Posted on January 1, 2020 at 6:08 pm by Brian Hollywood

“And here it was…the chance of a lifetime given right in front of me. Was this to be the turning point? Was this going to be the moment I step out of this god forsaken skid and make a fucking difference? Funny thing about making a difference…I never really thought about the meaning. I just went out and did what I did. My history says I made a difference at one point in HOW. The moment I was on top of the world. What happened to me? What happened to that moment where I had everything? Where did it all go wrong? Then….it hit me. I actually dug deep into the actual meaning of making a difference and it changed my whole perspective of everything. Now here I am about to put that to the test. Was I onto something? Or were people starting to notice what was really all about me all along…”

Los Angeles, California

Port of Los Angeles

10:00 PM

December 31, 2019


The new year was quickly approaching and people were, of course, out celebrating the coming of the new year. Everyone had their own agendas and their own traditions when it came to ringing in the new year. However that wasn’t true for one man. This man didn’t really have a tradition because he felt it was just another day. He didn’t celebrate it with friends or family…he practically had no family left. It was just him as he stands against one of the rails on the pathway to a ramp leading down to the dock. This rail provided a perfect view as Brian Hollywood slowly comes into frame. Hollywood was seen wearing a white shirt with a suit jacket but no tie and black boots. A chain hung down from the side of his jeans. Hollywood had his hair pulled back in a pony tail and had some kind of emblem on the right side of his suit jacket. It was unknown what the emblem was or what it represented. Hollywood had also shaved his grizzly beard and now it he was just sporting a five o clock shadow. Hollywood looks out over the bay as memories flood his mind. Footsteps are heard nearby as a man appears behind Hollywood. Hollywood doesn’t even need to know what’s going on as he knew the man was behind him.


Brian Hollywood: I was wondering whether you were going to show up.


The man appeared to be nervous. A pause grasps the scene before the man finally speaks.


Unknown Man: Did you bring the flash drive? There is a lot of sensitive information on that drive that can really ruin me.


Hollywood finally turns around and faces the man. There is no emotion on his face as he stands stern looking at the man.


Brian Hollywood: Oh believe me…I know exactly what’s on this flash drive. But you haven’t been very good now have you…Mr. Easton. Tell me Gavin…do you really comprehend all the bad that is represented on this drive? How much this can destroy people?! This even has the chance at putting people’s lives in danger!


Gavin was getting very uneasy. Sure he knew what was on the drive but he definitely acted like it was out of his hands.


Gavin Easton: And what do you think I’m supposed to do about it?! I don’t even have control over what happens! I just know what it’s all about!


Hollywood slightly laughs sarcastically as he shakes his head.


Brian Hollywood: Oh give me a break Gavin. You and I both know that you have say in what happens. You may not be the big man who controls it all but I know who he is and I intend to expose him by any means necessary. But…if you really don’t want this flash drive getting into the “wrong” hands per say, there is something you can do for me…


All of a sudden, Gavin eases up a bit. His nervousness turns from fright into potential opportunity. This man was all about opportunity…like Hollywood was, he knew when he had options to choose from. Gavin clears his throat a bit. The nervousness in his voice disappears as more calm takes control in his words.


Gavin Easton: What did you have in mind? I’m obviously willing to work with what you’ve got.


Brian Hollywood: That easy, huh Mr. Easton? It’s amazing to me that if someone has something to hold over someone, they have the power to control what goes on. That tells me you value what’s on this drive. Either that or you value your job and your position..but most importantly your life because I know that something like this is worth killing over. Don’t worry…I have no intention of killing you Mr. Easton, but do you think you’re boss will hesitate to kill you if he had to?


There is a pause as Gavin takes a moment to seriously think about what Hollywood just said. Of course, he realized Hollywood was right. In the line of work Gavin was in, he knew that there was the possibility that his boss would take extreme measures to ensure that the information that is out is back in his hands. As of right now, though, Gavin’s boss had no idea the flash drive was missing because he entrusted Gavin with the highly classified and dangerous drive. Gavin nods his head as if he finally agrees with Hollywood.


Gavin Easton: You may be right Mr. Hollywood. I’m not looking to lose anything in this transaction. I’m always looking to gain and my main mantra is to survive. So if that means working with you, against my best wishes, for the betterment of myself…then I guess I really have no choice…


Hollywood shows a slight smile…but only for a brief moment. Hollywood nods his head before answering Gavin as he had him right where he wanted him.


Brian Hollywood: Very well Mr. Easton. If you don’t want anything…”irresponsible” to happen to this flash drive then you will do exactly what I tell you to do.


Gavin Easton: Very well.


There is another pause before Gavin inquires just what it is Hollywood wants.


Gavin Easton: So what is it exactly that you want me to do?


Brian Hollywood: We’ll be in touch Mr. Easton.


Gavin’s eyes raise as that’s not the answer he was expecting. His nervousness returns as he mounts out a defensive response.


Gavin Easton: Wait, what?! That’s not how this works!


Brian Hollywood: That’s exactly how this is going to work, Gavin! Now I suggest you go home to your wife and kids and contemplate my proposition and wait for a phone call for me. Oh and one more thing…I don’t think you should stop by your “other” woman downtown. I think your wife and kids need you tonight.


Gavin Easton: What?! How did you kn–


Gavin just stops mid sentence and doesn’t say another word as he figures if Hollywood found out about the flash drive and has it, then he probably knows his side stops before he goes home. Gavin finally calms down and nods his head in approval. He doesn’t say another word and proceeds to leave the port and out of sight as Hollywood watches him leave the area.


A few moments later, another man steps out of the shadows who wasn’t far from where Hollywood and Gavin were talking. This man, however, wasn’t unknown as an enemy turned ally and now good friend of Hollywood’s, Lukas Montana, who returns after a long hiatus from seeing him, walks up to Hollywood as Hollywood turns around and smiles at Lukas.


Brian Hollywood: You enjoy the show?


Lukas smiles and nods his head as he just loves watching Hollywood in action.


Lukas Montana: I don’t know how you do it, man. Then again, when Hollywood Enterprises and Montana Industries Inc were at war, you obviously found a way to turn that into your favor. So I’m not doubting your abilities. I just can’t believe we’re taking this out of the business shadows strictly and into public affairs. Do you really think that this is going to drag him out of the shadows? I mean…it’s been quite a long time…I don’t know if there’s any way of reaching him or pulling him back into the public spotlight.


Brian Hollywood: Trust me…he’ll be back. It’s time to use my platform for a better purpose. I know this better purpose will not only benefit those that are victimized…but this will drag that son of a bitch back and we can finally know once and for all who the fuck he is. Believe me Lukas…this is the right thing to do. It took me awhile to realize it…but this is the way it needs to go…this is the way it should have always gone. The right way. It’s time to fire up the battle charge and reignite this war and bring it to an end. It’s about time that it does and god only knows how many people have wanted this to fucking end!


Lukas laughs and nods his head in agreement. He didn’t doubt Hollywood’s ability or his newfound attitude and foresight. Hollywood had changed and he was more edgy and risky, but he had a conscious which was rare to see from Hollywood. This side of Hollywood was new and it will no doubt be interesting to see where it develops from here as Hollywood nods his head in approval of Lukas’s as both men look off over the waters as fireworks all of a sudden go off. It was New Year’s Day and officially the start of 2020. A new year filled with fresh possibility and new years resolutions as it seemed.


Brian Hollywood: New Year…fresh start, Lukas. It’s about time we have a good year and a great year we shall have….one way or another…this will be a new year not filled with the same bullshit. All good things come to an end and this war will indeed end. Happy new year my friend.


Lukas nods and shakes Hollywood’s hand as the two look off and enjoy the fireworks as the scene slowly fades to black…


Who would have ever guessed it? That I would be starting the new year facing a man I’ve been trying to get since HOW restarted after its three year hiatus. Mike Best is a man who has been hard to reach. He couldn’t use his boss powers as an excuse to hide. I’ve been wanting at Mike for a long time now and I now have the perfect opportunity to get at him. There’s nowhere to hide now, Mike. It took Daddy Best to book this match to get me a chance at facing you. I’ve been salvating at the mouth to face you and it’s been eating me up inside.


I feel like I’ve changed a lot since we last fought. In fact, we’ve both evolved and matured a lot since then, huh? Look at you…you picked up where you left off. Beating people and putting people into the mat like it was a second nature hobby. I won’t lie…I’ve always been impressed with how dominate you’ve been when you step into that ring. That’s what I’ve always admired about you, Mike, because your head is always on straight. There’s not many people in this business who have their head on straight. A lot of crazy motherfuckers in this company and they all think they know what they want, but they don’t. It gets them into trouble. Sadly…I ended up becoming one of them and it fucking disgusted me! You want to know why? I became someone I fucked HATED and I didn’t know what it was at first…but I had to actually THINK long and hard about it and it took me awhile before I finally realized what it was. I know what you’re going to say…you’re going to say I’m a fucking fraud…that I’m a fake…that I’m not the man I should be….and I gotta say…you’re actually partially right!


What, surprised I actually agreed with you on something? I know it’s hard to believe something other than your big fucking ego, but believe it or not, sometimes our worse enemies bring out the best in us and it’s always quite surprising that our enemies seem to bring that best thing out better than our best friends. Crazy how that fucking works isn’t it? I couldn’t agree more. But really Mike, I’ve been waiting for this fight for a long time…but now I have a newfound reason to want this fight. Sure I was jealous and impatient for a long time…constantly calling your motherfucking gimmicky ass out all the time when I could help it, no matter how far I had to go to get your attention. But now that I’ve actually got you’re full attention…no thanks to daddy Best, I’ve got a few things I want to say to you.


You’re nothing more than a fucking coward! Honestly? You’re a wannabe because you can’t live up to the man you want to be because you don’t know WHO you want to be! And that’s the problem you’ve always had Mike because it constantly changes! Maybe that’s why you’ve never really been happy this whole time. Maybe that’s why you came back and saw how “boring” High Octane Wrestling was because you got so lost within yourself that you couldn’t see how special HOW was and how it always was and always will be. HOW will never lose that magic. You want an example? I’ll give you a good one. How about this one…how about the fact that when I got lost in myself, quite recently I might add, that it was HOW that found a way to seep its roots into my very being and alter my perception further. You don’t seem to comprehend the power that High Octane Wrestling possesses..that the Machine possesses…but I fucking do! Boy do I fucking know!


I never ONCE left this fucking company! HOW took a big hit when you and your merry band of fakes took your balls home and went to UTAH and left this company to die. But guess what happened? I picked it up and put it on my god damn back because I knew I was destined to be someone in this company. It’s amazing how you can be reminded so hard on those memories. Those very moments can bring you back and that’s exactly what it did for me in this instance, Mike! This match between us helped me realize that I still fucking exist! I had some real bullshit go down since I came back but the Brian Hollywood of old….is fucking BACK! You all wanted him and now he’s back! People kept poking at it and people ought to be careful what they wish for because now that I’M fucking back…things are going to change around here! It’s not going to be the way you think, either! But wasn’t it you that wanted the old Brian Hollywood back? It was YOU that broke that final layer that was holding me back in this fucking hazy fog. Ironic how that happens, huh Mike?


No Mike, this isn’t going to be the current Brian Hollywood. The trashy, not giving a fuck Hollywood who just looks to cruise. I don’t know how that Hollywood was born…but ever since I was reminded of who I truly am…I have had this fire inside me wanting to fucking fight. Wanting to grab the world back and seize control of this company again and now that I realize that, I don’t know how I ever lost that. But this match will be more than just a match against us…this is going to be a fight because I plan on proving just how fucking deadly I am. You wanted a fight and you’re going to fucking get it Mike! Someone has to knock some fucking logic into you and what the reality of my return means! Big things are happening right now in HOW and how fitting is it that I’m back and ready to actually fight! This is going to be a battle, Mike, and I have a feeling it’s not going to be the last between us. But your shit talking isn’t going to do you any favors this time! This fight between us will be different than ever before and I can’t wait to get into that ring again and fight you. I’ll be seeing you soon buddy! This is for war!