Is Boredom Really a Thing?

Is Boredom Really a Thing?

Posted on April 22, 2021 at 8:23 pm by Brian Hollywood

You know what?  I’ve reached my limit with you Mike…and I’m not talking about word counts.


You’re a cocky, arrogant son of a bitch who obviously didn’t have a mother to spank you in the ass when you were out of line.  Just a blind father who was blind to everything else other than the name best or pocket book.


But I have appealed to the pocketbook and that’s why I’m still around whether you like it or not.  I know you don’t like it…in fact, I know you HATE it!  Like it or not, I was here to help keep the lights on in HOW when you weren’t, Mike.  You bailed on High Octane Wrestling because you no longer got your way.  You’re only happy when you get your way and that’s why you’re on top.  You may be a great prized fighter and you may think that HOFC is your thing, but at the end of the day all you will ever be is a gigantic baby.


I’m not talking about boss baby, either.  I’m talking about a whiny little bitch who has to get spoon fed the shit like Justin Bieber.  You’ve got a face just like that prick, too.  So much so that all anyone wants to do is punch the lights out of it.  It’s not winning title after title and being able to defend your spot that makes me think of your success, Michael…it’s your ability to be able to whine so loudly and threaten to do this and that that your father finally gives you what you want just so you’ll shut the fuck up!


Here’s a funny one for you…what if I just kept getting booked against you until I finally find a way to just beat you?  I wonder just how mad that would drive you?  I could think of the endless possibilities.  Perhaps that’s just one of them that keeps me going around here.


I would love nothing more than to be able to beat you in that cage, Michael.  I’ve fared quite well against you here in our last bout.  You can lie all you want, but I’ve brought it against you and a guy like me bringing it against you terrifies you.  It’s not because I’ve been a mainstay…it’s because a guy like me who’s been down on his luck could never actually be able to turn it around against a guy like you.  The truth is I’m just tired of seeing the same Michael every time we lock up.  Oh wait…this is sounding familiar now!


You’ve said the SAME thing!  Only you felt that you had to have some kind of “interview” as a means of intervention because you’re “running out of material” against me.  What..did Mike Best stutter?!  Did Mike really say he was running out of material to use on ME?!  Maybe you’re bored of fighting me but did you ever think that it was possible to be in a position to lose everything?  I mean, you were very successful in losing the HOW World Championship to a guy like Jiles…fucking CANCER JILES of all people who I just beat not even two fucking months ago!


The narrative in all of this is that if a guy like Cancer Jiles can beat the fuck out of you and take the HOW World Championship than why can’t a guy like myself take the HOFC title as well?  Think of the tabloids in that one.  Jiles beating you for the world title only strengthens my whole point on being able to turn your luck around.  We all go through spells of losses and being down on our luck..but we can turn that whole thing around.  All it takes is one match.


You can’t get rid of me and I think that’s the problem you’ve had with me, Mike.  The fact that I can take the hits from you and just keep getting right back up and continuing on like it never fucking happened.  It’s like a game of Russian Roulette we’re playing.  One of these times, either you’re going to kill me, or I’m going to beat you.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


Well this is boredom staring you right in the face daring you to make a move.  You might have run out of “material” against me and maybe you shouldn’t have blown your wad so quickly!


Oh not to worry, I’m sure there’s a lesson in all of this..


Whining fucking prick!