Posted on August 2, 2023 at 5:22 pm by Conor Fuse

The truth. With a period. Hard stop. Oh I guess you mean business. You didn’t before but fuck me eh, THE GLOVES ARE OFF NOW.

Okay pal. Thanks for the sobering reality and continual history lesson. You fucking moron, I know what you’ve done and what you’re capable of. I never said you’re going to magically stop beating the shit outta me inside the cage. I’m simply telling you…

You won’t be able to.

I’m explaining everything that’s wrong about current Mike Best.

You’re lazy.

Take short cuts.

More insecure than you could ever imagine. (More on this later)

Unwilling to step outta your comfort zone.

…And fucked for destroying your kid.

Mike Best: If I did that to Tyler then what am I going to do to you?


That’s what you’re gonna do to me. Lose.

Tyler ain’t half the fighter I am, he just lost to a guy named The Game Boy in a Nintendo inspired luchador mask. And you barely beat Tyler. That’s why you got mad. That’s why you kneed him countless times after the match.

Yeah, I’m shooting on you. That’s how this works.

But hey fuck me, right? Take out a thesaurus and tell me again how you defeated a hungover Scottywood.

I’m tapping out already from the pain of hearing you on repeat.

Our current world champion, I made his fucking heart stop. He was legally declared dead inside Alcatraz. Our former world champion, the guy who passed you for the longest reign in the company and a guy you decided for one reason or another NOT to go after…

I fucking pinned him.

Please, though, go ahead and shit on my accomplishments. If everyone is so beneath you then Mike please answer me…

Why the fuck are you still here?

I know why. You paint a picture of an invincible force. Meanwhile I paint a picture of a needy snowflake who can’t walk away because he’s an insecure pigshit of a human.

That’s why you keep coming back.


…Of course it’s all you know dude.

Losing to Cancer Jiles in a cage match was supposed to end your career inside the squared circle. Wrestling Clay Byrd was going to be the farewell tour. What will it be this time and how will you repackage yourself upon your return? I kinda like the jeans and shaved head look.

I’ve never met someone so desperate and needy for attention since your father.

Guess that whole apple from tree thing, huh.




Maybe dad can ask for ideas from everyone on what hospital to send you to post-match.

Or you can go the retirement route again. Big, final, dick waving farewell. See ya six months later, I’ll hold the door open.

Why should I believe a word you say when half of it is bullshit?

You murdered Max Kael.

Two weeks ago you couldn’t even put Darin Zion in the hospital. He was coherent after the commercial break.

Shaking in my boots.

I guess Darin didn’t get his pay-per-view match after all so maybe that’s something. Oh boy, I hope I can still be booked for Chaos in August.

Pencil me in. Pretty confident I’ll be there.

Slander me for bringing up something that happened in 2021, proceed to flex on our HOFC match in 2020. It’s laughable at this point. And yet you trash talk like you’re one of the big boys. Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy.

You’re just a guy. Albeit a guy with lots of titles and victories. Never said I don’t respect what you’ve done. But you lean on this shit soooo much.

I’ve faced you before; I also left in one piece. Wish I could be as delusional as you.

Ultimately you’re boring me and, quite frankly, I expected MOAR. I thought I’d be verbally castrated. To literally sit here and not know what to say in response. Instead, I’ve been creating a working doc for our next encounter. In the past I’ve watched you trash talk and there are times it goes so hard I practically develop secondary PTSD from the other guy.

You know what I’m doing tonight, Mike?

Counting down the days and growing a little tired of talking. Got 1 round left, though. Got a few ideas.

Tell me again how you’re gonna end my career blah blah blah