Introductions to the LBI of HOW

Introductions to the LBI of HOW

Posted on January 21, 2020 at 9:22 pm by Deacon

“I suppose this will be the story of two,” Magdalena said, “very different, ICONIC introductions.”

“If that’s what Deacon wants,” Brian Bare said, tightening his tie.

Magdalena paused, cocking her head to the right with an eyebrow arch to accentuate it. “It IS what we ARE going to do.”

Brian glanced at her, then away, then down before mumbling– “One of those relationships.”

Magdalena’s mouth straightened razor thin then tilted ever so slightly into a smile. “It is BEST you hold the microphone; I shall do the talking.”

“Deacon gonna be here?” Brian pushed.

“When I request his presence,” Magdalena said, her irritation growing. “He has his responsibilities to see after.”

“Like what?”

Magdalena stared at Brian for several moments. She bit her piercing in her lip, still holding Brian’s eyes. He didn’t flinch, even as the time lingered, eventually cracking a smirk of his own, maybe to break the tension, or maybe just to piss off this new worker.

“They’re gonna want to see your supposed Mute Freak.”

“Let me assure you, Mister Bare,” Magdalena said with a nod. “Right now, no, you really don’t.”

“Your loss,” he continued. “They want the seven foot freak. Let me assure you, if this is just you, High Octane Wrestling is gonna be hell after what your puppet pulled at Iconic. They can’t get the freak, they’ll take his woman–”

Magdalena put her hand in Brian’s face and clenched her other.

“I’ve taken worse; and you’re gonna get worse.”

Magdelena’s clearly measured words answered him. “I will see you there.” She turned stiffly.

“Your third on my list,” Brian said.

“I will wait,” Magdalena snapped, her accent sharper than previously.


“You ready?” Brian asked.

Magdalena didn’t look at him, let alone answer.

“You’re gonna get ate alive,” he said. “We go in 3…2…1.” He points, holding the microphone perfectly. A split second later, his venom disappeared. “This is Brian Bare for High Octane Television setting the stage for–”

“With gratitude, I say,” Magdalena said, her voice different. “I shall set THIS stage. Deacon enters Lee Best Invitational’s Embosser Group. He starts at Refueled 8 on January 25th. He meets Crash Rodriguez. Stakes are simple. Winner gets closer to winning their group. Loser’s road … shall be more complicated. And if someone is not in this business for being Champion,…” Magdalena’s voice faded. The moment stretched. Brian pulled the microphone toward him and–

“Leave it. You will want to hear this.” Magdalena stared into the camera. “This is, as you say, a means to an end. Crash, your only mistake is being in… wrong group. Deacon did not enter HOW to fail at his first challenge. He did not enter to show the world that after you make a statement against one of HOW’s lauded champions, you crash to the ground to Rodriquez. Much as at ICONIC, you appear to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. And much like ICONIC, Deacon plans to knock you down to get to where he needs to be. He shall see you in the ring.”

“An interesting match it will be,” Brian Bare said, but Magdalena had already left. “That’s a wrap.” With a sign and a shaking of the head, he added to no one -“That lady doesn’t even know… she is toast.”