Home Front Part II

Home Front Part II

Posted on July 21, 2023 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood



Hollywood Enterprises


9:00 PM


The scene opens back up in the half building of what remained of Hollywood Enterprises Inc and the tension in the room is high as everyone but Hollywood is on edge as The Chair’s presence in the very same building and company he has continuously targeted and tried seizing from underneath Hollywood for years, is now standing in the heart of the lobby of the first floor.  Hollywood’s old office floor, which was near the top of the building, was part of the explosion a few years ago and is nothing but debris and rubble.  You could cut the atmosphere with a knife as Hollywood’s long time nemesis was actually and finally in the building which left a historic feeling seeing as that he was invited by Hollywood himself.  The Chair looks around at all of Hollywood’s friends who look shocked and concerned, except for Hollywood himself.  The Chair lets out a laugh as he just takes in the moment clearly not able to help himself but to make a comment.


The Chair: “Heh, I tell you…if it was honestly this easy to get into this building, I would have just asked several years ago.  Why didn’t you just extend the invite to me much sooner, Hollywood?”


Lukas and Julia just roll their eyes as Hollywood simply scoffs.  Buck, however, doesn’t seem to be exhibiting much emotion on the whole thing which seemed odd as if he knew something the others, minus Hollywood, didn’t know.


Brian Hollywood: “Really now, Chair, I think we can skip the escapades here.  You’re here for a reason and you know why that reason is.”


The Chair: “Well what can I say, a man can have his victory moment the way he wants it!”


Julia seems to be the only one who responds emotionally, seemingly bothered by The Chair’s comments for her own good reasons.


Julia Winfield: “Some things just never change, do they?!  You were an asshole then, and you’re an asshole now!  I personally don’t know why you’re even here!  I don’t even know why you’re even here to help!”


Julia had a right to feel emotional about it all.  She was the only one there with the least amount of intel than the other guys had as Hollywood puts his hand up trying to calm Julia down which causes The Chair to take another opportune shot at Hollywood’s long time loyal employee and friend.


The Chair: “Now now little miss less than bliss, we all love a sassy think she knows it all, but you need to take your hands off your boyfriends balls and accept the fact that you don’t have a say in this matter!”


Julia Winfield: “Boyfriend?!  Why I oughta–“


Lukas steps in and stops Julia who was actually riled up and actually moved in to try and take a shot at The Chair.  The Chair simply laughs and shakes his head clearly enjoying his work.  Hollywood finally steps in and shakes off both The Chair and Julia’s odd reaction to the boyfriend comment and he isn’t happy.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright, ENOUGH!  That’s fucking enough from all of you!  I didn’t convene us all here to argue and have a showdown.  If I wanted that, I would have had something else in mind here.  But that’s not why we’re all fucking here tonight!  We’re here because we are not only establishing a united front, but we’re getting closer to closing in on Roberto Ramirez.  The lot of us that are left and are here, we need to work together as a fucking unit!  Now I know that there is a lot of fucking history in this building with this group…but we need to put all of that aside.  I realize this was a risk bringing us all together under one roof, but it needed to happen!  That’s why with the intel that I’ve obtained and shared with Buck, allowed this little, well for a lack of a better description, seize fire, to take shape.”


Buck Wringley: “That’s right.  Do ya think it was easy fer me ta put my ego aside and not arrest Bri and The Chair and say fuck this here arrangement and ta just take the credit fer a high profile collar on the both of ye?!  That’s what is at stake here and the information I have I have had ta make a decision and put my best judgement first, here.”


A massively confused look comes across Julia’s face finding it shocking that both Hollywood and The Chair were wanted men.  She didn’t have the full story and this caused her to speak out.


Julia Winfield: “Wait a minute…arrested?!  Brian AND that douche bag standing next to him?!  I think we need to get everything out in the open here because there are things that you have not told me.”


Hollywood was wanting to answer Julia’s question, but he still was clearly frustrated that this meeting was dangling on a thread right now.


Brian Hollywood: “Look, Julia, I don’t have time to get into all the details right now.  I know there has been a lot of secrets between every single person in this room, but all that shit can fucking wait.  We have more pressing matters to get to right now!”


Julia Winfield: “Whatever..”


She says as she rolls her eyes and folds her arms across the other.  Lukas sighs and tries to play the middle man at this point.


Lukas Montana: “I know you must be angry, Julia, and none of us in this room seem to have the full picture except seemingly Hollywood and The Chair.  Right now, us agreeing to work with Brian and The Chair, we will become accessories just by associating ourselves with them both…but there is a clear picture here.  We want justice for Hollywood’s sister and that man, Roberto, holds more answers that stretch even beyond Hollywood’s sisters killer at stake here.  Right now we just know two things…one of them is the possible whereabouts to Roberto and the second one is finding the identity of Hollywood’s–“


Hollywood and Buck’s eyes light up as Lukas apparently catches himself before dropping the second piece of intel.  The intel that only Hollywood and Buck knew about.  As he becomes ominously quiet, The Chair looks around the room sensing something is off.  As cautious and careful as he is, he prided himself on knowing all the angles and all the intel no matter what it was.  He looks at Lukas before shifting his attention to Hollywood with a cold look on his face.


The Chair: “Oh please, don’t stop there Mr. Montana!  Please…do tell the rest of us what you were about to say as I certainly know everyone here will be intrigued!”


Lukas looks nervous and remains quiet before Hollywood finally breaks his silence.  He was about to take a gamble, and clearly there was one thing he was holding back from The Chair.  For if he found out this information, there was no way of knowing how he would react given their working relationship at the moment.


Brian Hollywood: “It’s nothing.  Pointless to this conversation and is irrelevant to what we are doing right now.  You need not be concerned about it right now.”


The Chair looks at Hollywood and remains silent for a few moments.  He coldly looks at Brian and looks him dead in his eyes as Hollywood doesn’t budge, clearly not intimidated by him.  After a few more brief moments, he all of a sudden smiles and shakes his head, letting out a laugh.


The Chair: “Oh come now, Mr. Hollywood, I thought we were beyond all the secrets from the two of us!  But I really don’t see any problem here.”


Hollywood looks genuinely confused, surprised The Chair isn’t using one of his threatening demeanor’s.


Brian Hollywood: “Wait…you don’t?”


The Chair: “No, of course not!  I mean, if you don’t consider it a secret to me, than I won’t consider it a secret to you that you knew the same thing I already knew!”


Brian Hollywood: “And that being?”


The Chair: “Do we really need to play this game right now, Brian?  You and I and apparently Mr. Montana and Bucko over there already know what I have come to know.  I mean, after all, nothing gets past me!  The big supposed elephant in the room is you finding out that you are not alone when it comes to what family you have left in this world.  Tragic about your sister and your mother.  You and your father are practically estranged, god knows I roughed up that relationship..but alas all hope isn’t lost!  I was hoping for a family reunion like you..I mean, now that everyone in this room either knows or are about to know that you have a long lost family member out there.  Boy I sure do hope we can track down, find and identify your brother!”


Everyone in the room gasps, but no one is more surprised than Hollywood and Julia on the chilling words from The Chair.


The Chair: “Come now, Brian, did you honestly think I didn’t already know about that?!  I know you just found out about that a few months ago, but I am honestly surprised you didn’t expect me to already know that!  But don’t you worry your shoes, I not only mean you no harm in that endeavor, but I’m not even mad that it didn’t come from you.  I understand it.  I wouldn’t be ashamed if I were in your place.  I would have made the exact same move if I had just found that out for the first time in my life and wanted to keep it to myself until I found out more information on that fact.  Good thing for you I have more intel than you do on that front, heh.”


Hollywood’s eyes widen and he is overcome with uncertainty and slight anxiety.  Hollywood was also desperate to hunt down and learn the identity of his long lost brother he never knew he had.  But he can’t help but to feel slightly cold and worried as if The Chair did know something he didn’t…but the odd part about this entire conversation and the posture of The Chair, there seemed to be something familiar about it almost in the way that Hollywood found out and put the pieces of the puzzle together when he learned about his brother from his father.  His father didn’t come out and tell him either so the fact that The Chair had the same reaction that Hollywood did when he found out was very peculiar and strange and this caused Hollywood to look into The Chair’s eyes with calm as if they both knew the same thing that had been unspoken and only thought about in the others minds.  Silence once again takes the room as no one says a single thing.  Just then, commotion can be heard from outside the building.  Flashing lights and sirens can be heard as everyone’s attention is now drawn towards the outside.  Several cars can be seen surrounding the building before a familiar voice can be heard over a bullhorn.  That voice?




Gerald Reeves: “Hollywood, Chair, I know you’re both in there!  I want the two of you to come out with your hands up!  This fucking ends tonight!  As for the rest of you in there, you all can make the decision to not involve yourselves in this treasonous mission those two are trying to involve you in!”


Buck Wringley: “Fuck me…I knew we reached out to Gerald..but no one actually told him we were here!  Which begs the question…how the fuck did he know we were here?!  Someone here had ta have fuckin told him!”


Brian Hollywood: “Well worry about all that fucking shit later.  This was to be expected.  To be honest, The Chair and I knew and planned this contingency just in case Gerald wasn’t going to play ball.  So Julia, Lukas and even you Buck…you guys get out of here.  Buy The Chair and I some time to get out of here.  We have a flight planned for Argentina and we are going to get out of here.  The rest of you are going to have to act like you never wanted to go along with us”


Lukas Montana: “Absolutely not, Brian!  This is ridiculous!  We had a fucking plan!”


Brian Hollywood: “Yes, we did…but the plan is changing.  Someone here did tell Gerald we were here…and that man is waiting for The Chair and I out in the secret way out of this building.  So you guys get going…we’ll be in touch.”


Lukas, Buck and Julia all shake their heads seeming angered and frustrated that they were not let in on this contingency plan.  Regardless, Hollywood and The Chair take off down the corridor as the three of them look on before Hollywood and The Chair disappear out of sight.  They make their way through an underground passage underneath Hollywood Enterprises before coming across a door.  The door was a few blocks away from Hollywood Enterprises and they burst through the door.  Beyond that door waited a vehicle.  The door to the vehicle opens and we see who is indeed waiting and ready to take off from the scene.  That person?









Darin Zion.


Let’s not pretend that this match is any shocker here.  You and I both know this match was going to happen eventually.  Now, I fucking get it.  You were begging and prodding me for weeks to accept this challenge you laid out here a few weeks ago.  To be honest?  I’m clearly not impressed.


You have to have that hero complex, don’t you?  That’s the one thing you have always had that has NEVER fucking changed, Zion.  You might be able to shed your skin like a fucking snake several times but it doesn’t change what your DNA is.


You and I want this match for separate reasons.  You have come at me hard over the last several weeks…hell, even before then.  This dates back over the last year.  As you have gotten better and had some high profile matches, we can always expect one thing to reel its ugly head from the cracks and the shadows.  That ugly thing is your god damn fucking ego.


You don’t seem to understand, Zion, no matter who gets the spotlight between the two of us…one thing will never change no matter how many times you try and spin it or recycle it.  Sure, I’m the same old fucking same Hollywood.  But I don’t need to change myself to get attention.  At least I have accepted who the fuck I am!  You?  You’ve had to try and change who you are in a desperate need to gain fucking attention like a fucking three year old.  I know what you’ve been trying to do with me lately.


I’m honestly, NEARLY impressed.  Look, I love you brother, but you can’t force what has consumed me as of late.  You think that just because you had a little strong run and going on a winning streak gives you the right to lecture me on not giving up and actually trying to get me to push myself and make me matter in HOW?  Zion…I want to be left the fuck alone right now.


I know you don’t fucking care what I’ve got going on right now, but this is important to me.  I know my focus has shifted and I know I haven’t been laser focused or my efforts have seemed to have let up when it comes to my wrestling career.  I haven’t given up, Darin.  I’ve never given up.  Sure, I’ve been in a funk.  Sure, my attention may have been shifted to something else just a tad more than my HOW career..but don’t you dare say I simply don’t care or that I haven’t tried or have stopped trying.


You may be my best friend, but you aren’t even close to understanding my circumstance right now.  But you want to wake me the fuck up or push me to get back to the focus that I used to have.  That fire that I used to burn the entire HOW locker room with back in circa 2016.


Yea, 2016, I fucking said it.  I don’t care who the fuck all came back ever since HOW came back a few years ago.  It made no difference because I held a candle to everyone in HOW at one point.


It’s not gone, Darin.


It never was.


My priorities just shifted.  That doesn’t make me any less of a wrestler than I have been.  That doesn’t make me a has been.  It doesn’t make me washed up.  It just means I need to get better at my priorities and I freely and with no regret, admit that one hundred fucking percent.


But you wanted a fight.  So I’m going to give you one.


You want to “wake my ass up?”  You want to beat my ass and make me “matter” again?  Ok, sure, have at it, Darin.


I’m on the precipice of getting my shit all right again.  The losses after losses does get to me, but it has always just meant that I need to tweak my priorities.  You know my situation..at least part of it.  You know I have to see this to the end.  I don’t need to explain that to you or anyone else.


But you want a fight?


You want me to get my shit focused?


Ok, Zion.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do.  But just remember…YOU wanted this!  You might think you seem to know that you have my best interests, but you don’t and this is one reason why we’ve been on separate ends of the aisle lately.  So come time this weekend in Argentina, you’ll get the fight that you’ve been looking for…but make no mistake…it won’t be a fight you’ll be expecting.  You’re still my best friend…but once again, I’m going to have to show you that you have everything wrong once again.


So let’s fight this weekend.


Let’s fight and throw fists down and let’s our fists do the storytelling.  Then, when this is all said and done…maybe then you’ll finally understand what’s been going on in my head lately.


But I’ve never really left that ring.


Remember that, Darin.