I can’t be racist, I am black!

I can’t be racist, I am black!

Posted on March 27, 2024 at 9:52 pm by Bobbinette Carey


Do you know what it feels like to be underappreciated? To be the person who paved the way; to be the person who crawled so other names could run?


I did that so names like Carmen Jennings, Krista Lewis, Tara Davidson and Lindsay Troy could run. I paved the way and do I get thank yous for it ever? No people will bring up the past! 


I returned and pissed off so many people! People that had been retired for decades came back! Do I get so much as a thank you for that? Shane Reynolds returned because of me! Aceldama return because of me? Do I get adoration or appreciation for it? Nope! You’re welcome, you’re all welcome you selfish and ungrateful bitches! 


Go ahead and talk about what other women have done. They wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t do it first. If I didn’t set the tone they wouldn’t have even been here! Sure women have done more than me, okay cool. Remember that if I didn’t start it they would have had a path to follow. 


New York City, New York

March 22nd 2024.


As march to Glory nears we see the Queen of Epicness, not training but taking a spa day it appears. She is laying on a table getting a hot stone massage as the door opens and the king enters.


The King: Wife….


Bobbinette doesn’t lift her face up from the massage table.


Bobbinette: Yes my King?


He taps her on the shoulder causing her to look up. She smiles seeing a large tiara in his hands.


The King: This tiara for your birthday, I wanted you to celebrate today at home I was hoping but I realize you’re preparing for a match with Karen.


Bobbinette chuckles and sits up fully holding her sheet over herself.


Bobbinette: It’s beautiful! I’m relaxing because Lexie isn’t worth it. She’s a disappointment. 


The King looks confused at her statement.


The King: The girl looks too skinny can we feed her?


Bobbinette starts laughing as she lets the king put the crown on her head with one hand. She catches her reflection in the mirror and looks hard. The time of being Afraid to argue with the other person in the mirror is gone now.


Bobbinette: Believe it or not my king I attempted to help her. Not in that way… we don’t body shame. Skinny is who she is. 


The King looks shocked and saddened before leaning down and kissing his wife.


The King: white women adopt starving children from countries all the time. we can’t adopt her? The little dandruff flake could use some color.


Bobbinette: Give her a Zulu name? Have her eat some fufu?


Bobbinette jokes with him as he smiles.


The King: You were looking forward to this, what happened?


His hands touch hers tenderly. Bobbinette sighed heavily.


Bobbinette: nothing that’s just it. She keeps whining. There’s no fire, no passion, no drive. She doesn’t belong here. 


The King: Oh… I see what this is. She isn’t giving you a challenge. The wilds of home have more of a challenge than the chaos child. 


Bobbinette nods as her hand touches his face.


Bobbinette: The vanilla villager is trying to spin the narrative to me being a bully. She’s clueless as to what this really is about. It takes the fun out of it.. I am a real queen and she makes lame puns about taking my crown. Just…lame.


She pouts as the king studies her face.


The King: Then let the milk demon no longer trouble my loves mind and we shall celebrate your 44th birthday. Finish your massage then your ladies maids will attend you. 


The King excuses himself, allowing Bobbinette to finish her massage. She set the beautiful stone covered crown near her. Her face rested back on the table relaxing as new hot stones were placed on her back. No longer was she going to allow this to trouble her.




Lexi I have to give you credit. I did not think you would be able to spin the narrative you have. You came in and disrespected me. You called me out of my name. You did all this and have yet turned yourself into the most innocent of victims. It’s hilarious when you look at it. I didn’t take you for a schemer of that level yet here we are. You have everyone looking at me like a monster because of what you did!


You know I’ve met people who couldn’t take accountability, but you are the worst! My God, you started it! you came to my home you disrespected my name and you turned me into the villain? Anyone seeing what you did during Black History month (of all times!) would agree that you are in the wrong! You are the bad guy, but yet you have people melting at the look of you. This poor innocent New girl came in and she pissed off the wrong bitch.  


Now if you told the story right: that you came in the wrong way you disrespected me and you started all of this; I don’t think people would be merely sympathetic to your cause, in fact I’m sure there’s people who say you got what you deserved! Lexi you fucked around you found out! but no “poor innocent Lexi she’s the victim in all this just ask her! She didn’t mean any harm” 

 You never made any attempt to apologize except when cameras were rolling. There were no missed calls on my phone.


Again full credit, you did this and it was calculated! You want the whole world to think you’re this innocent woman, a poor victim of being bullied by a big scary black woman. Trying to make me look bad for your mess up! Little girl do you know where you’re at?  I really don’t think you fully grasp the severity of it, getting whipped for disrespect was just a taste of what’s going to happen. You want to keep playing the victim. That’s fine this isn’t a horror movie, victims get killed easily here, keep crying, keep whining. This is wrestling not high school, grow the hell up little girl. You need to put on your big girl panties and get ready for this match. 


If it wasn’t for me no one would give a damn about you being here so you’re welcome. The fact that you had to use me for clout proves how much of a nothing you really are and I see it and I’m going to expose you to the entire HOW universe. You claim you’re going to take my crown? How repetitive, you’ve said this before… how unimaginative, how… basic.


 I expected more out of you but not that much more and yet I’m still disappointed. Honestly could you be any more of a disappointment? I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this. I’m not the mean girl I’m the honest girl had you done this the right way I would have welcomed you with open arms. 


Let’s pretend none of the places you’ve wrestled on actually matter worth a damn. Let’s pretend you’re actually aware of the danger you’re in because you’re acting like you have no care in the world like this is just some regular match. Whipping you wasn’t enough, breaking you is my game. I paved the way and this is what you do with the glass ceiling that was broken for you? You ungrateful brat!

I’ve been looking forward to this since you ran your mouth. And the saddest thing is you have been nothing but a disappointment. Even here you’re showing right here I’m not putting effort into wasting my time with someone who does not respect where they’re at. Try again next time Lexie you’re not ready for HOW.