I Can Count To TEN!

I Can Count To TEN!

Posted on March 5, 2020 at 11:01 pm by Austin Reeves

The scene opens to Austin knocking on a brown wooden door late at night. He waits a few more seconds then knocks a little more frantically. The door opens and is stopped by a security chain that only allows the door to open a few inches. A man’s face looks through the gap.


“Rudy Home?” Asked Austin


“We dont want any trouble, Reeves??” The man replied


“Open the door.” Austin demanded


The door slowly opens with a man of Italian appearance dressed in an expensive looking black suit with a solid red tie emerging behind the door.


“Rudy inside?” Austin asked with a serious tone.


Austin has been on a downward slide after his first win when he returned to HOW. He’s lost to Chris Kostoff, Brenton Cross and Max Kael, so when he went to HOW’s road manager for his check after losing to Max Kael, he was told that Lee was holding his payment back because of his poor performances. To make matters worse, Austin saw Rudy Capri hanging out with some of Lee Best’s business associates. There’s no doubt that Rudy has had something to do with Austin’s payments being held back. Make no mistake, Austin is at Rudy’s home to get what he believes is owed to him. 


The door opens and Austin walks into a long dark corridor that leads to a large living room. In the center of the living is a large black “U” shaped leather couch with a class coffee table in the middle. 


“Where’s Rudy?” Austin asked while he sits on the couch and makes himself comfortable.


The Goon looks down at Austin and says, “He’s coming out.” 


Austin only has to wait a mere few seconds before the large double mahogany doors get pushed open by Rudy while he walks through them. Wearing a black bedtime robe and slippers, Rudy walks towards Austin with a cocky grin on his face and puts his hand out to shake Austin’s. 


“Austin Reeves, what the fuck are you doing here?” Rudy asked with a fake friendly tone. 


Austin looks at Rudy’s outreached hand and says with an equally fake smile, “Forgive me if I dont shake hands.” 


Rudy laughs out loud before taking a seat on the other side of the couch and crosses his leg over the other to make himself comfortable. He stares down Austin and says, “You’re on a losing streak at HOW I hear. I bet that’s bad for your money making abilities within HOW.” 


Austin leans forward and asks, “Why did you get me dogged out of my money?” 


Acting all innocent, Rudy puts his hands out to his sides and shrugs his shoulders and responds with, “I have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about.” 


Austin nods and asks, “Why are you fucking with me?” He continues on with “You know I’m not here to try your banana bread.” 


Rudy changes his mood from jovial to serious in a blink as he says, “I dont think I’m liking where this is going.” 


“Give me the money that’s owed to me. Demanded Austin. 


“I don’t owe you shit, Reeves.” Rudy responded sternly


Austin smirks before saying, “I know you just scored one hundred grand from the big dope drop you made last week.” He then leans back and says, “All I want from you is ten grand from it.” 


Rudy starts laughing and says, “You’ve lost your fucking mind, Reeves.”  


At that point, Austin pulls out his gun and aims it at Rudy before saying, “I’ll tell you something right now. You have 10 seconds to get me some money or I’m going to make sure to pump a bullet into you.”


Rudy and his Goon suddenly look nervous while the Goon asks with a panicked tone, “Reeves, you can’t be serious?”


“I’m deadly fucking serious ” Austin said with a determined voice. He then starts counting, “One, two, three….get me the fucking money.”


“Austin please!” Rudy pleads


“Four, five, six, seven…..I’m not fucking around” Austin yells


Rudy looks to his Goon and yells, “Get him the money!”


“Eight, nine, ten!” Austin yells out before pulling the trigger and firing a shot into Rudy’s shoulder.


At that point, the Goon comes rushing over to check on Rudy who is obviously seriously wounded and asks with a scared tone, “What is wrong with you???


“Get me the fucking money!!!!” Austin demanded. 


The Goon rushes out for a few seconds before running back into the room with a bag of money frozen solid. He gives it to Austin before tending his attention back to Rudy. “Austin, please help me, Rudy’s hurt bad.”

Austin looks at the frozen money and says to the Goon, “It’s fucking frozen.” He looks at Rudy who is in a tremendous amount of pain and says, I run the streets here in Jersey.”


“Austin, please help us.” The Goon begged. 


Austin rolls his eyes and says, whine, whine, fucking whine.” He then picks up Rudy’s ankles as the Goon grabs him around the shoulders. They pick him up and start carrying him into a car in the garage. 


“Lets get him the fuck out of here!” The Goon begs as the scene fades…….