Hostile takeover?

Hostile takeover?

Posted on March 17, 2023 at 4:07 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

It was a cold and rainy day in downtown Chicago. People moved along up and down the streets under umbrellas as cars drove through various puddles that had formed on the street. Inside the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel in one of the rooms, a television screen can be seen. It’s playing a replay of the March To Glory event from Manchester, England. Across the room laying across the bed is none other than the biological father of the current LSD Champion.

Terrence Miles Davidson had not been seen publicly since the falling out he had with his son. And was punched hard across the face. Terrence was later that night seen being helped out of his misery by a mysterious woman. At the moment, Terrence was stretched out and watching the LSD Championship match where his son took on the #1 ranked wrestler in HOW, Steve Solex. Terrence shakes his head at what he’s seeing happen during the match as the sound of water running can be heard coming from the bathroom inside of the room.

“Are you okay in there?” Terrence shouted out while keeping his eyes on the TV.

“Perfectly fine.” The female voice called out from the bathroom.

Terrence, satisfied, focused back on the LSD Championship match. He sneered at the sight of the eye patch over Jace’s eye. The bottomline that he had received was like a blemish on the family name in Terrence’s mind. Thoughts of all the times that he tried to help Jace and get him to listen to his guidance flood his mind.

“Stubborn fool.” Terrence muttered out loud. “If he had just allowed me to handle his career none of this would have happened. I tried time and time again to let him to the promised land and all I got in return was disrespect and violence.”

Terrence watches on as Solex pulls out a baton and begins to beat his son with it.

“It didn’t matter that I am literally the only reason he’s not in prison right now. It doesn’t matter that I am doing everything in my power to bring this broken mess of a family back together.” Terrence paused and tried to control his anger. “Denied at every turn and now I have to sit here and watch my own flesh and blood make an ass out of himself looking like an extra from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. An utter disgrace!”

Terrence’s yelling was loud enough to reach the ears of the woman inside the bathroom.

“Sounds like I should be asking you if you’re okay.” The female voice retorted.

“I’m fine… just irritated.” Terrence admits with a sigh. “It’s hard to help people when they are too thick-headed to know that you’ve got their best interests at heart.”

“I can relate to how you’re feeling.” The female voice added. “Family can be especially difficult. The key is to not let those lesser than you pull you down to their level. Individuals like us are far above the nonsense and that is exactly where we have to stay.”

Terrence nodded his head up and down in agreement as finally, the sound of water stopped. After a few moments, the bathroom door opened which caught the attention of Terrence. The mysterious female stepped out and began to approach the bed that Terrence was stretched out across. She climbed onto the bed and both lay there quietly looking at the television as Jace pulls his LSD Championship belt away from Michael Oliver Best.

“This is what is passing off for professional wrestling?” Terrence gestured toward the television screen. “There was a giant boulder chasing him earlier like some kind of B movie version of Indiana Jones. Does he not realize whose blood is running through his veins? Can you believe the stress I have to deal with having my name associated with stuff like this?”

The mysterious woman nods her head and strokes her hand gently down the side of Terrence’s face. They continue to watch until STRonk makes his presence known and attacks his long-time friend.

“And he has this happen to him. I told him the people that he associates with would be trouble.” Terrence raises the remote into the air. “He would rather have people in his life like this Stronk brute than the man responsible for him even being alive. I swear I’ve never seen a man like this Godson who–”

Terrence is interrupted as the mysterious woman reaches out and grabs the remote from him. She presses the power button to turn off the television before tossing the remote aside.

“Let’s leave the mindless violence to the savages.” She says in a seductive tone. “You and I are here together alone without any other distractions.”

“You’re right, of course.” Terrence admits as the woman plays with the collar of his shit.

“Children are a handful. No matter how much you love them, sometimes, you have to step back and let them learn things the hard way.” She leans in close and blows against Terrence’s ear. “It can be frustrating but I have a few ideas that might take your mind off of it.”

“Just how did I get so lucky?” Terrence inquires as he turns his head to look at the female. “You just seemed to have materialized out of thin air.”

“What do you mean?” She asked as she continued slightly to tease and tantalize him.

“I just had an altercation with my son over just trying to apologize to him.” Terrence recalled. “And then there I was sitting outside of that hospital absolutely lost and not sure of what I did wrong. Then suddenly there you were. Like an angel sent from Heaven to take care of me.”

“I didn’t do anything that any other decent human being would have done.” The female responded with a slight chuckle. “Besides, I couldn’t allow a handsome man like yourself just sit there out in the cold injured and lonesome.”

“Handsome you say?” Terrence perked up a bit. “Surely, a woman as beautiful as you are could find someone close to as handsome but much younger than I.”

“I happen to like older men.” The female answered, more than happy to stroke his already large ego. “You’re handsome, mature, and you’re a gentleman. You actually listen and care about me as a person instead of just a sex object. You’re focused and successful. What more could I ask for in a man?”

“It feels good to finally find someone who appreciates who I am and all that I do.” Terrence boasted as he reached out and ran his hand down her arm.

“I feel the same way.” The female confessed. “But now I have a question for you.”

“Anything, my darling.” Terrence started to get a little more handsy.

“Just what is it about your son that drives you so mad?” She grabbed a hold of his hand and placed a soft kiss on it. “Obviously, you could just move on with your life and let him wallow in his own mistakes but you don’t. What is it that you’re really after?”

Terrence took a moment to think about whether to answer honestly or not. The female leans in close and begins to kiss the side of Terrence’s neck which causes him to spill his guts.

“Honestly? My son has made quite the name for himself. However, it’s not his reputation in the ring that I care about. It’s his success business-wise.” Terrence revealed. “He has this company by the name of STRONKUMMS LLC that he stumbled ass-backward into. It’s afforded him great luxuries in life but I just know he’s going to squander it all.”

“That’s probably a safe bet.” The female chimed in as she started to unbutton Terrence’s shirt. “And that’s a silly thing to name a successful business.”

“Agreed, darling. I’ve tried the nice approach of helping guide my son to continued success in the business world. Yet, he’s slapped my offers in the face repeatedly.” Terrence growled under his breath. “Since I’ve failed to handle things the nice way, I believe it’s time to do things my way. This little lover’s spat that he and the Godson fellow seem to be involved in seems like the perfect opportunity to strike.”

“How devious.” The female exclaimed. “I didn’t know there was this aggressive side to you.”

“Is that a problem?” Terrence ran his index finger down her neck.

“For me? Not at all.” The female leaned up and kissed Terrence on the lips softly. “However, for your son? Absolutely.”

Terrence wraps his arms around the mysterious woman and kisses her deeply as the scene fades.