I Didn’t Know You Spoke For GOD

I Didn’t Know You Spoke For GOD

Posted on November 23, 2022 at 5:10 am by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: The Best Arena

Date: November 20, 2022

As the scene opens up inside the Best Arena it is ten to fifteen minutes after the betrayal of Jace and Christopher America as the World champion laid out the Demi-God of HOW and retreated to the back like a cockroach when the kitchen lights come on. Scott Stevens obviously is very upset not just by the betrayal of Christopher America and his own tag team partner, but getting clocked upside the head by your own tag title may have sent him over the edge.


The Texan shouts at the top of his lungs as he barrels through the curtain and looks at the pyro and sound technician.

“Where is that coward?”

Stevens asks in a threatening manner and the technician points towards the right nervously.


Stevens screams as various employees hug the wall or turn in the other direction to avoid the wrath of Scott Stevens.

“Are you hiding in here?!?!?!?”

Stevens asks as he kicks open a door to a locker room and goes inside. After a few moments he comes back out and goes down the hallway. Stevens kicks trash cans and flips over tables on his way down the hallway before Brain Bare comes running up next to him.

“Scott! Scott!”

Bare shouts out of breath.

“Unless you know where America is you need to get the fuck out of my way.”

Stevens informs Brian as he continues his search for the world champion.

“I saw him head that way.”

Bare points to the right towards the parking lot and Scott starts to head in that direction.

“I know you are visible upset, but when you see America, what do you plan on doing to him?”

Bare asks and Stevens stops immediately and stares daggers into Bare before cracking a smile as he sees a Best Arena security guard and cracks the poor bastard square in the face with the HOTv tag title he has been carrying this entire time.

“Something like that.”

Stevens tells Bare before he kicks open the door that leads towards the parking lot and he sees a black limousine sitting idle before the tires screech and the limo takes off. Stevens drops his tag title and gives chase like the T-1000 chasing John Connor through the parking lot in Terminator 2. Scott gives chase until he is out of the arena parking lot and onto the main street as he watches the limo fade into the night as he is out of breath and the condensation from his exhaling is shown.

“Can’t run forever Frenchie. I’ll see you soon.”

Stevens says to himself as he makes his way back towards the arena.

A couple of hours later…………………

We are still in the Best Arena, but this time we are in the locker room of Scott Stevens and the newly crowned HOTv tag champion sits on the bench in front of his locker discouraged. The Texan should be over the moon winning his first championship in over six years, but happiness is far from his mind as the incident after the match replays in his head.

“Was he right? Was I truly not wanted?”

Stevens asks himself as he finally starts to take of his wrestling attire. As he starts to untie his boots his stops.


Stevens shouts so loud it echoes throughout the locker room.

“I refuse to believe that.”

The Demi-God says with confidence and a quick smirk as he finishes untying his boots and tosses them into his locker. As quickly as his confidence came back doubt started to creep back in and that smirk slowly faded back into obscurity.

“What if he wasn’t?”

Scott’s eyes dart back and forth as he tries to comprehend what Christopher America said.

“Was he speaking for Lee? Was he speaking himself?”

Those questions continued to race throughout Scott’s head as he pulled the top part of his ring gear off and tossed it into his locker.

“He had to have been speaking for himself because why would HE turn his back on me like that? HE wouldn’t…..would he?”

Stevens asks himself with a lot of doubt in his tone.

“Why would HE bring me back to HOW and put me on HIS War Games team? Why would HE give me a brand new contract with new a new position, title, and powers only to throw it all away like this?”

Stevens runs his hands through his hair roughly as if he wants to pull it out because tonight’s events have made the Texan question his faith as it were.

“It just doesn’t make sense.”

Stevens shakes his head as he begins to unravel his athletic tape around his wrists and hands.

“I….I…..have done everything for HIM. I have dedicated myself to all things 97 Red and the House of Best because if Lee Best continues to see my worth then that’s all that matters and I will continue to serve HIM until HE needs me no more, but like this?!?!?!?”

Stevens shouts in confused anger as he throws the wadded up athletic tape towards the trash bin outside of the restroom.

“HE sends an underling to deliver the message instead of HIMself? That doesn’t sound like the GOD we know and love.”

Stevens shakes his head.

“It’s not like we don’t communicate. Hell, we communicate pretty regularly and the last conversation we had was about upcoming HOW business and giving me some critiques on things, but having America speak for YOU isn’t YOU.”

Stevens starts to scratch his beard as a light bulb goes off.

“I mean, a GOD that enjoys putting people in their place to their face is what makes Lee Best, Lee Best. I don’t know how many times Lee has made an example out of me, but HE never sent his underlings to do HIS job without letting the person being made an example out of know it was HIM that did it.”

Scott says to himself and in doing so starts to renew his confidence and he drops to his knees and gets into a praying position.

“Dear GOD, It is I, your humble servant, and I’m just praying to YOU because I believe one of your most trusted and loyal servants have taken it upon himself to speak for YOU and I know YOU hate that. All I need is a sign that what Christopher America said and did isn’t part of YOUR plan because why would YOU forsaken me after helping me?”

Stevens slowly raises his head and stares towards the heavens when his prayers are answered so to speak.





Stevens turns towards his locker and reaches for his gym bag. He unzips it and reaches inside and pulls out his iPhone 13 and he sees he has a message from HIM. Stevens reads the text message.

“Booked you this week.”

The first text reads followed by…..

“Good luck.”

Stevens immediately begins to hit buttons on his phone as he comes to the HOW webpage. He brings up the scheduled card for the upcoming Chaos and a sinister grin plasters the Texan’s face as the image reflecting off of his 97 Red sunglasses is an image of Scott Stevens vs Christopher America for the World title.


They say our mind is our greatest weapon and Christopher America says he has the second greatest mind in all of professional wrestling. I agree that our mind is our most powerful weapon, but I also believe in our choices are a reflection of those thoughts.

Your actions after the tag match concluded just proved that quote correct as to why you are a number two. There is absolute power in what you did because you invoked GOD like power when you informed me I wasn’t welcome and wasn’t one of you through your words because they’re actually GOD’s words.

Or were they?

America, when did you think it would be a good idea to go into business for yourself? You’ve been in HOW longer than I have and when has it ever been a good idea to speak for GOD? You see America, you have to become a mental warrior and trust that GOD will guide you through fear, the unknown, the hardships, and the loneliness that surrounds you and that is what Lee has done since he brought me back. HE putting me in a match against you with the World title on the line proves that HE disagrees with everything you did and said on Chaos.

When you attacked me and told me I wasn’t one of you it reminded me of a famous quote from a former President of the United States.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” —- The Man in the Arena by Teddy Roosevelt

I am the man in the arena and I have chosen to forge my own path and that is to serve Lee Best because I owe him everything. I have accepted my accomplishments and failures alike because they make who I am and if GOD had issue with it HE wouldn’t have chosen me to lead the House of Best and the 97 Red army. Your words of criticism have no authority over me because you have no authority yourself.

Chris, I have always have respected and admired you because it doesn’t matter if it was the Modern era or this era you are hands down the greatest War Games competitor in the history HOW. You are one of the greatest World and HOFC champions of all time. You have been part of factions that have revolutionized the tag industry with The Best Alliance and the AoA. Your sharp mind and quick wit have made you not only a threat inside the ring, but also on the microphone as well. I don’t know what gets you off more? Crushing someone’s hopes and dreams on the silver canvas in the Golden Circle or humbling someone verbally on the mic? Either way you’re a master of it and there is only a small number of people with that level of talent.

However, that doesn’t mean I have to like you.

You are right about me not being one of you when it comes to the Board and or a founding piece for this Final Alliance you keep speaking of because when I re-watched the incident I could only think of one thing.

E pluribus unum

Out of many, one.

The motto this great country has used for years and it applies perfectly to our situation. I was never a part of the Board because the Son forged that and oversaw that and since its inception the Board has saw many changes throughout the history of its short tenure. No matter who was on the Board the mission was always the same: Dominate.

When Jeffrey James Roberts proved to be more fictional than Hannibal Lecter because the Board had chosen poorly, HE chose me out of many to make sure his team left with the World championship at War Games. After that HE sent me on a different path to rid HOW of that beer drinking, hockey puck heathen and I did just that. HE didn’t call upon me until recently because the Board failed once again to capture the tag titles when they fell into the hands of the Highwaymen. Even when the Bandits dethroned them, GOD wasn’t happy because HOW wasn’t their PRIME focus and they lost the titles back to them. It took the power of a Demi-God to help the King of Everything finally fulfill his obligation to GOD.

Haven’t you noticed Chris that I’m not one of you because I sit at the table of GODs with HIM. Think about it for a second, War Games has come full circle because I go from helping you win that World championship to taking it from you. You may have beaten the other Highwaymen, but every single one of them has taken you to your limit. How much longer can you go before that title slips through your fingers? HE has been preparing me to test you because you have been getting sloppy Chris. If it wasn’t for a lucky roll up I’d be the HOTv champion. If it wasn’t for outside interference I’d be LSD champion, and because the Bandits or Jace and STRONK couldn’t do their jobs I am one half of the HOTv tag champions. Why else have I have been going up against every champion in HOW? HE’d rather have me taking the World title from you than Clay Byrd.

However, all you have to do is beat me to prevent that. If you can beat me Chris then you should have no problem defeating Clay Byrd at ICONIC. If you can’t, I’ll be taking your place in the Main Event against Clay Byrd and I have unfinished business with him. Shit, I’ll even thank him before the match before I end him after the match because without Clay Byrd I wouldn’t be having this match with you. You see, Dan Ryan may have broken me physically, but it was Clay Byrd who broke me mentally just like David Black has broken you mentally through the years because he is your white whale you’ll never defeat. Without Clay Byrd, I wouldn’t have been put on the path of 97 Red enlightenment and this path forged a renew focus and drive that I haven’t had in years since Max Kael took me under his wing.

The Book of Best scriptures have always been clear and that is a chosen member of the House of Best shall always remain at the top.

Can you maintain that dominance and stay at the top Chris?

Because it seems GOD’s faith in America is wavering and I have been chosen to usurp you to make sure HOW stays Red and not fall victim to the infidels of PRIME blue. Unlike you, I can be trusted. I have no ulterior motives except to serve my GOD and to ensure everything HE commands is taken care of. Ground Zero, AoA, Unstable, Project Ego, Team EPIC, LOD and others have all come and gone and Lee Best has crushed them all because GOD is infinite and you aren’t. Just like your namesake, you do what is best for America, and you losing to Clay Byrd or joining up with the Highwaymen cannot happen. It won’t happen!

Si vis pacem, para bellum

In the name of the Father, the Sons and the HOly FC.

Praise be to the House of Best.

Praise be to Lee mother fucking Best.