Insert Lame Ass 2010 Joke Here

Insert Lame Ass 2010 Joke Here

Posted on February 3, 2024 at 11:17 pm by Scottywood

Well here we go, Scottywood versus Silent Witness.  The match that everyone has been dying to see… in 2010.  But here we are 14 years later and somehow our two broken asses are still in that ring. You trying to make some comeback to prove that your one eyed ass hasn’t turned into some pirate version of Grizzly Adams.  Me, I wish I was done with this all.  It’s a sharp 180 from when HOW was my life, my entire fucking life.  There was no one that bled #97Red more than me and I will believe that to my fucking grave.  Claim you are the LSD Legend if you still want to… I’d argue it, but I doubt any of those fuckers will take my side.  But when I bled #97Red, I fucking did it harder than anyone else.  Period.  End of fucking debate.

But now… now it is just another paycheck.  It’s me doing Lee a favor.  Cards on the table, some over fucking sharing for you Witness.  I didn’t even want to enter this tournament.  We all saw how I fared at ICONIC.  I mean you all did, I might have been blacked out and never watched the video of the show.  But I know it wasn’t fucking good.  I gave it one more shot and I couldn’t fucking reclaim the love of my life.  The LSD TItle escaped me and I walked out of ICONIC with nothing.

That was my sign… that was my sign to hang them up in HOW.  But when Lee Best calls… it’s so fucking hard to say no.  I owe that man a lot of shit.  Some great times… and some absolute shit times… but they helped me grow into the person I am today.  Which might not seem like the greatest thing on the surface, but who the fuck are all you to know what makes me happy.  I had some great runs here and got to do stuff I never even dreamed of back when I ran my own shit.  HOW leveled up my wrestling game in ways that NGW never could have.

So while Witness is trying to relive the glory days of 2010, dropping lame ass immature shit like Cuckywood… wow, think that up all on your own you brilliant fucking toolbag.  I mean you have had a lot of time to think up of your best fucking nickname for me and you came up with that?  Seriously dude your stuck in a fucking time warp.  Plus do you not see the fucking irony in calling a man a cuck when your fucking name is Silent Witness? 

Ya need to get your head in 2024 and realize that neither of us belong in that ring.  This is a match that no one needs and no one has been looking to see for the past fucking decade.  But hey, like I said, it’s gonna be a pay day and I still have no problem putting my body through whatever I need to in order for that check to cash.  I’ll have a fridge of beer in my locker room for before and after… and I’ll be fucking happy no matter the outcome.

Maybe you feel like you need to win this match Witness.  That you still have something to prove.  Good for fucking you.  I don’t.  I’m happy going out there, getting whatever licks I can in you and being done.  I got nothing else to prove to anyone… especially to those in HOW.  So you can keep your drama and “hilarious” fucking so called insults and keep pretending that it’s 2010 still.  I really hope you guys enjoy yourselves, cause in the end, we’re all just trying to find our own form of happiness.

Mine is beating the fuck out of people and drinking copious amounts of beer.  Yours may be acting like a fucking teenager who hasn’t learned the art of subtle or intelligent insults.  I mean what is next here?  Fuckywood?  Shittywood?  Bonerwood!  Yeah, that one seems right up your level of fucking intelligence.  And yes, I understand the irony in you getting this lecture from a man who may or may not remember anything I have said here tonight when I wake up tomorrow.  Who has half a fucking brain and has drowned the other half in beer.  Honestly if I gave more than a fuck about this match… you wouldn’t stand a fucking chance.  So consider this a gift Witness, cause you need this more than me.  So I won’t entirely shit on your whole fucking parade and bury you six feet deep… cause maybe six feet, ain’t so far down.

Ya get it, Creed, cause your stuck in the shitty fucking past when Creed was actually… aw fuck, no, they didn’t get popular again did they?  God dammit…

Well, that’s all I got for ya Witness.  Sometimes I wish it was 2010 again, for the nostalgia of it… for my body not being a wreck… for the passion for HOW to still be there.  But we can’t go back in time… yet… and here we are in 2024.  We must adapt, change and grow… or else what was the point of it all?  I know, deep thoughts, don’t hurt yourself too much thinking about them Witness.  I wouldn’t want half your brain to explode… you don’t have a lot of useful parts in it to spare like myself.