In a Box Part II (CD)

In a Box Part II (CD)

Posted on July 6, 2022 at 2:32 pm by Steve Harrison



It had been days and still no breakthrough.  To get away from the stuffy Conex house we have created I went outside.  I will not disclose where I am, but it was an area lush with greenery and not the type Jack Marley would ejaculate on.  We had our privacy, but peace was only one mistake away from being destroyed.  I walked among the trees with no care about how I looked.  I assumed if anyone came across me out here, they would think I was a drifter who became lost after a drug bender.

I needed this time because I felt I was just running in place while constantly worrying about Rebecca and if I would ever get her back to normal.  This was also an opportunity for me to see how hard I could push my injured ribs especially with a match coming up that I was not fully prepared for yet.  Physically I realized I was a mess but that had stopped me before from wrestling.  I wrestled for two months with an injured knee before I said to hell with it and finally had surgery.  I bled from bell to bell when I won the LSD Title.  JJR reopened my wounds when I defended my title against him.  Carey hurt my ribs, but I still toughed it out and with a nod to The Highwaymen used their finishers to achieve victory.


I am not sure when was the last time I was healthy.

I guess when I was sitting at home doing drugs and having no desire to wrestle.

But…here I am, again with the same shit trying to drown me.

Now I wheeze uncontrollably from just walking between trees.  This is when I feel that maybe taking some painkillers isn’t a bad thing.  At that moment when I leaned against a tree, I wished I had a bottle of oxy so I could numb the throbbing coming from my chest.  Jack is always afraid of addiction, so he kept me away from them with weed and mushrooms, so I am not entirely sure replacing one for another was a smart deal.

I groaned and laid down on the grass, “fuck it.”

I rolled over and put my arms underneath me as I attempted to do a push up.

I pushed up…and flopped like a whale to the grass.

I rolled back over and shaded my eyes from the sun shining between tree limbs.  It almost felt like the sun was laughing at that weakling who couldn’t do a push up. 

“Do you need help?”

I stood up as far as I could go from my lying down position and saw Oleg standing over me with his hand reaching out for me to grab.  I shook my head and leaned back down, “wouldn’t be very strong of me to accept that, Oleg.”

Oleg nodded down to me, “rrribs arrre in bad shape it ok to ask forrr help.”

I laughed.


Oleg looked confused.

I laughed harder.


“Can I ask for help this Sunday?”

Oleg stood back and crossed his arms and shook his head to me, “Niet, but you vant to make it to match, rrright?”

He was right of course but if I could not get back on my feet without any help then Sunday was going to just be some snot nosed kid treating me like a turtle stuck on his shell.  The last thing I wanted to be was a plaything for some asshole to make jokes about.  I rolled over and grabbed a hold of the trunk of one of the trees that were on either side of me.  I used it to balance myself as I struggled to stand back up without having to hold my ribs. 

I finally got to my feet and sarcastically lifted my hands to the air like I was Rocky.


“Goddamit, I cannot even do sarcasm without hurting myself.”  I leaned against the tree and looked at Oleg, “what are you out here for anyway?”

Oleg uncrossed his arms and nodded as if he remembered himself why he was out there, “Jack told me to tell you zat Chaos vould be on ship.”

I scratched my chin confused at what I had just heard.  “What do you mean by ship?”  The air on the back of my neck started to tingle as if I knew this wasn’t going to a good place.

“On vater.”

I paused.

My arms dropped to my side.


“We are wrestling on a ship in the water?”

He nodded again to me.

I knew what that meant.

“The USS Octane?”


My shoulder slumped to match my arms now.  If I could have dangled them any further, I would either be a monkey or have dislocated my shoulders.  Just add it to my list of injuries I pondered to myself.  “Great.”

Oleg half smiled at me.  I think it was half smile at least considering it was rare to ever see him be anything but serious Eastern European, “sound like good time.”


He actually thought I meant great…not goddamit Lee Best and that fucking battleship of his.  I thought it was stolen by Cancer Jiles or maybe burned to the ground by Sutler Kael.  I don’t know nor did I give a shit. Oh…but Teddy Palmer, I smiled. 

Ok that is a good memory watching that greaseball fall into the Ocean will always be a wonderful thing.  Of course, watching Clay Byrd try to swim in his cowboy boots…not so much.  Ok, I laughed about that too, sorry buddy.

Unfortunately, that is where it ends because after that it was just horrible interactions with the eGG Bandits and me carrying Jiles on my back as he continually sunk the World Title.  Last time I was on that godforsaken ship was after I remembered my actual lost memories and I failed for the first time at War Games. 

“That ship is cursed,” I said quietly to Oleg as I took a step away from the tree.

“Niet such zing,” Oleg replied seriously as he took a step forward in case I fell. 

I rolled my eyes. I was aware it wasn’t cursed by the dead body of Doozer.  He is dead, right?  May as well be.  I pushed Oleg’s arm away from me as I walked up to him.  “I can walk.”  He put his arms back at his side and nodded towards me.  “The USS Octane is a ship littered with dried blood and I can assume a lot of Lee Best’s DNA in the captain’s chair.”

Oleg looked puzzled.

I would be too if I had to calculate Lee Best’s DNA being anywhere but the sewer.  I got it though…that wasn’t the point of my comment. “Don’t worry about it, just know that I am fully aware that it will not be on the up and up and if I am not careful, I will be the one going overboard.”

“Good svimming veather.”

I bent over and started laughing to myself.  Oleg wasn’t wrong but he said it with such a serious tone that it could not help but be amusing to me.  It was hot…everywhere.  I guess taking a dip even if I was pushed from a damn battleship at night would feel good for a bit until, you know…I realize I am being left in the dark.  “Sure is, Oleg,” I responded as I stood back up and continued walking back to the Conex Home.

“Should I brrring tovel?”


This isn’t a vacation, Oleg I thought to myself.  Of course, to him getting out of the warzone and being anywhere would probably feel like a vacation.  This was going to be a circus like environment for entertaining the white walker we have in charge of HOW: Lee Best.  “Nah, Oleg…we aren’t trying to jump off this boat.”

He shrugged as we continued walking.  It was obvious he was still trying to understand the particulars of American sarcasm.  I had had enough trying to work out of the day to the point that this walk back to the box was difficult for me.  “All you need to know Oleg is that you have to watch my back until you head back home.  This isn’t a fun trip for any wrestler that isn’t kissing the ring of The Board.  We must protect ourselves and if need be beat them at their own game and that is something I have no issue doing.  I have no problem saving my career by ending someone else’s.”

Oleg turned his head slightly to look at me, his face back to being serious, “underrrstood.”

I looked straight ahead, and the Conex box was in view, “anything I need to know about before entering?”

He shook his head.

We got to the door, and I opened it to be met by Jack running around and yelling.

Oh, great I thought mockingly…or maybe it was great.