollywood speak outright.


Brian Hollywood: “Look…I don’t know how much involvement you had in knowing Serenity, but your silence on the whole matter has me thinking of why.”


The Chair: “I would love to divulge on that topic…but you and I both know that if I did…you would undoubtably know certain things about me that I don’t want to just lay out there.  At the same time…her death provokes a response and luckily for you…I know just how to respond…just not how…but who…”


It was at this moment that Hollywood knew he had The Chair right where he wanted him.  The Chair was actually responding in an emotional way…and that was something Hollywood didn’t expect.  However, the fact that he was was indeed a way at counteracting The Chair.  Hollywood didn’t want to expose his whole hand to The Chair, so he did the next best thing….playing the psychological card that he knew The Chair knew all so well.


Brian Hollywood: “Now isn’t this the most ironic conversation of all time?  You actually cared what happened with Serenity…the thing I can’t seem to grasp is…why?  Why do you care so much?”


There isn’t an immediate reply.  Hollywood picked up on this as he carefully studied the man who was mysteriously shrouded in the shadows.  Instead, all he got was one statement…and this statement said everything…even if it seemed like nothing from the normal eye…especially since he was developing a systematically emotional response from The Chair.


The Chair: “This matters to me…whether you want to believe me or not…we’ll be in touch Mr. Hollywood…oh…and thank you for keeping me away from your ever so dim witted friends…they wouldn’t understand like you and I would….”


And just that, The Chair disappears in the night leaving Hollywood a lot to think about as he was actually able to gain a couple clues unbeknownst to The Chair as the scene slowly fades to black..



A Career Decorated in Potential Hall of Fame


“It wasn’t my night at Rumble at the Rock…and it wasn’t my night a couple weeks ago at Refueled.  It’s been a long road for me but there are certain things in which has me thinking back on my entire HOW career.”


“It was announced not too long ago that yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, had been nominated for a spot in the High Octane Wrestling Hall of Fame.  What an honor it would be if I actually get nominated and win the spot and cement my legacy in the HOW Hall of Fame!”


“I mean think about it!  To be able to be amongst the Hall of Fame like Mike Best, Max Kael, John Sektor…the list goes on and on…but to be nominated in such a spot…I’m truly honored.”


Now to be fair, these are some elite names to be apart of…but I also know my place in all of it…as much as I hate to admit it, there’s a system to it.  I may not be selected and while that might piss me off…I can’t deny the honor it comes with being apart of it all.  I’ve been here in HOW for a long fucking time and I’ve seen a lot of shit happen between then and now.  I came into HOW back in 2009-2010 teaming with the likes of John Pariah…may his soul rest in peace…but ever since then I’ve been apart of HOW for the long haul and it’s never disappointed.”


“Sure, I may not have been disappointed, but I’ve at least busted my ass for the better part of a god damned decade and surely that’s got to account for something.  Am I nervous as to who placed the votes on certain people?  You’re god damn right I am!  But I didn’t come here to play second fiddle…you hear me?!”


“I’m serious when I say that, too.  Look…I’ve had my fair share of battles with some of the HOW Hall of Fame elite, but at least I’ve put on a damn good show.  I’ve been able to show that I can actually hang with not only every one here in HOW, but that I can dance like the rest of the HOW Hall of Famers.  You know, I never thought I’d see myself in this place.  That just tells me that I’ve done everythng that I can to dominate this company.  I did that by myself…and I did it while running a ONE HAND Best Alliance!”


“So this Saturday night…I will continue my legacy as I take on Xander Azula and I will do it the best way I know how.”


“It will all be a basic instict…but most importantly…it will be an Executive Decree because my chapter hasn’t ended yet!”