Posted on September 22, 2020 at 1:23 pm by Hughie Freeman

In an office setting that is filled with old fashioned furnishings; the table, the floor and the wood-chipped walls. Stationed within the office and sat at the top table itself are a bunch of bigwigs in suits. The door is opened via a H. A. T. E. guard and slowly entering is Hughie Freeman, rather sheepishly.

Freeman removes his flat cap whilst coming closer to the table and hovers over the table next to a seat before the authority figures.

BIGWIG #1: Take a seat.

The bigwig that is centred in the middle of the table requests Hughie to sit down on the chair. Freeman complies.

BIGWIG #1: We see by your file you’ve served three months of a life sentence.

HUGHIE: .. And twenty four days.

The female bigwig on the end flicks through her papers.

BIGWIG #1: Yes, and twenty four days.

HUGHIE: Yes sir.

BIGWIG #1: Your list of offenses whilst in Alcatraz include..

Freeman looks deeply concerned as he adjusts himself on his seat.

BIGWIG #1: Causing physical and emotional distress to an art teacher, covering your naked body in goose-fat whilst resisting arrest, caught having sexual relations with HOW visitor RICK, smuggling in a tattoo kit, setting fire to prison library property in your cell, and hospitalizing six H. A. T. E. guards in total.

Freeman gulps, with concern.

All of the bigwigs begin to write on their pieces of paper. Except the man in the middle who does not flicker in emotion.

BIGWIG #1: Hughie Jacob Freeman.. do you feel you’ve been rehabilitated?

Acknowledging this is Hughie’s parole meeting, Freeman takes his time to answer.

HUGHIE: Me? Aye sir.. completely rehabilitated me, sir. Not a danger to anyone. I can honestly say, hand on heart.. I’ve learnt my lesson. I can one hundred percent slot back into society like any other innocent man, that’s the GOD’s honest truth.

The parole board takes notes as there’s a break in dialogue.

#1: So you’re finally ready to confess?

Freeman looks deeply confused.

HUGHIE: Confess to what?

#1: Your crime.

Freeman is caught in a dilemma. From day one he has professed his innocents and never took ownership of his crime. But this is his chance, speaking to the parole board, to confess and to hopefully get one step closer to freedom.

HUGHIE: Naw mate.. It’s Scottywood. He’s the guy you want. He’s the true mastermind in all of this. He may not have charcoal on his hands but he has the burning desire to do serious harm.

The parole board is noting everything that comes out of Freeman’s mouth down on their papers.

HUGHIE: He HATED the pumpkin faced freak.. but me? Naw.. wrong place, wrong time. Different guy in a Bowler hat. Not me, sir.. Completely innocent now.

The HOW camera captures the silence as Hughie Freeman awaits a response from the parole board.

Bigwig #1 then ink stamps a sheet and immediately slides it along to Freeman. Hughie picks up the sheet and the sheet firmly reads: REJECTED overwriting all the small print.

HUGHIE: You son of a CUNT..!

Freeman, in complete rage.. leaps out of his chair. However, Scottywood’s trusted H. A. T. E guards are there to detain the HOW wildman. He’s carted away, foaming at the mouth as the parole board acts completely normal like nothings happened.

You’re a master manipulator. Yeah, that’s you, Jiles. You want me and the rest of HOW to believe that you’re a fun-loveable guy that wouldn’t hurt a fly but you’re one nasty mother fucker. In fact, you’re the meanest bastard I’ve ever met, fella. You’re cruel, calculated and a downright killer. You’re like every cunt else here on H wing (Hell wing) who pleaded innocents but are as guilty as deadly sin.

But the look of a killer does not need to have the scars to prove it, or the gang-life tattoos. It’s proved to your man Hughie Freeman that they can have bleached blonde hair and have the beautifulest of smiles.

You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing, mate. They do always say that it’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for. But fuck that.. ‘cool’ and ‘dude’ are strikingly suspicious vocab to me now. For what your man thought was pure innocents was nothing more than a master plan cooked up by Captain COOL himself. Where ultimately, I was left with massive fucking egg on my face.

Congratulations fella, you managed to fool a born and bred travelling man. Your man Hughie Freeman didn’t see it coming. I fell for your innocents just like the rest of the HOW faithful have done. Your man was too innocent to believe that your innocence was all just fat disgusting Bobby Dean shit.

But to hold that glowing LSD title belt you are so desperate to hang onto.. that does not show your innocents; that shows cracks in your confession. COOL Jiles has refused to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.. so help him fucking GOD.

Your meticulous planning and public image have been exposed my friend. The greed you have with this LSD title, like you are the master of the Genie lamp.. you’ve finally imprisoned yourself. Cos no longer are you COOL innocent eGG Banit Jiles, that wants the best for those HOW people.. You’re exactly your moral fibre of the BANDIT you truly are. You are CANCER Jiles. And don’t you ever fucking forget it.

And whilst you’re the owner of that shiny belt.. your man has nothing. When my innocents was taken, so was my fucking livelyhood. I’ve belonged to this mistress that is Alcatraz prison for most of my High Octane life. I’ve had more beatings than Scott Stevens and forgot who I fucking was for days. The true fighting man that will fight anyone; takes no shit, and refuses to answer to anybody.

You may have lost your innocents, lad.. but definitely not your damn privilege. You say that you can’t lose your precious LSD title cos it’s the only thing you have left. But not only is your innocents lost.. but your friends, your family.. your whole bloody identity has gone walkabout.

My innocents went one hundred and fourteen days ago when they caged me up for a crime I did not commit. My friends and family.. Ask your boy RICK. The let-down that once showed me LOVE and then HATE ripped us apart. The same LOVE he’s faked for all of you Bandits.

Your man’s identity? I’ve shown HATE, LOVE and fucking indifference. Your man Hughie Freeman has had to adapt to Uncle Sam’s diarrhea all around him. The whole of Alcatraz wanting to see pikey blood and cheer for every barbie-bat struck against my head. Even you, Jiles.. going on record of saying how unsympathetic you are of my position, when we all thought butter wouldn’t melt with you.

But that’s my own fucking naivity, fella. You be as callous as you want to be. In fact, your man prefers it that way. Cos before when I slipped up against you in previous contests.. I fell for your innocents. You managed to manipulate The Famous Gypsy Warrior. You had me go fucking easy on you cos of fucking pity. Like you were some cute little puppy dog that couldn’t be slapped. But not now.. I’m gunna muzzle that violent dog inside of you and take the only thing you have left.

Then, and only then.. you will realise what it’s like to have nothing. Then, Mr. COOL.. will really know what it’s like to hit rock bottom. And then you will fucking realise that your man does not give a flying toot about your damn bastard privilege. Get ready to buddy yourself up with HATE my friend.. It’s a lonely place and it’ll consume your whole shell.

When all of the scientists and psychologists strapped me to a gurney and tested me like a lab rat. They wanted to know how your man ticked. They wanted to know what drove me to be so dangerous and fucking evil. Whether it was nurture; how Freeman was raised.. Or nature; how Freeman was born. My childhood versus my whole DNA, genetics and everything that makes Hughie Freeman.. Hughie Freeman.

Their answer: unclassified.

Your man can’t be fucking tested. Fella, I’m not like every other cunt that walks this Earth. I’m a different breed. I cannot and will not be controlled by the riches of the game like you Jiles. I live by my own fucking rules and HATE is just a byproduct. It’s something to label me by. It’s something those experts randomly select cos they simply don’t have a clue how your man operates. It gives them all peace of mind and Scottywood answers that will make that dosser fail.

You will be treated like Hughie Freeman treats every fighter. You may have slipped through that net in the beginning.. but not now you devious fuck. You will be treated with the same respect as every deluded man that has the balls to go nose-to-nose with Hughie Freeman. Then it’s all down to your man to totally disrespect your face with my famous fist. The reputation that echoes these very wings you eggy tosser.

Then you’re getting pinned and then I take your.. not innocents; your fucking priviledge. But also.. I’m taking something from the real villain that is Scottywood. Aye mate.. it’s all coming full circle for your man’s final release. I’m killing two birds with one brick.. leaving you completely naked of your privilege and stealing Scottywood’s pride and joy. It’s to have and to hold that LSD title, and to treat it better than he ever did. That, my friend.. gives your man hope. It gives your Pleasant Pikey Friend a future beyond these very bars. And that, mate.. keeps this fighter fighting.

This time at The Best Arena, Rumble At The Rock at Alcatraz.. I don’t give a fuck, mate. I’ll fight anyone anywhere. Fuck the cliche, I’m a fighting man and Scottywood can move the goalposts all he likes, he can fly me over to here, there and everywhere; in the snow, or from Mars.. I’m ready to fight. Your man Hughie Freeman is ready to knock riches out of you, Jiles, and to flaunt Scottywood’s legacy around my very waist; above my fucking cock.

Your man is not fighting for his freedom this time around. He’s fighting to belong.. He’s fighting fire with your smoke and mirrors, my underprivileged for your privilege, and smacking a guilty plea from your bastard mouth that you aren’t one bit COOL..

Full name: CANCER Jiles.

Not innocent.