Hollywood Squares

Hollywood Squares

Posted on February 18, 2021 at 11:57 pm by Brian Hollywood

Everything comes around full circle in life eventually.  That same mantra is no different in HOW than in the rest of the world.  Only difference in this instance is that HOW is the be all end all of the world.  It’s how that makes you feel proud at the end of the day about yourself.  This is by FAR the very best place to be..inside or outside the ring.  I mean think about it…wouldn’t you want to be called one of the very best?  I sure as fuck would…then agan…I’ve been there before.  Now here I find myself again ready to capitalize on another avenue.


This weeked, Darin and I  are scheduled to face off against some returning Hollywood Bruvs.  Let me perfectly BLUNT here…you guys aren’t the be all end all.  You can call yourselves Hollywood buds all you want…but let’s be perfectly clear here….Darin and I were known as The Hollywood Boyz long before you guys thought the very same thing.  I put the name Hollywood on the fucking map and capitalized on all of my dividends.  Then, Zion and I made a capital out of it.  What did you guys do with it?  The Hollywood name is much more than just a name.  It has history behind it….tons of history.


Matthews and I have won tag team gold where ever we stepped foot in a ring together.  But you want me to tell you just how important it was to me?  I’ll tell you Bruvs…it was the ulimate payoff.  It’s because NO WHERE matters anywhere in the universe.  It’s about HOW.  How is a different beast altogether and it doesn’t matter where in the world you’ve wrestled or gone.  It meant zero shits and zero fucks given.  I recognize it everywhere we newer wrestlers step into the ring.  It’s all about timing and consistency and that’s why this Saturday on Refueled, The Hollywood Boyz are going to show the Bruvs just what happens when you step into a HOW ring.  You guys may have stepped into the ring before, but you’ve never faced a team like us.


I hope your ready Bruvs, because Matthews and I are going to wipe the mat with you and prove that it is the Hollywood Boyz that are the better men when that bell rings after the three count.  Mark my words, we will get back on track…and after this match gentlemen, it will matter who the superior team will be…because win or lose….this match will simply only be the beginning.  Mark my words, you can bet that as an Executive Promise.  We’ll see you guys this weekend…