I guess I’ll be a Cunt then.

I guess I’ll be a Cunt then.

Posted on April 28, 2023 at 9:28 pm by Bobbinette Carey


They say never trust a man with two first names. It would be so much simpler if you just say never trust a man. The end. 




Dallas Texas

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Turtle Creek Suite.


2:35 A.M.


The turtle creek suite, a hotel that reeks of money and lavished luxury. The turtle creek suite costs more than most people’s rent for just one night ($2,000+ after taxes.). Of course this is the perfect place for a queen. In pitch black darkness, the only sound that is audible is that of breathing a gasp is heard. The hotel is occupied by Hall of Fame Queen Bitch Nettie. She sits straight up out of her sleep. She looks over, seeing the occupant beside her still asleep. She catches her breath and grabs her bathrobe, slipping it on before getting out of bed. Her toes search for slippers on the side of the bed. Finally, she’s got her slippers on! She tiptoes to the bathroom turning on the light she squinting in pain at the bright light as her eyes adjust from it. She takes a deep breath looking over at herself. There is a large mirror reflecting back at her with a large free standing tub reflecting in it. She notices her reflection looking back at her nervously.


Nettie: Are you serious right now? I was sleeping! 

She says in a loud whisper as she wipes the sleep from her eyes.

Nettie: What could be the issue?! I’ve heard your voice lurking the past two days. 

Bobbinette: The last time we were in Texas, Jace tried to have us killed… 

Nettie glares at her reflection slamming her hands on the counter.

Nettie: Are you fucking serious right now? He’s a husk, a shell of himself! I will take care of that later. You’re worried about what? Nobody’s going to try to kill us twice in Texas! That’s what you’ve been fighting to come out for?

Nettie glares at an obviously worried Bobbinette.

Nettie: Your fear of bullshit? Jace is an ant who The Final Alliance are stomping on repeatedly. Don’t you worry about Jace. That boogeyman is no longer a threat. God, just sit back and let me handle things. Trust me.

Nettie attempts to calm Bobbinette who slowly nods in agreement.

Bobbinette: Yeah, after I was possessed by Scooter… 

Nettie’s eyes widen as she looks enraged at herself.

Nettie: My God, you’re not really that stupid are you? It was never Loserwood. 

She explains rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

Nettie: When you follow a loser you become a loser. It was to teach you a lesson! Following stupid people makes you just as dumb as they are, and you’re better than that. Maybe you’re not, but I sure the fuck am.

Bobbinette: So, you manipulated me.

Her voice seems sad and almost betrayed. Nettie doesn’t appear phased as she looks over herself in the large mirror turning and looking at her figure.

Nettie: Yeah, get in line, babe. You weren’t the first and you won’t be the last. Now, I have my bed to get back to. And I have to lock you away again.

Bobbinette: No, I don’t want to go. It’s dark, it’s empty. Like, I’m in a room and watching my life through a keyhole. 

She pleads as the reflection holds herself with her arms wrapped tightly. Nettie sighs with a less than sympathetic tone.

Nettie: You see I do this better than you, right? Into your little box you go.

Nettie takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.

Nettie: 5… 4… 3… 2…1.

Opening her eyes she sees it is her. She turns off the light and exits the bathroom. She gets back into her bed cuddling up to the silver haired man putting her arms around him.

Nettie: Shh… I’m okay now. 

She whispers in his ear. She kisses the back of his neck before closing her eyes.

Nettie: Tomorrow’s problems…

She mumbles as she falls back asleep.



The master bedroom of the turtle Creek Suite 

7:45 am. 


Nettie rolls over her arms reaching for what ends up being an empty space. Her eyes shoot open as she looks around the room in the silence. She sees a note by the bedside.


“Good Morning beautiful, I know you said you have time but I don’t want you to lose focus. You have a belt to win. I ordered you breakfast. I have some stuff to get in order. I’ll be back after the show.”


Your silver fox.


She smiles licking the top of her lip as her eyes look up with glee. She looks over at the side of the bed and grabs a long black bathrobe. The bathrobe has feathers at the bottom of it and around the trim of the arms. It matches the simple black lace night slip she slept in. She pulls the robe on, tying it in front of her tightly still having cleavage visible. With Netties fashion sense, it’s impossible for cleavage to not be on display. This woman is proud of her curves and takes ownership of it.

Nettie: Now that is a man. 

She says picking up the card and bouncing it in her hand as her mind wanders but a large satisfied smile remains.

Nettie: Knows when to leave to not be in the way. And brings breakfast on the way out? Like Doordash with dick included. Life is nice.

She smirks as she gets out of bed walking over to the table seeing a generous spread.

Nettie: And the sausage! This is just… all I want in life. 

She picks up a slice of French toast and some sausage links and throws some fruit on a plate doing a happy dance.

Nettie: I have another week of wrestling and it’s Dan Ryan for the title! Beating Hollywood then Zion… one could choose to take this as Lee is giving Dan an easy week. 

She squints, shaking her head disagreeing with her words.

Nettie: Or… I’m going to see it as Lee has actually noticed the real Queen’s return and it’s reclaiming her throne little by little.

She picks up a piece of sausage and takes a bite while standing and dancing in place. She’s got a restored energy to her.

Nettie: I win the title and I piss off Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr even more.. I mean I tried being civil to Jatt, but fuck that guy. 

She shrugs less than enthusiastic about the mention of Jatt. Her eyes look around the hotel suite that looks more like an apartment as she stands in place bouncing around to silence.

Nettie: I did try to warn him. That’s on him… but for Dan Ryan being stuck with Jatt? I mean, I suppose for that reason alone Dan should be happy a title came with that. Whatever they’re paying him is not enough, especially when you’re stuck with Jatt Starr. The most obnoxious, egotistical, self-involved douchebag. I almost feel sorry for Dan Ryan, not for having to face me.

She says correcting herself. She smiles with a simple nod at resetting her course of thought.

Nettie: Poor Dan Ryan for having the team with Jatt as a partner. Ugh… seriously, having to face me; you should consider it an honor. Whereas having to team with Jatt Starr should feel like a punishment. It does for me! The fact that he’s on the same War Games team as I am feels like a punishment. Like, we are going in with a negative because of Jatt.

She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath and walking back to the table grabbing more berries. Her phone rings causing her to realize the time. 

Nettie: Losing focus, Nettie. I’m not facing Jatt. It’s Dan Ryan. That name makes you feel like you have to say both names, like you can’t just say Dan, you need ‘the’ Ryan. I’ll give Dan Ryan credit for trying to be the voice of reason to Jatt and that didn’t work, of course. It shows Dan Ryan is the one with the brains out of them.

She shrugged her shoulders walking into the bedroom to her closet. She grabs a pair of black yoga pants and pulls them on quickly. She grabs a sports bra halter top pulling it over her night slip. 

Nettie: Definitely a problem for him thinking about a group rather than just for yourself. It gets in the way of you and your goals. People may not realize, something that doesn’t sit well with me, ever, is being excluded from something. Maybe it’s the whole Fomo (fear of missing out) thing? I mean, after last year’s War Games, I’ve more than earned the right to that feeling. 

Nettie slips on a pair of tennis shoes as she looks at herself in the mirror. She grabs her room key, throwing the key and her phone in her purse. She leaves in a hurry.



Mohler MMA – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Boxing – Martial Arts Fitness gym- Dallas

Mid morning 


Inside is Nettie with her hands wrapped up. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. A coach wearing a blue gei with a black belt holds the weight bag as Nettie throws some hits at the bag.

Nettie: Those damn jackets! They are douche bag trophies, and I am aware of this! But I fucking want one. 

She pouts. The coach looks at her with confusion.

Nettie: I am not paying you to think. You’re here so I can work out and spar. 

The coach nods and remains silent.

Nettie: The jacket is the second thing I plan on taking from Dan Ryan at chaos. I don’t care about the War Games teammates’ career, the only career who matters is mine. If that makes me a selfish cunt? Then, I guess I will be one with pride. I will wear the HOTv title and the douche jacket to show them all. It’s a Queen’s World, and they all just exist in it. I thrive in this business because I understand how the games work here. I know this and I’m ready for it.

She starts delivering kicks to the weight bag as the coach holds the bag bracing himself for the power behind the kicks.

Nettie: I’m not an idiot, I know that when I win this title, I’ll be defending it next week and probably putting it on the line in War Games. This isn’t my first rodeo, boys. The problem is people think you can either have one or the other. I’m the person who’s going to have my cake and eat it too. I’m not settling for just taking a jacket from an idiot after a match. I’m taking his title, I’m taking his pride, I’m checking his ego and I’m humbling a bitch. It’s a very simple thing, I don’t settle. I go for what I want.

Each sentence is followed by a kick, the coach actually having to reposition himself with the force Nettie seems to be showing. Her face looks annoyed as she motions for him to put the mitts on. Nettie and the coach move over to the sparring mats

Nettie: A weaker person would think that a title would weaken you. But, I know better, I know that a title gives you even more to fight for; it gives you even more of a reason to leave nothing behind. Sorry Dan, you got the wrong bitch if you think for a damn minute that I don’t care about holding the HOtv title.

She starts throwing kicks and punches with the sparring coach blocking them. Surprisingly, Nettie is pretty versed in her abilities.

Nettie: Flashing a belt in front of me and expecting me to fall hook line and sinker for it. Going full force on Dan Ryan? Thus weakening Clay’s team for War Games… oh, I’m sorry, am I supposed to care? Not my team, not my problem. HOW gold, HOW glory is what the focus is. If it’s not the most important thing, then get the fuck out of my ring.

She walks over to a bench and grabs a bottle of water, taking a chug quickly. She grabs the head gear, snapping it onto her head. The coach quickly puts his head gear as he follows her into the fenced in floor version of an octagon. She looks over the makeshift space and smirks as her fingers touch the fencing as she enters.

Nettie: I look amazing with gold around my waist and it’s been a while. That could be the perfect stepping stone, right!?

The coach looks like he’s going to speak, but Nettie ignores him and continues.

Nettie: The start of my climb back up the mountain. Do I give a fuck if I alienate another partner? 


She scoffs as she charges the coach like she is stalking her prey.

Nettie: That would mean I’d actually have to be concerned with any of the men that I’m on the same team with. I don’t give a shit about Dan Ryan as a human. I care that he’s got a title and I care that he’s in my way. War Games victory starts before War Games does. HOTv title worn and won by the Queen Bitch of HOW! Of course, all the belts are going to be on the line, regardless of who the holder is at the end of the day. Makes it sweeter that it will be me.

After toying with him, she takes him to the ground and gets him in a triangle choke. 

Nettie: The cool jacket that he totally deserves, right? No, he doesn’t… but it’s fine! 

She smirks with a devious look on her face. She notices the coach is tapping and she lets him go. She rolls and gets to her feet while getting back into her fighting stance. 

Nettie: The title, of course, puts a bullseye on me. Anyone with gold is just biding their time. But the jacket?  I know people would think the important thing would be defeating him, and keeping my hot streak going. And OF COURSE THE FUCK IT IS! 

She goes after the coach again, throwing kicks and hits at him. The coach attempts to block them.

Nettie: Yes, I’m concerned with the jacket, it’s shiny key syndrome! But, I have my sights set on The HOTv title. It  is a well sought after and defended title in HOW. 

The coach moves out of the way as her foot hits the side of the cage. She grunts with annoyance and turns her attention back at him. She spears him to the ground wrenching his arm. He attempts to move his body with her but starts tapping quickly.

Nettie: Oh, I am taking so much from him at Chaos 30 and I’d like to see anybody try to stop me. 

She lets go of the coach and looks down at him. She flips her hair over her shoulder as the saucy attitude is in full effect. Nettie is in a zone.

Nettie: When will they learn that I do whatever I want, when I want, and I don’t give a fuck if it that bothers people. Unfortunately, people don’t get the change in me because they aren’t listening. People haven’t been paying attention to the rise of Nettie. When I take the title, I’m going to make a beeline out of the ring and take that jacket too. Like I said, I’m going to take three things from him, his pride, his title and the jacket. Thanks Coach.


She takes the helmet off and drops it on the mat next to him before exiting the cage. She takes her gloves off and grabs her water exiting the gym with a pep in her step.


Rosewood Mansion

Turtle Creek Suite

Early evening.


An exhausted looking Nettie enters the hotel room with a brown bag in her arm that says “Lush” in big black bold words. She heads straight to the bathroom, she pauses to move a pink bag that says “Sassy Magic” out of her path. She slips her shoes off as she heads off, dropping her purse behind her. The purse lands on the floor as she lets clothing fall off of her as she goes. Reaching into the bag, she pulls out a lavender bubble bar and tosses it under the water. Sighing heavily, she looks at her reflection, seeing nothing but herself.

Nettie: Actions speak louder than words though, right? I am not educating people on this–

She motions between herself and the mirror.

Nettie: Not anymore. She was in charge, but now I am. This isn’t PBS and I’m not a fucking teacher. If you want to be bored, I’m sure there’s other PRIME examples of where you can go for that type of educational entertainment. This isn’t the place for that trash. There is no ‘win or lose’ scenario on Chaos. There isn’t “ifs” or ‘maybes’ Let’s just hope Dan Ryan is ready to back up his tough guy act. Cause, I’m willing to do whatever I have to on Chaos. I’ll worry about the fall out after. For now, HOTv title and that jacket…

She takes a deep breath as the tub fills with bubbles and drops a bath bomb in there as well. She sets up the sleepy time body wash and body bar on the arm of the tub. 

Nettie: After that, then there is a week before War Games and other teammates I can cozy up to, befriend, or at least fake it till I make it. I’m not worried. I will figure it out as I go.

She says with a shrug, her body sore and her face showing she’s tired. The tub fills as she uses her phone and puts on relaxing sounds on Spotify. Finally, the tub is ready and as she sinks into the water, the bubbles engulf her. The only thing visible is Nettie’s face as she rests her head on the back of the tub taking deep breaths and enjoying her soak. Her mind and body are finally able to rest and relax as reparation.the scene fades.