It is black history month!!

It is black history month!!

Posted on February 8, 2022 at 10:12 pm by Bobbinette Carey

It’s black history month. If you thought I wasn’t going to go there, you haven’t been paying attention! 

If anything makes you uncomfortable then you need to lean in the most and listen. But I’ll try to be delicate as I give this education that you don’t want to listen to. You’ve spent decades being comfortable. Why should you have to listen now when the truth is more painful than the lies you believed? 

You’re not racist you have black friends. You’re not racist because you have had sex with a person who isn’t White, you’re not racist because you have mixed children. These are all lies that you choose to believe. The fact that you have to say that just proves how further racist you are and how you don’t want to educate yourself to be better.

Black history month when every store, website, video game all of a sudden embrace African American history and culture. Of course we get the shortest Month of the year. And I hear you, “why is there no I white history month?” Because white people have rewritten history for so long that every day is white people day. 

No it’s not racist to point out that the power dynamic has always been white people being the majority and everyone else being in minority. We’re going to try to avoid race theory cuz I’m going to ruffle enough feathers as it is.

No, I am not ACAB at all. However the fact that I’ve had guns pulled on me, and held to my head… all because I “fit the description”. when the only description was black. Not all police are bad, but a lot of police cover for their “brothers” and fail to hold them accountable. Plus they decided that they were okay with the fact that the police system was put in place to keep black people in prison (Watch the documentary 13 then come at me otherwise shut your mouth.) And they decided that they were okay with that as a career choice.

Now I know here it comes: “but you’re not black you’re mixed.” Yeah I’ll try telling the officer that as I try to roll down my window and he pulls a gun on me. Yes I’m mixed, but the first thing that is seen is my brown skin. They don’t care that I am Irish and Polish. Sorry I don’t want to end up on a T-shirt that isn’t wrestling merchandise.

Whereas you can mouth off and be disrespectful to a police officer I don’t have that luxury. That is a white man’s luxury I am not afforded to have. Being a black woman in America I am to be respectful, courteous, kind; even when I am being searched illegally just because of the color of my skin. People like to talk about how the civil Rights movement was so long ago and look at how much we still have to go! It wasn’t that long ago but people want to turn a blind eye because they don’t want to listen to the truth. That it is still a big problem! 

Am I making you uncomfortable yet? Good! I am tired of dimming my light to fit your comfort standards. I’m tired of accepting microaggressions just because “it’s a joke.” No, it’s not a joke, it’s disrespect. And you all have been doing it for years. Because I’m only half black so it doesn’t count right? Wrong! I’m not racist by any means. (Racism is a power dynamic and as a black woman I do not have that power. I can’t be racist because I’m not white. But I can be prejudice.)

I am checking you and your privilege today! I am saying I am done being microaggressed, if you have to ask if you could say the word the answers you shouldn’t be saying it! If you’re asking permission for it there’s a high likelihood that you say it when I’m not around anyway, (I’m aware.) Growing up in the hood doesn’t justify you saying it, it further proves your own privilege by equating the hood to blackness. “But come on, it’s a joke!” No it really isn’t.

This society is so screwed up to where I have to sit there and smile and take it! Even if it offends me, even if it upsets me. Otherwise I’m just another angry black woman. Because I’m a stereotype no matter what I do. Except here, here in HOW I’ve never been treated like a minority. How many Bipoc people are there in the Hall of fame? There are only two black members of that Hall of Fame: myself and my tag partner. 

HOW has not discriminated against people of color, HOW has embraced people from all walks of life yet it’s a boys club. I’ve said all of this before but were you listening then? Are you listening now? I’m a damn good wrestler and that’s how I got to where I was. But let’s look at the optical of wrestling, yes HOW doesn’t discriminate but if you can’t get somewhere else first before HOW you’re not going to make it here. I’m talking about what we did to get to where we are. And the fact that the woke era is looked at and mocked? Just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean you’re being oppressed sorry sweetie. Being inconvenienced is not the same thing as oppression.

Again we get one month and I’m going to make it fucking count. Because whereas it’s only acknowledged for one month, I am black history! Darkwing is black history! We are the history of HOW. There has not ever been nor will there ever be another Darkwing just like there will never be another queen of epicness me! Some people are thankful for that why? Because then they don’t have to hear someone else trying to educate them. 

I get it you wish to stay in ignorance, the definition of ignorance is not an offensive word; it means that you’re uneducated on a topic. Again I have to reiterate that because people think I’m calling them names by saying they’re ignorant no I’m just saying you’re not educated on something that I’m educating you on.

 I made time today for this because we’re not going to ignore it’s black history month and you have two of HOW’s Hall of Fame Legends representing that holding it down as a tag team together united! There’s a reason why I chose him to be my partner.


You may shoot me with 

your words,

You may cut me with your eyes,

You may kill me with 

your hatefulness,

But still, like air, I’ll rise

-Maya Angelou


We see the snow covered Parma, Ohio. We see the familiar colonial style house with the attached garage door open. The driveway looks freshly plowed. We see Bobbinette Carey wearing a dark pink cardigan with a pair of matching yoga pants. She has a black collared shirt under the cardigan. She has on a pair of what look to be female steel toe work boots. Her hair is pulled into pigtails rolled into balls behind her ears with loose strands at the side of her face. She walked outside her garage with the trash cans. She put them at the edge of the driveway. She had a grumpy look on her face as she shivered getting ready to trudge back inside.

Man: Hey…

She hears it and ignores it and continues.

Man: HEY neighbor. 

She sighed loudly as she turned around seeing a man with a light tan and dark hair with green eyes. He has dark wavy hair that goes right past his ear. crossing the street towards her driveway. He’s wearing a winter coat unzipped with a sweater under it. He had on a pair of jeans which fit him enough to show he had a booty. She analyzed the man walking towards her as she closed her cardigan tightly in front of her.

Bobbinette: What?

She asked as he walked up to her leaving a few feet between them.

Man: I was just saying… hi and welcome home.

She raises an eyebrow already looking annoyed.

Bobbinette: What do you want?

She asks, rolling her eyes. He seems nervous.

Man: I’m Marc, hi.

He says, extending his hand. She looks down at his hand and wraps her arms tightly in front of herself not shaking his hand. He looks down and puts his hand back in his pocket.

Marc: I noticed that your male friend wasn’t coming over and was wanting to see if maybe you’d want to get dinner sometime.

Bobbinette squints in confusion.

Bobbinette: my male friend?

She wrinkles her eyebrows.

Marc: Yeah the bald guy with the piercings gave off the neo Nazi vibe.

The guy said with a laugh putting his hands in his pockets.

Bobbinette: Scooter?

She laughs, shaking her head.

Bobbinette: yeah no he was my partner not a neo Nazi at all. A hockey dude but no.

She looks confused.

Marc: Oh, your partner. Past tense?

Bobbinette: yeah… wait you didn’t know who that was?

She looks suspiciously over the guy.

Marc: No…should I?

Bobbinette: Wait… you’re not a wrestling fan?

He laughs rolling his eyes.

Marc: Male soap opera? Not my thing.

Bobbinette squints and turns around.

Bobbinette: Yeah hard pass on dinner.

He looks confused as he walks behind her.

Marc: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend.

Bobbinette: Have a good night. Try the lady at the end of the block who’s single. 

Bobbinette says going into her garage and closing the garage door. He seems confused as he watches the door close. She hears a knock at the garage door.

Bobbinette: Can I help you?

She says through the door.

Marc: Yeah we actually went to school together. High school… I wanted to get dinner with you.

Bobbinette: yeah no thanks, not interested in peopling. I don’t remember you so, again not interested.

She walks through her garage back into the house. She hears a knock on the front door. Bobbinette sighs frustrated as she opens her front door quickly.

Bobbinette: What?! 

She sounds in a barking tone. He jumps back then straightens up and clears his throat.

Marc: Look, I had a crush on you back in high school. And when I saw we were neighbors. So taking the chance I wasn’t brave enough to back then.

He says admittedly.

Bobbinette: What is your name mr rando?

She raises an eyebrow putting her hands in her pockets of her cardigan.

Marc: Marc…I said that earlier..

Bobbinette: Who sent you?

Se says holding the door tightly with her hand white knuckling.

Marc: Excuse me?

His face looks confused as he shakes his head.

Marc: No one our daughters go to school together… and I

Bobbinette: Who sent you? Was it Mario or Scottywood?

She snaps again.

Marc: I don’t know either of them. I just want to take you out. Unless Mario is a plumber and has a brother named Luigi..

He laughs dryly. She smirks then shakes her head from side to side fixing her face.

Bobbinette: yeah no. This is too convenient… so you can tell whomever their plan failed. Now please leave before I let my dog loose on you,Good day Marc.

She slams the door and sighs loudly. She leans against the door for a second before peeping out the window watching him shake his head and sighs walking away. She smirks, nodding her head.

Bobbinette: Nope, they aren’t fooling me.

She says with a whisper. Her phone rings causing her to jump. She takes her phone out of her pocket seeing it’s a video chat from the mom squad. She rolls her eyes as she answers it. They both look annoyed at her.

Bobbinette: What? Hello?

She snaps back at the two.

Leah: Marc asked you out and you said no?

Bobbinette wrinkles her eyebrows.

Bobbinette: Yeah cause it’s a set up.

She says, rolling her eyes in annoyance.

Michelle looks shocked as Leah looks confused.

Leah: Yeah, for a date…

Bobbinette laughs, shaking her head.

Bobbinette: Yeah either scooter or Mario sent him.

Leah: Not everything goes back to wrestling!!! 

Leah says frustrated. Bobbinette looks confused.

Bobbinette: Of course it does! One of them put him up to it. 

Michelle puts her hand over her mouth in shock.

Michelle: No dude… he’s had a crush on you for years. He’s vice president of the PTA he’s always asked about you. And you… woah ….

Leah: Bobbinette! You honestly closed the door on that nice and attractive man?

Bobbinette wrinkles her eyebrows.

Bobbinette: It always goes back to wrestling. Always… long con probably. So it was set up by Mario of course.

She convinced herself with a mumble. Her friends look at her dumbfounded.

Michelle: His daughter is in the same class as Mimi! He likes you. Like a lot.

Bobbinette scoffs.

Bobbinette: he doesn’t know me. And oh well.

She shrugs her shoulders. 

Bobbinette: I have a match coming up. –

Leah: No, we are not doing that.

Leah cuts her off.

Leah: Not till you walk over to his house and apologize and accept his date. Then we can talk about your tag match.

Michelle nods her head.

Michelle: Yeah mom squad vote two to one you go talk to him then we will hear about the next match.

Bobbinette crosses her arms, setting her phone down.

Bobbinette: I do not like ultimatums.

Leah: But you love that we keep your honest. Mom law!

Michelle: Mom law!

Bobbinette squints her eyes.

Bobbinette: This is not a democracy! Who came up with that mom law vote anyways?

Michelle: You did. You said it helps force us out of our comfort zone.

Michelle points at the camera screen. Bobbinette sighs, dropping her arms to the side.

Bobbinette: I have a lot on my plate. I don’t want to go out with some dude.

She says pouting.

Leah: Which you can talk about once you go talk to Marc…

Bobbinette sighs loudly as she leaves the phone and goes out her front door stomping through the snow. She grumbles under her breath as she goes and pounds on his door. She waits three seconds then walks away, the door opens and her shoulders goes up to her ears. She turns around and looks at Marc; she laughs weakly at him.

Bobbinette: So… I am a pro wrestler and I think everything is people trying to get one over on me. I’m bad at saying sorry so yeah… and If you’re still wanting to I’ll accept the date. If not, thanks, have a good night.

She says realizing she’s rambling. He laughs walking up to her.

Marc: Yeah I knew that. I haven’t watched but yes I accept your apology and I would love to take you out to dinner.

Bobbinette: Ok great. Bye.

She says walking away awkwardly. She quickly walks back to her house and closes the door, she looks up seeing he’s smiling at her from his front yard. She blushes as she closes the door and rushes back to her phone.

Bobbinette: I hate you both. I agreed to the date.

Leah: Yes!! When?

Bobbinette’s face goes blank.

Bobbinette: What?

Michelle: When’s the date?

Bobbinette blinks.

Bobbinette: I don’t know… the whole thing was awkward. So can I please talk about my match?

She says anxiously as her cheeks start to turn red.

Michelle: Are you blushing?

Leah: Oh my God she is!

Bobbinette: Hate you both. I don’t date. And when he ends up being a mole or something… I will tell you all I told you so. Anyways… 

She sighs loudly.

Bobbinette: Second round of tag team tournament. I won’t call it the ridiculous name that they are calling it after that idiot.

Leah: That you were married to.

Bobbinette: I had amnesia! But I’m facing the other person with the same name… who actually could benefit from being part of the woke era.

Michelle: Is he black?

Bobbinette: No he’s plus size and the one form of bullying that’s still allowed is fat phobia. People love the guy but mock him a lot… I mean he could be better where he is appreciated. 

Leah: Are you trying to recruit him?

Bobbinette: I am just saying he deserves better. Bobby being in the woke era… that’s not… I don’t know. For right now I have to focus on the match against him and Jiles. He’s the loveable loser. Key word is loser…

She says with a slight.

Bobbinette: Not like his teammate really is better. Jiles is literally the worst champion in HOW history. Like seriously he’s the worst.

She says with a laugh.

Bobbinette: Dude only won the title because he got kneed out of the cage. It’s a level of patheticness that is just mind blowing. He lost the tag titles to Darren Zion… 

The two friends look confused.

Bobbinette: Look, this is the type of match that Darkwing and I need. This is the type of vibe. Darkwing and I are equals. Darkwing is an amazing athlete and a good friend. We know how to be a tag team.

Leah: What about that girl? 

Bobbinette: Eli. She had a match this past week and didn’t disappoint. So I’m going to talk to her again this week. She would be perfect with us. I have to show her that the woke era is for good.

Michelle: Wait, people don’t get that?

She looks confused.

Bobbinette: No because I hold up mirrors to them showing them the truths they don’t want to accept.

Leah: You’re a black woman who is trying to educate people. White people don’t like being made uncomfortable. But HOW isn’t about to make people go to diversity training.

Bobbinette: Understatement of the century. It’s worse than the wild wild west.

Leah: Most cowboys were black… and most of HOW… isn’t.

Leah says, biting the side of her mouth.

Bobbinette: I’m thankful I got y’all. The more I and Darkwing show people what we can do the more HOW will have to be accepting of it. 

Michelle: Then your date is after it!

Bobbinette rolls her eyes.

Bobbinette: Yeah a date after. This is a bad idea. Why did I agree to it?

She says as he face looks nervous.

Bobbinette: I’m fine with a tag match. Wrestling is not an issue. Dating? I don’t do that! Wait, why did I let you guys talk me into this?

She starts pacing back and forth nervously.

Bobbinette: This is a horrible idea! Relationships are distracting from important things.

Michelle: Like happiness? Yeah God forbid you have that.

Michelle says in an almost condescending tone.

Bobbinette snaps at them as she squints at them.

Bobbinette: I was happy, a relationship doesn’t define me. Dating only takes away from being focused and eyes on the prize by educating people. Can’t do that if I’m making googly eyes at some guy.

The two friends start laughing.

Leah: Well… It is just one date.

Bobbinette: With a green eyed guy.

The two of them start giggling.

Bobbinette: Okay let me reiterate I hate you both and I have a match with a partner I can depend on. And once I go out with Marc then that’s the end of it and never setting me up again.

She says in a threatening tone.

Bobbinette: Love you both bye.

She hangs up their group chat before they can annoy her any further. She bites the side of her lip sighing before she shakes her head and opens her text messages and sends one to D.W. “I’m flying out your way before the match. I have an idea…” she hits send and looks back out her window towards the house across the street. She sighs and shakes her head walking to her bedroom.