Posted on July 24, 2023 at 11:32 pm by Conor Fuse

Ya know, I was gonna take a step back, look over your 3rd post but I’ve decided to go in a different direction.

If we’re allowed to let you jack off about your accomplishments then we might as well get down to your failures, right? It’s only fair. If I have to sit through every single FLEX you’ve ever had then I’m gonna bring up the embarrassing shit, if there even is any. Oh boy, might be grasping at straws here. You said so yourself, there’s so few of them. I’m sure the blemishes on your record are from the absolute top tier, held within the very best of HOW.

How about that one loss to Scott Stevens.

Stay with me, making a solid point…

You were sick. It really fucking sucks. That’s no sarcasm. Life gets in the way and, after all, he BARELY scraped by you. I wasn’t around then but I’m sure it was before the “this post won’t be necessary” shtick.

Yet at the end of the day, ain’t no pictures on that scorecard.

Say what you want about any of my losses, Mike.

I ain’t ever lost to that plug.

Never fucking will.

THANKS TO MIKE, I have to see his face day in and day out.

THANKS TO MIKE, he’s stuck around, in a company where he 100% CAN’T LACE the janitor’s boots.

THANKS TO MIKE, he thinks he can actually accomplish something of substance.

THANKS TO MIKE, he thinks there’s a main event left in him.

THANKS TO MIKE, I have to hear how he wants your respect and blah blah blah he really honestly positively definitely no doubt about it since it’s clear as day thinks he can beat you again.


Yet THANKS TO MIKE there’s A ROSTER SPOT on LEE BEST’S payroll given to this flabby tit on an annual basis.

Mike you strike me as a guy who didn’t grow up with any friends so this might be lost on you but remember when we were kids and you’re in the school yard and then one of your “tough” buddies ends up losing a game of marbles, Pogs, 21 or, well, just about any fucking game to the annoying loser in the corner of the classroom NOBODY WANTS TO TALK TO.


It might be a fluke or one bad day…

Regardless, we never let him forget it.

SHAME on the entire High Octane roster for NOT making this the scarlet letter on the side of your ass. A fucking forever 24/7 castration of a moment etched in time, that no matter what the reason, you can never live down.

The fix? That ‘tough’ little boy should just switch schools to delete the narrative. So in your case you should switch feds-


Already stated how that would never happen in post #1.

Every word you say isn’t as intense as you think it is, because I dial back the Stevens deduction. Your scorecard reads lower than anyone scores it because I can’t wipe my eyes clean of the stain. I can’t get it outta the back of my mind that the toughest and greatest in the world let this happen to him.

Yeah, Mike. Lucky for you like I said in post numero two that matches work in the present. So you really don’t have to carry that Stevens baggage. But hey, if you’re gonna FLEX all day, then you leave yourself exposed for those tiny few setbacks. Which actually ain’t so tiny.

If the roles were reversed you’d NEVER let me forget, would ya?

I could be 55 years old, I ain’t ever losing to a mammoth sloth like that. Heaven forbid I have losses. Give me until I’m your age, give me the opportunities you received and let’s bring my fucking father into High Octane where he will clearly pee himself with joy whenever I open my mouth. We’ll see how far I get.

I’m the biggest god damn threat to you “being HOFC” you’re gonna see.

BTW, you ever think why it’s only people like Zion and Stevens who decide to take you up on fighting? Maybe everyone else is just done with you. Maybe even dad created this HOFC island to keep you happy but in reality he’s kinda tired of your shit just like the rest of ‘em.

I’ll sit with you though, buddy.

I’ll sit with you all the way to #97Red.

See ya tomorrow on the school bus.