I Rest Thy’s Fate in my Enemy’s Hand

I Rest Thy’s Fate in my Enemy’s Hand

Posted on September 2, 2022 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

Could it really be that bad?  Have you ever been in a position where you were put in a situation where you are about to put it all on the line, but in putting it all on the line you had to entrust in the least possible source on the face of this planet?  We all have that one person, that one situation where we wouldn’t be caught dead doing something or doing it with particular people.  My how funny and in a certain way, ironic the way that quote rings true in today’s society.  I’ve said a lot of things in which case you wouldn’t see me risking myself or catching me doing something in my life I didn’t want to do.  That speaks truest in my wrestling career.  I have said on recent occasions that I wouldn’t be caught dead finding myself in confiding in a tag team partner, or entrusting someone to watch my back.  I’ve prided myself on getting things done on my own.  I don’t live in anyone’s shadow…nor do I need to worry about carrying anyone else who may be beneath me.  Their all beneath me.  I have one mission in this world and that mission is getting back on top of the HOW world.  But I’m fighting two separate fronts here.  One is on hollowed HOW grounds…the other is realizing that I’m ever so close to figuring out my purpose in life and what everything means.  I didn’t realize just how close I was at the time…if I had just analyzed it for a few seconds…I may have figured it out by now…but it was right under my nose the entire time.  I wouldn’t figure this out for at least a little bit longer, but we haven’t reached that point yet, have we?  Oh boy…the ramifications and what happens when it will eventually happen will send shockwaves through the wrestling world and not only my life…but just how much everything was truly connected all this time and how much it affects this very business and how the roads would turn in HOW and what would follow would truly be a spectacular moment….but alas, again, we aren’t to that point in time yet and the moment that we do, I wouldn’t realize just how much my life would change the moment that fixated point in time happens.  There’s no changing it.  It’s a fixed point in time and it’s meant to happen….no matter what path is taken, all roads lead to the same place…it’s simply inevitable and must happen.  Fate demands it so..but until then, the time would continue to change me and warp me into ways I would never have dreamed would happen.  It’s too bad the way this is discovered will leave me in a state that would change me forever…




Tampa, Florida


Hours after Chaos 006


Sometimes these nights are calming.  After all, my life has always been a complicated one.  I can’t ever remember a time where there was any simplicity in my life.  Perhaps it was when I was a kid.  God damn that was a long time ago.  It’s funny, you know…when all of us were kids, it seemed like life was simple.  There wasn’t anything complicated about it.  We were all too young at a time where we never understood it all, how it worked.  We all had that time where we all thought we were immortal.  Nothing could harm us.  Nothing could hurt or kill us because we were all convinced we would live forever. 


Hollywood slightly smiles as he has already left the Yuengling Center, the site of Chaos 006, which officially kicked off the Rumble at the Rock Pay Per View period.  Hollywood has his three guards in suits surrounding him as he officially leaves the arena in an unmarked black vehicle.  Hollywood had been pondering the events of what happened tonight, along with what he knew he was tasked to do just a few short days ago.  Hollywood lets out a sigh as his vehicle has well cleared the arena and are on their way to the airport.  Hollywood looks out the window in deep contemplation.


Really though, am I wrong?  If we don’t experience the euphoric moment that life gifts us of that untouchable, unkillable feeling rush of high octane drug that is immortality, are we really living?  I remember what immortality felt like.  It was powerful, you couldn’t put a legitimate explanation on it.  I remember feeling that as a child and you know what?  I sometimes still feel like that immortal feeling courses through my veins!  You can call it weird all you want, but here lately, I’ve felt like I can do anything I want and have a satisfied, accomplished feel to it.  Truth is, though, I haven’t been feeling much other than hatred as of late.  I used to feel ashamed and dirty feeling this way…but now?  Why should I feel ashamed and guilty about it?  I’m on a fucking mission and the truth is, I don’t feel the least bit apologetic about it.  I beat Josh Conway and I beat David Noble.  Where are they now?  Their both gone and I don’t feel the least bit sorry about it.  I’ve crafted my art and I’ve discovered parts of myself that when executing those feelings, tapping into the pool of toying with human life, I have surprisingly felt like I’m on cloud fucking nine!  It feels liberating ending those that stepped foot in the ring with me.  I’m playing with an all new set of rules when it comes to fighting and wrestling in HOW.  I almost forgot what it felt like to hold that kind of power in my hands!


Hollywood has been vicious as of late and he’s found a new found sense of executing those feelings in getting the results he’s wanted.  However, it hasn’t gone unnoticed just how effective Hollywood has been inside the ring ever since he’s been spending more and more time with The Chair.  Hollywood wouldn’t have come out to admit that straight out, but it was indeed true.  As the black vehicle continues to cruise on through the city of Tampa, Hollywood can’t help but to continue his escapade of recent successes in the ring.


Sure, Dead or Alive didn’t go down the way I wanted…but it didn’t mean I didn’t learn anything from it.  I’ve been constantly evolving my in ring skills and really hone in on what makes my methods most effective and dangerous.  I don’t care what anyone fucking says…I’ve gotten better in that ring with how I’ve adapted against every single one of my opponents since returning to HOW in a full capacity.  I may not have won at Dead or Alive, but you can bet I sure learned from the losing experience.  It only makes me hungrier, angrier and I can’t help but to feel a burning desire to act more on my hatred in beating my opponents to a bloody fucking pulp.  I get off on it.  I thrive from it and I don’t want to fucking stop!


Hollywood’s black, unmarked vehicle, makes its way closer and closer to the private airstrip in Tampa.  It’s clear that Hollywood’s next stop before Miami is the stop Hollywood’s been thinking the most about.  Even still, before he can think about that, he thinks about his next match up next week in Miami when he goes up against the former champ, Clay Byrd.  Clay is obviously one of the best in HOW today, but that only further excites Hollywood more.


Next week I step into the ring with one of the best HOW has to offer today.  Chaos 006 was a tough one for you, wasn’t it Clay?  Then again, I can’t help that you’ve lost a step.  Not only did you lose the HOTv Championship, but it seems that you haven’t been the same man for a little bit now, Clay.  I’ve noticed you’ve lost a lot.  So fucking what?!  I’ve lost more than anyone could possibly know over the course of the last year, year and a half.  But are careers are defined by how well we handle adversity and you, my friend, seemingly haven’t been handling it that well.  No…to me it looks like all you’ve done lately is crashed and burned.  You may have lost the HOTv Championship, but you’ve lost more than that, Clay.  You’ve lost your edge and I can see right fucking through you.  Seems like you’ve taken your eye off the prize here in HOW.  Less than a year ago, I dreaded stepping into the ring with you.  You had focus.  You had purpose, but it seems like here lately, all you’ve had is a death wish…a wish that has manifested itself with fear.  You fear to become a shell of your former self and I see those attributes every day and more commonly today.  I don’t want you to feel ashamed, Clay.  I want you to feel fear.  I want you to know what it feels like to be a failure and feel like you’re going know where.  You want to fucking know why, Clay?  It’s because I felt the exact same fucking way half a year ago!


Truth is, Clay, you are in uncharted waters and I’m not even sure you know what’s what at this point.  You’ve taken your eyes off what really matters here in HOW and I’m going to expose you fully come time for Chaos 007 on Sunday.  You may be a behemoth and you may be one of the best performers in High Octane Wrestling…but the truth is I just don’t think your heart is fully involved and fully invested in HOW today.  I know that you’re priorities are involved in other endeavors and HOW isn’t the number one priority.  There in lies the problem.  If you don’t put the machine first, if you don’t put HOW first…that same machine is going to eat you alive and spit you the fuck out.  Trust me…I know all too well.


Indeed Hollywood did know.  No one had been in his position the last year, year and a half of Hollywood’s tenor in High Octane Wrestling.  At one point, Hollywood was falling too quickly, too close to comfort when it came to Hollywood wanting to succeed in HOW.  However, for all the time he’s spent with The Chair, Hollywood has learned to have a newfound respect for the High Octane that he’s ever had.  The worst part about everything was that Hollywood had been spending more time with his mortal enemy than his best friends and with each passing week that has passed by that Hollywood has been with The Chair, had slowly been making him a more dangerous man in HOW.  Hollywood was losing his emotions as the weeks had been passing by which has made Hollywood a force to be reckoned with in the center of that ring.  The Hollywood that everyone had come to know was slowly dying and ceasing to exist as he spent more and more time with The Chair.  Truth was, Hollywood’s priorities and the time spent with The Chair was making him more dangerous…at the same time, how much would it conflict with how he got his business done in the ring?


Every man who has stepped foot in the ring against me here lately has been put down and with authority.  Just ask Josh Conway and David Noble.  I seemingly ended both men and look what I was able to do against The Board.  Stronk and Christopher America couldn’t get the job done.  Sure, America may have been abducted…but the abduction was irrelevant.  Our GOD of HOW has put everyone in my path before, and I tore them the fuck down!  I don’t care if you call yourself the Best Alliance or the fucking Board…the same results have stemmed the same.  History always repeats itself and each and every time the GOD of HOW has pitted any form of allies he’s had against me, I’ve torn down and beaten.  That’s why I’ve always been a threat here in this company and I’ve grown tired of hearing it from those who have barely held a candle to me in High Octane Wrestling.  Truth of the matter is, you can put me down, you can say all the bullshit you want to say to me…but at the end of the day, I’ve always risen above the conflict, above the challenges and have come out on top every time.  Sooner or later, people are going to stop using the same ole tired cliches against me and realize that I have indeed gotten better and that I am a growing threat that their going to have to acknowledge…sooner or later.


That’s why this Sunday will be no different, Clay.  I’m going to continue my momentum and notch myself another singles win as I re-establish my dominance in this company.  Because sooner or later, people are going to have to stop talking about how little I fucking matter.  That time is inching closer and closer and I promise you…I will make everyone who has doubted me or has shit on my name that I will come for them too eventually in the night and prove why I still belong at the top of the mountain in this industry.  So once again, I will prove why I deserve to be at the top and will just further use you as another example…another stepping stone in my quest to get back to the top of the mountain.  I’ve got plenty of hate left, Clay, and I intend to make it an Executive Decree that you shall be my next victim in a soon to be long line of victims of my newfound violence.  One way or another, Clay, I will find a way to get what I want.


I always fucking do!






Hollywood couldn’t believe what The Chair was asking of him.  Both of them had been running from the law together the last several months and Hollywood was having a troubling time in finding a way to really trust what The Chair wanted.


Brian Hollywood: “What am I doing?”


Hollywood ponders that very question as he is currently up in the air in his private jet heading towards Los Angeles, California.  He was heading back to finally potentially facing the music against Gerald Reeves and Buck Wringley.  He couldn’t help but wonder if The Chair was out of his mind with the plan he had in place.


Brian Hollywood: “You better have a god damn good plan in place with what you’re making me do, Chair!  I’m the one who has to risk it all in trying to talk to my friends…but obtaining these files we need on Roberto Dominic Ramirez.  It almost feels like a god damn suicide mission!”


A suicide mission sounded just about right.  However, Hollywood couldn’t ignore the fact that The Chair was supportive in his HOW career…which was said and meant more than his actual best friends thought about his career.  Hollywood was thinking about that, as well.  He couldn’t help but to ponder and really felt discouraged that his mortal enemy found more within him to support his wrestling career than his own best friends.  Perhaps this was another reason why Hollywood’s heart was starting to harden deeper and deeper as time went on.  Even still, Hollywood had to find a way to mend his relationship with his best friends and hope not to get captured and put behind bars for his efforts.  Even still, Hollywood had a better connection with The Chair that grew with each passing day and Gerald and Buck were right to fear what that could do to Hollywood.  It had made him more ruthless, more lethal as his feelings and his heart were slowly disappearing after each passing day.


Hollywood looks out the window as his private jet started making its decent into Los Angeles.  Now was the moment of truth as Hollywood looked out the window to notice about ten squad cars awaiting his arrival on his private strip as Hollywood takes a deep breath as things were going to get much tougher from this point on as his presence had been expected as the scene slowly fades to black…