I make history happen

I make history happen

Posted on August 11, 2022 at 9:08 pm by Bobbinette Carey

Shattering the glass ceiling, I hate that phrase… not because of what it means and how it’s been defined in recent years. Because I did it before I even knew what I was doing. Because when I broke in it wasn’t glass, it was a brick ceiling, I busted bloodied and broke my knuckles busting my way through. It was not something as simple as glass. People will roll their eyes at that thought. 

I’ve been given the same opportunities as everyone else blah blah blah. Yet I am the first and only female to do what I’ve done. Hate me all you like but you can’t take that from me and you’ll never do anything close to making fucking history like me. I point out every time yes in HOW I’ve been given the same opportunities as everyone here in HOW. My gender has never, stopped me. But let’s point out it does matter. Let’s acknowledge that it is a big deal because if it wasn’t why am I the only female to accomplish what I have? Give me my credit, cause you sure aren’t giving me the respect I deserve.

“Being a woman doesn’t change anything.” These are the same people who spout “The all lives matter” BS. Because equality is everywhere, and racism doesn’t exist anymore. Please spare me your white privilege bullshit. The privilege of not having to exist as a minority, the privilege of not having to be a female. But the privilege of still thinking you know more than me on both of those topics. I’ve politely tried to educate the masses to understand what it’s like. I’ve been called fake woke. 

Everyone likes to talk about my “fake wokeness.” Am I not a woman? Am I not a mother? Am I not black? These things affect my life everyday. It’s far from fake wokeness. But white men in their typical fashion love to try to gatekeep me. They’ve been doing it for years, well attempting to…

I speak the truth it emotionally disturbs and scars people. There’s no way anything I say can be true, because if it is they have to take a look at the whole picture. But as usual it’s falling on deaf ears because the truth is too much for fragile male egos.

People have preconceived notions about me. They have opinions formed on one action I did years ago. No matter what I say or so or how I attone that one thing will forever be what is linked to my name. It is insane that other people have been forgiven of murder yet my one indiscretions seems to be the one thing people hold onto like a scarlet letter. 

People like to pretend that betrayals in wrestling or something new. People like to act as if I invented turning on a partner. Let’s call it what it is, because of me being a woman did that I’m judged more harshly, more critically, and more relentlessly than the men. 

I love when people tell me to not hold on to the past. Yet everyone seems to revel and live in my past. Most are walking hypocrites twisting my truths to make themselves look better. Whatever helps you bastards sleep at night…

Sleep as of late has been a luxury that has evaded me. If I work somewhere else, I wouldn’t have the worries I deal with. The threats and attempts on my life. It would just be simple wrestling in the sport I love the sport I was trained in but here…it’s a bloodbath. The Question is if, I dislike it so much why am I still here? Why come back? Why not just take my talent elsewhere? Because there’s a part of me that secretly loves it. 

As much as I roll my eyes at the intense match styles that we have, once it’s in your blood it doesn’t leave. I’m not saying I enjoy busting people open, I’m not that weird. But there’s something about all of us here, whether we choose to admit it or not. Maybe we are all so damaged and broken that this is the only place extreme violence makes sense. Maybe because being here is the only place we can get away with the destruction and chaos… I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, and this is cheaper than Therapy…

But it all gets tricky when it is tag matches. It means you have to put trust into another person. Partnerships happen, people we wouldn’t think sometimes become a teammate, a partner and if you’re lucky a friend. Now with all that it means that you have someone who is watching your back, but it also means you’re watching theirs. It’s an extra set of eyes and their baggage that comes with it too. 

Conor Fuse, he’s a misfit in his own rights. He held the main belt twice in his career here in HOW. He is not a cardboard cutout, a copy and paste, he’s not some generic dime a dozen like Harrison is. He’s not some strange weirdo like Azula. Fuse is someone who’s going to make history with me. What started out as a joke has turned into the opportunity of a lifetime. The opportunity to retire the HOW tag titles and be the first team to hold the HotTV tag titles. Oh how many other people will be offended at the thought that I did another thing they won’t be able to do.

That is what we are doing is making history. I have made history numerous times as it is, but to be able to do it one more time with everyone’s favorite gamer? When we agreed to this match  it was for the sole purpose of humbling JPD. I didn’t even think of any titles, any gold, sure it’s a beautiful idea. It’s a nice little bonus at the end of a fight fans will be talking about on Mondays start of work.

The titles doesn’t take my focus off of the eyes of what I want to do and what I need to do. Sure a title is nice and I love every time my name appears in HOW record books as the winner. But let’s be honest I’m thinking about retribution. I’m thinking about someone who had the audacity to mock women’s rights. About someone who blatantly kicked me in my vagina all for the sake of crass tasteless humor. 

Sure make a mockery of me throw me overboard, I can swim as much as I hate the ocean but to mock the movement that is going on in America right now? To mock the suffering of women in America for a joke?! The tasteless scumbag! Bigger piece of shit than Tyler Best is proving to be. At this point I’d like to apologize to Mike best because I thought he was the worst but no his son and jpd take the cake Mike best isn’t even a shadow of his awful as JPD.

Your God damn right I’m a feminist! Everyone should be a feminist! But no your toxic bullshit won’t let you be one because you think being a feminist is a swear word. I’m not giving you the definition of it. I’m tired of doing the leg work for you people. You can leave it a horse to water but you can’t make them drink right? Well fucking die already!

There’s no war on masculinity there’s a war on toxicity. Because you can’t put the two apart because it’s impossible for you to differentiate the two. Because people won’t let your behavior go anymore and they correct you for your toxic jokes that aren’t funny. Because people cancel the tasteless assholes, that’s not a war on masculinity that’s evolving beyond the knuckle draggers that you are.

Make fun of me all you want fine, I don’t care. You don’t have to fight for the rights of what happens to your body. You don’t have to fight just to have your voice heard for body autonomy, when you do? Then you can talk to me about the topic. You don’t have a vagina, other people have a say in what happens to your body. Just shut the fuck up Jace!



We see Bobbinette Carey in her limo. She appears to be alone in the limo. The only person there being the limo driver Alton. Her loyal driver for over a decade Alton. The window partition between them is down. Alton knew this meant she wanted to talk at him, never to him. Alton was a European American, Ginger lanky build with glasses. He wore the traditional chauffeur outfit with the gloves and the hat. Having this job for decades he knew exactly what she wanted and that was his silence. Bobbinette is watching the Replay of Shoot Project showing herself on their program. Bobbinette has dark circles under her eyes. Her hair is pulled back into a sloppy toppy bun. She’s not wearing her normal clothes but a pair of black and green workout tank top and yoga pants. She appears to be alone in the limo. Before we see more the video is interrupted by a text message coming through. (To find out what happened on Shoot Project head over to their channel.) She gets a text message from Frankie, Scottywood’s adopted son checking in. It’s a bittersweet feeling seeing his name and not Scottywood’s pop up on her phone. She responds to the text and goes back to her phone. The video playing had been interrupted by a commercial for Dead or Alive. She glares disdainfully at Jace Parker Davidson on her screen and cringes.

Bobbinette: This could have all been avoided… all of it. But JPD, had to show why he was JPD. He had the board backing he and you choose to continue to run his mouth. It doesn’t surprise me because that’s what he does that’s who he is. He doesn’t know when to shut up. He escalates the situation and makes things worse. And at one point I wanted him on the same team as me. Sure I see what type of person he is I saw it from the beginning playing his day. He’s a certain type of man… when he was in the revived AoA it made sense.. because those are weaker men they always have been. But strength in numbers will get you every time that seems to have always been my downfall isn’t it?

She tilts her head to the side shrugging uncomfortably.

Bobbinette: The numbers game hasn’t worked in my favor this time around. My attempt at the tag titles only this time it’s different. This time I have something for the first time I have not had at all upon my return, a dependable partner.

The sting in the words. She meant what she said and they came out like venom. Her eyes water a little, it could be sleep deprivation, it could be hormones. Maybe both? The Queen of Epicness’s jaw clenches tightly.

Bobbinette: The kid has potential, he’s got heart, I wish I had his type of energy… youthful and eyes beaming. I need that type of energy. I need that type of positivity. 

She says in a matter of fact tone.

Bobbinette: It’s like when a family has an old dog and gets a puppy. The puppy reminds the old dog how to be young again, how to play how to still show that youthfulness still inside the old dog. 

She puts her hand up.

Bobbinette: I am aware what I called myself. Conor is closer to my daughter’s age than mine and still has enough respect to team with me to call me friend.

She looks over at the now somewhat beat up manila envelope sitting next to her in the limo.

Bobbinette: And genuinely mean friend… I didn’t understand this stuff last time. The kid has heart which is lacking so much in the locker room. We should all be more like him… he’s young staring down a path. In a perfect world….

She takes a deep breath sighing.

Bobbinette: Jace Parker Davidson slumps off into the primordial ooze of which he came. Harrison blows out both knees walking to the ring … Conor and I are the tag champs and Stronk…

Her face changes as the side of her mouth forms half a day dream smile.

Bobbinette: That mountain of a man is by my side as the credits roll. That’s in a perfect world right?

Her smile fades as her thoughts come back to reality.

Bobbinette: But JPD and Shelley are probably corrupting the poor guy. Neither of those selfish pricks are looking out for his best interest. 

She realizes what she said and quickly back tracks.

Bobbinette: Not that I would know what his best interest is or that I could…

She puts her hand to her forehead realizing she’s flustered. Hee limo driver is used to this and knows silence is always his best choice. She looks down at the envelope next to her and takes out the paperwork. It’s the papers studying Harrison that Conor had given her before War Games. She looks them over as her face becomes annoyed at the papers.

Bobbinette: Fucking Steve. There’s only one Steve I ever really got along with and that was my grandpa. Every other Steve has been trash. But this one… this one takes the cake.

She smacks the papers with agitation.

Bobbinette: Two victories over me. Congratulations give yourself a pat on the back. The first one was because I was looking past you because you weren’t an issue to me. You were a non-entity. I was more concerned with everyone else than you. 

She’s speaking at the papers with Harrison’s stupid face as If he can hear her.

Bobbinette: So yeah you got that one and then the last chaos because I have no desire to even have you in my reality you got another victory. Because you’re so selfish that you want me to be that focused on you that you can’t see what’s going on in other people’s lives!  It is impossible to put your own ego aside! What a pathetic person you are, textbook narcissist. 

She scoffs.

Bobbinette: Someone attempted to kill me and you’re just sitting there smirking smug about your victory and then claiming you were going to finish the job they started what type of sick demented individual are you Steve? What pathetic human being has to make a joke on something so horrible to happen to someone?

Her cheeks turn red the angrier she gets.

Bobbinette: I am a mother, I am a human being as much as you’d like to see me as something otherworldly and demonic. I am still a human being. But you find it okay to joke about one of the scariest moments of my entire existence? Really you’re supposed to be one of the good guys? You pride yourself on that don’t you? Cause you guys are doing the right thing right? No you’re just as pathetic and disgusting as the rest of them are. You’re on a high horse because you think you matter? You think that you are the one in the right? You’re just as disgusting as JPD if not more so. I didn’t care about you, I wasn’t bothered with you, but now you’ve made yourself abundantly the one with the bullseye in the back and it has nothing to do with the titles. It has to do with your inability to shut the hell up. You decided to make yourself the center of attention and draw away from everyone else in the match congratulations stupid!

She golf claps with total sarcasm.

Bobbinette: Yes because it’s not like there are five other people aside from you that I’m facing the match. Let’s make this all about you, and they say JPD is a narcissist. But you have him beat ten Folsom This is the final time we’ll be facing off. Because I refuse, I am done with you after this. I will keep my ass home next time I see your name against mine. I will take a loss! Because you’re not worth wasting breath on most of the time, but congratulations you found a pair of balls. But decided to use them with the wrong bitch.

She chuckles.

Bobbinette: Joe is better than you. I know what it’s like being stuck with a partner that you have to carry the weight of because they don’t pick up the slack. Again it’s why I have a new partner that I can depend on. But Joe has you…he is a legend in h o w and settled with you as a partner it’s almost tragic for him… but the upside is that after dead or alive he won’t be stuck with you as a tag team partner because you’re not walking out with the belts.

Her eyes twinkle as she smiles brightly.

Bobbinette: I guess the only comfort to take is that you won’t be the worst team in this match. The only thing that Xander and Hollywood gave me was nostalgia. They’re victory reminded me of what it was like back when anybody could win at any given night. Sure it was a fluke, sure they got in this match just because of that win; which I’ll give them their credit, they beat poor Stronk on his own.

She pouts slightly at the thought of him being alone.

Bobbinette: Honestly all it did was remind me of what HOW used to be. Not what it is now… HOW had titans! We had Gods! Battles of powerhouses. There weren’t long title reigns because there were so many big names and everyone was hungry for the fame hungry for the titles.

She looks out the window as if she’s taking a trip down memory lane.

Bobbinette: That’s the problem these days. Everyone’s softer, weaker, they’re not hungry anymore, they’re making enough money to get by. So they’re not trying as hard. Nobody wants it, nobody is as ready to kill and bleed for it as they used to be back then. It’s a softer generation and that’s for sure. We didn’t get nights off, we went out there, wrestled the pay-per-view and then we’re back on the show the next night. Now people get to heal and take time off, maybe that’s why so many of us are more broken now because of not having down time.. the adrenaline was so tense back then. That’s the difference though, adapt or die. Can’t hold onto the past.

No sooner do the words leave her lips than a text comes through.

Bobbinette: We are going to go meet up with Conor when we get into town. He’s calling me now.

She rolls up the partition between her and Alton. Alton nods his head as he continues to drive through Arizona.