How It Started vs How It Is Going

How It Started vs How It Is Going

Posted on April 28, 2023 at 11:14 pm by Scott Stevens

How it started……………

Location: Chicago, Illinois: HOW Studios

Date: April 21, 2023

The scene opens up to the inside of HOW Studios in Chicago. There is a structure resembling a house that is built with various other pieces next to it like resemble a dining area and a living room. There is a very attractive red headed woman in a 97 Red colored dress talking to a fairly athletic looking man who hair a handle bar mustache and a flowing mullet dressed in a Star and Spangled banner striped suit. It the distance we hear the shrieking of an American bald eagle. Various people are chattering with one another and we see Scott Stevens and the director getting into it.

“Look man, I don’t tell you how to do your fucking job. Let’s just do the final scene and get this over with, ok?”

Stevens vents to the director.

“Look Scott, you know Lee Best doesn’t like his time or his money fucked with and this segments are fucking with both. You know these vignettes aren’t going to air.”

The director furiously replies.

“HOW is all about controversy and controversy creates cash so what happens if he approves just one then the whole thing was worth the time. If not, it ends up on the cutting room floor never to be seen or talked about again.”

Stevens smirks and pats the director on the shoulder.

“I’m not saying the segments can’t work, but you’re getting too cute with it and Lee Best hates cute.”

The director bluntly states and the Texan shakes his head.

“No, being cute would be renaming the Cajun City Wrestling Arena to the Smoothie King Center.”

Stevens replies as he turns to get into position.

“Shoot me now.”

The director says to himself as he begins to order everyone to get into their places.

How it went……………

Location: New Orleans, Illinois: Smoothie King Center

Date: April 23, 2023

The scene opens up to inside the Smoothie King Center after HOW has gone off of the air and we see the HOW doctor tending to the “Demi-God of HOW” Scott Stevens.

“That should do it.”

The doctor informs Stevens as he pulls the wiring through the cut above his right eye. The doctor uses his scissors to snip the wiring after he tightens it.

“Good thing I’m already blind in that eye because I probably wouldn’t be able to see anything if I’m booked for next week.”

Stevens says jokingly and the doctor gives him a look.

“Probably it would be wise not to piss the Fourth Wahl off next time.”

The doctor replies and the Texan nods in agreement.

“Probably not, but it was so much fun though.”

Stevens replies and the doctor replies.

“And now I’m stitching you up.”

Stevens can’t reply to that as the doctor begins to clean up the mess.

How it is going……………

Location: Houston, Texas: Stevens Household

Date: April 26, 2023

The scene opens to the inside of the Stevens Household where we see Scott Stevens smiling like the cat who ate the canary sitting at the dinner table and we see the lovely, Lisa Barbosa-Stevens, walk in and suddenly stop when she sees her husband.

“Why are you smiling like that?”

Scott looks up from his phone.

“Everything is falling into place.”

Stevens informs his wife who cocks an eyebrow and takes a seat beside her husband.

“Oh? You got through to Jace?”

Lisa asks and Scott is hesitant to and scratches his beard.

“Sort of?”

Lisa looks at her husband confused.

“What the fuck is sort of? It’s either yes or no?”

Lisa bluntly replies and Scott lets out a sigh.

“Look, you saw Chaos and I talked to him saying I had his back.”

Lisa cuts her husband off.

“And he made it clear he wouldn’t have yours if you got into trouble.”

Lisa reminds her husband.

“But he did say I could watch his back. So it’s a sort of win. Baby steps.”

Scott replies and Lisa growing frustrated gets up and angrily marches away.

“That isn’t a fucking win. How you managed to negotiate the current contract you have is beyond me. Lee must’ve hand fucking poisoning from that gold mask he wore when he agreed to that highway robbery.”

Lisa shouts as she exits the kitchen.


Regardless of what the wife says, everything is falling into place.

My War Games team…..?

That’s right, MY WAR GAMES TEAM.

Not Mike’s, not Clay’s, not Solex’s or even that bitch Evan Ward’s team, but my team.

My War Games team is full of individuals that have nothing in common except a hatred for Lee Best and winning the HOW world championship at all cost. Conor Fuse, a man that has been the fodder for Lee’s cannon shots since his debut within the company. We go back a long time and when War Games rolls around and when we team up this Sunday to take on Solex and STRonk I want him to know where my loyalties lie. I have Conor Fuse’s back. Jace, the man who doesn’t want help, but will gladly accept it, when necessary, Parker Davidson. My little buddy who has become the new blister on Lee Best’s taint has been his primary target of late because he’s the biggest threat to the Final Alliance not retaining 97 Red. Jace may not want my help, but I’m sure he won’t be crying about it when he’s not getting pummeled into mincemeat by his supposed best friend. Scottywood, no explanation needed. You see, that’s what a real captain does. He makes sure his team is on the same page, but more importantly, he makes sure your teammates know where your loyalties are. I may be many things, but my word is my bond and when I give my word, I mean it.

That’s what makes a true tag team.

Can STRonk and Solex say that?

Steve Solex has changed alliances and loyalties more times than I’ve done or said something stupid. I can’t remember if he served in the actual Army or the Salvation Army. Hell, he doesn’t even know what the fuck he is at this point in his HOW career. Then we have STRonk, the muscle-bound brute of the Final Alliance. Lee does like them dumb; I would know. STRonk, you are one of the most dangerous wrestlers on the roster. I know this because I haven’t figured out a way to defeat you and you have manhandled me every time, we have faced one another. However, you have to be the stupidest man on the planet, and that coming from the guy who is the king of dumb decisions is saying something. STRonk, you believe anyone and everyone and your loyalty is about the same. You want to know who killed Mongo? Ask your handler because it wasn’t Jace. However, I can’t tell the truth because I’m not Final Alliance, and that automatically makes everything I tell a lie, correct? STRonk, before the Final Alliance started wearing letterman jackets and acting like complete ass hats, I was you. I pledged my allegiance to the GOD of HOW and did everything he asked and didn’t care why. I never questioned the decisions he made or the acknowledgement he never gave. Your usefulness will eventually expire and your supposed friends will leave you quicker than Lee Best will drop you. We are all expendable cogs in the machine known as High Octane Wrestling. No one is safe, not even the King of Stallion Style.

It’s an endless cycle that Jace made it quite clear when we had our little talk on Chaos.

The name may change, but it’s all the same.

Best Alliance.

Final Alliance.

All individuals chosen by Lee to do his dirty work.

The forever revolving door that will do Lee’s bidding.

The more they change the more they stay the same.

How many guys are using you STRonk?

I mean I don’t need a weight smashed into my skull to know when I am getting used by the person, I pledged my fealty to.

Do you understand what I’m telling you?

Of course, you don’t because you’re going to follow the orders of Steve Solex. A man who is a known follower instead of a leader. The only thing Solex can lead you to is defeat.

But I’m probably lying to you again.

I mean how many days does a man need to booby trap an arena and still lose?

You would like someone who is an expert in warfare and strategy and tactics would’ve defeated my little buddy Jace for the LSD championship, but he couldn’t lead himself to victory with Lee stacking the deck in his favor. However, you are clearly going to follow him like a lost little puppy.

You’re the DOG to his STRonk.

Make sure you sit, beg, and roll over before he tags you in.

Conor and I may seem like an oddball tag team, and we have been at each other’s throats for years, but the one thing he knows is that on Sunday, he can trust me.

Can the same be said for you and Solex?

When I say something, I mean it.

I don’t sugar coat anything or play games.

Truth be don’t I never had an issue with Conor Fuse, but when his problems involve my family their problems become mine. That’s how family works. When you fuck with the Dynasty it is our goal to make sure you regret every moment of it and that is what Conor and I are going to do to the two of you this Sunday.

Conor, you’re right. Maybe I am to loyal and that is why I went off of the rails in my obsession with Lee Best, and I know I sound like a bitch saying this, but he has given me more opportunities when others would’ve made sure I never saw the light of day again. Lee Best provided me a home to wrestle in when others turned their backs on me. Maybe my faith was blinded to the point I thought he had changed, but he only keeps me around to be the butt of his jokes.

Not anymore.

All it took was the epitome of limp dick energy, Evan fucking Ward, to pull me back to reality. I know you’re probably thinking that I’m talking the talk, but will I walk the walk and still be loyal to you this Sunday and at War Games.

The answer is yes.

When I was a dick to you all those years ago Conor, it’s just the veteran wrestler hazing the snot nosed rookie to make sure he really wants to be in this company and have the stomach for this business. I said it many times before, HOW isn’t for everyone and only the strong survive and you have exceeded all of my expectations. It almost brings a fatherly smile to my face. You know what’s ironic Conor? The people that ripped on my record and call me the Lonesome Loser are the same people I’ve had my highest of accolades against. More importantly, those are the same people that voted me into the prestigious HOW Hall of Fame. Apparently, I mustn’t suck half as bad as they claim I do. I may have not been your first choice of a partner and a teammate, but you know I’m better than the Arthur Pleasant alternatives of the world. On Chaos we are going to do the unexpected and that’s beat the Final Alliance. Then we are going to go to south of the border and win War Games. We may have a disagreement who will walk out the champ, but that something we can settle in the ring. Until then, you and I have two blind mice that need to be served up a fresh can of ass whooping courtesy of my foot and your power glove.

Game Genie not included.