It’s only a matter of time

It’s only a matter of time

Posted on October 25, 2022 at 1:00 am by Jace Parker Davidson

Criminal Court
New York City, New York
Thursday October 20th, 2022

It was a busy morning on 100 Centre Street here in New York City. Traffic was a motherfucker and people were headed in all kinds of different directions. The front of the Courthouse was particularly busy this Thursday. A hotdog vendor stood on the street in front of the building selling his product to people who were too busy to grab something better for breakfast.

Inside of the building Jace Parker Davidson can be seen sitting inside of the lobby. He managed to get all the way here from Denver in time for the trial but he had yet to hear a word from his lawyer who promised to pull some strings for him. Jace hadn’t slept a wink after telling Samantha that he had a family emergency here in New York City that he had to attend to immediately. Which technically wasn’t a lie since this all revolved around his stepfather Dennis Brown who was abusing his mother.

What Jace hadn’t told Samantha was the fact that he had beaten Dennis Brown within an inch of his life and that depending on what happened today. He might not even make it back to his new home in Denver. He might be thrown behind bars for who knows how long if Dennis Brown gets his way. Jace gripped his phone in his hand and began to type out a text message to his lawyer as a last resort sort of thing. Might as well try one more time before he switched onto figuring out how to defend himself in this trial. He cursed himself and his mother for convincing him not to have Bailey be his lawyer.

With the text message sent, Jace sat and waited for a response in any form but of course one never came.

He started to look around the lobby at the different people inside like one of them was just going to stand up and solve all of his problems. Obviously, that is not how life works. He stared back down at his phone and thought about calling Samantha. Maybe it would be a good time to tell her the truth of the situation. Maybe she could offer him a way out of this sticky situation, but he shook his head waving off that thought. He was a grown man and got himself into this situation. He would either sink or swim on his own here. Leaning his head back he looked towards the ceiling trying to piece together a plan of attack when suddenly a voice called out.

“There you are Mr. Davidson!” The voice wasn’t one that was familiar to Jace.

His head snapped to attention as Jace looked around for the source of the voice. His line of sight finally falls upon a rather tall individual carrying a briefcase. Jace narrows his eyes as this individual approaches him with a goofy grin on his face.

“Sorry I’m late but we still have some time before things get started.” The individual stated.

“Who are you?” Jace asked in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Oh, sorry, where are my manners?” The individual offers up his free hand to Jace. “My name is Barry Franklin Gibbins, and I will be your attorney today.”

Jace tilts his head in a confused fashion.

“You are?” Jace takes a moment to glance down at his phone then back at the man in front of him. “So, you were sent here by the guy that was supposed to be defending me today?”

“Not at all.” Barry replied confidently.

Jace went to speak up, but Barry took his unshaken hand and raised it into the air to interrupt the LSD Champion.

“I know you have a lot of questions, and I am going to do my best to answer them but first come with me.” Barry reaches down and grabs Jace by the arm.

He pulls Jace up to his feet and leads him towards the main entrance of the building. Jace looks around oblivious to what is happening until they walk through a set of doors into a small vestibule between the lobby and the outside. Barry lets go of Jace’s arm before placing his briefcase down on a small ledge.

“It’s safer to talk in here because they have cameras and microphones both outside and inside of the building.” Barry admitted as he opened his briefcase.

“Okay, but again I have no idea who you are or how you ended up being my attorney today.” Jace folded his arms over his chest.

“I was sent by Terrence.” Barry confessed as he went through some paperwork inside of his briefcase.

“Who the fuck is Terrence?!” Jace exclaimed.

“Your father, duh.” Barry responded.

Jace raised his eyebrow and pointed towards the lobby.

“I don’t know who sent you or if this is some kind of dumb prank, but my father is the man that is pressing charges on me today and–” Jace is interrupted again by Barry.

“Your BIOLOGICAL father.” Barry clarified.

Jace’s expression soured immediately, and he turned away to leave the building altogether, but Barry grabbed him by the arm again.

“Look, I get it’s a complicated situation between the two of you.” Barry said, trying to change Jace’s mind. “But this trial is happening and it’s happening soon. I’m the best thing you got right now, so we can either work together on this or you can end up missing your upcoming PPV event because you’ll be behind bars.”

Jace groaned not at all happy with the situation but at this point he had no other option.

“Fine, let’s just get this over with.” Jace sighed.

“Okay, I got a pretty good idea of the situation involving you and Mr. Brown but let’s go over it just to be sure.” Barry pulled a piece of paper from the briefcase.

“Dennis is my stepfather who married my mother because my biological father left before I was born. Dennis is the biological father of my sister Bailey. From the moment my mother and I moved into his home Dennis was abusive both mentally and physically to me. He didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t his blood and that I didn’t share the same views of the future that he did. He viewed me as an embarrassment because I wanted to become a professional wrestler and worried it would hurt his image if he managed to run for office.” Jace recalls.

Barry nodded his head as he read along with the sheet of paper in his hands.

“That’s when Mr. Brown decided to kick you out of his home at the age of fourteen. He provided nothing as far as a place to stay or financial support for you. Your mother was afraid to go against Dennis’ decision because he was both mentally and physically abusive to her also. You of course moved in with your uncle who unfortunately is no longer with us. He raised you, supported you, and trained you to become a professional wrestler. You were away from both your mother and Mr. Brown until earlier this year when here in New York after a wrestling event you were confronted by your mother. That’s when it was revealed that she had been beaten by Mr. Brown to the point she could no longer stand to be with him.”

Barry paused for a moment to read the rest of what was on the sheet of paper.

“Enraged by this revelation you went to Mr. Brown’s home where the physical altercation between the two of you occurred. You assaulted Mr. Brown so severely that it convinced him to grant your mother a divorce where she got to keep the house and her car. Does that sound about right?” Barry looked up from the paper over to his new client.

Jace was none too happy about hearing the seedy details of what happened but nodded his head to confirm what Barry said to be true.

“Okay, now what I need to know is what have you been doing since that altercation with Mr. Brown? Have you done anything that would cause you to look bad on top of what you’re already being charged with?” Barry asked as he placed the piece of paper back into his briefcase.

“I’ve managed to buy a new home in Denver recently. So, between that and wrestling I’ve been pretty busy…” Jace’s voice trails off before he speaks up again. “I’ve kind of maybe, might be involved in a company that sells less than Grade A frozen meat products that are 100% loaded with steroids and cocaine.”

Barry turned his head from his briefcase and raised his own eyebrow towards Jace.

“I also kind of plotted and funded attempted murder of a fellow professional wrestler who I am facing in a Championship match on the 30th.” Jace tried to make it sound as innocent as possible.

Barry stood there in stunned silence with wide eyes over the bombshell that was just dropped. After a few long moments, the attorney shook his head and tried to focus back on the task at hand.

“Okay, the company thing. You’re not the owner of it, are you?” Barry inquired.

“No, I am not.” Jace answered.

“Good, so we can just claim plausible deniability over your knowledge of the illegal substances in the product.” Barry raised his hand up to his chin.

“I’ve kind of tweeted about it and bragged about it… a lot.” Jace said like a kid that was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Barry hung his head in defeat then took a slow, deep breath.

“Okay, thankfully I don’t think Mr. Brown, or his attorney are aware of your shady dealings with frozen meats. As far as the attempted murder, thankfully, this falls under the conditions of your employment as a professional wrestler. The fact that you and your opponent have signed contracts with ‘hold harmless’ clauses added will protect you in that instance.” Barry turned and looked at Jace. “What we need to do is focus on what Mr. Brown did to you and your mother over the years and nothing else. We need to prove that what you did was a result of long-lasting abuse from Mr. Brown to you and your mother. I have a signed affidavit from your mother detailing the levels of abuse you both mentally and physically endured from Mr. Brown.”

Jace nodded his head slowly.

“So, stick to that. Talk about the abuse and what he did to your mother. Put the spotlight on him as an abusive and neglectful parental guardian/husband.” Barry shoots Jace a thumbs up. “Okay, hang tight here and I’m going to go and see if they are ready to get this thing going.”

Barry patted Jace on the shoulder trying to reassure his client. Barry took his briefcase and headed back into the lobby and over to where the case would be heard. Jace sat down on the small ledge inside of the vestibule. The stress and the lack of sleep began to catch up with the LSD Champion. He leaned his head back and decided to rest his eyes for a moment.


From the vestibule here in the Courthouse in New York City we shift to Riker’s Island. Inside the famous prison facility, we see New York’s worst of the worst locked away behind bars. We pass cell after cell full of convicted criminals that would scare even the toughest teenager straight. We keep pushing forward to a closed off section of the prison. We focus on a single cell where an individual can be seen pacing back and forth inside. After zooming in we can see that the person is the HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson.

“This is what you all wanted. This is what she wanted, right? Bobbinette Carey preached and whined over and over again about how terrible of a person I was. She cried, she played the victim, and for once it actually worked. I got what I deserve, huh? I plotted murder against a fellow HOW Hall of Famer. I’ve done numerous acts in my life that would warrant having me locked up and have the key thrown away. Manipulation, assault, and setting someone on fire, among other things. You name it then I’ve probably done it.”

Jace stops pacing then grabs a hold of bars of the cell.

“The shit you put out into the universe eventually comes back to you tenfold. I’m living proof of that right now, aren’t I? The world should be a better place without me roaming around free to cause misery and chaos in a vulnerable society. That’s the happy ending to this fairytale. The reality is that the world is fucked up and cruel. That people in general are poison and disease to themselves and this planet. The problem is that they all want to hide behind disingenuity and lies. It’s all a smoke screen around a pile of shit that you can smell coming a mile away.”

Jace presses his face against the bars.

“I’m different. I don’t have the time or the patience to pretend to be something that I am not. I refuse to wear some kind of phony mask to make you think I’m all sunshine and rainbows. Just like all the others out there who are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. Bobbinette Carey, Scottywood, and Conor Fuse all act like they are righteous in their stances and causes. They claim to march to the beat of their own drum, but the only difference is that they are the ones that are full of the most shit. Bobbinette Carey in particular drones on and on about the flaws and problems of others. She paints herself as a victim and an oppressed person just because of her gender and the color of her skin.”

Jace closes his eyes and chuckles lightly. He pulls himself away from the bars and stands firm in the middle of the cell.

“She acts like in a combat sport like professional wrestling that her gender or skin color factors into every goddamn thing, but it doesn’t. No one cares that you’re a woman or that you’re a person of color. None of those matters, especially if you’re talented enough to prove that you belong. Our industry is about producing results and you can be any gender, any color, or barely even human at all for that matter. You get shit done inside of the ring then you’ll go far and earn your respect. Bobbinette is loud about everyone else’s issues and wrongdoing just to distract you all from the fact that she is the most flawed person out there. To take the spotlight off of the fact she applies underhanded tactics to use and abuse other people just to remain relevant in the world of High Octane Wrestling. But if you say that out loud? She’ll cry that you’re dwelling on the past or that she’s being falsely accused.”

Jace scoffs and shakes his head.

“When you think about the Hall of Fame career of Bobbinette Carey, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You ask 100 different people and they will all tell you the same answer. It is screwing Shane Reynolds out of the HOW World Championship belt. That is her defining moment as a wrestler in HOW. That is her legacy and yes, it was a long time ago, but should it be allowed to fade away into obscurity? Yes, if… it wasn’t still happening here in 2022.”

Jace makes his way over and takes a seat down onto the hard surface meant to work as a bed for whoever was inside of this cell.

“2008 was a long time ago, that’s when Bobbinette Carey became the second ever HOW World Champion of that era. Only thing is, she didn’t actually beat anyone to become the Champion. The belt was vacated at the time that Carey ‘won’ War Games that year. She allowed Shane Reynolds to do the heavy lifting then used her power as Captain to award herself the title. A belt she held with pride for… 3 weeks before someone more talented came along in the form of Max Kael. From that point on, it took Carey 2 years to capture the HOW World Championship belt for a second time. A reign that lasted a grand total of 2 weeks. Less than impressive but did it matter? Of course not, because in 2008 Bobbinette Carey was inducted into the HOW Hall of Fame alongside Graystone.”

Jace leaned over and placed his elbows on his knees.

“She got her recognition and from that moment, she has been on cruise control. Her biggest accomplishment was taking advantage of someone else’s hard work. Even though the rewards didn’t last as long as one of her menstrual cycles. Yet here we are in 2022 and nothing has changed. Bobbinette Carey is still building ‘friendships’ that are only convenient for her. She’s still trying to work her way into being a Captain for a War Games team so that she might weasel a 3rd HOW World Championship reign out of it. This is what attracted her into making Conor Fuse her new ‘BFF’ and what attracted her to the prospect of seducing STRONK into doing her bidding. 14 years later and Carey is still pulling tactics from that same playbook.”

Jace leans back onto the surface of the makeshift bed and stretches his legs.

“The honest truth is that Carey is only a Hall of Famer because she was here in an era where the talent level was nowhere near what it is today. She was in HOW when being slightly above average was good enough to make you a legend at the time. When Carey was in her ‘prime’ in HOW, it wasn’t the HOW that everyone knows and fears today. It was just another place amongst the crowd trying to make its way. Carey treaded water in HOW’s infancy, but I thrived while the roster was murderers’ row. The past era where I held the HOW World Championship belt for a record number of days is the standard that made HOW world renown. That is what gave HOW the reputation that it was not for the weak of heart or the thinned skinned competitor. And now that HOW has evolved into the best, toughest federation out there, Bobbinette Carey has proven time and time again she can’t hack it.”

Jace folds his hands together on top of his chest.

“Her biggest win in this era of HOW is over a man that proved he couldn’t cut it here by the name of David Noble. Carey was attached to the hip of Scottywood like he actually had some kind of pull within the company. That was an absolute failure, so she hopped to Conor Fuse who is a former two-time HOW World Champion. However, she’s realizing that Fuse is too busy cosplaying as The Invisible Woman from The Fantastic Four to be truly effective. Man could vanish into thin air at any moment. That’s when she set her sights on STRONK. The most over man on the entire roster. The only member of the HOW roster that Lee Best had followed on Twitter. Bobbinette tries time and time again to build herself a little army of her own that she can ‘rule’ over as Queen and reap the rewards with minimum effort.”

Jace paused as a smile spread over his face.

“Not this time, not on my watch. I might be locked away right now but I will find a way to get out. And when I have my freedom, Carey’s freedom will be in danger. If she thinks the two attempts on her life were bad, then she hasn’t seen anything yet. She will have to stand on her own two feet and face me herself. No protesting and playing the victim to get by. No relying on someone else to do the hard work for her. Just Bobbinette Carey, the REAL Bobbinette Carey. Having to rise to the occasion or show the world that everything I said is the truth. She’s an outdated relic of an easier time but has no use in the modern era.”

“Not because she’s a female.”

“Not because of her skin color.”

“It’ll be solely on the fact that she hasn’t ever had what it takes to be considered among the HOW elite.”

Jace folds his hands behind his head.

“And that’s why she MUST be eliminated and wiped from the history books. For the good of those from the past, those from the present, and those of the future. For the good of High Octane Wrestling.”

“It’s only a matter of time.”


Criminal Court
New York City, New York
Thursday October 20th, 2022
Later That Day

We return to the outside of the Courthouse here in NYC where Barry Franklin Gibbins can be seen buying a hotdog from the vendor on the street. The attorney takes a bite from his hotdog and savors it before he turns to face Jace Parker Davidson who is standing behind him.

“You should really get one of these, they are so good.” Barry says before taking another bite.

“I’m good, trust me. I’m just glad everything has been settled here today.” Jace comments as the two men begin walking down the street.

“Everything went well, all things considered. When I came back down to get you for the beginning of the trial, I was kind of worried since you were sitting there fast asleep.” Barry talked with a mouthful of hotdog.

“Sorry about that, I’ve just been up all night long due to trying to get here in time. I was having this weird dream about how I was locked up inside of Riker’s Island, but I was still talking about my opponent at Rumble at the Rock.” Jace scrunches his face in bewilderment.

“Stress and a lack of sleep can do funny things to the mind.” Barry paused to take another bite. “The important thing is that you’re cleared of all charges. Mr. Brown doesn’t get to screw you out of your professional wrestling career or sue you for anything that happened. It’s honestly the best-case scenario.”

“You really saved my ass by showing up the way you did out of nowhere. I definitely owe you for that.” Jace said in a genuine tone.

“Well, step #1 would be accepting the handshake you denied earlier.” Barry fumbles with his briefcase and hotdog before offering a free hand.

Jace turns his head to look at Barry but finally accepts the offer and shakes his hand.

“And now step #2 would be taking my card.” Barry pauses to pull a business card out of his jacket and hands it to Jace. “And give consideration to hiring me full time. I have a feeling that someone like you is going to need a good attorney more often than not.”

Jace looks down at the business card in his hand then back up at Barry.

“I think you’re right about that.” Jace places the card into his pocket for safe keeping. “I just have no–”

Jace is interrupted by the fact someone on the street walks up to the two men and makes their presence very known. Barry turns his attention away from Jace and over to the new arrival.

“Terrence.” Barry said with a nod.

Jace turned to the man standing there. The man that was sitting in his home in Miami all those weeks ago. The man claiming to be his biological father, who goes by the name of Terrence Miles Davidson. The man is dressed head to toe in very expensive designer clothing along with a sophisticated but pricey coat. Terrence holds a cane in his right hand that is clearly just for show and not something needed for him to move around. Jace closes his hands into fists as the two men stare at each other in silence.

“I think I’ll be going, I’m sure you both have a lot that you need to talk about.” Barry excuses himself and continues down the street, out of sight of the two men.

“Well then, boy, it seems as if Barry did a fine job since you’re out here on the street instead of behind bars.” Terrence says with a tone coated in arrogance.

Terrence looks Jace up and down, but his son remains silent and just stares a hole into his biological father.

“Can’t say I blame you for doing what you did to that ne’er-do-well. The problem is that you act without thinking of the consequences that you might face…” Terrence lets out an exaggerated sigh. “I guess I will just have to make up for lost time by teaching you the basics of proper etiquette and how to keep yourself out of trouble.”

Terrence clears his throat but there is still no response whatsoever from Jace, which only angers the elder Davidson.

“After I literally made sure you kept your freedom, you’ve got nothing to say? Are you going to act like a spoiled child forever or are you going to be an adult about this?” Terrence asks but again gets no response. “Oh, and before I forget. Your mother told me to give you her best.”

Terrence gives his son a smug grin and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jace rears back and punches his father in the face as hard as he possibly can. Terrence goes down like he’d just been shot as everyone on the street stops and focuses their attention on the altercation. Jace stands over Terrence for a few moments before making his way down the street to get the hell out of New York City as quickly as humanly possible.