It’s Erin Gordon’s Fault

It’s Erin Gordon’s Fault

Posted on July 30, 2020 at 3:54 pm by Jason Storm

“It’s been a long, winding road, you know? I’ve been wrestling for half of my time on this Earth, and the entirety of my adult life. I’ve been all around the world; the United States, Mexico, Germany, England and Australia. Most recently, I’ve competed in Japan. Of course, my native Canada. I’ve wrestled in hundreds of venues, hundreds of cities, dozens of countries. I’ve seen some of the best wrestlers in the world. I’ve wrestled some of the best wrestlers in the world. I’m 27 years old today, and I’ve been either wrestling or training to be a wrestler for the past 14 years.


Outside of that, I have a son, who just turned 7. My wife and I had Gregory when we were very young, obviously. But my wife and I had gotten married just over a year prior and we were very eager to start our own family. That was very important to us. Through all the aches and pains, the travel, the stress, family always comes first.


Why High Octane Wrestling? Why did I choose, and get the privilege, of signing here? I mean… Andy Murray, Max Kael, Cecilworth Farthington, Dan Ryan, Mike Best… if you want to truly test yourself and face the best of the best, then you go to HOW. There aren’t any stars like them anywhere else in the world. Trust me, I’ve looked.


And to have a chance to have your name even mentioned among these guys? Unbelievable, right? How big of a feather to your cap would that be? I’m looking forward to just being able to step between the ropes with these guys.


Hopefully, that will come in due time. And I’ve never been one to look too far ahead. You need to live in the moment, you know? Otherwise your life will pass you by. Enjoy every minute. I intend to do just that at Refueled XXXV on July 30th when I get to step into the ring with Erin Gordon! I don’t know a lot about her, but I like what I’ve seen so far. She put up a great fight last week and probably should’ve come out on top. She’s so confident too. It’s really refreshing to see that, to be honest. Not just in her personal life but in the ring too. It’s easy to get lost among giant, imposing men but she seems like she’ll refuse to be over-shadowed by anyone. I’m really looking forward to the match this week, I’m always game for competition especially someone who will push my limits. Should be fun!


Is that good?”


“Yes, that’s great. I think we’ve got everything we need.”


Jason stands from his chair and unclips the microphone from his shirt, and hands it to the camera man. He shakes his hand and Jason exits the room, grabbing a bottle of water on his way out.




I make myself sick sometimes. “Looking forward to it!” “Should be fun!” “It’s really refreshing!” I can’t believe these people eat it up like cake, just like the slobs they all are. I ask myself all the time what kind of fake lives these people are living. How can someone pretend that everything is sunshine and rainbows? Just turn on the news for ten minutes and you’ll see how messed up the world really is… and you can’t do a damn thing about it. Erin Gordon, I could care less if she barfs confidence daily, or is trying to be a good role model for her rugrat. Erin Gordon is the first person who stands in my way, stands in my path to success here. Erin Gordon, when she steps into the ring with me, is going to feel pain like she’s never felt it before. What I’m going to do to Erin Gordon is nothing short of —


“Excuse me, Mr. Storm?”


Storm: What? Oh, sorry kid.


Kid: If it’s okay with you, I was hoping I could get your autograph?


Storm: Of course. Sorry about before, I’ve got a lot going through my mind but that’s no excuse. What’s your name, darling?


Darling? I really do hate myself.


Kid: It’s Becky. And don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’re thinking about your match with Erin Gordon.


Storm: Becky, I like that name.


I hate that name.


Storm: Here you go. I’m surprised actually; I didn’t think anyone would recognize me.


Becky: Are you kidding? I’ve been following you since you wrestled in Mexico! You were really good there, I thought you could’ve been the champion if they had given you a chance.


Storm: Well, thank you. That’s very kind.


Becky: Oh, but Japan? You were even BETTER there! The match quality in Japan is always so much higher, and it really suited your style I thought.


Storm: So you actually HAVE been following me, have you?


Becky: Well, not like in a stalker kind of way. But, I’ve been reading up on your career online, watching matches that kind of thing. Wrestling over here just isn’t quite the same… but I’m willing to give it a shot since you’re here now!


Maybe Becky isn’t such a bad name after all.


Becky: Don’t mind my shirt. I know it’s an Erin Gordon shirt and… this is a little awkward. She’s just such a great inspiration to girls all around! I’m still rooting for you though! And you know that if —


Look at her. She won’t stop. She’s talking a mile a minute. I’ve already given her too much of my time. Why won’t she stop? I’d like to stop her. I’d like to—


Becky: Mr. Storm?


Storm: Sorry, what?


Becky: I just said good luck! I’m trying to get front row seats but they’re so hard to get. But I’ll be there!


Storm: Thanks, Becky. It’s always a pleasure meeting a fan.


Wrestling fans are the worst. Just look at her. Giddy from a 2 minute conversation. Was it even that long? They put these schmucks on a pedestal and praise them like they’re the Second Coming. Could you imagine living your life like that? Idolizing us? I’ll show them the path, though. I’ll show them who will lead them, like a shepherd leading the herd.




Later, Jason pulls into the driveway into a parking spot designated for “1H”. He exits his 2011 Honda Civic, locking the doors behind him. He pulls out a fob from his jeans and is allowed access into the apartment building where he currently resides. The hallways are dimly lit. Almost half of the light bulbs are out. The floors probably haven’t been cleaned in at least six months, probably longer. You can still see signs of its original light brown color on the outer edges against the walls. The hallway is deceivingly long. He never thought the building could hold 8 apartments are each floor.


He arrives to the far end of the corridor and unlocks the door on his right, apartment 1H. He places the keys on a hook just inside the door and slides the lock in place. Jason carefully removes his shoes, loosening the shoelaces first before sliding his feet out. He neatly tucks the shoes underneath a little entry table, where he keeps his mail.


The apartment looks pristine. The complete opposite of how the hallway looks. If Jason wasn’t inside the apartment, you would think that no one had stepped foot inside. Ever. All the dishes are put away, the laundry basket is empty, the bed is made and the magazines are perfectly stacked on the coffee table in front of the couch.


Jason looks at his expressionless face in the bathroom mirror. He stands there for a few moments, still. Suddenly, he reaches into the front of his shirt and pulls out a key, attached to a necklace around his neck. He walks over to the door at the end. It has an unusual lock on it, one not found on any other door in the apartment. He slides the key inside and turns it until it clicks. He returns the key around his neck and slowly opens the door. It’s dark, very dark. He stands at the doorway for a moment before stepping inside.


“Hello, Gregory.”


He undoes the buttons on his shirt sleeves and rolls them up to his elbows.


“Remember: this is all Erin Gordon’s fault.”