I don’t try to make it about me.

I don’t try to make it about me.

Posted on January 20, 2023 at 5:44 pm by Bobbinette Carey


New year, new me!


Absolutely fucking not.


New year, new us?


Try again Carey.


New year, same bitch, who dis?


Better but needs tweaking. I’m here too…


Yes I know… could you please quit trying to stab people?


That’s my fault? I wanted to drink and do commentary. You don’t let me do anything!


You’re possessing my body and you’re mad at me? What the shitsnacks Scooter?


If we shared the time maybe this would work out better.


My body isn’t a timeshare scooter. 


Really? From what I hear back in the day in the CW-


That’s enough…




Keep this up and I’m going to a priest to have you exercised out.


I mean sure, tell a priest The Anti-Christ has possessed you. Socks with the rubber padding and a straightjacket will be your future… kiss wrestling at March to Glory goodbye.


I hate you sometimes… you need to let it go. 


You’ve been pissed at Solex since June and you’re telling me to let stuff go? Speaking of letting stuff go. We aren’t going to counseling with Conor still are we?


Yes, that’s still happening. He isn’t ok… and we?  It’s me that is going to help him. Oh, AND Solex should have kept my name out of his mouth when he and America were going at it. But no he had to bring me into it… so this is all on him.


He did say he’d feed America to you.


Fucking fat shaming! Seriously like one, Fuck off. Two, my weight is none of your goddamn business. Three, who the hell is he to judge me? We wanna go down the ro of judging people, I got plenty I can judge Solex on too.


Yeah probably still bitter that we beat Mike and him. I mean the man is literally responsible for one of Mike Best’s few losses in the Refueled Era of HOW. This is why you don’t need Conor, you got me!


You’re dead, I need a partner with a real body.


Ouch Carey… very ouch… Now who is body shaming?

No! You are not turning this around on me! You have no body… I can’t shame what doesn’t exist.

You’re talking to me, so I exist on some level… but hey, let’s focus on Solex and not your shaming of my body. You got shit to judge Solex on? Don’t hold it back. You’re afraid of hurting his feelings? You think Solex cared about your feelings when he said he was gonna play Hungry, Hungry Careys with America’s body parts?

Scooter, He never said Hungry, Hungry Careys… what the fuck?


I’m paraphrasing… cause that fuck is about as eloquent with his words as a sledgehammer is chiseling stone.

He’s not using a sledgehammer to chisel stone, he’s shooting that shit with one of his small dick compensating guns; off the rack of his oversized gas guzzling truck that is only used to haul around his imperial ton of close minded views and hurtful comments.

There ya go Carey, Tread On Him!  Though maybe be careful criticizing things for guzzling shit… pot and kettle ya know…

What the shit Scooter!?! No! Bad Scooter!

Yes, feed the anger Carey! Use it to takedown Solex and kill that insurrection that he apparently has for you.

Right?!? I mean first off, gross. And I would worry about him open carrying during our match, but if his small gun goes off, I’m barely gonna feel it.

Oh the small dick jokes can keep going forever Solex… I mean they just write themselves, just like the fat shaming and period ones.  They are the low hanging fruit… for low IQ wannabe rednecks from Huntington Beach.


Are you trying to talk to Solex from within my head?

Would that be the fifth wall if he could hear me?

You’re gonna get me in trouble Scooter, so check yourself. It’s bad enough I already have to answer for enough stuff you have made me do.

Sorry for turning Bobbinette Carey into the wrestler everyone should have been afraid of since your return. Embrace the anger to kill the HATE.

I’m gonna need a lot of anger then to kill Solex.

Well, pitter patter…




You know everyone says I make everything about me and I really don’t try to honestly I don’t. But people keep giving me reasons…then acting like it’s my fault, classic gaslighting. Okay, I’m used to that, whatever, you don’t want me to make it about me? Then leave my name out of it. 


Steve Solex… I have been looking forward to this for a while. Honestly ever since the battle for America. You vs Christopher America… the cringe I had of the white male privilege that you both exuded with the testosterone charged pissing contest


What am I talking about now? What else can I have to bitch about? Plenty… but let’s do a little rewind..


“So, shut the fuck up, bitch. Before I feed your sorry ass to Bobinette Carey for shark week. “ – Steve Solex June 26, 2022 


Yep there it is… direct quote from your mouth. I was an innocent bystander, I was enjoying the proverbial pissing contest between the two of you. Sure while rolling my eyes at the toxic masculinity and how both of you are completely wrong. It was a fun car wreck to watch and then my innocent, angelic, name was spewed with venom.


 My name was used in a derogatory term and fat shamed?! Really Steve? I had nothing to do with the fight the two of you were having. But you felt the need to insert my name into it. And so since then that’s been in the back of my brain, that one day I would get my hands on you. One day I would have this moment to say “Hey you remember when you said that? It’s time to cash the check that your mouth wrote.”


“The American alpha” ~gag~ “mercdad” ~cringe~ you’re proud of these names. You’re proud to be an American cis hetero male.


Half the men in the locker room look up to you. They see the epitome of a virile alpha. I can see a lot of the males making you their ‘man crush Mondays’ and fanboying you Solex. The proverbial blow jobs that the men in the locker room give your name is hard to avoid watching.


It’s nausea inducing hearing them clamoring for you. You’re a man’s man and of course they all want you on their side. 


You’re Steve Solex! “I serve this country, I drink my beer, I piss liberty and shit out justice. I like to piss off snowflakes. Merica!” 


See for me it’s funny because people find you horrifying, people are absolutely scared of you. Like they are legit terrified you’re going to rip their faces off.


I see a man who has been conditioned, I see a man who wasn’t allowed to use his emotions and there for his “big boy feeling” so you became an asshole for the government. Then you decided that life wasn’t working and wanted to be safer… in wrestling.  Anywhere else it would be a brilliant idea. But you came to HOW you’re a hall of famer…


Now see here’s a fun secret from the kid of a military parent. You guys suck! Don’t get your panties in a wad I’m not anti government or anti military. So spare me you’re “get the hell out, love it or leave it.” Borderline following the clans rhetoric. That so many cis white males say for America. Freedom.


But Wait, what did I say? Military kid? 


What? Yep, let’s bring up my real issues. Yeah my dad is a service man. But I have kept my father and that part of my life; so far away from everything. His service isn’t my identity. We know it’s a big part of your identity. We get it… you weren’t smart enough to go to college and you couldn’t be a burger flipper. You wanted to do something “important” being a real life “hero”, but ended up more like a walking target. 


Military men don’t ask questions; they follow orders. And so the “hard headed daughter” of a military man went over as you’d expect. I’m not an ideal military kid. Ma split from my dad when I was young because he loved the country more than his own family. Much like your family, duty and service first. There’s not much substance to a man like you. You’re as deep as a puddle and keep women just as dry as one.


Now the amusing and entertaining thing to me is, you and America were fighting on the 4th of July, celebrating “freedom”… when the real freedom day is June 19th. But much like everything I say is ignored. So you and America celebrated America’s birthday by doing what the declaration of independence was all about. Giving white guys the right to run their mouths. 


Amazing how “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” was signed by a bunch of white guys who owned and raped their slaves. But are idolized with statues and streets named after them celebrated and revered! 


Doing a couple good things and being a trash person doesn’t make you a good person. Just like you Steve. Just because you’re a Hall of Famer it doesn’t make you a good person.  Then again, it is HOW… so is anyone in there a good person? Yeah, I know I’m in there too you idiots.


  • l am the opposite of you in every way. A successful black woman in an industry that was not built for her. Here at HOW it’s never been about my race. But it is interesting, the only woman wrestler in the hall of Fame is me. Now it could be argued that there haven’t been great women wrestlers that have deserved the HOF nod. I know my ego and hubris would like to say “I’m the best and that’s why I’m the only one in the Hall of Fame”; I know that there have been amazing female talents in the history of HOW. 


There’s a reason people talk about me having big balls. There’s a reason that it’s joked about me having the biggest dick in the company… not just because it makes you uncomfortable. And no I’m not transgender. It’s because I don’t shy away, I don’t run from fights. I have faced giants, I have fought boogie men. I have done things you couldn’t dream of. Because I am 5’5! I’m not tall, I’m not some muscle head. I fight because I have something to prove. I have little girls who look up to me. I have to do it so that way the future can use my blueprint and run with my legacy. That’s why I do it.


Solex, I had said a long time ago you weren’t a hero. I said it about the highwaymen. You were just the first person to prove me right. But then again you always seem to do what is best for you. 


That’s another difference between you and me, I’m not selfish like that. I don’t abandon my team when things get rough. I have morals which apparently the military can’t teach you. I value my teammates. You value what your allegiance can get you. 


I’ve wanted this match for months, and it’s finally happening. The best part of it all is that going through you gets me a chance to get my hands on JPD again. Sure my desire to face you is 100% petty. Your words have consequences. I’m the consequences of your ignorant statements.


I also beat you and Mike Best. One of my return matches, no less… Now there were two factors in that. Scottywood and Mike. This is just you and me, one on one. This is an opportunity to make you eat your words and put myself on the path for the LSD title hunt. HOW gold in 2023 goes through you. Everything I do in the ring this Chaos is personal, so please take full offense to it.



Jan 16th 2023

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Washington DC

We see Bobbinette Carey wearing a magenta hoodie with matching pants. She’s got a pair of sunglasses on as the sun shines down. Her face is well hidden as she stands in repose, solemnly staring at the large statue. She’s out of the way from the crowd and watches others pay their respects on the day. Standing there, she feels a sense of community. She sees an older black woman hunched over in a walker, she is wearing a Sunday dress dark blue with white flowers and has on a large matching hat with pearl earrings and necklace. Her hands are covered with white gloves and has a basket on the front of her walker with a dozen pink roses in the basket. Bobbinette rushes over to the elderly woman’s side to assist her. The woman grabs the roses from the basket and pushes the walker to her side. Bobbinette puts her arm out to steady the woman. The woman sets the roses down using Bobbinette to help her back up. Bobbinette looks at the woman who looks at Bobbinette smiling. The elderly woman touches Bobbinette’s face gently. Bobbinette smiles looking at her.

Elderly Woman: I was there in Memphis…

Bobbinette nods softly as the old woman gets back behind her walker and Bobbinette stands alongside her.

Elderly Woman: I was there with your daddy. Your daddy had just turned 18 when we went to see Doctor King. He was like Moses of America. Negroes from all over came to hear him….

The elderly sighs as her face looks filled with sadness.

Elderly Woman: He was one of the most hated men in America. They act like they praised him… but FBI called him “the most dangerous Negro.” Tried to paint him as a criminal and tried to say he was a communist. I remember those days… he’s so loved and celebrated but they wanted to neutralize him. Didn’t like what he was doing.. what he was causing… he was murdered. They use pretty words now but I remember.. your Daddy remembers…

Her voice breaks a little as she recalls it. Bobbinette stands there as the woman speaks.

Elderly Woman: But they didn’t stop his words. Now a whole holiday celebrating a man that people hated for giving us a voice. Beatrice said “so little progress has been made.” She isn’t wrong… but I look at my kids and their kids and you and…I see what y’all have become. Baby steps are still movement. 

Bobbinette nods. Of course she knew her Aunt came here every year, Bobbinette also promised she would join her one day. A promise she has said for years but never held fast to.

Elderly Woman: You know I come here every year and visit him. Pink roses mean appreciation. I want you to remember something, every voice matters. It’s easy to follow, but true leaders raise their voices even if it means they are hated for the truth. 

Bobbinette listens and follows the woman as she leaves the monument. The woman gets to a car that’s waiting on her with Bobbinette at her side.

 Elderly Woman: Your daddy is proud of you. He won’t say it. He’s too proud…. That runs in the family, you’re both hard headed.

She says in a matter of fact tone. Bobbinette rolls her eyes thankfully hidden by her sunglasses.

Elderly Woman: And we love you, though you won’t use the family name, we are still proud of you baby. 

Bobbinette gives the elderly woman a hug before the woman gets into the car.

Bobbinette: I know Aunt Dino… Thanks. You take care and tell the family I said hi.

Bobbinette turns to leave as the delicate hand grabs her arm. Bobbinette turns back around facing her Aunt.

Elderly Woman: Lil niece, walking around with so much hate in your heart ain’t good. You got to let some of it go… before it kills you.

Bobbinette: Or someone else…

Bobbinette mumbles under her breath. Bobbinette shuts the door to the car as the woman’s ride drives off leaving her alone with her thoughts. Her phone rings taking her out of her thoughts.

Bobbinette: HATE isn’t always a bad thing.

Looking over her shoulder at the statue, she mouthing “sorry.” As her feet lead her away from the statue towards the national mall, the generic ringtone continues to play as her phone buzzes. Sighing loudly she hits ignore on her phone.

Bobbinette: I’ll be in Chicago for Chaos. I’ve got time… Solex will get his. I’m enjoying my time damn it.

A sound of annoyance escapes her mouth as she walks with her hood up her face looking at her surroundings but not drawing attention to who she is. This isn’t about her for a change. After a power walk following her phone’s GPS she arrives at her Destination. The National Museum of African American History and Culture. Taking a deep breath she notices she wasn’t going inside the building. Biting her lip anxiously she walks in the building. Looking around, a sense of pride swelled in her. As she stands there though she blinks… or more so closes her eyes for a few seconds before reopening them.

– – – ( A ) – – –

Bobbinette looks around… something has changed with her. Her face and posture are altered as she turns and walks out of the building. 

Bobbinette: Who’s got time to go to art museums? We got to murder Solex. Fucking priorities… Seriously Carey?  I need a fucking drink.

She’s super annoyed as she takes out her cellphone and scans it over before looking around at her surroundings.

Bobbinette: Fucking Android… wait, why am I in Washington DC? What the… are there even bars in DC? Oh wait, politicians live here… of course there are.  But fuckin’ eh, I need to focus on murdering Solex… and then finishing off that fuck stick Jace…

She raises her hand, hailing a taxi to make an exit. This wasn’t in the plans, someone has gone off script at this point. But the question was who?

Oh we know who fucked this all up… who had to go into an MLK history lesson rant when she should be focused on beating the ever fucking shit out of Steve Solex. Don’t worry though Steve, I’ll fix this… just like I’ll fix you.  Or at least kill you trying.