Jatt Starr still cares

Jatt Starr still cares

Posted on July 27, 2022 at 11:07 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

It was the day after HOW Chaos 004 which is the show where Jace Parker Davidson, STRONK Godson, and Tyler Adrian Best ganged up on current HOW LSD Champion Jatt Starr to soften him up for his match against Tyler at Dead or Alive for the ICON Championship belt. It was also the night where members of OCW invaded HOW and attacked the HOW HOTv Champion Clay Byrd. Naturally the other members of the Highwaymen tried to make the save but they were taken out by steel chair shots from JPD, STONK, and Christopher America.

Needless to say, it was a good night for The Board but as soon as the show ended. Jace packed his things and headed for the airport to catch a flight to Minnesota. It was the place that STRONK was vehement about becoming the home base for the all new STRONKUMMS brand manufacturing warehouse. That was fine with Jace but what use is having a home base for a warehouse not yet procured if you have employees to do the grunt work while STRONK, Shelley, and Jace watched the money roll in?

So, that was the agenda today.

That is why we find Jace in an office building somewhere in Minnesota. It was frustrating that Shelley and STRONK would not disclose just where in Minnesota that they were located. It seemed like they would just pack up and wander around the state on a whim. Like STRONK would just lift their home off of the foundation and carry it to wherever they wanted to go next. The more Jace thought about it the more that possibility seemed like a very reasonable explanation of his business partner’s secretive nature.

Jace shook his head side to side trying to get the thought of STRONK carrying an entire house like a backpack out of his mind.

Today was about business and boy was he tired of doing business. There was so much going on lately that this interviewing process was becoming tedious. He wanted to focus on the fact that he would be in the main event of the go home show this weekend. That he would be going one on one with Jatt Starr for the HOW LSD Championship. He wanted to freak out a bit because it was only moments ago that he realized that Chaos 005 and the OCW Truth or Consequences PPV were on the exact same day. Just how in the fuck was he supposed to be in Dallas, Texas and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on the same damn day? How was he going to manage to beat Jatt Starr for the LSD Championship belt then high tail it to New Mexico to defend the OCW Savage Championship belt in a steel cage match?

Jace felt an extreme headache start to brew inside of his skull.

It was already past noon here in Minnesota and Jace has been so busy seeing potential employees that he hadn’t had a chance to stop and have lunch. That combined with the oncoming headache made him feel sick to the stomach. The OCW Savage Champion took a drink from a bottle of water on the desk he was seated at and then took a deep breath. He was determined to power through this because the thought of Shelley or STRONK doing it sent shivers down his spine. Jace had seen a massive amount of people and even hired some of them. A few managers, some employees to work the floor, and a webmaster to handle the STRONKUMMS website… when there was an actual website.

But the majority of people were turned away and shown the door.

There were many reasons for this. Some people only showed up hoping to get an autograph from Jace. Women showed up by the fuck-ton to try and see STRONK and feel on his muscles, namely the one in his pants. And the one’s for Shelley? Were mostly there to hand out restraining orders against the smallest and most weaselly member of the trio. Other people were turned away because they had a foul body odor, or they looked like the kind of person that would steal precious STRONKUMMS meat and ingredients to line their own bellies.

STRONK would commit murder if he found out someone was stealing STRONKUMMS meat.

The door opens to the room in the office as Jace raises his head. A man walks in that is dressed in an outfit that looks like he came straight from the golf course in the 1960’s. Plaid, blue and green colors. Pants that fully don’t reach his ankles, and his combed over blond hair only partially blocks the light that bounces off of his bald spot. The man’s wrinkled face was as bright and cheerful as it could possibly be. For some reason this man had on tap dancing shoes and the clicking and clacking as he approached the desk made Jace’s eye twitch. Jace cleared his throat and greeted the man in the sincerest voice he could muster.

“Good afternoon.” Jace forced a fake smile.

“Good day, sir. I am here to seek an opportunity at employment with your fine company.” The man states, then does a fancy hop and shuffle of his feet.

“Do you have your resume with you?” Jace asked politely even though he was already thinking of ways to tell this guy to hit the bricks.

“I don’t have a resume as you call it. I find those things utterly dreadful.” The man shakes his hand in the air and looks disgusted like he just touched a piece of used toilet paper.

“Then how am I supposed to know if I should hire you or not?” Jace asked as his annoyance began to leak into his tone.

“Simple, I am the perfect man for the job!” The man leaned over to bow which caused the reflection of light off of his bald spot to almost blind Jace.

“You think you’re the perfect man for the job and yet you have nothing to prove that this claim you just made isn’t just nonsense.” Jace raised his hand up and pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index fingers.

“Wait, you don’t know who I am?” The man took a step back and looked both offended and shocked.

“What was your first clue?” Jace said in a deadpan kind of tone.

“Allow me to rectify this crime against nature.” The man stands on his tippy toes and poses in front of the desk. “I bet you know who I am now, don’t you?”

“Nope.” Jace responded as he closed his eyes.

“Surely, you must jest.” The man waved his hand into the air in a less than majestic way.

“Dude, seriously. I am a busy man and I have no fucking intention of playing some weird guessing game. So, why don’t you just tell me what your fucking name is?” Jace opened his eyes and glared at the man in front of him.

“I am the Mysterious Malcolm X!” The man spreads his arms and begins doing jazz hands.

“Malcolm X? Like the minister and a leader in the Civil Rights movement Malcolm X? You know what? Don’t even answer that because #1 Malcolm X is dead and #2, you’re white.” Jace narrowed his eyes.

“Well, yes, yes, I am! But I am a different Malcolm X!” The man proclaims.

“Different how?” Jace wasn’t the slightest bit interested but curiosity got the better of him.

“I am a performer on Broadway!” The man shuffles his feet again causing the clicking and clacking to echo off the walls.

“What plays have you been in?” Jace inquires.

“All of them!” The man proudly boasts.

Jace reaches over and presses the intercom button on the phone sitting on his desk. “Security!”

“Wait a minute, I am telling the truth!” The man puts his hands together begging for another chance. “Okay, I wasn’t in all of them but I was in quite a few and I’ve won awards. Mostly for handling the lights but still!”

As the man continued to drone on and on about himself Jace started to tune him out. The guy reminded him so much of Jatt Starr or what Jatt Starr had now become that it was uncanny. Jace wondered if this is just what happens to all great wrestlers eventually? What if he became one of those guys that just didn’t know when to hang up the boots? Or if something happened that made him a shell of his former self? Would he try and reinvent himself onto a bootleg version of himself just to try and stay in the spotlight a little bit longer?

Jace was well aware of his wrestling mortality, especially after the injury in 2016 that put him in retirement until April of last year. He’s taken the approach that every single moment matters. One of the main reasons he’s spread his wings inside and outside of the HOW. Nothing lasts forever and Jatt Starr is wasting what little time he had left trying to convince himself and the world that “Simon Sparrow” was the real deal. After last week you’d have thought Jatt would have learned his lesson but regardless of if you call him Jatt or Simon, the man is stubborn.

Jace continued to drift off in thought until the sound of the man’s voice got louder and pulls him away from his train of thought.

“Hello! Anyone in there?!” The man snaps his fingers in Jace’s face.

Huh, what? What the fuck do you want?!” Jace growls while resisting the urge to break the man’s fingers.

“I was telling you my real name.” The man confessed.

“Oh, Malcolm X wasn’t your real name? I’m sooooo surprised.” Jace rolls his eyes.

“Anyway… my name is Melvin Smith, and I would like a job please.” Melvin shows off a cheesy grin.

“How old are you?” Jace grabs his pen.

“65 years young.” Melvin stands proudly but Jace narrows his eyes again. “And a half.”

“Do you have a problem handling or selling questionable meat?” Jace begins to take some notes.

“That sounds disgusting and I’m a vegan by the way.” Melvin huffs.

Jace presses the intercom button on the phone again. “Security!”

“Okay, okay I get it! Calm down, I just don’t know why you would be selling questionable meat.” Melvin looks around nervously.

Jace slams his hand down onto the desk and then points at Melvin. “Meat is meat! Do you think you know everything? What the hell do you think bologna is? Do you even know what they use to make hotdogs?”

“Well, actually what it is–” Melvin is interrupted by Jace.

“MEAT IS MEAT! NOW DO YOU WANT THE FUCKING JOB OR NOT?!” Jace’s breathing becomes labored as he glares a hole through Melvin.

“Yes, please.” Melvin replies weakly.

“Good, you make $3.75–” This time Jace is interrupted by Melvin.

“An hour?” There was a layer of offense in his tone.

“A day, $3.75 a day and no benefits. You start on Monday, now get the fuck out of here before I fire you!” Jace points towards the door.

Melvin backs away from the desk while nodding his head. He does his best to keep his tap dancing shoes from clicking and clacking as he exits the room and closes the door behind him.


Jatt Starr.

Yes, I’m still going to call you Jatt because in reality Simon Sparrow doesn’t really exist. That might be your name at birth but as far as I’m concerned, Simon Sparrow died the day that Jatt Starr made his professional wrestling debut. Simon Sparrow was the child with a dream. That would lay in bed thinking about what he would be when he grew up.

He dreamed of being Jatt Starr.

He dreamed it so big and so hard that it became a reality, and it was glorious. Jatt Starr was bulletproof. It didn’t matter if he just literally made up a word every other sentence because those words would be more over than half of the HOW roster. It didn’t matter if Jatt Starr was a nice guy because Jatt Starr had loyalty. Loyalty to HOW, loyalty to the Best Alliance, and loyalty to Lee Best. Jatt Starr proved that you didn’t have to look like Chris Kostoff to be successful in HOW.

A loss never hurt Jatt Starr because he would get up, dust himself off, and still be the most unique person on the roster.

But yet once what happened to Gilda went down it’s like Jatt Starr had a mental breakdown and out of the ashes of the Ruler of Jattlantis rose this wormy little weakling known as Simon Sparrow. Jatt Starr was a genius; Simon Sparrow has bird shit for brains. Jatt Starr was playing Chess with the HOW roster, but Simon Sparrow makes bad intoxicated decisions without ever tasting a drop of alcohol. From his choices to go against Lee Best and The Board, to alienating the Wabbit Wabit, and even daring to take the HOW LSD Championship from the man known as STRONK Godson. Simon Sparrow is worried about having enough money to help pay for Gilda’s medical treatment but ignores the massive number of consequences that keep piling up.

Jatt Starr wouldn’t struggle for money because Jatt Starr was box office.

Simon Sparrow is just a mask for Jatt Starr to hide in shame. Simon Sparrow is a skid mark on the legacy that is Jatt Starr. And it saddens me that the man I came to respect in Jatt Starr would allow Simon Sparrow’s unwiped ass to cover his legacy in booty dust. Jatt Starr was a great HOW LSD Champion, and one hell of a HOW World Tag Team Champion. Simon Sparrow tripped, stumbled, and fell ass first into the sweet pussy of Championship gold. This isn’t another title reign for Jatt Starr, this is going to be a short and very uneventful reign for Simon Sparrow that no one will remember in a year.

You claim Jatt Starr is still alive somewhere inside of you. You’re absolutely right because Simon Sparrow could never outshine or kill Jatt Starr. Simon Sparrow tries to bite the hand that feeds him whereas Jatt Starr would be smart enough to realize after spending all the time he has with Lee Best and the Best Alliance that going against the GOD of HOW is a very, very stupid decision.

I have a question for you, if you’re still in there, Jatt Starr.

How many people have you seen fight the so-called good fight against Lee Best and actually be successful? You had people like Ryan McKenna but where is he at right now? You had Evan Ward and the whole group that was Ground Zero but are any of those wrestlers even wrestling anymore? There were Grapplers 214 but where are they now? I beat Lindsey Troy so goddamn hard that she had to leave and open her own company just to make herself relevant again. Conor Fuse decided that he was King shit while being HOW World Champion and in one night Lee Best came out of a fucking coma and dressed the man down so badly that the man looking like a miniature Jason Voorhees.

Lee Best made The Vintage into The Mute with just words… words.

And then you have the Highwaymen. How well did it fair for them at War Games? Joe Bergman was left off the card, Steve Harrison lost the LSD Championship belt, Steve Solex has been continually made to be Christopher America’s bitch. And Clay Byrd? He’s been run ragged defending the HOTv Championship belt week after week that even OCW wrestlers see the Big Texas Vulture as easy prey.

So, tell me… why are you all by your lonesome trying to fight a losing battle?

Is death the sweet release you’re looking for? I know I asked you that before, but I never got an answer. Especially considering the fact that STRONK Godson, Tyler Adrian Best, and myself beat you within an inch of your life. Tyler Adrian Best has negative marks on his moral compass and makes his father look like Mother Teresa. And now between all of that you face me. But don’t get it twisted. I have never beaten you Simon Sparrow, I have beaten Jatt Starr. I hold that victory in high regard, beating you will just be a slightly tedious process to put the LSD Championship belt back around the waist of a worthy talent.

Death is coming Simon.

Just wait a little bit longer.


We opened up to a Recovery Home in Amherst, New York. The very same Recovery Home that we saw the man formerly known as Jatt Starr visit a few days ago for the first time in a long time. Inside we see the OCW Savage Champion Jace Parker Davidson walking through the hallways of the Recovery Home. He has a pair of sunglasses on his face and is dressed in what can be considered his Sunday’s best. In his hands he holds a dozen long stem red roses as the people inside of the Home can help but stare as he walks by them.

Jace remains silent as he goes down the twists and turns of the hallway until he reaches the room that he’s been looking for. He reaches out with his free hand and gently pushes the door open. Jace peeks his head inside and looks around the room but there seems to be no sign of any visitors other than the patient. He steps inside of the room and makes his way over to the blue paisley patterned vase. Jace removes the two yellow roses that have been sitting and left unattended for way too long. He tosses them into the waste bin inside of the room and fills the vase with the fresh red roses. Satisfied with how they are arranged Jace walks around the bed inside of the room and takes a seat in the chair next to Gilda.

“Hey kid, I know we’ve never been properly introduced but my name is Jace Parker Davidson. I am… well used to be… a friend of your father. A lot has happened since your incident, and I figured I’d pay you a visit to fill you in on what has been happening. And maybe connect a few dots for me personally.” Jace says out loud.

There is a moment of silence in the room as all that is heard is the ventilator and the various other machines that Gilda is hooked up to at the moment.

“When the unfortunate circumstances occurred, I was one of your father’s closest friends. We were in a group together known as the AoA. Yeah, I know it’s pretty much a dumb name but that’s not what is important. When he had the news of what happened it was like your father had a nervous breakdown. He raged out of control throughout the arena, and it seemed like a part of him had died at the moment. It wasn’t a pretty sight to behold but at the time I really had no idea what to do to help him.”

Jace took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

“Behind closed doors I pleaded with him to just take time away from the ring. I asked him to focus on you and deal with coping with his emotions before he even thought about traveling every single week from town to town, state to state. However, he didn’t listen and felt the need to keep going because he thought money was the most important thing in the world. He thought that money was what he needed to bring you back to him. So, he pushed on and on but with every passing day became more and more mentally unstable. I should have slapped some sense into him but unfortunately, I had an injury that kept me away from the ring for a little while.”

Jace lowers his head a bit and reflects back to the moment he got injured during the opening round of The Maurako Cup.

“When I came back the man known as Jatt Starr had vanished completely. In its place was Simon Sparrow. Now I know that might not seem like a big deal but in reality, it was like the wheels that made your father’s head churn had just fallen off. He thought that he needed to in his mind be a better person because of what happened to you. He thought that he needed to do things differently so that it would wipe away all of the things he’s done in the past. Like it would earn him karma points and lead you to a full recovery. Sadly, we both know that isn’t how life works.”

Jace lets out a weak laugh.

“Your father went from being a respected Hall of Famer and the most charismatic person on the entire roster to a man that is making a lot of enemies and just stumbling his way through life. Instead of looking himself in the mirror and realizing he’s just pretending to be someone he’s not, he just continues to double down on this unhealthy behavior. He would rather point the finger at Lee Best and blame him for things that happened in the past. He’d rather lash at Michael Lee Best by attacking his son Tyler for no reason. He decided to point the finger at someone like STRONK Godson as the reason why he isn’t the most charismatic person on the roster anymore along with being the reason he can’t physically perform in the bedroom anymore.”

Jace raises his head and waves his hands a bit towards Gilda.

“I am so sorry; I know you don’t want to hear or think about your father and what he does or doesn’t do inside of the bedroom.”

Jace lowers his hands and clears his throat.

“He also blames me for turning my back on him. Yet he’s never come to me personally and asked why I am the decision that I made. I was on the shelf and I had multiple offers come my way. I could have returned to the AoA, I could have fallen in line under Bobbinette Carey just so she could claim she won a second War Games match, or I could have taken the more than generous offer from Michael Lee Best and the Best family. That was the option I chose, not because of any personal hatred towards your father. I picked that option because I looked at Bobbinette Carey and realized that I couldn’t be a subordinate and play the role of pet bitch to someone that wasn’t even in the same galaxy as I am talent wise. I looked at the AoA and of course Mario Maurako disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Your father was a man who didn’t even know who he was anymore. And there was the HOW World Champion at the time, a naive man that was way too trusting and way too soft to deal with the realities for being at the top of the mountain in HOW.”

Jace’s nostrils flare for a moment as he thinks about those broken connections that only last year were formed and made strong.

“But then came the offer to be a member of The Board. I would get to be in a position of power in the company that I call home. I would be surrounded by a group of the greatest wrestlers in HOW history. And most importantly I would finally get my well-deserved spot in the HOW Hall of Fame. How could I say no to that in favor of either of the other two options? I’ve broken my back for HOW in the past. I carried the flag when everyone else either shipped out to UTAH or sat at home eating Cheetos while watching daytime television. Why would I get back aboard sinking ships when I would finally get the well-earned recognition for being a cornerstone of this company? Jatt Starr would have made the same decision ten times over but Simon Sparrow judges me as some kind of traitor to the cause.”

Jace clasps his hands together and moves his wrists a bit.

“Jatt Starr was a bright light on the roster while Simon Sparrow became a lost lonely soul stuck in the void of darkness. So much so that he felt the need to try and connect with anyone on the roster no matter how annoying that they were. He befriended the man known as Darin Zion who he had just feuded with over the fact of him trying to disrespect you. He tried to take this person under his wing and make him better. Only Simon had no business trying to teach anyone when he couldn’t even help himself. The only thing he did was make Darin Zion even more annoying which has to be like a superpower or something. He decided to do something as stupid as tossing piss filled balloons at the office of Michael Lee Best in Chicago which only ended up in him being fined. Which is precious money taken away from helping keep you alive. Your father is on a road to ruin Gilda.”

Jace leans back in the chair and looks straight up at the ceiling.

“All this stuff he’s been doing is coming back onto him tenfold. He angered the mountain of a man known as STRONK Godson by taking the HOW LSD Championship. He’s angered Tyler Adrian Best to the point the kid pretty much sat and watched your father get his brains beat in by STRONK and yours truly last week. We hurt him Gilda, we hurt him real bad but yet he keeps coming back for more. His defiance is nothing more than stupidity and this week I got him in the main event one-on-one. I get the chance to capture the HOW LSD Championship belt and there is no pity in my heart for what I plan to do. For me? This is mercy, this is the lesser of two evils because if I beat him for the LSD Championship belt then he doesn’t have an angry STRONK Godson hunting him down anymore. If I capture the HOW LSD Championship belt he doesn’t get all the other sick individuals on the roster coming after him for a belt he’s not capable of keeping.”

Jace lowers his head and then reaches out and grabs a hold of Gilda’s hand. He squeezes it tight as he continues to speak.

“The only person I feel the need to say sorry to is you. And I hope you keep fighting, I hope you one day recover because you’re all he has left, kid. Jatt might have been a bright star in the sky but you were the whole moon to him. I’m not going to try and talk some sense into him, he’s far too gone and stubborn to listen. I’m going to use my punches, my kicks, and my lust for unadulterated violence inside of that ring. I will beat Jatt Starr out of him, or Jatt may never return again. Either way Simon Sparrow will die because Simon Sparrow doesn’t bleed 97red. Simon Sparrow doesn’t have what it takes to keep his head above water in HOW. So, I’m going to break him both mentality and physically. Then Tyler will and so on and so forth until he’s right here beside you either as your loving father or as a recovering patient. He needs you as much as you need him. You can hate me, you can call me an awful person, and that’s fine with me. But Sunday night? I’m taking the target known as the LSD Championship off of him and I’m going to reunite this fractured family. Take good care of him Gilda, I’m counting on you.”

Jace gets up out of his seat then leans down and kisses the back of Gilda’s hand. He places her hand back down gently then turns to leave the room. Jace makes his way back through the hallways of the Recovery Home until he reaches the front desk. He clears his throat to get the attention of one of the women behind the desk.

“May I help you?” The red headed woman behind the desk asks politely.

“Do you know where or how I can make a payment on a patient’s care in this facility?” Jace’s voice is low so as to not attract too much attention to himself just in case Jatt or Gilda’s mother were roaming around somewhere in the building.

“We can take payments here and process them for you. We accept most major credit cards, checks, and of course cash.” The red headed woman smiles.

Jace reaches into his pocket and pulls out his checkbook. He places it on the front desk and grabs a hold of a pen attached to a small chain. Jace begins to make out a check then tears it off and hands it to the women behind the desk.

“That is for Gilda’s treatment. I’m sure her payments have been coming from a man named Simon Sparrow but I want to help out.” Jace says solemnly.

“And who should we say this is from?” The woman behind the desks asks.

“Just tell Gilda’s mother and Simon that this is just a little something to take some pressure off of their shoulders. Tell them even though things are tough between us now that Jatt Starr still cares.” Jace smirks a bit.

“Thank you Mr. Starr. You’ve done a good thing.” The woman beams.

Jace nods his head and begins to walk out of the Recovery Home. The final shot is of the woman behind the desk looking a bit shocked at the ten thousand dollar check she holds in her hands and begins to deposit towards Gilda’s medical treatment.