It all comes full circle

It all comes full circle

Posted on September 28, 2023 at 6:50 pm by Bobbinette Carey

Back in the day, if you asked any wrestler where they trained, they’d say the dungeon (not that all these people were trained by Stu Hart) but that’s what their trainers name their wrestling schools. Because the dungeon actually meant something in training. I was trained, ironically enough, in a church. It was an old church that hadn’t been used in decades, that had fallen to the wayside. It was on a prime inner city street, sure but, in this church wrestling was God. So, of course, it makes sense that I wrestle in a company where the owner believes he is God. It’s like coming full circle and also going nowhere at the same time. Life is weird like that…


Life comes full circle, but the one thing that remains true is not everyone likes the same thing. Not everyone finds the same things funny. I mean even here in HOW we have to let people know it’s not for everyone. There are people out there who find Amy Schumer to be hilarious. I don’t get it.


I let people have their things, I don’t crap on things that I don’t like because you know what? Not everything’s for me. I understand and respect that. In this world, there’s stuff that’s going to sound absolutely awful that isn’t for me to like or dislike. You keep it moving and that’s that, but in wrestling, unfortunately, that doesn’t always work for people.


We have loudmouth-entitled idiots here who decide that they get to determine what’s cool. They carry themselves as they know better, they insult, call people babies and idiots along with all that other stuff. Instead of just living and letting live, no, everyone’s got to judge.


The body I am inhabiting belongs to a sexually repressed fraud, God forbid I get any dick. I’m not allowed to have any fun! I’m not allowed to do anything remotely interesting because I should be a boring old spinster. But I take an interest in one person after the longest time and everybody has a glare or a comment to make. Did I do it to get back at JPD? That’s nobody’s business. Am I having fun? Yes, so, why do people want to ruin it for me? 


People worship Mike Best, he’s beloved and worshiped even. He is God’s son after all…


I think I’ll become an atheist at this rate.


Honestly, I’m just over the whole Mike Best experience. He gets excited when he gets everything he could possibly want because he knows Lee will give it to him no matter what anyone else thinks or how stale it is. It’s like getting to go to Disney World but only riding the teacup ride because your cousin’s afraid of all the other rides. So, you’re stuck riding the pathetic, lamest ride over and over again. And even though you’re at the happiest place on Earth? You’re not happy at all. That’s kind of what it’s like, you might not know how to suck dick, but man do you know how to suck the fun out of things.


You do remember what fun is, right? Do you remember that drive to actually enjoy yourself in the ring and not just use Daddy to bully your way to the top? Not just taking opportunities from others but actually enjoying having a fair challenge? I mean it’s not just about the opponent, it’s about the adventure in the ring. It’s about the storytelling, not just I’m going to whoop this guy’s ass. There’s more nuance to that and you used to remember that. But instead, you became bitter, you missed the ring; but for all the wrong reasons. I’m back for the fun of it. I’m getting a chance to do things differently, my way. Not here to make political statements, burn bras, talk about my vagina, or how it’s more important than everybody else out here. No, I’m back because I love being in the ring. You only love the control and the fear that your name brings out in people. I’m not afraid of you, I’m just over you. I was over you before this match was even announced because I knew that one day it was going to have to happen. No, I wasn’t going to give you the HOFC match that you want because that’s not me, it never has been me.


I don’t like roasting people, sure, I’ll talk shit with all of them. But I don’t like ripping a person apart five times just sounds cruel for no reason.

I’m here to enjoy what I can do in the ring, not kiss your ass. The LSD title means something to me. It’s a distant memory of the past. It showk99 me that again things come full circle…


Myrtle Beach

South Carolina

Oceanside hotel. 


The waves crash as the seaside hotel looks calm and serene, except for the patio of one room where there is a “Century BOB” brand practice dummy and base. A person is viciously striking the dummy in different ways. A kick to the head, a forearm, and a jab here. Each move is precise and deliberate. The person none other than Nettie as she continues her barrage of assaults on the figure. After a few minutes, she leaves the front of her hotel room deck and heads straight onto the beach. She jogged to the water and looked out with a smile. Walking in the ocean and then swimming out into the open water, making it a good distance from land. Still in her workout clothes, not a swimsuit. She was relaxed while not able to see below her or around. (It’s Myrtle Beach, not the Bahamas.) But there was something calming to Nettie. As she floated out she looked down at the water almost entranced. Her eyes felt heavy as she swayed in the water. She wasn’t tired, this was something different. Using her better judgment she started making her trek back towards the shoreline. She made it closer to the shore, almost enough to stand up. She blinked slowly, opening her eyes when sudden panic set in. She starts splashing about wildly, nothing has bitten or attacked, yet panic is spreading across her face. She doggy paddles no longer looking like an expert swimmer. She gets to the land crawling on her knees as the waves crash behind her. 


Bobbinette: The ocean?! 


She screams as she stands up walking away from the water.


Bobbinette: You’ve done some shitty things but–


As she’s yelling out loud, she doesn’t notice that someone has run up to assist her. None other than Terrence Davidson. He puts his hands on her shoulders to comfort her. With a quick motion, she flips the hand of the person over her holding the hand and wrenching it.


Bobbinette: You again?! Did you help set this up?


Terrence looks up at her with fear in his eyes. Bobbinette tightens the wrench on his arm.


Terrence: You’re hurting me, my Dove!


He squeaks out as Bobbinette looks confused. She lets his hand go before quickly walking to the hotel leaving him on the ground.


Terrence: Nettie!!!


He calls out to her but she ignores his words. She’s soaking wet as she walks into the hotel to the front desk. Her lips shiver as she is unsure what is going on herself.


Bobbinette: I may have a room here, under the last name Carey.


She says to the concierge who looks concerned to see a guest soaking wet. He motions for someone to bring her a towel quickly as he types in the name. While she’s waiting, Terrence Davidson finally catches up to her, walking rather slowly now.


Terrence: Nettie! 


He calls out to her with no response. He gets to the desk next to her.


Terrence: I am sorry, my wife gets a little confused.


The concierge hands her a room card with an envelope. Bobbinette looks at the number as the man behind the desk looks like a deer in headlights being stuck between these two.


Bobbinette: I am being human trafficked, that’s what this is.


She says stepping back from Terrence. He seemed bewildered at the reaction from his romantic partner. 


Terrence: My Love… did you hit your head? Perhaps a concussion?


The bellhop puts a robe around her as she takes more towels and walks away from the front desk. Bobbinette reaches into her pockets searching for her cell phone. She grabs the cell phone, though water-logged, is still working. 


Bobbinette: Why do I have an iPhone?!


She asks, wrinkling her nose. She sees a lock screen of her and the man standing near her. She goes to punch in her code “1EPiC1” but the phone vibrates as she continues walking.




She says to the phone quickly. She wrinkles her nose even more in annoyance and then types in “Nettie” which unlocks the phone.


Bobbinette: The ego on her…


She says under her breath while pulling her robe closed tighter around her.


Terrence: You’ve forgotten what your phone looks like and your password? And who is this her you keep speaking of? None of this is normal, my Love.


Bobbinette shudders.


Bobbinette: Stop calling me that! You don’t know me!


Terrence shakes his head in disbelief.


Terrence: Is this some kind of joke, my Dear? I know you in the most intimate of ways. Who else would know you have two birthmarks that resemble a vampire bite on your–

Bobbinette stops in her tracks and then spins on her heels. She snarls at Terrence while pointing her index finger in his face.

Bobbinette: That is enough of that!


She said cutting him off quickly with eyes widened over the fact he would reveal such things in public of all places.


Terrence: Are you acting like this because of facing Mike Best? Has he really gotten to you to the point you’re suffering some kind of psychotic mental break?


Bobbinette raises an eyebrow confused but then slaps him across the face.


Bobbinette: Excuse you?! And I’m sorry, what? 


Terrence: Your match on Chaos against Michael for the LSD Championship belt… the whole reason you’ve been working out since we left North Carolina.

Bobbinette shakes her head while walking down the hall of the hotel looking for her room.


Bobbinette: Stop following me…


She notices Terrence behind her. 


Terrence: There is no way I am leaving you alone in this state. You need medical attention if you can’t even remember who I am!


Bobbinette: I don’t know you! You want Nettie!


Terrence seems confused and flustered by her statement.


Terrence: You are Nettie… aren’t you?


Bobbinette scoffs.


Bobbinette: Trust me, I’m not. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this or in the ocean. Not during shark season. No thanks!


She says with frustration as she finds her room and then opens it with the key card. She shuts the door behind her in Terrence’s face. She sighs and throws herself on the bed, her head hitting the pillow. The door beeps as Terrence with his own key card enters the room.


Bobbinette: Nope, you need to go.


She points to the door. She catches her reflection in the mirror and glares.


Terrence: I’m not leaving until you explain what the hell is going on. You’re telling me you’re not my precious Nettie, then who are you? Has this been some kind of scam the whole time?!


Bobbinette gets up from the bed and goes into the bathroom. She looks in the mirror at herself as she locks the door.


Bobbinette: What are you doing?!


Nettie: Living my life! Give it back


Nettie seems nervous and anxious on the other side.


Bobbinette: You were in the ocean! We don’t do the ocean! And a man in our room?  What are you thinking?!


Nettie: Maybe, just maybe, I actually have feelings for someone! He’s my Silver Fox, I have a match against Mike, I am doing so many things, and you’re in the way. This is the Nettie show and you’re about to ruin everything!


Bobbinette: You had us in the ocean! That’s a damn deal breaker!! You also lied about Reynolds! And Mike Best?! Have you lost your damn mind?


Nettie rubs the side of her temples in annoyance. 


Nettie: I earned it! I did.


Bobbinette: No you earned an ass beating… congratulations! On live TV everybody’s going to get to see that. That is what you earned! Great job!


Bobbinette golf claps sarcastically at her reflection who seems annoyed.


Terrence tries to open the door but then leans his ear against it trying to listen to what is happening inside.

Nettie: Oh, piss off, please! Like do you listen to your self-righteous bullshit? Like do you have any idea how annoying you are? You’re a giant hypocrite! A walking contradiction, I am taking the chance to have a life and you’re trying to ruin it. You don’t want anyone happy cause you just suck at life. So, kindly, fuck off!


Bobbinette looks shocked at the rage Nettie expresses and nods her head. Grabbing her head and closing her eyes tightly, she growls under her breath until Nettie is back. She looks at her reflection, only seeing herself. She smiles at herself before walking back into her room with the awaiting Terrence trying to act like wasn’t eavesdropping. 


Nettie: I…


Terrence: What was all of that about? This isn’t the first time this has happened and I demand answers. You locked yourself in there and were arguing with yourself. Who are you? Is Nettie your real name or is it something else? Do I need to book you a nice padded room?

Nettie stands there listening to him. She bites the side of her lip trying to figure out what to say. 


Nettie: I appreciate the concern, my Silver Fox. And not going to lie the authoritative vibe is definitely a turn-on.


She said with a smile walking towards him. He stands his guard as he looks at her.


Terrence: Answers! And no, sex isn’t going to get you out of this, not this time.


She sighs and sits down on a chair across the room from him giving him space.


Nettie: So… it’s like I told Conor. Think of it like two twins sharing one body. Plus, it helps to be a little crazy if you work in HOW. It’s not a requirement, but it’s how people survive.


She joked to a less than amused Terrence.

Nettie: Yes, I am Nettie, she’s Bobbie.

He watched her gesture with her hands like there was more than one person at play here. He curled his lip and tried to process this entire thing as truth or some kind of scheme.


Terrence: So, you’re telling me that you have multiple personalities? That there are two different people in your head and one of them despises me?!


Nettie: That’s simplifying it by a lot.. but she’s a prude! I promised you a crazy ride, didn’t I?


She laughs weakly.


Nettie: Look, this is the longest I’ve been able to stay out. I don’t know if she will take back over but I do know me, Nettie… loves you.


She says, folding her hands in her lap. She takes a deep breath as she feels relieved to finally have the truth out.

Terrence: You… you’ve never said that before…

Terrence walks over to her and then drops to his knees. He takes her hands into his own and looks her in the eyes.

Terrence: I love you too, my Nettie. I love you with everything that I am.

She smiles leaning in to kiss him.


Nettie: Yeah, well, I don’t like talking about feelings and stuff. Now you know the truth… So if you’re staying? I have to focus on the LSD title and making sure she doesn’t ruin me respecting the title and fighting Mike Best with all the hate I have in me. 

Terrence: You have my full support and assistance, my Love.


Nettie: Great! I’m headed to the gym.


She kisses him again.


Nettie: The ocean was a bad idea…but I’m glad it happened. We needed this talk, I feel so much better now.


She grabbed her purse with the room key and kissed him again leaving him alone in the hotel room. Terrence watched her leave and then took a seat to ponder how things would go from here on out.



Hi Michael, it’s me again. I’m not going to antagonize you. I’m not going to call you out because you’re going to show up when you want to. I don’t need to harass you about it, I just need to be aware that it’s coming.


Let me ask you though, do you ever get tired of being so perfect? The image that you have to portray has to be exhausting, never being able to just be yourself but be the persona that all these people have fallen for this long. Never being able to lower the mask or yourself from your high horse. Or is it that you don’t want to see what happens when you do? Is the problem now that if you lower that mask, you don’t know who you are anymore? Have you become so lost in a false identity, that you’ve adopted it as your own because you’ve lost who you really are? That’s a scary thought to think about, who is the real you? Do you even remember that? I’m not even talking about who you were when you first came here, I mean when you go home take off your shoes. When you lay down in your bed and you shut off the theatrics, who is that person? Maybe that’s why you’re still here, this is the only semblance of who you are and it’s the only place you feel safe.


This match isn’t about the title, it’s not even about sending a message. Let’s be real, for you, it’s nothing more than target practice. It’s cannon fodder, let’s not pretend it’s anything more. For you, it’s nothing more than keeping your skills sharp. For me, it’s a chance at a title and to prove that beating all of your father’s friends wasn’t a fluke.


Honestly, I can name a dozen guys who would be more than happy to have the opportunity I have. They would be more than delighted to be standing against you in the ring. But, you and I know their egos would never admit what the truth is. You’re at the top of your game and there’s no taking you out any time soon. Any offense, anything I get in this match will be out of sheer luck and coincidence.


I’ve been an amazing wrestler for decades, but you’re on the run of a lifetime. I’m not going to phone it in, don’t worry. I’m not just going to lie down and let you take the victory, I’d never be that disrespectful. I’m going to put up one of the biggest fights of my life because that LSD title was the first belt I ever held in HOW. That title put me on the map and started me down the road that I would end up being on to make me who I am here. So, it’s the only reason that I am going to put my heart into this match, because of that belt. Because if it wasn’t for that title, I would not be the Hall of Famer, legend, one of a kind, that I am today.

That LSD belt was my breakthrough. That title made everyone else in the back take notice. That made names sit up and actually realize I was here for a reason. So, that title means a hell of a lot more to me than it does to you. You bet your ass I will be showing up and doing the best I will ever fucking do this time for that belt.

Take it as you will.