Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron

Posted on January 29, 2020 at 8:30 pm by Austin Reeves

Sitting inside his dressing room after losing to HOW Hall Of Famer Chris Kostoff, Austin Reeves wonders if coming back was the right thing for him to do. Every muscle in his tired, weary body is just screaming at him. Blood  seeping from a small cut from the top of his eyebrow and trickling down the side of his cheek. 


The question comes into his head as to why he is sitting in his dressing room, alone and in pain from the brutal match he had been through with Kostoff instead of being on the Jersey streets making some real money. The answer is simple for Reeves, it’s because he fucking loves it!


Still sitting down and hunched over in his chair, procrastinating about taking a shower, Austin hears the door knob to the dressing room door turn. He looks up and sees an unfamiliar face looking into his dressing room.


“Mr Reeves, I’m Dr Nichols, I just wanted to check on you and see if you were ok.” The Doctor announced nervously. 


With a cold steel stare, Austin replies with, “Go fuck yourself! Get out of my sight!” 


The Doctor quickly disappeared, slamming the door behind him. Austin slowly gets up and walks over to where there is a stack of towels. He takes a towel and heads to the shower room in the back. While walking, Austin starts to accept the fact that even though he’s lost the fight against Kostoff, he hasn’t lost the war. A war he’s ready to up the ante on. 


The scene now opens inside Austin’s apartment. He is sitting by himself at his dining table, drinking his coffee, pondering what he would do for the rest of the day. He takes a sip of his coffee and his thoughts drift back to that fateful day when he was trying to walk into a gas station after shooting Gino. It was that moment that his life as Paul “Trip” Trippard was over. Over because he got recognized by none other than HOW’s Brian Bare. Bare just happened to be driving through and pumping gas into his car. 


Reeves begins to think back to that moment……… 


He sees a gas station nearby and walks towards it. He sees a car at the gas pump with a guy pumping gas into his car with his back turned from Tripper. The guy turns around and sees Tripper walking towards the entrance door to the gas station store. 


“Reeves?” Said the man with a confused tone. 


Tripper stops in his tracks and slowly turns around. He looked at the man standing at the pump and he immediately knew who he was. It was at that moment, Tripper knew that his days as Paul “Tripper” Trippard is over. It was at that moment, Tripper knew that Austin Reeves had returned from the dead. 


“Bare?” Reeves asked while already knowing who he is. 


“What the fuck is going on here?” Bare asked with a tone like he just saw a ghost. 


Austin raises his arms out slightly then lets them drop by his side again, resigning to the fact that his identity has now been discovered, “Thought you’d never see me again?”


The scene now switches back Austin sitting at his dining table, still drinking his coffee. He’s about to fly out for his first match at the Lee Best Invitational against Brenton Cross. Normally Austin would be focused on his match but his mind is more focused on how he was going to stuff his pockets with some cash, and fast! 


In Austin’s eyes, Brenton Cross is a “Johnny Come Lately” kind of wrestler. He really hasn’t spent any quality time in HOW and hasn’t been in wars with animals like Kostoff. Getting in the ring with Cross is far down on Austin’s list of priorities. He knows that if he can survive a war with Kostoff, he can survive anything Cross throws his way. 


The scene now opens to Austin knocking on a brown wooden door late at night. He waits a few more seconds then knocks a little more frantically. The door opens and is stopped by a security chain that only allows the door to open a few inches. A man’s face looks through the gap.


“Rudy Home?” Asked Austin


“We don’t want any trouble, Reeves??” The man replied


“Open the door.” Austin demanded


The scene fades…….


……To Be Continued