I almost feel bad

I almost feel bad

Posted on July 1, 2022 at 10:06 pm by Chris Kostoff

[As the time ticks down to the match that people are buzzing about, you almost have to take a moment to let it sink in. This new buck is making some serious waves in HOW. And for good reasons. He talks alot but he also shows respect. Ask the Best family. He has gone to war with all of them, at the end of the day he will always tell you he respects them.]


[That being said, don’t take his kindness for weakness. Alot have, alot have found out the painful way why that is not always a good idea.]


[The nighttime wind has a cool feel to it. After the sweltering days of summer in Florida, some coolness is always a pleasant feeling. The breeze kicks up a notch as the scene folds into sight. His pool is lit up in the night. The waterfall has a blue tunt to it as he sits in a lounge chair at the poolside. Running his hand over his head he sighs. A pair of shorts is all the Hall Of Famer wears, the scars from battles past are visible. He wears them like a badge of honor. The patch covers his eye, he takes his finger and slowly slides it over the patch. The sensation of feeling it, causes him to sit up on the chair.]


Kostoff: Not so sure I will ever get use to this. That son of a bitch, but to be honest it was a matter of time til he finally got that chance. He tried, I give the slimey prick that.


Kostoff: Enough about that, Stronk. The HOW’S special needs wrestler. I actually wonder if Lee…I’m sorry, pappa Best, really thinks that the security title means shit or if it was more like a way to, make you feel all warm and fuzzy and shit?


Kostoff; Did it make you cum in your pants? Did you handler have to wash that off for ya?


[He gets up from the chair and makes his way to the edge of the water. Slowly lowering himself into the cool water, he lets out a sigh as a small smile crosses his face.]


Kostoff: OH Stronk, I’m really looking forward to this. It reminds of the book Forrest Gump. The book was better had some really good things that were not done in the movie…anyway, he was a wrestler. And he came out in a diaper and a dunce cap. His name was The Dunce. Almost like you, but see he could at least speak in a complete sentence.


Kostoff: You? Well we have all been bludgeoned by your talking. It is a fucking joke. And poor Green, unless it is a money grab…which it probably is…then Green is embarrassed each and every time you open up that man pleaser you have.


[He stops wading around his pool and looks into the camera.)


Kostoff: You see, you are a strong kid, but see I’m strong as well. I’m getting excited for this. The clash will be nothing short of epic.


Kostoff: I want to be nice to you, I mean out of pitty alone, you deserve to be treated nicer, but this week….no chance. I’m going to hurt you boy. The pleasure I am going to receive in the feel of each punch that lands, each head butt, every kick…fuck me I am this is going to be one hell of a fight.


Kostoff: Stronk. I’m done talking down to you, I mean outside of height, I’m just over you. You are a sideshow novelty at this point, a hired hand to do the bidding of Lee, not knowing full well he can give a shit about you. He has lined up idiots like you…well not exactly like you, protruding forehead and squared facial features. God you fucking annoy me


[He pulls himself out of the pool. He lays back on the chair and sighs.]


Kostoff: Right now, Stronk…eat that meat son. Have green do all your talking, once we get into that ring I’m going to show you a whole new world of pain that you never knew existed.


Kostoff: See ya soon mother fucker.


[He closes his eyes and lets out a deep sigh as the scene drifts to darkness]