I’m not who you think I am

I’m not who you think I am

Posted on September 15, 2023 at 5:49 pm by Zach Kostoff

After last week’s attack on Sektor took place, maybe the idea of Zach being a pushover is being rethought some? Maybe not. We all know he is not his dad, for that he has shown he is not a fan of his father’s. Maybe this time away has…awaken the kid? Again who knows? This week he is stepping in the ring against a man that went up and down the road with his dad.


The scene slowly comes to life inside of the familiar gym that Kostoff used to workout in all the time. The sounds of metal slamming into metal echoes inside the gym. The music of A Perfect Circle pounds away in the air. He is seen getting to his feet from inside of a Hammer Smith machine. He has gotten bigger some, not pushing the weight his dad did in there, but he is getting his shit together.


Kostoff: So Sektor, not digging when the attack happens to you eh? It is ironic you would feel this way because let’s call a spade a spade…every time you had a chance to jump ship and fuck people over you did.


Kostoff: Was it because you hated not being in the spotlight and enjoyed being a lap dog for Lee?


Kostoff: I remember you, I remember the stories my old man would say about you. You have always been a coward. Another follower that had to be a part of a group, a stable, to be really relevant at all.


Grabbing a 25 pound plate in each hand, he slides one onto each side. Looking around he sighs.


Zach: I want to thank you Sektor. Taking the ass whooping I did made me finally get it through my head. Being a guy that wants to, do the business justice isn’t what will cut it here. Thank you for showing me that what I needed to do, was just fucking slap the shit out of you. L


Zach: So, let’s see how this fucking shakes itself out this week? We’ll see.


He lifts his head and grins a bit.


Zach: We all knew I didn’t want to go this route, but I guess to make it here…well I’m gonna have to tap into the blood of my family that left a legacy of blood and pain from day one here.


Zach: Being the nice and respectful person is out the window. I’ll channel my old man and let’s see if I can do the last name justice in the fucking chaos I will reign down on you Sektor.


His grin fades as he gets back into the Smith Machine.


Zach: See ya soon mother fucker


Laying down on tbe bench, he twists the bar back. Lowering the bar to his chest, he begins to push out a set of flat bench as the scene fades to darkness