I will be the Villian

I will be the Villian

Posted on February 1, 2021 at 2:33 pm by Steve Harrison


Oh, for fucks sake.

I will be the bad guy to your creepy knight in shining armor bit, Teddy.

I am not here to make you happy.  I am not here to heap words of encouragement upon you.  I am here to be the villain to your shirtless superhero routine.  Fucking, Captain Save-A-Bitch Wrestler cannot go more than five seconds without being a hypocrite.

Get your cape, Teddy and flex in your mirror a little more, you douchebag.  I am happy you came to the defense of your stalker victim, but you should be defending yourself because all I did was point out your creepy obsession with her.

We have all witnessed the odd way you flirted with the underage sister-wife of Jeb Martin so maybe you should not insult me on paying women because at least they are…women, not girls.

I am happy you have spent the past day looking at my past interactions with a certain annoying pest but again that was the past.  You seem to think a little jab about your simping was an insult against her, but it was all about you, Ted.  You run around with no regard for laws or social norms and I am the alleged man that has restraining orders against himself?  You seem to think I abuse women or have trouble with break ups.  I believe I have done more for women then you ever could, Teddy.  I pay them for a job well done while you just try to spray your seed within any ring rat that will put up with your holier than thou bullshit.

Oh derp, derp, look everyone a bald joke…again.

You taking notes from Jatt Starr?

Keep flossing with your own chest hair you prepubescent caveman.  Next you will tell me I didn’t bludgeon enough woolly mammoths and my teeth are too straight.   Good flossing also only takes a minute.

Instead I will take too bludgeoning you with my knee and then some suplex’s and I will stop when I have kicked your shin so much the bone is sticking out of it.  My chrome dome will dig right into that brown nose of yours.   I hope you enjoy not being able to smell your food again for a few weeks.  You are Canadian though…so it might be a good thing.

Maybe I will create a spice that makes Canadian food smell appetizing but I am sure you will just scream that you don’t have a valid credit card so you cannot purchase it from QVC, HSN, or WTF are you talking about you spineless hack?  Miracle Enterprise has high respect from Reddit investing forums and I must take this disrespect from someone who is just jealous of my success as a creative genius?

I am not taking this shit from you, Teddy.  You want a lawsuit I can give you a lawsuit for liable, but I highly doubt any of that 60K salary you get from HOW is left after you disappeared for over half a year.

Where were you, Teddy?

I guess it doesn’t matter but being away means you have no right to question my passion.  It is a try hard comment that all the people who try it get slapped so hard they look like a bobble head doll when I am done with them.  Just keep bobble heading your head to mediocrity, Teddy, I am sure someone in jail was pleased by it recently.

As I stated I will be the bad guy if you really think you are some righteous exterminator.  The truth is a lot more delicate thought isn’t it?  I am what this place deserves and what I do is a service for the industry.  I was a joke and now I am The Miracle Man.  I plague those who have no right to respect any longer.  I am here to show you that you must change, you must evolve, and not live off your past.  When I bite you and at this point, I will literally bite you in the shoulder to get an advantage–it will a plague.

A plague of losing, Teddy.

You are a fucking loser.

I will sell you your own teeth after I am done knocking them out and yes…you will listen.

The superhero always listens to the villain’s plan.

To your own detriment because I will crucify you if need be.

I will not feel bad…

I don’t like to feel good…I like to feel evil.