Initials Change Meanings

Initials Change Meanings

Posted on October 15, 2020 at 9:09 pm by Steve Harrison





“Steve Harrison has been signed to DREAM and put in a new talent showcase match.”

I will give you all a minute to soak in the irony of that statement. If you are Cancer Jiles you will receive the additional ten minutes that the special needs kids are given.




Scene opens with Steve Harrison tossing the remote control to his TV onto his couch.  He stands up and stretches his arms to the sky, his elbow making a loud crack.  He shakes it off and smacks his elbow and then rubs his face with a yawn.

“That was a small portion of an unreleased promo from almost exactly TEN years ago.  I was to have my first match with DREAM at the 10.10.10 show but it would go on to close for an additional month.  In that time, I exited the wrestling business to join the survive my overbearing father business.  Ten years ago, my first comment was directed at Cancer Jiles.”

The Man of all the Miracles laughs to himself with a small shake of his head.

“Now ten years later I have a match with the thing who owns the same name.  That is how I have to say it because I don’t see a MAN, I don’t see a WRESTLER, and I don’t see someone any reasonable person should respect.  On Saturday my plan backfired.  I can openly admit that I may have miscalculated Jiles.  I figured this whole woe is me bullshit was just a show to get others to let their guard down but what I saw when I looked in his eyes was…nothing.”

Harrison frowns and walks towards the great Miracle Enterprise bar and pours himself a glass of Whiskey as usual.  The ice in the glass cracks a bit as the whiskey pours slowly.  He swirls the drinks and then gives it a quick sniff.

“Wonderful.  Cancer Jiles is just that: a cancer.  He is attempting to spread his selfish bad feels across HOW.  On Saturday I did what I thought would work in getting him out of this annoying funk.  Now people within HOW would probably look at me and ask why I would care about this.  I should just take the easy win and move on.  I care because anyone can be an asset for me.  Right now, Cancer Jiles is the opposite of an asset.  He is depreciating faster then Lee Best can pay his fucking check.  This helps nobody because beating Cancer Jiles is the equivalent to beating Scott Stevens right now.  I already did the latter and as fun as it was to make jokes about selling his daughter the match was pointless.”

Steve takes a small sip of his drink and shrugs his shoulders.

“I become the number one contender to a title that is being held by a dear friend of mine…who I have beaten.   Winning this match means I get a shot at the LSD title that I already have earned a title shot for.  I was giddy about this being the destruction of the eGG Bandits, but they did it to themselves and now I am left with some sunglass wearing jobber who has lost all his friends and his desire to even live.”

The Suplex Saint chuckles to himself and puts his glass down.  Rebecca Hines walks into the room, behind her an older man with a boring blue suit and scuffed up shoes follows behind her.  He looks to have not shaven in several days. His eyes are a tad bloodshot showing he has not slept much either.  Rebecca lets the man walk by him towards Steve and she walks over to the bar and leans against it staring intently at Steve and the man.

“Frank, you look like shit,” Harrison says when he sees him.

Frank takes a folder out from under his armpit and hands it to Steve.  “I believe I have found the two guys you are looking for.”

Steve grabs the folder and opens it up and nods slowly towards Frank, “everyone has social media accounts these days.  This must have taken you ten minutes, why do you look like shit?”

“Took a tad longer to find out where they lived, sir,” Frank says with a serious tone back towards Steve.

Frank has no last name that matters.  He is a man known for finding anyone someone needs to find.  He is not cheap even though he dresses like he is, but he always comes through.  Frank was introduced to Steve through a phone call with his former wrestling trainer and business associate of his father.  He had a mission and one Steve felt strongly about for the last few weeks.  It kept him up at night thinking about the disrespect he received and finally he had what he needed.

“I see…heh, they both work at Arby’s?”


Steve starts to laugh, “I should not be surprised, I doubt either of them have graduated high school.”

Frank nods, “if you look on page four you will see they both enjoy…”

Harrison flips the pages and then puts his hand up to stop Frank, “Nope…don’t need to know that they both enjoy tentacle porn, Frank.  I am glad you are thorough, but I don’t think I need to know more than where they live.”

“Anything can be used against someone, it is better to know as much as possible,” Frank responds not even cracking a smile about the tentacle porn.

Rebecca suddenly appears next to Steve with a glass of White Wine in her hand.  “What the hell is this all about, Steve?”

“Pay back.”

Miss Hines takes a sip of her wine and responds, “you hired a well-respected private eye for pay back?”

Harrison nods and shuts the folder, “The New World does not accept people of such low character, Rebecca.  These two pieces of human garbage must be made examples of.  Frank, you can go, thanks for all your hard work.”

Frank shakes Steve’s hand and then walks out the door.  Harrison walks over to his closet and open it up and grabs a bag.  He walks back over and tosses it at Rebecca’s feet. Rebecca looks down at the bag and kicks it with her high heels shoes softly and looks back up at Steve.

“Don’t throw shit at my feet, Steve,” she angrily says her face becoming a lighter shade of red.

“You keep asking questions so I figured you can look inside that bag and see where I am going with all this.”

Rebecca frowns again and do not even try to ask her to smile, she will chew you up and spit you out.  She places her wine on the living room table in front of her and grabs the bag.  He opens it up and drops it quickly and puts her hand to her nose obviously overrun with the smell that came from the bag.

“What the HELL is that, Steve?”

The Miracle Man of all ages grabs the bag and yanks what’s inside out and tosses it back to the floor.  “THAT IS THE FUCKING SUIT THOSE ASSHOLES RUINED WHEN THEY THREW EGGS AT ME!”

Rebecca takes a few steps back startled at Harrisons reaction and the smell from the suit beginning to fill the space. “Why the hell do you still have that, you maniac?”

Steve steps forward his eyes opening as far as they can and a scary grin upon his face as he grabs Rebecca by the shoulders, “MANIAC!” he yells in her face, “no, no,” he begins speaking quieter, “this is a reminder to myself that people do not get away with crimes against Miracle Enterprise.”

Rebecca smacks Harrisons hands off her shoulder and stares in his eyes, “you mean, you.”

Steve waves the comment away, “exactly.”

“Miracle Enterprise is not just you, is the point Steve.”

Steve turns his back to Rebecca and starts laughing to himself, “I mean–I could have sworn you would have been the first person to realize that Miracle Enterprise’s initials are ME.  It is about ME and some vicious attack by some eGG Bandit groupies will be dealt with…harshly.”

Rebecca sighs and walks back to her wine.  She lifts the wine, her hand shaking slightly and drinks what’s left in one large gulp.  “what do you plan on doing,” she pauses, “they are kids, Steve, kids for god’s sake.”

The Miraculous Judge of character ignores the question and sits down on his couch and crosses his legs.  He grabs his drink from the table in front of him and takes a small sip.  He places the glass back down and looks up at Rebecca, “this was premeditated EGGING!”


He rubs his chin, “the sentence has been agreed upon…”

Miss Hines interrupts Steve, “what the fuck are you talking about?  What sentence and who agreed to what?”

Steve looks up like he is seeing through the ceiling to the sky outside, “Miracle Enterprise expects– a sacrifice.







Cecilworth in his arrogance named the LSD title the Loyalty and Sacrifice Division.  He believed that defined his being, but of course it was just him trying to hide his sorrow at Mike Best winning the World Title and Max Kael completely turning his back on him and becoming the great and faithful Minister.

The day Cancer Jiles won the title the division was changed because Cancer Jiles could not understand the meaning behind sacrificing oneself to help another.  This is one thing I fully agree with Cancer on.   It is not because we think the same though it is because I down and out believe sacrifice to be a pointless endeavor.

What one will do for someone else cannot be expected to be reciprocated.  Human beings are so blind to this truth.  I buy you a magazine, so I expect you to buy me one back someday.  These are expectations and we humans are lower than cockroaches.   So ridiculous.

We take more than we give.

We destroy more than we create.

We hate more than we love.

We do the same dumb ass shit over and over and expect different results.

Why sacrifice anything to anyone?

Miracle Enterprise cannot make profits or help us create The New World by sacrificing MY ideals or MY assets.

Sacrifices must be made for ME.  The only way to put fear in the heart of others is by showing a force so great or an act so vile that they cower and accept it as a needed act.  To make people accept is too make those who are doing GOOD feel GOOD.  Make them complacent in your actions and you can do whatever you want.

They sacrifice their morals.

They sacrifice their freedom.

They sacrifice whatever you ask from them.

Cancer Jiles does not understand the human condition.  Instead he ran around with idiots in the name of throwing eggs at opponents.  The eGG Bandits were horrible role models for each other because they each brought the worse out of each other. They became dumber, they became more perverted, they became lazy, and they became a groupthink thesis.  Everyone for everyone but no singular ambition until— the LSD title was suddenly shaking in front of their faces.

That is when it started.

Doozer and Cancer Jiles the original Bandits were thrust into a number one contender match.  During the match they both looked at each other for proof that one would let the other win the match if it came down to it.

All for one!

One for…one.

There can only be one winner.  There can only be one person grasping a title shot, trying to show the other Bandits that it is ok to have ambition.

There was no sacrifice that day.  There was Cancer Jiles spitting yellow mist into Doozer, poking him in the eye, elbowing him in the head, and poking him in the eye AGAIN, to gain victory.


That is Cancer Jiles, a man who would go on to become the LSD champion: the creation of the lethargic and soulless division was born.

This lazy piece of human trash lucked his way into an LSD title match.

I was to be in that match, but business got in the way and Mr. Jiles came away with the shot.  What a run he had for one month.  Is that as long as we can expect this guy to be committed to winning a match?  He went from beating Dan Ryan and Cecilworth to losing to Hughie Freeman in his first title defense and then just last week losing to Zeb Martin.  He has not won a match in over a month.


A mere month after winning the LSD tile, the tag titles were lost, the eGG Bandits imploded, and he lost the LSD title.   He has lost everything because of his own actions.  His arrogance led the Bandits to leave him and by doing so he lost his best friend, Doozer.  Now the real Cancer has shown itself and it is worthless.

He NEEDS friends.

All his ambitions came falling upon him quicker then a three count and he saw he was by himself now.  A soulless ghoul who can only take from others, now realizing he needs others to live.  He needs Doozer around so he can feed off his compliments and kind words because his self esteem is so low without them that he wishes to be finished off.


It is fucking pathetic.

Behind those cheap sunglasses is nothing.

Empty eyes not seeing anything, not wanting anything, and not understanding anything.

I come to show you a new way, Jiles.  I am here to tell you that you don’t need Doozer and you don’t need to commit suicide by finishing move.  You need to forgive yourself and you need to accept who you are.  You are an arrogant sociopath that doesn’t care about anything but yourself.

Let it all go and embrace your lethargic and soulless self.

I am not here to coddle you, Jiles.  I just see you for who you are and after I drop you on your neck, I want you to shake my hand.

I want you to nod your head and put your hand out towards me and accept me as your better.  Then and only then will you be able to birth a new chapter in your wrestling career.

This in turn will give you a new direction. You can finally act without worrying what Doozer thinks about it.  Stop trying to be what you think society expects you to be because society is bullshit.  What you are right now is bullshit and trying to further drown yourself in other people’s views will just keep you the depressed zombie you currently are.

Who gives a Bobby Dean enema on what those stupid wrestling fans have to say?

You do and that’s the problem.  I am going to punch you in the face with those sunglasses on and stuff the broken glass down your throat.  I will do whatever it takes to not only win this match but to prove to you that I am correct and that Doozer was always wrong.  He joined The Best Alliance, Jiles…don’t you think my words might hold more weight now?


I am telling you the truth like I have done since I joined HOW.  Bobby Dean could not handle it and he left without ever standing up for himself.  Now you are left to take the brunt of my vengeance that Bobby was supposed to take.  For over ten years I have wanted to get a real apology from that cretin, and I was unable to receive it because he ran off like the coward he is.  So, when I tell you I am here to help you find yourself do not forget that I believe extreme pain is the way for you to finally open your eyes and see the world as it really is.

After you lose you will be gasping for breath because I broke several ribs you will look at the fans and see them…really see them for the first time in ages and you will be mortified.

As you struggle to stand up and are unable to move your neck you will lay down on the mat and look up at Doozer and finally look at him with real anger in your eyes.


They are all Traitors, Jiles…just accept it.

I wish to welcome you to The New World.

You will be sacrificed, but in doing so you will be born anew.

The Lethargic and Soulless Division is no more.

Miracle Enterprise is EVERYTHING.





“So, you are sure I can trust you to deliver this news to Steve?”

Jorge the bodega owners stands in front of Jack Marley with a stoic look on his face.  He has never been one to trust easily and his last interaction with Jack did not instill confidence that the white Marley could be trusted with the information he was about to give to him.  The two of them stand a safe six feet away from each other in the alleyway between the bodega and the hardware store next door.  Jack nods his head towards Jorge telling him he can trust him, his one long dreadlock flopping back and forth.  Jorge folds his arms and sighs as he waits for an actual response.

“Yea, mon.  I got this,” Jacks responds enthusiastically.

Jorge taps his foot, “are you sure he sent you?”

Jack pauses and licks his lips a sure sign of someone being nervous, but it was windy that day, so Jorge did not catch it.  “Of course, he is busy getting ready for his big match.”

“I see…I do remember this being very important, si?”

The Blunt Man nods his head, “of course.”

Jorge takes out a piece of paper from his back pocket and begins reading it to himself and then looks up at Jack.  “You know any failure in this make me look disloyal…what do you have to lose?”

Jack gulps and looks straight into Jorge’s eyes, “everything.”

Jorge smacks the piece of people in his hand, “I look at you, Jack and I don’t feel like you have nearly as much as I have to lose.”

“Steve is always looking at me like I am up to something this is my way to prove to him that I am loyal to Miracle Enterprise and will do what it takes for him to succeed.”

Jorge hands Jack the paper, “I see you are intent on this.  You will probably be interested in this anyway. Just remember if this goes sideways, I am not taking the blame.”

Jack grabs the paper and begins reading its contents. He looks up and Jorge nods at him.  Jorge turns and walks into the side door to the bodega leaving Jack by himself.  He leans against the wall and looks to the sky and lets out a long breath.  He grabs a blunt from his back pocket and lights it quick and takes a long hit.  Smoke rings fill the sky, “shit, mon,” Jack kicks a can in front of him, “this…isn’t good.”