I’m going down… in a blaze of glory

I’m going down… in a blaze of glory

Posted on December 23, 2023 at 1:23 am by Jace Parker Davidson

Denver, Colorado
Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

It was good to be home, but I knew I couldn’t relax just yet. It was ICONIC season and until December 30th, that would be my main focus. I got out of Utah as soon as possible because I wasn’t about to let Lee Best or any of his goons get their hands on me before the ICONIC PPV. The problem is that I have zero idea what ICONIC has in store for me.

I proposed a match with conditions and offered it to Lee Best, but, of course, in true Lee Best fashion, he pretended that anything I said just didn’t happen. Naturally, I found myself in the study of my home where the fireplace was active. I leaned back in a plush leather recliner with a glass of whiskey in one hand while watching the flames dance in front of me. My mind, however, was racing 100mph.

“Should I just sit here and wait to find out what will be booked or should I just start training immediately?”

I took my eyes off of the fire and looked at the whiskey in the glass sloosh around.

“Should I even wrestle in a match at all? I could just literally show up and just go after Lee Best…”

I took a sip from the glass and enjoyed the feel of the liquor as I swallowed it down.

“Why am I worried? Lee Best is the cockiest son of a bitch on the planet. There is no way he doesn’t jump at the chance to book me against one of his Final Alliance idiots.”

My train of thought gets interrupted by the sound of a notification received on my phone. I reached into my pocket with my free hand and pulled it out. My thumb moves across the screen a few times before I see what the notification is. A mass message to the wrestlers and fans of HOW by Lee Best himself.

My eye races over what is written quickly as the heat from the fireplace has nothing over the anger that is boiling inside of me.

“Who the fuck does he think I am?!” I bellowed as I sprung to my feet in one fluid motion.

I took a breath and then read back over it again just to make sure I didn’t imagine what I read the first time.

MOTHERFUCKER!” I shouted at the top of my lungs before throwing my phone against the wall as hard as I could. The device hit the wall with a thud before falling to the floor and leaving a noticeable dent in the wall.

I began to pace back and forth across the room trying to process everything.

“How hard is it to just book me in a match against Steve Solex for the LSD Championship belt?” I questioned out loud to no one at all. “All that fucker likes to talk about is how Solex was number #1 in the rankings for a large portion of this year.”

“This is Lee Best, this is what he does. Of course, he wasn’t just going to flaT-out accept your challenge. He had to manipulate and change it so it comes out as his idea and not yours.”

“One-on-one against Solex was perfectly reasonable for ICONIC,” I said in a low growl. “Fucking Solex himself was up for it but it’s always more.”

“Lee has run you through the wringer when it comes to members of the Final Alliance. For fucks sake, he even made Scott Stevens and Darin Zion honorary members just to try and stop you. That’s why he booked you against the entire fucking roster!”

“Nope, I’m not going to just accept his terms anymore.” This was the pep talk I attempted to give myself. “I’ve done everything else and with one show left on my contract yet he wants me to fight the entire roster? FUCK HIM! FUCK ICONIC! AND FUCK HOW! I’m DONE!

I stopped pacing and stood there in the middle of the room trying to compose myself.

“You know damn well that no matter how pissed off you are right now… it doesn’t change the fact that this is checkmate from Lee. He let you believe you were getting close to him. That you had a shot of getting your revenge, just to pull the rug out from under you one last time. He’s won… yet again.”

FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!” I ran my finger through my hair before grabbing hold of the recliner. I lifted it off the floor before chucking it to the side in a fit of anger.

I moved around the study grabbing anything that wasn’t nailed down and threw it against a wall or into the fireplace. Having run out of things in the study to throw or destroy, I made my way to the other rooms on this floor.

“Destroying everything in front of you might feel good right now, but it doesn’t solve the problem. You’re panicked, you’re angry, but most of all… you’re scared. That’s completely normal, no one person can do what Lee is putting in front of you in one night. Walking away from this situation is the best thing for you and your family. There is no shame in admitting defeat.”

I dropped the chair that I had in my hands and let it hit the floor. I got my breathing under control and then rubbed my hand down over my face.

“My last show in HOW,” I uttered as I continued to take deep calming breaths. I replayed the list of names in my head. “Twelve different opponents in one night. I have to walk away as the LSD Champion and the HOTv Champion just to get Lee Best in the ring with me…”

“Your whole purpose for deciding not to come back next year was because of this very reason. Whatever fight you decide to take on, it’s never going to be a fair one. It hasn’t been fair in over a decade and it won’t be now. The best revenge is to walk away and not look back. Live your life happily and on YOUR terms for a change.”

The doubt echoed inside of my head until my hand hit the eyepatch on my face. In an instant, I was taken back to the night that Lee Best stabbed me in the eye with that fucking pen. And then to the time he had his Final Alliance attack me before urinating on me for the world to see. And just like that my blood started to boil all over again.

“Heh, FUCK IT! Blaze of goddamn glory it is.”


The LSD Championship belt.

I’m sure anyone who has paid attention to what goes on in HOW over the years knows that when you talk about the LSD Championship belt, it’s MY name is synonymous with it.

Hell… you can make a case that my name is synonymous with every single Championship belt that has been prominent in this company.

However, the one that people acknowledge the most is the LSD Championship belt. My last reign with that Championship belt lasted 301 days. It was only overshadowed by the reign that Christopher America had with the World Championship belt at the same time.

And I know most if not all of you will scoff at that.

I know people like Scottywood will downplay my reign since he thinks that he is the greatest LSD Champion of all time.

Fucking laughable.

Now… before all of you start spouting off at the mouth. I know that I said multiple times that I didn’t give a fuck about wins or titles anymore. I wasn’t lying when I said that but then I sat back and watched what happened to the LSD Championship belt.

It was taken from me at War Games by a guy in a mask that we all knew was Mike Best. The sad thing is that it wasn’t even Mike who beat me. It was one of several EPU members who were in the cage that attacked me deep into the match. I was one of the final six but then Lee gave a wink and a nod and I was blindsided. Of course, the Son decided to jump on top of me, and Lee himself made the cover to crown his own flesh and blood the new LSD Champion.

Then in a move to jerk himself off in public. Mike won the title from someone else who was in the mask to ‘officially’ make himself the Champion. Michael swore up and down that he was going to make the LSD something special.

He claimed since it’s the only title belt that he hadn’t had a decent run with that he would make this reign mean something. Completely sweeping my reign of 301 days under the rug like it didn’t exist. That 301 days where I went into each title defense not knowing what fucking stipulation would be thrown at me until the start of the match just wasn’t important.

What did he do with it? He decided to turn it into a poor man’s HOFC Championship belt. He decided that he wanted to defend the title that I nearly held for an entire year inside of that fucking cage because he felt that he was invincible inside of it.

Only to do not give a flying fuck about the title because someone in the Final Alliance wasn’t holding it at the time. He saw an opening for his 11th World Championship reign and said the fuck with the LSD Championship belt.

As you all know In God’s House, it was Conor with help from me and others, made it to the room with the bag first thinking it was the HOW World Championship belt only for it to be the LSD Championship belt.

Mike loses the World Title to Scott Stevens on the Go Home show and then Conor decides to vacate the belt and take his leave from the company.

The LSD Championship deserves better than that, much better.

So now we have three men who think they will be able to take me down and crown themselves the new LSD Champion.

Jackson Cooley: I don’t claim to know much about you but I know you’re one of the new guys and you’ve had a run-in with the ghost of Scottywood. You seem to think that everyone in this gauntlet has a purpose for trying to win it. And you claim that your purpose is chaos. That’s fine and all but do you think that is enough?

You think the fact that you’re new makes you unpredictable and a wildcard. What I see is that you being so new has left you with zero idea what exactly you’re walking into here. You’re going into this like this is some kind of battle royal. It’s a GAUNTLET!

You will only come down to the ring and face the person who wins the match between Steve Solex and yours truly. And if by some miracle you do that, then you have to go one-on-one with Scottywood. And if you manage to beat him for a second time… then you advance to the HOTv Championship portion of the gauntlet where you start against the HOTv Champion John Sektor.

You can just run around and cause said chaos because every match is a singles match… And you have to win time and time again if you want to face the next person.

But you shouldn’t worry about any of that. I am going to beat Steve Solex and then I am going to beat you, Jackson. It takes more than being about chaos or hardcore wrestling to be a good LSD Champion.

It takes a hell of a lot more than that. Beating Scottywood in a match doesn’t mean you’re ready to just strap that title around your waist.

Scottywood: Welcome back, you wannabe German fuck. Tell me again, why did you bother to come back this time? At the last Rumble at the Rock event, you died. You were blown to bits by Scott Stevens in some ridiculous over-the-top match that no one outside of you both gave a flying fuck about.

Then you came back and claimed that someone Frankensteined your real body back together. That you weren’t just a ghost or a clone, that you were the real Scottywood. But of course, you never explained how that was possible…

Or maybe you did… I tend to tune you out a majority of the time.

Either way, you shit the bed as Zombiewood and then disappeared yet again. But now that ICONIC is right around the corner you’ve decided to haunt these halls one more time. And in typical fashion… you’ve done a whole lot of FUCK ALL.

You’ve barely been at any of the shows leading up to ICONIC. You haven’t beaten anyone of worth since coming back. You LOST to Jackson Cooley of all people. Yet, just by fucking happenstance. Here you are on the ICONIC card with a shot to win the HOW LSD Championship belt and possibly the HOTv Championship.

Everyone knows you’re not going to.

You think you’re the greatest LSD Champion of all time but you are not me. You have trouble standing up on your own two feet let alone stringing together multiple wins in one night. There is no reason for you to even be here. We don’t need you shitting in the ring, the NHL doesn’t need you bringing shame to their sport by swinging around a fucking hockey stick every time you’re booked in a match that you remember to show up to.

You need to just call it a career, Scotty, for good this time. By now you should be sitting back, traveling the world, and putting different unknown, unheard of, bastard piss of a beer as a priority in your life over pussy.

Just like it’s always been.

Steve Solex: The toy soldier himself. The so-called right hand of Lee Best. The self-proclaimed last man in wrestling. You’re a fucking joke, man. You dared to say that you were going to make it your goal to take me out before 2023 was over.

How has that been going for you?

Not good I can imagine if I’m right here talking about how fucking pathetic you are. What was the plan Steven, honestly? Did you think that you were just going to stroll into ICONIC and put me down for good because… reasons?

You saw that Lee Best had a problem, so you decided that YOU were the man fit for the job? Fuck me, delusional doesn’t even begin to cover it. Sure, after my match against Darin Zion and Scott Stevens, you got a good lick on me. Yet, it was nowhere near enough to hinder me in any way for ICONIC. But then there was the tag team match on the Go Home show.

It was you, teaming with fellow Final Alliance member John Sektor, to take on myself who had Brian Hollywood as my partner. And you proceeded to get your ass kicked. And not just kicked, but kicked by me until Hollywood stole the pin from me.

Have you not noticed the pattern yet, Steve?

You get in a lick here and there on me. Like after the handicap match, or during the whole Final Alliance beatdown of the ‘Nerds’ on the roster. Even a few years back at War Games, you dropped me, throat first, against the barbed wire-wrapped top rope and eliminated me from the match.

You split my throat open that night in the Ukraine but as always you couldn’t finish the job.

When it matters, when it counts? Especially when it’s one-on-one against me?

You lose, Solex.

Every single fucking time, you get your ass kicked.

How many times have we faced off one-on-one since I returned to HOW in 2021? And how many of those matches did you win?

A big, fat ZERO.

Why do you think that ICONIC is going to be any different?

Is it because Lee Best has put me at a disadvantage? Lee has put me at a disadvantage against you before. Remember that match where you got to prep the area and set traps for me when I defended the LSD Championship belt against you?

You couldn’t even get the job done then!

If you were everything you seem to think you are Mr. I fought for my country. Then Lee Best wouldn’t have put us in this gauntlet. It would have been just like I asked for… You vs. Me in a singles match for the LSD Championship belt.

But he didn’t do that because he doesn’t trust you to get the job done, Steve. You’ve shown him absolutely no proof that you can get the job done against me. You’re the first guy… the first opponent that he is throwing at me.

That’s because you’re merely the amuse-gueule before the meaty part of the gauntlet. After all, you fail time and time again.

Scott Stevens is the HOW World Champion.

He managed to beat both Darin Zion and Mike Best to win the title on the same night that you couldn’t even defeat me and Brian Hollywood with John Sektor as your partner.

I bet it feels really good being lower than Scott Stevens on the Final Alliance totem pole.

The fact of the matter is this, gentlemen…

None of you deserve to be LSD Champion. None of you are even close to operating on the same level that I am at the moment and pretty much since War Games I’ve given less than a fuck about the rankings or Championships.

And now… thanks to Lee Best, not only do I want to become LSD Champion.

I NEED to be the LSD Champion.

It might be a want, a desire, or a fantasy for each of you but for me? It’s something that I am required to accomplish. Winning that belt is the first part of my only path to get my hands on Lee Best.

While all of you think about how cool it would be to win the title. How it would look around your waists… you still only see it as a stepping stone to 97red. Just like Michael and everyone else that has held that belt not named Jace Parker Davidson.

None of you are willing to step inside of that ring in Vegas and DIE for THIS!

But I am… and now because Lee is a petty bastard.

I am more than willing to end the life of every single one of you to get what I want before this year is over.


Denver, Colorado
Thursday, December 14th, 2023

The master bedroom was full of noise but the door was closed. The television was on in the background but I couldn’t tell you what was on at the moment. My focus was on the open suitcase that lay on the bed. I moved back and forth across the room picking out things I wanted to pack. My phone was in my hand as I talked to Devin Skylar on the other end.

“Yeah, I realize all of that but this is ICONIC,” I explained. “It sucks but this is it, if I’m going to make it happen then it has to be in Las Vegas, no matter what the odds are in the Gauntlet.”

Devin responded on the other end of the line as I placed the phone between my ear and my shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to drag you out to a desert in Arizona for training this time.” There was a sigh of relief from Devin. “I got my training all worked out for this Gauntlet match. I just need you to meet me in Vegas in about a week or so.”

I narrowed my brow as I listened to him speak.

“I don’t care what you do while you’re there in Vegas. Bring your wife, don’t bring your wife… it doesn’t matter to me.” I moved the phone to the other ear. “I just need you in Vegas when I get there in about a week. Live it up until then but try not to get yourself arrested, yeah?”

I paused waiting for Devin to give me his word.

“Okay, cool… yeah, give her my best. I’ll see you then. Alright… bye.” I lowered the phone and ended the call with Skylar.

I slid the phone back into my pocket and went back to packing but my mind was all over the place. Something has been nagging at the back of my mind since I found out about the final card for ICONIC. I tried to ignore it and keep packing, all the things in front of me. This was the least important of them all.

A song I liked began to play on the TV and I nodded my head back and forth a bit as I grabbed a couple of T-shirts from the drawer.

I ain’t ever had to touch a needle, woah
But I move the needle, woah
If I do not like the song then I don’t do the feature, no
Levitating on the beat I call that Dua Lipa, woah
Circle tight I do what I gotta do to keep ’em close, yeah

I folded and packed the T-shirts. Still, that thing just kept eating away at me until I groaned. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and scrolled through my contacts.

Pick up the pace, go
I keep it going no foot on the brake, woah
Ain’t no one get in my lane
Just gimme the time and gimme the place

I raised the phone to my ear and waited for someone to answer on the other end.

Taking a name and no one can stop me
I ain’t afraid, I’m going in Rocky
And it’s a shame they all wanna copy
But ain’t no way that no one can top me, look

Naturally, the call went to voicemail as I ran my free hand over the back of my neck and waited to leave a message after the beep.

This a marathon it’s not 100 meters
Play my cards right I ain’t bluffing either
Always wear a smile like I’m Justin Bieber
4KORNERS with the hits I ain’t ever had to-

“Hey, Terrence… I know I’m the last one who should be calling you and expecting civil conservation. It’s just that I’ve been thinking and–” I paused trying to quickly think of the proper words. “Yes, we’ve both said and done a lot of things since you decided to walk back into my life. I’m not going to apologize or take back any of it. However… no matter how much I hold a grudge, I don’t HATE you. And whatever it is that you have going on with Carey…”

I told you (I told you, man), I mean, he told you
But I’m tellin’ you now
This is a marathon, not a sprint
And you know what that means?
We gon’ be here for a while
Get used to us

I dry heaved a bit.

“I wish you the best with that. Just know that I am never calling her my ‘Mommy’ or ‘Stepmother’ or whatever sick-ass fetish you both do behind closed doors. So, yeah, that’s all I wanted to say. See you on the flip side… Dad.”

I ended the call and put my phone away as the door of the bedroom opened. Madison walked in with a curious or rather… a nosey look on her face.

“Were you just talking to your Father?” She inquired with batting her eyes.

“No… it was, uh, I just left him a voicemail.” I cleared my throat and fiddled with the clothing in the suitcase.

“Very odd…” Madison said out loud with a bit of a sigh before hopping up onto the bed. “You’re heading to Las Vegas already?”

I shook my head side-to-side.

“Not yet… I’m packing because I’m going on a bit of an impromptu vacation.” I admitted.

“Vacation?!” Madison’s eyes lit up. “And where are we going?!”

“There is no WE on this vacation.” I could literally hear the disappointment wash over her. “Just a little getaway with me and Samantha. Romantic kind of thing, ya know.”

Madison cut her eyes at me and went to speak but I cut her off.

“We won’t be gone too long and I’ll have her back here in one piece before Christmas, I promise,” I reassured her. “Why don’t you see what Trixie has been up to lately? You’ll barely realize we’re gone.”

“Before Christmas isn’t really specific.” She folded her arms over her chest. “What day are you coming back?”

The stare from her eyes cut right through me but I grabbed the suitcase and closed it. I leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Soon…” I grabbed the handle of the suitcase and made a break for the bedroom door. “Don’t do anything reckless!” I shouted before exiting the room and heading down the stairs.

Madison wasn’t fooled at all by my little charade and I knew it, but leaving now was better than having a conversation that I wasn’t ready to have. She lowered her head to the point where her red hair concealed her face as she spoke under her breath.

“Liar… you don’t plan on coming back at all.”