Home Front; Career Decisions

Home Front; Career Decisions

Posted on July 6, 2023 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

It was time to put this plan into motion.  I’ve been fighting a really long time against this and it has cost me nearly EVERYTHING. I have literally gotten to the point in my life where I’ve invested in the growth of my personal life and no matter which way I’ve chosen, it’s been a dagger to the other life.  I lost my business, I lost my home and even now that I’ve prioritized family above all else, my wrestling career…my HOW career has suffered greatly.  It’s been a lose lose no matter what decision I’ve made.  I remember a time where Brian Fucking Hollywood had it ALL.  Now what do I have left?  A damaged reputation in my HOW career and in my personal life.  I never used to have any issue in the decisions I’ve made because they ended up working out for me.  But you know what?  Maybe I reached that impasse last week.  I was ready to take on Jatt Starr and Mike Best.  You know, take it to the Final Alliance.  It was something I always loved to do.  I found delight in it when everyone else saw dread.  I guess some things never change no matter how twisted your life ends up being. So here we are this week and what lies before me now?  Another Final Alliance match up with Mike Best only this time, John Sector is thrown in the mix.  And you know what?  I’m just fine with it.  I’ve asked for the tough matches….because that’s just the type of person that I am.  If I want to work my way back to the top, I have to face the best in this company.  I’m not going to be negative about either because that’s what I asked for.  But somewhere down the line with my agreement, I made a wrong turn.  I thought I could balance personal life and my HOW career and that was a poor decision on my part.  However, I made a commitment to both and you can better fucking bet I’m going to see them both out.  So sling the mud my way, throw my name in the pathetic dumpster fire that you all have come to associate the name Brian Hollywood with.  But I’m NOT going to be hitting the reset button.  I don’t need to make any more promises or decrees.  Fact of the matter is, the promises and decrees I’ve already made with my life as a whole is what I’m going to be focusing on.  Some might think that’s unwise and some might consider it career suicide…but if there was one thing I will never stop ignoring is my instincts.  Pure and simple…the Brian Hollywood you see is the Brian Fucking Hollywood you’re going to get!  So having said that…it’s time I bring my personal shit to an end.  I may have lost a lot…and I may not have given a fuck about my family history or shit several years ago…but here we are.  I’ve uncovered FUCK TONS of shit and I can see the endgame.  So forgive me if I’m delicate about it but if it means I get my HOW career back on track as a result of getting my personal shit taken care of…so be it…because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s about god damn time I get to the bottom of it.  It’s time to close this chapter in my life and if I’ve lost what I’ve already lost in my life…what makes you think I won’t go the whole way to see this end?  You’d be surprised what I’ve done and what I’m still willing to sacrifice to see this to its conclusion.  At least at the end of the day…no one will ever question just what it all cost me to see this end and that’s one thing no one in this fucking world can fucking take away from me…





Oh, hello Mike Best…


I fucking see you…..I fucking SEE YOU!


You got a bit flustered that I was actually able to hang in the ring long enough to make you feel uncomfortable huh?  I guess I didn’t live up to your expectations it took to put me on that mat and end me the way you wanted to last week.  I’d say I’m sorry, but quite frankly that would be the furthest from the truth.  Truth is, you’ve always had a way of motivating me to bring the fight to you time after time after fucking time we’ve faced off in that ring against each other.  I may not have the best fucking track record against you…but I know your ego and your pride would never admit that I’d ever amount to anything against you.  You call it a pity, a fucking boring fest to face me in that ring, but me?  I just see it as another opportunity to get better.  Again…I fucking see you fuckhead.


And what happens if I finally get that W against you?  You’ll chalk it up as a fluke…a chance that finally good ole Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, got the better of you for once.  It’s no shame, Mike.  It really isn’t.  It’s not going to change the type of fucking career you’ve paved in HOW over the years.  I’m just calling it as I see it.  But just because I actually am able to get a win against you, you’ll cry foul and you’ll make a big fucking deal about it because you’re the most sensitive fucking prick to ever grace a HOW ring…and it’s so obvious, the rest of the roster won’t even call you out on it.  You’re probably one of the most protected pricks in this business.  But I digress…you’ll laugh it off because you’re Michael Lee Fucking Best.  That’s what you do and the way you lure in your prey is impressive…it really is.  So many people have fallen in your trap and you’ve made a career out of it.  Literally, the HOFC has been your playground and there’s no denying you’re the best to ever grace the cage when it comes to the HOFC and I’m not ashamed to say it.


I could be a waste of time against you and you’ve never been shy to go on the record on that number.  But who else really has the balls to put the record straight when it comes to facing you?  I’m a big boy, I can take it….and take it is what I’ve done most of my HOW career when I’ve been pitted against you.  I may be the only person in this business who, no matter how many times I’ve gone up against you, has never been afraid to call it as it is.  Sure I’ve piled up the L’s against you.  It has never changed the fact that when facing you, there is the obvious risk you’ll call an audible and try and end my career…just because I’ve become some fucking nobody that you don’t even want to waste your time with.  I know you’re not alone in your sentiment in making me and the rest of the HOW fuckers in this business realize that I’m not worth even being booked against.  Yet, the truth of the matter is, I simply don’t know how to say I quit.


Quitting has NEVER been in my fucking DNA and it never will be!


Truth is, you’re stuck with me being in HOW because I still love this business and I love the challenge of being able to go toe to toe with anyone in this business.  I don’t care if I have a losing record right now.  I’ve admitted that my priorities have been shuffled right now…but that will never make me a quitter.  Truth is, Mike, you’ve never understood me and while you even show even the shredded little piece of dignity or compassion…in your own fucked up way, you have always known that I handle my business in the ring no matter how dirty or dire it gets for me.  It’s just wired in my fucking brain.  It’s just wired in my fucking body and my wrestling career has been so long, that it’s simply something I will never come out and fight against.


I’m a fighter, Mike, and I’m passionate about what I do…and neither you nor anyone else can fucking take that away from me!


I’m rebellious and I’m a glutton for punishment.  I guess that’s why I’m the only one in this fucking company not scared of fighting you in that ring and never worrying about the consequences.  I never will be…because at the end of the day, I live for my HOW career and I’m not afraid to tangle with the best of the best.  It fuels me.  It gives me focus.  I find it funny that no one wants to acknowledge my track record against the Final Alliance, or any version of the Alliance as a whole.  Call it as you want to call it…but there isn’t a single man or woman in HOW who actually has the record I do in fighting the Alliance.  Perhaps it’s because, being apart of the Alliance at one point, I know what it takes to fight and represent everything it means to be an Alliance member.  Doing Daddy Best proud when no one else did.  Sure, 2016 may have been called a mute point for anyone in the Alliance AFTER HOW came back.  But even though I’m not “one of you guys,” I’m still the closest person than anyone else to disrupt what you guys and the Alliance are all about.


Simply put, it’s the passion I have for HOW and it’s the passion that matters at the end of the day.  I’m a workhorse, and I’ve never bitched about who was pitted against me and maybe that’s something to take away from at the end of the day.


So John Sector is back.  Fucking surprise surprise there on what side he’s on.  Do you think I’m surprised that Sector is apart of the Final Alliance?  You bet your god damn ass that I’m not.  It’s the same system…no matter how much the GOD of HOW himself, Lee Best, wants to debate is different.  I’m a fighter and will fight against or with the system.  However, when it comes to the Machine, my loyalty has never been in question.  I will always bleed 97red, no matter what my circumstances are.  Everyone in HOW should know that I’ve been here long enough that my loyalties should never be questioned.  Whether it was a coo or not, my presence and my loyalty has NEVER been in question…even when all you fucking legends and HOW Hall of Famers bailed on HOW those several years ago.  You can try and taint my career and my reputation…but I have never once left this company for other pastures or ever even took a moment to ask myself who I wanted to fight for and what team I would chose.


In the end, the Final Alliance is filled with nothing but jokesters and pretenders…but at the end of the day, I was fucking here and you all weren’t and it’s a fucking pathetic shit show to see.  I guess it will always be daddy Best’s blind spot because at the end of the day, he’ll forget how many traitors turned their back on HOW and fuck the status quo.  It doesn’t matter what any of you fucking do…truth is what happened, happened.  But I suppose when it comes down to it, Lee Best just wants the BEST team he can get, even if some of them turned his back on him.


It’s not lost on me what I did for this company and before you ask, I’m not playing that fucking card.  But you get into my tag team partner this week and NO ONE else has bled 97red than me other than Scott Stevens.


Is the guy a fucking douche bag?  Sure.


Is the guy full of himself 97 percent of the time?  Sure.


But at least he bled 97 red with me when no one else bothered with the chance when they saw the opportunity in trying to sink the ship that is HOW.  I will never regret what I did when all you fuckers left and I’m sure as fuck not going to apologize or regret what I’m doing now.  Have I lost a step?  Perhaps.  Am I viewed as a cancer to this company?  Sure…maybe.  But even though I don’t have a single fucking friend in that locker room, I know that Scott Stevens himself also stuck around when the going got tough.


Maybe I’m beating a dead horse here, but at least I know my value to HOW.  I know what I did and I know I kept this company afloat when none of you fuckers even bothered to give a flying fuck.


Am I opening up the same old wounds bringing this up?  Probably, but at least I’m not fucking ashamed to admit it.


I may have lost traction in HOW…but I will always be proud to fight in HOW and no matter what my circumstances are here, no matter how many of you fucks here in this company today there are, I’ve never had to wrestle with my conscious on what the right thing to do was.


I guess that’s why no matter how bad things get for me…no matter how bad my reputation is about being a great wrestler here in HOW, I can sleep good at night knowing I did the very best I could in HOW.


I’m not going to fucking apologize for any and all the decisions I’ve made.  Am I in a tough spot right now?  Absolutely…but at least I’m proud to admit that I have been and will ALWAYS bleed 97red no matter how tough things get for me or who I’m facing.


Truth is…I’m tired of the status quo here in HOW and it’s getting to the point where things need to be put under the spotlight and no matter how it hurts PR style or to any of the men and women here in HOW…I will always be proud to wrestle and fight for this company because that’s who I am.  Do I have shit to figure out in HOW?


Oh yea..


Lots of it.


But Mike, nor you or John Sector will ever break my spirit in HOW.  It’s just not going to happen.


I may be fighting an uphill battle against you, Sector and the rest of the Final Alliance…but at least I’m not in my thinking when it comes to this company and what HOW can be and SHOULD be!


Stevens and I may not see eye to eye…but at least he gets it.  At least he understands the mission and what it means to be a HOW wrestler.  Will Stevens try and rationalize myself and his predicament here in HOW?  Probably.


Because let’s be honest…who here in HOW hasn’t at this point?


They all take it for fucking granted until their put in a situation or where that is tested or questioned when it comes to HOW.  I know the GOD of HOW himself wants to try and forget it all because lets be honest….he’s ASHAMED at what happened…but does he really have that much of an alternative?  I know Lee thinks about that…but I like to think I have come to know Lee pretty well…pretty well to know that he doesn’t have a chance other than to rationalize the god damn situation.


Forgive, but not forget, right gentlemen?


I don’t know…maybe that’s why I’m so god damned fired up and passionate about the shit I’ve done and am doing here in HOW.


I almost feel ashamed at this point…why?


Because I know I’m capable of SO MUCH MORE in HOW and I know I’ve lost my way…but one thing is for certain…at least I’ve never had to question where my fucking god damn loyalties have lied.


So this week on Chaos, bring your fucking best Mike and John….because truth of the matter is, I’ve never had any problem being pitted against the very best in High Octane Wrestling.


Stevens and I may be compassionate…but one thing that will NEVER be lost in our fucking passion and how much we love and bleed 97red.  So bring your best, guys.  I don’t want anything left off the table.  I don’t want any fucking excuses.  I don’t want any fucking parlays because at the end of the day…at least I can go out there and be proud of the work I have done in this company.


We may have our backs against the wall…but make no mistake about it…when you poke the bear for so long and you poke and poke and poke and prod so much…eventually there is a breaking point and believe me, Mike and John…there’s a breaking point coming and I’ll be damned if I go down to that ring and give it anything but my best.  At least I’m not afraid to leave it all out there in the ring…and for the machine, I could really care how bad it gets for me…because at the end of the day…I’m going to continue to FIGHT for my career in HOW and I will never be shy or ashamed to risk it all….even my career…because at the end of the day, even if you break me apart and bust me open…I’ll know, for better or for worse that I only bleed for one thing..


And that blood will ALWAYS be 97red…even if it all ended for me tomorrow…at least I would be proud that I left everything out in that ring that I’d be willing to put my career on the line and in jeopardy because all that matters is HOW to me and I will NEVER back down from that notion.


No matter how bad or bloodied I get…there will never be any question to how much HOW means to me and how much it will always mean to me…


Can the both of you really say the same thing?


I guess we’ll find out…won’t we?






Hollywood Enterprises


8:00 PM


It’s truly been a long time coming.  It’s been a good three years since Hollywood called this place a second home to him.  Where he was at, along with his friends, brought so many memories and so many things to call victory.  Hollywood Enterprises may have been halfway damaged, and it was far from where Hollywood wanted it.  But here he was, here with his friends in an effort to bring this war to an end.  Hollywood was willing to risk it all for the betterment of finding out where Roberto Ramirez, Serenity and Hollywood’s sister killer, was at.  He still felt more anger and hatred towards this man than his all time nemesis, The Chair, who also received an invitation to the legendary company that was Hollywood Enterprises Inc.  Hollywood had gathered the forces and it felt like old times.  However, the old times would have to wait, but he did have a plan in motion.


Brian Hollywood: “Lukas, Julia, Buck, thank you for joining me here tonight.”


Buck Wringley: “I get that ya wanted the entire crew here tonight, Bri, but we still need a plan.  Not only that…but Gerard still isn’t here.  I don’t know if he even plans ta show up here tonight, ya know?”


Hollywood sighs as he knows one of his best friends was right.  He may have gotten some intel on the whereabouts of Roberto, but even if that were true, there was still the logistics of it all.  Hollywood was still considered a fugitive in Los Angeles, and even elsewhere…even after Gerard Reeves’ BOLO on Hollywood’s whereabouts.  He was still keen on bringing him in and it seemed like nothing was off the table.


Brian Hollywood: “Look, Buck.  I know I’m taking an incredible risk by having us all here tonight.  Still, you were even willing to give me a chance.  I have to still have faith that Gerard will see it like the rest of you do.”


Lukas Montana and Julia Winfield were still skeptical about it all.  Julia was here out of loyalty of Hollywood…but she still didn’t know all the details.


Julia Winfield: “I’m with you, Brian.  I guess the only issue is that we still don’t know everything.  Ever since this company was literally blown up, I can’t help but to wonder if there’s something you haven’t told us all.”


Lukas Montana: “Hollywood…you know more than anyone else that I’ve got your back.  But Julia is right.  We’re practically sitting ducks…especially here.  I guess I speak for everyone here, but if you want this to work, you need to bring us all up to speed.”


Hollywood knew Lukas was speaking facts and he wasn’t accusing him or blaming him about how everyone felt.  Hollywood nods his head as he attempts to answer Buck, Lukas and Julia’s questions.


Brian Hollywood: “Look guys…I know you are all risking yourselves and your careers by being here with me tonight.  Truth is, even with me trying to juggle my HOW wrestling career, I need to find Roberto and bring him to justice.  Serenity is owed that much.  And then there’s the fact of finding out who my brother is.  That is still a priority but I’ve got a plan.  You all know that I’m no stranger to risking whatever it takes to get ourselves a win and get to the bottom of a several years long mystery.  That’s why I’ve invited one more person to join us here tonight.  Because unlike me, I need his help and I have a feeling that he plays a central role in finding out who my brother is.”


Buck Wringley: “Oh my god, Bri, what have ya done?”


Brian Hollywood: “Why don’t you just wait and ask him yourself…”


Everyone looks worried and are shocked as all of a sudden, The Chair arrives to Hollywood Enterprises to the shock of everyone as everyone gasps.


The Chair: “Well this certainly is interesting, isn’t it?”


He says as everyone looks at Hollywood shocked with The Chair being at Hollywood Enterprises.  Clearly Hollywood had a plan and it must have been important if The Chair was with him.  Question was just how important was his role if Hollywood had him there with everyone else.  There were still answers to be had but was Hollywood getting closer to the truth as the scene slowly fades to black.